Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #19 – In the Trenches of Uhud

Omar Suleiman
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So how come the angels weren't present and? Or were they presents but in a certain capacity, or did they come for some time and then leave after another part of the battle? So where were the melodica and this is actually a very instructive parts Pella all of the lessons have also relate to them in Africa. They relate to the angels and we look at the narrations. So for one you also have a narration that the Prophet slicin Um said how that Djibouti African bureaucracy philosophy and he had that help that here's why his salaam holding the head of his horse and he's ready for battle. So Djibouti and it is Silla was present on the day of bed and on the day from out right so he's with

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the Prophet slice Allah in battle, and even when there is no battle

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now, Sarah, there'll be a lot of time on who has this narration about the prophets lie some specifically as well. In the Battle of hurt he said about a two and Yemeni Rasulillah his eyes and then what actually Marley Hiyama hood, Raju Lanie, la Hema Thea will be Arlin Mara a tomar, Pablo, Allah Bharat. He said that I saw two men with the Prophet SAW Selim on the day of hurt, and they were defending him from his rights. And they were defending him on his left. And I had never seen those two before. And I'd never seen them after we came to know that that was Djibouti had it set up and mica at some and in fact, subhanAllah even the Prophet SAW, Selim mentioned a moment or hood,

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where he said that I looked and it was as if the only two I could see were Djibouti, and it has Salam and Valhalla or the alongside on, right. So there was a point in the battle where everything as it was unfolding. It was as if I could only see to breed Islamism. And we know that Jubilee and mica you were present. And that was testified to by side or the law Tada. And so, the perspective here is important before we continue with what else happened in the battle, but also as I said, I'm always had the angels himself. Okay, he always had the angels himself, but the Muslims collectively lost them due to the actions of the people on the mountain. Okay, the people in the mountain of the

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archers, the Muslims collectively lost the support of the melodica when they disobeyed, the prophets lie Selim and this is very important, that even in battle, right when you say Allah is with you, that means Allah support is with you, and that manifests itself in the presence of the Messiah and the presence of the angels in some capacity. Okay. And the Muslims will have Allah with them when they follow the prophets of Allah Ani was salam. So because 40 people disobeyed the prophets lie Selim and came down from the mountain of archers that led to the entire plot unfolding right where how did the mineral either all the a lot of time no at that time on the other side is able to take

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the disbelievers around the mountain and capitalize on the Muslims being distracted by what being distracted by dunya being distracted by the spoils of the battle. Because they thought that it was already over they had seen the way that Allah subhanaw taala gave them a quick victory. Even over a larger army, the Muslims won the battle of hoods in the beginning, even over a larger army. This seemed to play out exactly like that. The difference being that that group of people hastened towards the spoils of battle and what was worse honestly, is not them Hastening towards the spoils. It's that the prophets lie some explicitly told them not to. Okay, now Allah forgave them. And they

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are companions. They're not from the hypocrites, the hypocrites already left before had started there from the Sahaba LaLana lucha de him. So it's a lesson for us as to what transpired and what unfolded in that regard. But at the same time, this happened. Now, with the prophets I seldom did angels appear in any other fashion. There's a narration from Abdullah in the public, which is very powerful, that the prophets lie some gave the flag as we know, so most are made out of the Allahu taala. And during the battle, now most eyebrow, the allowed time and who went forth, as we know, and Musab al the Allahu taala. And when he saw the profit slice, and I'm being attacked, most eyebrow,

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the alotta and who attracted attention to himself. Why is that the army would come to him. So he started to make a scene where he was he started to kick up with his horse. And he basically led the army away from the Prophet SAW Salem, so that they would descend upon him, and that's exactly what happened. Most abital The allowed side on hope, was not only murdered and martyred, but he was mutilated, right? I mean, he was made an example out of in that regard, and this was a huge, you know, morale boost to the disbelievers and it hurts the Muslims quite a bit. But something happened in the battlefield, as well. And that is that as our beloved father says that when Musab Rhodiola

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Anholt was killed, that banner was taken

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can buy Malecon V su Rottie Musab that the banner was then picked up by an angel in the guise of Masabi Allah Tala. And so it's as if he was still there, and that an angel is now holding the flag and moving forward. And he is in the form of Musab al the Allahu Anhu. And the prophets lie Selim sees him and says the pandemia Messiah Go ahead, oh, Musab and the angel turns to the Prophet sly Solomon says, lest we Messiah I'm not mishap Subhan Allah so the prophets lie, some realized an American OOIDA be that he was an angel that Allah subhanaw taala sent to assist him. So one of the honors of most Halbertal the Allahu Taala and who is not just that Mossad will be allowed to and and

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who died in such a brave way and was martyred on that day and is spoken about the way that he was spoken about gave everything to bring Islam to Medina and gave everything for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and lost his life that day, but that Allah subhanaw taala even honored him immediately after his death, while he is a Shaheed and he is already taken by the angels because when the Shaheed is struck the midnight he could take that person they already see their spot and gentlemen, so while he was already enjoying the name of Jana, while his body was mutilated in dunya, as the angels are taking him up Allah Subhana Allah sends an angel that looks like most hospital the

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Allah and hope to continue to carry forward the banner of the Muslims on that day of overheads.

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