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AI: Summary © The title of the Quran describes a prophecy that is revealed by the series of ten stories, including the prophecy of Maryam and her son being assigned to worlds and guarding her chastity. The prophecy is revealed by the title of "The holy spirit" and is related to the title of Jesus. The series also explores the assignment of different individuals to various positions and moments in the process of winning and losing, highlighting the importance of women being unique in their positions and how they are valued. The speakers also discuss the idea that women are only considered unique when they are born and that men are the only ones who can protect them from evil influence.
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Jesus had his own miracles.

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Maryam had her own miracles. And together they were a sign of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala. And so with an MBA he says, Well, let me ask them as for Jehovah, for the *ing their fee Hamad Roy Hina, which I know how and I attended anime, Allah says, and the one who guarded her chastity, and so we breathe into her from our spirits. And we made her and her son assigned for the world, we made her and her son assigned for the worlds and sort of, I mean, on verse 50, Allah Subhana Allah says, which I live in the Money Mo uma who either way now Huma illallah, Bucha, in that your karate woman, ALLAH SubhanA, dialysis, and we made

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even Medea Elissa Jesus, the son of Mary, what Alma who and his mother assign, and so in Surah, Colombia, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, We made Miriam and her son assigned. And in Surah, tell me No, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, We made Jesus and his mother aside, just that little switch, who gets the focus and who gets added on right as a suffix? This is something that the scholars have to see it of course, the Analyze, of course, they looked at and they said, Okay, well, what's how are they similar? And how are they different? And of course, when you're memorizing Quran, you always want to try to create these types of connotations. You want always want to try to create these

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connections, so that you can remember which one gets which, or which verses which, which one is read how. And so ALLAH SubhanA data knows best. This is just one offering, sort of Colombia is a sequence of 1010 stories. It's called this it's called the chapter of prophets. And so it's a sequence of 10 stories of how Allah subhanaw taala protected and saved and answered the door of Yunus and answered the door of a youth and all of that. And then you have many Amaya setup. And she's the last one who was mentioned. And by the way, those who argued that median was a prophetess, even though we established that she's not a female Prophet. They said hold on a second, she's she comes at the end

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of the sequence talking about all of these prophets, but she's not a prophet, but Allah Subhana Allah data says, well, Medea, we met in Milan and let the astronauts fall to medium the daughter of Emirati who guarded her chastity, and we made her and her son, a sign for the world's so many, many esalaam is being sequenced along these stories as someone whom Allah subhanho data protected and somebody whom Allah subhanaw taala blessed however, in Swarthmore immune, it is specifically talking about messengers who were sent with messages, and so it's no idea that um, it's Musa and that's why Lisa Instagram has mentioned, because ASA is obviously a messenger, and he's someone who sent with a

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message. And so he's the one who gets highlighted, and his mother gets added on in the description as well. And Allah subhana Athan, and both of them says, they were made aside. So in Surah, Al Anbiya, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Allah says, which I now have a webinar I attended, I mean, we made her and her son assigned for the worlds and this is this is prophecy in the Quran, like I want you to, I want you to appreciate something is that when the Prophet Muhammad Salah Lanius in the world that he was in the Romans and the Persians are jockeying for position, they're jostling for position, one is winning here, and the other is winning there, and they're pushing back and forth. And would you bet

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your room or go home in bed, your father became certainly born? The Quran is saying that the Romans had been defeated in a land nearby and then after that, they're going to win so there's there is that dance that's happening between the superpowers there's this give and take, there's this. There's there's victory and loss. And yet, the Quran is revealed, saying, and obviously it's the Romans were Christian and the Persians have their belief, their polytheists. But Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, we've made Isa and his mother assigned for the worlds. And this is prophecy that not only were they assigned in that moment for Benyus law, but they're going to be assigned forever.

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Until the day of judgment, they're going to be assigned until today. Isa and Miriam are a sign for the worlds. And so all of this is indicative of the Quranic divinity, that this is the prophecy of the Quran. And Allah subhana data says, we made it Isa and his mother assigned. So how are they a sign, of course, together, they're assigned in

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that they have science separately, but they also have science together as a mother and son. As far as the science separately, they both have miracles as it is, and um, of course, is creating birds out of clay and he's breathing into them, and they become real birds by the permission of Allah, and he's healing the leper, and he's healing the blind. And Sid, s&m is raising the dead. And he's doing all of that by the permission of Allah. Um, and of course isa spoke to kids. He spoke as a kid, or as a child, even in the cradle, and mighty mighty escena. By the way, it said that she spoke as a child to that she spoke when she was incredibly young. And they even mentioned facility in some of

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the mentioned that when Maria Maria has center when she was approached by Zachary and he asked her and he said, Where did you find this fruit from? She said, who I mean in the law, it is from Allah. They said that she said that before a child is normally not

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should be able to speak. So that could have been a miracle for medium. But even if we don't consider that she still had other things, you had the fruits that were coming to her, of course, by the permission of Allah, she had the angels that spoke to her, so many of them had her own science. And then at the same time together, they're both assigned, medium is assigned because she was able to have a baby without the agency of a man. And as I said, um, of course, is able to come into this world without a father. And so together, they become a site together, they become a site, something that I wanted to reflect on, however, in this verse and sorted, both in solid and MBR, and the verse

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in sort of the heading, which we've covered a number of times, now Allah subhanaw taala he says, Well, let me ask you not follow Jaha in sort of that MBR Allah subhanho data says we'll let it pass on as far as you have no *ing fee hammer or Hina the one who guarded her chastity, and so we breathe into her from our spirit, and insalata daddy, ALLAH SubhanA data says, we'll let the asanas volunteer half and a half Nephi Hema war Hina the one who guarded her chastity and so we breathe into her meeting breathed into her womb from our spirits. But in either case, Allah Subhana Allah dad is praising Maria for guarding her chastity. He's praising Marian for guarding her chastity and

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protecting her chastity. And a questions to be asked is, What makes Miriam is that I'm unique in that sense, what makes her incredibly unique in that sense? Like, let's say she is 13, or 14 or 15 years old at that time, is she the only woman in the world? Who is guarding her chastity at 13? Or 14 Or 15 years old? Or is that something that's very common, very popular? And so if that's the case, the idea that women are chaste until they get married, what makes money so deserving of praise, so worthy of all of this Quranic praise by the fact that she guarded her chastity until not until there is no until and Allah Subhana Allah breeds from the Spirit that He created into the womb

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of Medina? Like what's what makes her unique? When you look at the scholars have to see they mentioned they say that she protected herself from the haram. That's what anybody would do or what everybody should do for sure. Yes, you could argue that the quality of her abstinence was just perfect. And it was mighty minus that, um, it was said that she never did hardly ever like she never, she never committed, she never did anything. That's how long she was, in that sense, as great as a human being as you can have. And she's one of the best women so obviously, her Dakhla her focus her her Eman and all of that is at a super high level that's untouchable by any regular individual.

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Okay, so everything is going to be of an incredible high quality when it comes to medium. So that's a given. But not only that, they said she didn't just stay away from the Haram but she guarded her chastity even from the helot meaning that she is being praised not just because her avoidance of the Haram but because of her absolute devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala her life's purpose being given to Allah to the point where she is not obviously trying to get married at all, many MIT has set up has been devoted. She has been vowed to be in the service of Allah, she dedicated her life to ALLAH SubhanA data, this idea of Tibet to this idea of celibacy. However, just so we're clear, this is not

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allowed in our Shakedown. There's no vows of celibacy that a person takes the Prophet sallallahu has said them says I get married for Murali Abba and Suniti face I mean, I get married and whoever turns away from my sooner than they're not from me, it's from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu said Allah is from the completeness of a person's faith that they get married in our deen. And so I met him I said, I'm as being celebrated for her devotion to Allah subhanho data in a way that was appropriate for her time and for her place. And so when you understand this, you understand that her being praised for the guarding of her chastity is not just because of the

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incredibly high quality of the way that she undertook it, and the way that she performed it, but also the idea of her complete devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala was adequate, because he might not be How could you be What kindness may not contain? And she was of those who was incredibly devout to Allah subhanaw taala and something beautiful, just a final comment on that verse on salted MBR verse 91, Allah subhanaw taala he says, that's, well let the astronauts follow Jehovah and the one who guarded her chastity for the *ing Nephi 100 War Hina and so we breathe into her from our spirit from our roar. Now Imam Al Bukhari here actually says something really beautiful and his staff said,

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he says, when Allah says we breathe into her, as it indicates that the creation of an ESA I did sit down in her it was a breathing of life into her, meaning that it strengthened her spirit. It lifted her spirit and it lifted

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to her to the status of sadaqa because insulted him Allah subhana wa Tada says, We breathe into her, our spirit and then what happens? She believed in the words of her LORD. Welcome to Behind his books. And one of the meanings of the words of her LORD of a city and said was ASA, because Asa was a word from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada