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We live in a shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu You're most welcome to Ramadan love. We want to look at the verse of the Quran that really entices us to know that we are so endeared to Almighty Allah, concerning the verses that talk about fasting at the point and as these were events I like everybody only for inequality, Boone huji without a die either Danny, Allah says, whenever my servants asked you concerning me, he

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what two very big epithets a very interesting way for Allah to describe someone, Allah says, You are my servant. so dear to me so special to me, the one that serves me not like a slave, but one that serves me like one that's obedient, and the one that loves me and I love him in service to me. Allah says whenever my servant asked you concerning me, when they asked you all Muhammad about me, where am I tell them the fight in the Caribbean, I'm very close to them. And this makes us understand that this closeness is not the closeness of saying one object is standing next to another one is not the kind of closeness that will say one thing is tied, or binded. To another thing, is the kind of

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closeness not just in proximity, but a closeness that has to do with love and affection of one person to another is a connection between the creator and his creator, is a kind of closeness that we cannot possibly explain as human beings, because Allah says none of us, the Wanaka, aka Robbie layman, habri worried I am closer to you, than even your jugular vein, I am in us sort of, and you are part of me sort of you are part of me, not in the sense that I'm included in you, but in the sense that is best known and best understood by Almighty Allah. And this same way Amitabha is so close to us, and yet is above us, without being aloof, and also below us beneath us without being

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suppressed. Allah is close to us without the proximity of two objects standing together, but is solidly behind us not in the terms of location, we're in the foot in the way of a type of assistance of strength, and have been there for us in all times, is one that can hear us whenever we are calling is one that can catch us whenever we are falling, is the one that hears us and listened to us know, with the ears that human beings were using hearing, because you already heard it before you said it, you already knew even before you thought about it is aware of our situation is that we all have our circumstances, he knows our conditions, but he wants to establish this love between us. And

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he wants us to communicate with him. He wants us to speak to him, he wants us to call on him. Just like we say iyana Buddha canister in we do promise in certain fights, as a form of affirmation. There is only one that we shall worship and from only him will seek our help. So Allah wants us to understand this personal relationship between us and him. Personal love that He has for us. And that's why he says in the Quran, I am indeed very, very close to you. Allah says I'm just a call away. And when you make do is when you call on Him, you are calling on him not because he doesn't know what you are going through, not because he doesn't know your situations and circumstances will

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because he wants to reiterate the importance of expressing love and affection between you and him as the creator of Almighty Allah. And Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah will not know the one that I've created. He made us out of nothing. And he brought us to become something he can turn us from being nobody to becoming somebody. Because this is something that is very easy for him to do for all of us. I want all of us to take advantage of the fact that Allah loves us and is close to us. He is your Lord and your provider in your attempts of need, is one that hears you, in terms of call is one that understands all you're in Windows, he knows your feelings. He knows your thoughts. He knows to

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imaginations. He knows your dreams. He understands your pin, you can remove your strife he can make you to thrive, you can make you to succeed can make you to survive. Everything about us is in him and everything is in his hands. Allah is just a call away. We should take advantage of this month of Ramadan to seriously call on Allah. Ask him what you want. Request for what you want.

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Let him be the one that will read for you put all your trust in Him, because he's going to respond to us. Not because we are the ratio scholars, but because he's the generous giver, and we put our trust in Him. Me answer our prayers. It's a matter of love between the servant and his creator. And Ramadan is the best time to call on Almighty Allah out of love, so they can give us his love also, we should pray, Oh Allah give us your love and the love of those who love you. And he did endear us to you, and May Allah give us the best of this love. Let's do this again next time. Assalamu alaikum