Zakir Naik – Can you Prove that Media is Permissible?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A customer asks if Islam prompts media during the time of Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam, as there was no mass communication during that time. The agent responds that while there is no legal restriction, media usage is allowed. The agent also discusses the use of media in media and tries to convince the customer to testify to the Islamic Sharia.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Khalid Hussein and I'm working as an electrical engineer in ETS, one group of companies. My question is, Does Islam permit media because during the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was no any means of mass communication as mentioned by you. So could you please justify by quoting any of the sutras or any site here they?

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Thank you. The brother has posed the question that at the time of Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem there was no mass media. So does Islam permit media can you quote a quranic verse or Hadees better the point to be noted as far as Ibadah is concerned, what is mentioned if further there is a law of the Sharia

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in other things

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in the Mamilla in day to day life, what is mentioned if Haram is haram, everything else is halal. For example, pork is haram haram. I'll call it haram. What is not Mr. halal? I must be a question Is there any hadith of Quranic birth we say that you can have mango is there any of it

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so we lose the mangoes

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so in terms of worship, what is mentioned as far only do that nothing is in terms of how to lead a life what is mentioned Haram is haram everything and so tomorrow Nazmi brothers I can evaluating mango, and I love mango.

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Because I come from India, and I'm proud of my content I'm proud of the mango of my country

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so first of all, you should give me country a proof, a hadith or a Quranic thing media

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yet yet, yet but I will give you proof.

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Prophet numbers Allah Salam,

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what he did, he dictated letters to non Muslim kings, the kings of Abyssinia,

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king of Yemen of Persia,

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asking them quote in the verse of the Quran of Surah Al Imran Chapter Three was number 64 Holy * kitab. So people have the book Tala will occur within Salah imbiah by Nikhil come to come in terms as a new which is the first term Allah Allah, Allah Allah we're in Michigan he che young that we associate a partner with him, Mala he's about to NABARD and urban murrindindi Allah that we erect not among ourselves, lords and paid other than Allah find common law. And then the turnback solutia do see bear witness the non Muslim rule that we are Muslim bobbing to Allah, He dictated the terms and he sent them on horses today if it was a nice car, or don't to call jet planes in different

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directions, asking them to accept Islam that was media at that time.

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Imagine dictating letters after dictating, arranging horsemen to go in different directions. He utilized the media to the best of his ability what he had wala today profit by masala sama the life I feel you'd have used the media to the best of his ability, but within the purview of the Islamic Sharia not utilizing anything which is haram haram things should not be used, but what is halal like a knife can be used for good purpose and that purpose. So nice person not haram. So media person is not haram, the majority of the thing on the media are haram. What we have to do is use it in a halal way, then the devil is over

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within the purview of the Islamic Sharia utilizing the halal way, so at least we can testify to Allah subhanaw taala that inshallah we tried our little bit what we could to convey the message because our job is to convey the message Allah says

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Our job is to deliver the message giving hedaya is in hands of Allah subhanaw taala hope that answers the question.

Since there was no Media at the time of the Prophet (Pbuh), Can you Prove from Quran and Hadeeth that Media is Permissible

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