Maryam The Chosen 29 – Why Ar Rahman Appears The Most In Surah Maryam

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The use of "remy in surahs" and the concept of "refuge" in Islam is discussed, along with the use of "canon," "roof," and "canon." The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding discomfort or suffering from injuries and avoiding causing pain. They also mention a woman in timeout who was punished by her mother and offer a framework for thinking about the importance of not letting anyone become anything.

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Why does the name of Rahman appear in solid media more than it appears in any other surah in the entire Quran?

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Okay, don't hate me, but I actually don't know what the answer to that is like, maybe it's something that we can figure out together. What I do know is that Rahman appears in sort of medium 16 times. And in the entire Quran, Allah man appears only 57 times. So there's something unique, but there's also this notion of Mercy that's just infused throughout the surah. So it begins even before that, obviously we've talked about how at the beginning, the sort of opens up with Zachary is to know and ALLAH SubhanA Dias, so they could pick up those Acadia, Allah is reminding of Rama that Allah had for His servants Acadia, and then it goes to solat or the story of medium and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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says, that many MIT has said, I'm the first time this name comes up, man, is when Marissa Madison invokes allotment against Gibreel this man who she's suspicious of she doesn't know what he's here for. And she says in a row, the man in Lincoln in Kentucky Yeah, she says, I seek refuge in a ramen from you if you have Taqwa. And, you know, even in that statement, you get a sense of mediums innocence. Like imagine, if you meet a criminal, for example, say you the guy was a criminal.

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What criminal Do you know? Could you actually say, if you fear God don't rob me. Like that's just somebody

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would you say something like that? That's just somebody who's like, doesn't know the world and all of that. And it's beautiful, maybe is that I'm just coming out of her, her chamber or she's coming out of her place of worship, she's coming out of the masjid. And that's all she knows. All she knows is the *ery of ALLAH SubhanA data. That's something that is part and parcel of who she is. And so when she sees Djibouti, the first thing that she says to him is if you fear if you fear Allah, if you have taqwa, then I seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from me, I seek refuge in other human but we also see it come a little bit later, where besides Sunnah the baby when He speaks to me and he

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says, that if

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anyone speaks to you, then say in answer to the man is OMA, I have made a vow to him that I have made a vow to arrive mad felon aka limonium ncso I'm not going to speak to anybody. There is some secret to this name of a man that makes it different than other names. Allah subhanho data uses the name of Rahman in the Quran in ways that he doesn't use any other names. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala even in that in the over the ramen iminco I seek refuge in a ramen. We don't have a connotation of seeking refuge in any other name other than Allah, the name Allah the Majestic phrase

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there's no I seek refuge in a semi there's no I seek refuge in Al Qadir, there's no I seek refuge in a job but it's I seek refuge in Allah man. Allah subhanho data says, well Harsha, tell us why to not ramen. Allah Subhana Allah says in the end of surah Taha Allah says, And all voices have been humbled to man, Allah subhana diocese Pali to Allah with Rahman, Allah says, Call upon Allah or call upon Allah, man, whoever you call upon to Allah belong the most beautiful names. So there's all of these beautiful manifestations that we don't really have time to get into. But Allah subhana Dilaudid ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, directs

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dua to the name of Rahman, Allah subhanaw taala seeks refuge or shows individuals seeking refuge by the name of Muhammad, these different things that you don't see other names necessarily get experienced in that way in the Quran, in the Quran at least. But there's something really important for you to understand with this name of Rama and if you understand this inshallah to Allah, it will unlock for you even with the concept of mercy is what is mercy in the first place? Mercy is desiring goodness for somebody. Okay? Mercy is desiring goodness for somebody. Allah Subhana Allah Allah His name Rahman is different from his name roof by Manuel Rahim for our intents and purposes, they're

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similar. They're, they're equivalent, okay, even though there's differences but for our intents and purposes right now, they're the same. They're on the same side. Amanda Rahim versus a roof. What does a roof mean? A roof is also translated. It is. It is a manifestation of mercy. But it's usually translated as the compassionate and the kind. It's a particular type of mercy. What is a roof? What is the right foot versus a hammer?

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And then you'll understand why a roof isn't mentioned in soilless media. Man has mentioned sort of medium. Allah subhanho wa Taala is Rafa is what's called the height of mercy. It is a mercy that doesn't allow for pain. It's a mercy that doesn't allow for pain. So when your mother, for example, is saying to you, I don't want you to practice martial arts why Mom, it's good for me. I'm going to learn discipline. I'm going to learn how to fight. I'm going to learn how to protect myself. I'm going to learn this and this and this. I don't want you to get hurt.

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She's saying that I

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I know that this is good for you. But I don't want you to suffer even the slightest bit of discomfort. I can't bear for you to suffer the slightest discomfort. So I don't want you to play sports. I don't want you to do martial arts, I don't want you to do right, that is Lofa that thing that caused you to to not want them to experience any hardship no matter how slight that is.

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Rama, however, is, I give you an example, if you have a mother, who has she's disciplining her child, her child is in timeout. And the child is incredibly upset that they're in timeout. They're crying, and they're there. They're screaming, even and they're so bothered. And mom just looks with a steely gaze and she says, You can cry until your face falls off. You are going to sit for those five minutes because you've been bad. Is anyone going to say that as that mom is making her child sit through that obvious torture sit through that obvious pain, that that that mother is not merciful? No, she is merciful. In fact, she is. She is merciful even in disciplining that child. In

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fact, she's disciplining that child because she's merciful. She wants that child to be able to grow into being a well behaved, a well functioning individual in society, someone who's disciplined someone who knows how to act, right, that is Rama. Rama is a mercy that allows for pain.

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Refer Rafa is a mercy that doesn't allow for pain. And so there are times where Allah Subhana Allah is off when you look and you see the name of our O if you follow that name in the Quran, you will find that it is a mercy that doesn't allow for hardship. It is a mercy where Allah Subhana Allah doesn't want you to go through difficulty. And so ALLAH SubhanA Tada says, for example, in sort of an earlier Enron Allah says, you're managing to collapse in Miami that's been failing on the day where everybody will find whatever they offered of goodness present. Whatever you good you do, on the Day of Judgment, you'll find it there. Well, I mean, that's mean. So whatever they did of evil,

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they will wish that between them and it is incredible distance. Like your wish that it was buried somewhere in the middle of the ocean, it was sent into space, you wish that it wasn't just in your closet that it was nowhere to be found that sin that a person did. And then Allah says, Well, you have vertical Mala when EFSA and Allah says, and Allah is warning you about himself, I'm warning you, I don't want you to go through this pain. I don't want you to go through the sweat on the Day of Judgment. I don't want you to go through the fear on the Day of Judgment. I don't want you to go through all of that. Why will Allah who forbid it, but Allah is for His servants. Allah doesn't want

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you to go through that he wants. He doesn't want you to go through that discomfort. He doesn't want you to go through that pain. His mercy does not want you out of His mercy. He does not want you to go through all of that, but Rama. Rama is in mercy that allows for pain. Rama is the mercy of the surgeon who amputated your limb to save your life. Still merciful, put you through incredible pain. But that is out of mercy that is out of mercy. And so when we see a man being manifested in this surah soilless, medium, Zachary is going through it. Second, he is going through pain. ZAKARIA went his entire life without having a child. How many prayers how many tears? How many? How many? How

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many insults Did he hear how many? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam who had four daughters? He heard it from Kurdish Mohammed an avatar they said they said that Mohammed is cut off. What do you think that ad is hearing his entire life? No children at all. And so Zachary it is that um, but Allah subhanaw taala it's a manifestation of Allah subhanho data being a Rama? Yeah, this is gonna come. Yeah, this is gonna come. And Miriam, it has set up. She goes through it too.

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And she gives birth by herself. And the child says, You know what, if anybody, if anybody speaks to you say that I have made a vow to her.

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She's going to be okay.

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She's enveloped in mercy still.

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She's gonna be alright.

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And she definitely was alright. Hamdulillah. But we understand this. We understand that even as we go through difficulty, if God is merciful, why am I going through this? You're going through this because he's merciful.

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You're going through this because he's merciful, because he's ultimate. And yes, something may not be when you want it or where you want it. Just like Zachary. It has Salam. It's at the end of his life, that he finally is gifted a son. But everything that happens on God's time, is on time. We learned that from the story of Medea