Maryam The Chosen 27 – Common Qualities Of Women Promised Jannah

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The segment discusses the struggles of women in their roles as sp houses and sp houses in the Middle East. Khadija on the line, a woman who had businesses and carried herself with incredible weakness, was recognized as a woman who had a faith that was unwavering, while Maria, a woman who had businesses and was a worshipper, was also recognized as a woman who had a faith that was lost and was a woman who was working for a family. The segment also discusses the similarities between two women in literature, including their roles as a woman of religion and a woman of a media.

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What are the shared qualities between Khadija Fathima Maryam and asiyah

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al Hakim reports in his munstead duck? He says that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam drew four lines in the ground. And then he said, Do you know what this is? And the Sahaba said, Allah and His Messenger know best. And the prophets of Allah do send him said, the four Greatest Women of the World are Hadiya been deflated, and Medion, mid to Emraan and fathered by bit to Hamid and asiyah, the wife of Iran.

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These four are the Greatest Women in the World. And there are a number of narrations that talk about the greatness of some of these women, or all four of these women. And so the private civil lightest, and it says in Hadith as reported by Timothy, he says that the men who reached completeness are many, but the only women who achieved that completeness are many of the daughter of Imran And as the other way around, and the superiority of Asha over other women is like the superiority over fitted over other foods.

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And cinema, or the Alana has she says that the progress of the lightest and them called Fatima over to her house. And he then spoke to her quietly and she cried, and then he spoke to her and she left. And when the Prophet cellulitis and limb died because this was near the end of his life, I'm sentimental, the Alon had asked her to inform him to inform her why she had laughed and why she had cried and fought the model the law and how she said that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the Messenger of Allah informed me that he would soon die. So I cried. And then he informed me that I was the master of the women, of all of the women of Ghana, except for medium the daughter of Imran,

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so I laughed. And so we have these four women. And so I was thinking to myself, Well, we've already talked about medium obviously, we've already talked about asiyah. And so let's highlight what we can on digital Divina, and Fathima, the daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu, to send them what makes them unique. What makes all these four part of the dream team. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as far as Khadija goes like, if you're looking at the qualities, and actually wanted to see what qualities are actually shared between these women. So I'm going to look at Hadith of the liner. And then we're going to see what qualities do you think are shared with medium? What qualities is as they share

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with this? What quality does Fatima share with this? And I actually want your see your comments as well. What qualities do you see what parallels Do you see between the lives of these four women? Obviously if there's one quality other than faith that we're going to see shown and all for women, it's going to be patience. It's going to be incredible patience, incredible endurance, they're all going to experience crisis in their life, they're all going to experience harm. And so number one, Khadija on the line Ha, she was a woman who had businesses, and she still carried herself with such incredible dignity, that she was known as a buyer. So she was a woman who still was of this world

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and yet she was called a thought leader she was able to maintain absolute pristine reputation. And that's similar to media media mighty has set up. Of course, she's the image of chastity, even though many MIT is set up is literally in a position that Oh, no other woman is she is in a masjid than OXA. She's in the masjid in the service of the message. She's not in this in the service necessarily, but she's a worshipper in the admissions officer in a way that nobody else is. She's the only girl and she's still an absolute model of chastity and virtue. Hottie Jabba the line who is married twice, and she has a faith that's unwavering. The love of her life is still right around the

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corner when she marries little sort of lost a little lighthouse. I love that idea of incredible positive outlook, that idea of expecting goodness from Allah subhanho data always burying a child or two and having a faith in Allah subhana data that doesn't waver. Why did you draw the line before she married the province of Assam, she had a number of children who died and that's something that's incredibly difficult. Someone who experienced that as well. Is mighty mighty has set up Madame lost her son, he didn't die. And there are some narrations that are incredibly controversial, and that's why I didn't mention them, but I guess I'll mention them now is whether or not medium idea Saddam

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was informed by the angels that Sid has set down was lifted. And Allah subhana data knows best we don't have anything authentic from the Prophet sallallahu to send them. In any case. Maria Maria said I'm shares that experience with Khadija Hadiya along the line that allowed for her spouse to find his place in the world, a prophet cellulitis and amused to leave for weeks on end to go to the cave of head off to worship Allah subhanho data and then he would come back and his when his supplies ran out, he would come back and then he would go back for even more and we know nothing of her digital Dylon have been bothered by that at all. Also, we have recognizing good for what it is

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being able to follow it. This is something that they all had, recognizing goodness and being able to follow it no matter what everybody else said. And so that's Marissa Meyer has set up. She recognized

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As a side is set up, she is living in a corrupt vinius law. But she's on truth she's on virtue, she's on goodness Hardanger or the lion who of course is the first to believe even before anybody else, and asiyah believes in Musa even though she's the wife of Sauron, even though she's Egyptian, even though they're from bene Islam, she believes in the truth and of course faulty model the Golan had the daughter from Hamas, Allah La de cela. Even as a young girl, she's defending the Prophet civil rights and at the Kaaba, when they came in, they poured the the the intestines, and the the filth of Camel of a slaughter camel on the province on the license back while he was making sujood

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fought them out of the line has a young girl cave, and she wiped it off. And she was very vicious and insulting those men, and absolutely deservedly so another quality that Khadija loved the line her hat was being well aware of the best qualities of her spouse. And so in her in his greatest moment of self doubt, she was there to reinforce him with words that are worth their weight in gold when he comes to after the cave and he comes to Hadiya law, the law and he says Cachito infc Like I'm scared of what's happening to me I'm scared of myself like I'm scared of what's going on like what's what's going on with me? And she says Kela Allahu Allahu Allahu Akbar that she says no, by

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Allah Allah subhanaw taala will never forsake you. Immediately she rattles off you take care of the poor, you support the the destitute you host the guests, and you're you and you support just causes immediately she's she's able to list for the province level lightest and all of the good qualities that he has, that reinforces his confidence.

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That's incredible. We don't know about as Seattle, the line how with regards to that we don't know with regards to medium of course, they didn't have spouses. And as he didn't have a great spouse at all. And with regards to Fatima as far as the details of her interaction with Fatima, it's a little bit challenging because she lives so shortly after the province that lightness and limb died,

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she only lives for six months. And so we don't know much about her. But we know her through the children that she raised. That hasn't been Hussein, masters of the children of paradise or the youth of paradise.

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Also being a support system for a husband who went from having a bulletproof reputation to being the laughingstock in society, encouraging him supporting him believing in him that's endurance. That's cliffnotes. Maryam is that I'm high does Allah Subhana Allah praise or he says will suck because no matter how good to be, she believed, in the words of her LORD, and his book, and her digital the line he believed in the words of her LORD, and she believed in the book that was revealed. And of course, asiyah believed in the words of her LORD, and fought the model the lineup, so all of them fall in that category. Being patient through harm that comes to you through a life that's

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drastically altered. And all of them went through this, her digital the line how was living comfortably, and then her husband gets the message, and now they go, she would die shortly after. They were all boycotted. They lived for three years in the shape of Abu Talib, they didn't have access, they were boycotted by poor that she went from being comfortable in a very comfortable situation in her life to being in a very, very difficult circumstance. And then you have Maryam, of course who goes from happily worship Allah subhanaw taala safely and admitted that officer to coming with her child and being a sign for the world, as it goes from being a queen of Egypt, to being

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killed by her own, and then you have faulty model, the Alon Ha hoo, similar to Khadija de la and he went through the ups and downs with the Prophet sallallahu to send them she's from Banu Hashim. She normally would have had a very comfortable life in Mecca, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam receives the message and so they continue to go through all of the challenges that the network came with. Also how digital the line have brought such tranquility and serenity to the life of the prophet saw the lighthouse and that the response that she got for a house in Jana Djibouti lady salaam, he came to the province of a lighthouse and and he said Allah subhanho wa Taala gives her deja his Salaam

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and inform her that she has a house in paradise that will have no pneus up it will have no noise and it will have no exhaustion it will have no loss of muscle this fatique for either for the funds up ALLAH SubhanA data says that when you become unoccupied then then exert yourself nossob Is is that exertion it's that fatigue and that it will have any noise. Why did the scholar say that they said because obviously she exerted herself in the dunya but number two her house had no noise in the dunya either her house her in the province Allah said um there's no record of them ever having an argument about anything ever. And so the province of a lady has sent him his wife for digital

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delight has rewarded with a house inshallah Tada in Jana that is similar to the house as far as the ambiance as far as the column as far as this inner entity and

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The tranquility that she offered for the Prophet civilize and him in the dunya. These are some of the things that come to mind when you're thinking of a digital of the Alana. And when we're talking about medium and we're talking about asiyah, we're talking about

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40 model the aligner all of them may Allah subhana Duygu pleased with them, they're the best women of the world. I'd love to hear from you what you think as far as the similarities are between these four women, may Allah subhana data gather us with all of them Inshallah, to add in just to name in paradise, la Miami.