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AI: Summary © The importance of truthful behavior and being truthful in one's relationships is emphasized in the title of the book of surah Darim, which describes the journey of a woman who was truly true to her father's commandments. affirmations and sources are discussed, including belief in a culture, man named Bobak, and woman named Medion. The segment emphasizes the need for people to be careful about affirmations and false affirmations, and the negative impact of people coming to their religion. The segment also touches on the use of lie language to assert themselves and potential consequences of lying.
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What's the highest level a person can reach? Who isn't a prophet? And how do they reach it?

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We recite 17 times a day guide us the straight path, the path of those who your blessing is upon and then a Siddhartha Mr. Kim serata livina and untidy him So who are these people who an untidy him that your blessing is upon Allah Subhana Allah that actually explains it in another chapter of the Quran in surah Nisa, ALLAH SubhanA Dionysus, whoever obeys Allah and His messenger for Allah Ikoma Latina and I'm Allahu Allah, him they are with those if you obey Allah and His messenger, you will be with those whom Allah Subhana Allah is blessing is upon men and the BA from the profits will sit there clean and the truthful, will shahada and the murderers will solve the hate and the righteous

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and what excellent companions are those and we have the prophets, that's the highest level and the next is the truthful. Those who are at the next level are the truthful, and those who are on the higher level, which is the higher the level of the prophets can also be one of the lower level. So we've got the prophets, we've got the truthful, we've got the murderers, and we've got the righteous, you can have a prophet who's a murderer, right? Like, yeah, here it is Saddam and Zakaria, they're both martyrs. And then you can have a prophet who is a truthful, who consider I mean, all of the prophets are truthful, but Allah subhana data praises them with truthfulness. So

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ALLAH SubhanA data for example, he describes both is my and Idris as Sadiq Khan Nebia, that they were truthful, they were civic, and they were prophets, and they were prophets. And Allah subhana data describes many MIT has set up when he says we're almost there. Allah says Mercy has been Amalia Illa Rasul at Harlequin pubblicato. So he says that Eastside is the Messiah, the Son of Mary, is nothing more than a messenger messengers have come before him, WUSA dica. And his mother is a Saudi ca she is a truthful person. She is that level of truthfulness? And this notion of Siddiq, where does it come from it comes from Seth which means truthfulness. And it means that the IQ comes from

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to stick which means to believe. And so someone to be skeptic they have to be truthful in what they do. And they have to believe in what they receive of the truth. And of course, a great example of that is Maria Maria setup. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah Darim that last verse, what Medina maybe not the Emirati and let us not forget to half and Faulkner three he Marina until he says was sadaqa to be Kalamata Robbia and she believed in the words of her LORD will come to be and his books, the words of his Lord words kalimat It could mean a number of things. Number one, they said that it means commandments of her Lord, Allah Subhana Allah says way the patella Ibrahim Allah

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boo boo kalimat active at Amman, Egypt Allah when Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah when Allah Subhana Allah tested Ibrahim BKD met with words not that what it means it means with commandments for utter Mohan Ibrahim and he said I'm completed them so that's one of the meanings of Kadima. So she believed our she was truthful to the commandments of her lord. She was truthful to the commandments of her Lord. What could to be he believed in his his books, the Torah. She believed in Sid salaam that's another meaning of Candyman. That ISA is what is intended here. She believed in a situs, and I'm because he is a word from Allah subhanaw taala. So Medion is a incredible example of this deck,

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this truthfulness and of course, that's why she reached the level of being so deep ourself. Another incredible example of that, obviously in our room is Bobak. Abu Bakr Siddiq. When did you become a Saudi? When did you get this title? It's also tied to Jerusalem. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam had went on a nice journey in the 10th year of the hijra, the province of the lightest and experiences the era of sadness, and the Prophet cellulitis and then goes on the Knights journey. He's taken from an MST that how long to administer the oxide, he goes from Mecca to Jerusalem. It's the journey of 900 miles, the province cellulitis and him goes and comes back in the same night he goes, and Allah

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subhanaw taala recounts it in the Quran, Allah Subhan Allah the sob at the Leela min and misty did haram in and Misty, the officer Lydia violet, and a whole lot of ALLAH SubhanA Exalted is He who took his servant on a nice journey, meaning MSG that held on from the Kaaba, in an MST the oxide to the furthest Masjid I II and miss you the upside, which is in Jerusalem, Olivia Barak and a whole lot that we have blessed surroundings, you know, to whom and if not to give him to let him view our sights. And so the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is taken on this journey. And then he ascends to the heavens and then he comes back in that same night is Salah, and the mount arch. The Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam woke up the next day, and he was very anxious. And he was anxious because he knew that he was going to have to tell everybody of this experience, and he knew that it was going to be very difficult for people to

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have to accept. And that's exactly what happened, a private sale alias and then goes out. And he says, I went last night to Jerusalem and I came back. And they were like, hold on a second. Are you saying, like they got so excited the machine again, like, you really come with a big one that if I go and I tell everybody to come and gather right now, are you going to actually tell them what you just told me? He's like, Yeah, I have to this is, this is what happened. And when that happened, by the way, there were people who were Muslim who who left Islam, the apostate they left the deen because they couldn't believe something like this that was so fantastical, it was too fantastical

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for them.

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it takes us a journey to go, it takes us a month to go and come back and your your thing that you went to came back in the same night, they couldn't believe it. Even though for us panel, I just 1400 years later. This is really I mean, you hop on a flight and you go 1000 miles, and you come back and it's no big deal. Right? So some of these things that are impossible for us, become possible for us even in the dunya without divine assistance. So that idea of a person rejecting something because I don't see how it could happen. Do you think these people could see how it happened? And so it's really arrogant for a person to try to make revelation constricted to their own comprehension and

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their understanding the province of the light is and then tells everybody, and by the way, they then go, and they tell people they go and they tell about walking on the line where they go in detail about what can they say, Listen, have you heard what your companion is saying? Have you heard what your friend is saying? He's like, no, what does he say?

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He said that he went to Jerusalem last night, and he came back. Like they're waiting to see a walk finally be like, You know what, that's just too much. I'm sorry, man. I can't. I Bobak says.

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If he said it, then I believe it.

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If he said it, then I believe it. And of what can becomes acidic. But I want you to pay attention to what Obama said his phrasing is really important. He didn't say I believe it. What did he say? He said, If he said it, I believe it. Meaning if it is verified, that he truly said that then my job is to believe and he's like I believe even more than I believe that revelation comes down from the heavens, not from Jerusalem. Jerusalem is close. I believe revelatory comes in from the heavens. But why is this phrase so important? In Paula halfa. If he said it, then it's true, because

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revelation is beyond our comprehension.

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But superstition is below our intelligence. I'm gonna say it again. Revelation is above our comprehension. superstition is below our intelligence. If you go all over the Muslim world, you find all sorts of superstitious belief that are not rooted in anything authentic from the province of colitis. And if people actually lived according to that statement of our work, we'd be rid of all of them. If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I had a friend in college one time, he wasn't very familiar with Islam, he kind of grew up in a practicing household, or, you know, in a cultural household. So he wasn't very familiar, like Islamically, literate and educated, but he was saying to

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me, he's like, I don't get it, man. My mom used to told me to fold my prayer rug. And she said, If you don't do that, Shane Long's gonna pray. He was like, isn't that a good thing? shape? I was gonna pray. Isn't that a good thing? I'm like, You know what, dude, you're right. Like, if you're going to be logical about it, you think the province the lightest I've ever said anything like that? The answer is no. And so that becomes below your intelligence, you start thinking that

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this religious stuff is just weird. Like, they're just a bunch of people aren't really smart. Why? Because people are narrating things without verifying them, Abu Bakr de la and he was saying, hey, it's got to be verified. But if it is verified, then

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all we do is submit. All we do is believe if it's if the province little license actually said it, or if it's in the Quran, then I believe it. I may not understand it. I might not comprehend it right now. But I believe that it is true because I know that this revelation and the unseen is beyond my comprehension. It's above my comprehension. You have to where these two together you have to balance these two together. Number one is verification of the sources. Number two, when the sources are verified, that I believe that I believe and Abu Bakr the line when he did that, and I walk there lots of moments, by the way in the seal of the province, I said that even show the difference

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between a walk and the other companions, like even between Abu Bakr and Omar Abdullah and there's a there's a big gap. There's there's nobody close to Abubaker not the Lionheart law, the Treaty of her Davia, the province of the licen and signs a treaty that on paper, it just looks like the Muslims gotten the short end of the stick like not only is it the short end of the stick, it looks completely

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undignified it seems like it's humiliation for them that no y'all don't get to go and perform. Amara, you have to go back. Even though the Mexicans never ever stop people from performing I'm gonna be for like they never stopped them. And yet here you are, they get like Muslims are getting special treatment that sound familiar Muslims are getting special treatment. That's always been the case. Even during the time of the province of Eliasson, a Mecca was supposed to be this multicultural pluralistic society, everybody is welcome to come and worship. We are the people of the sanctuary. It's like everybody gets a visa, you're You're welcome. The first time people

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pilgrims are being stopped, and you'll have to go back. And not only that, but we're signing this treaty and any Muslim who accepts Islam from Mecca, you're gonna have to return them to us so that we can torture him. Yep, that's right. We're gonna torture him. And by the way, anybody from your cap, who decides to leave Islam and come to us? No problem.

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We get to keep them. That doesn't sound fair. Can you imagine I'm going to stop agreeing to something like that. And of course, I'm just not gonna agree to something like that. So he goes to the province first he goes to Abu Bakr

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and he says, aren't we on the truth? And Aren't they on falsehood and Abu Bakr, the ALLAH and he was like, listen,

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it's his Lord. He's not going to squander him. And he says, hold on to him with your molar teeth. I'm going to hook up and then

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he's not going to lose him. It's his glory. He's not going to lose him and then I'm going to steal after going to work, he still decides to go to the province ally center. And he says, aren't you the Messenger of Allah? He says, aren't we upon the truth? And aren't they upon falsehood? And the prophesy? centum says yes. And then he says,

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fundamental debate Danny ativy de Nina, he says, Why are we accepting humiliation in our religion

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and the province of the light SM says and this is one of the great moments of Abu Bakr, that the province of Eliason I'm literally spoke with Abu Bakr spoke before he said, he's my lord, he's not going to lose me. Abu Bakr the line has like whatever the promises that I'm ready to do, I believe and I submit to and he follows and that's the level of acidic Nadia line source Vic, is an incredibly high level, his face was unwavering, but a blocker isn't the only one again, anybody from this ummah can reach that level. Inshallah I love being so deep, it is something that's up for us. prophethood is not up for us, but to be so deep that is up in sha Allah died. It's something that we

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can aspire to. So how does a person become something what is something that a person can do? Well, the promise on the lightest and it actually tells us so I'll leave you with this one goal inshallah Tada. And this is the thing that I started the video with saying that this is transformative, it is one thing that transforms to righteousness, the province, the lightest says in a hadith. Don't be disappointed. You've heard this hadith before. He says in the Sith player hand in hand, he said truthfulness leads to righteousness. And righteousness leads to paradise. And a person will continue yet to how Allah says, will continue to seek truthfulness until they are written with Allah subhanaw

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taala as severe as someone who is so deep, and he says, And beware of lying,

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because lying, leads to fraud leads to indecency, transgression, wickedness, all of that type of stuff, and for God leads to the hellfire. And a person will continue to lie until they are in with Allah subhanho data as a liar. And so this person, the truthful, they're always seeking truthfulness, they are always looking for the most, you know, like, I want you to just think of like real life a person goes and they,

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they're bargaining with somebody. And they have money in their pocket, and they say I'm sorry, I don't know, I don't have $15. And I know you said it's $15 you sell it to me. Firstly, now I don't have 15 notes. I only have 10. No, you have 15 you have 20 even, but your argue your bargaining, right? And so it's just a little bit of a slip of a lie. And then the other person on the other end, they're saying, Oh, no $15 I don't make any profit, and they're making profit at $4. Right. But this is the province the lies I'm saying a person who continues to seek out truthfulness, they're trying to be truthful in everything that they do. They're trying to be committed to truth in everything

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that they do. That person is a person who leaves in sha Allah to Allah or leads to being in the position of being Civic. And why do I say if this if there's one characteristic that is transformative, because if there's one thing that allows us to live an unrighteous life or to do an unrighteous action, is that we use a continuous cloak for it and that cloak is to lie.

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Lying is the constant cloak of sin. And so if a person decides I'm just going to be truthful, that means that when my mom calls me and says, Who are you with? I'm going to tell her the truth, because I'm committed to truthfulness. So now I'm either gonna have to resolve that or I'm gonna have to figure out something else. Or, you know, if, if, if I if I, if I do something and somebody asked me, Did you do this? I say yes, I did.

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And I just live with the consequences I figure it out. It is going to correct a person's behavior inshallah to Allah, truthfulness leads to righteousness. And what does that righteousness lead to? It leads to paradise. If a person continues to seek it all the time, sha Allah there'll be written with Allah Subhana Allah as as a dick. May Allah make us up now