Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 02

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The transcript describes a conversation between a man and his partner about a loss of their job due to COVID-19, but they both suggest wearing or drinking while walking in the desert. The man suggests they should raise their hand and say "ows," but the partner argues it would be difficult to drink. The group also touches on Allah's approach to life and wants to avoid suffering from the pandemic, while they discuss a trip and a potential trip to a new country. They stress the importance of staying at home and not giving up on one's dream.

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Once upon a lot is stupid wins while they're walking in the desert

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they were saying to themselves

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you know, should we talk to Allah subhanaw taala in the loud voice or should we whisper

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and they were too loud

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and in the Ask the prophets of Salaam

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Caliban phonology. Amber Eden panula de is Allah subhanho wa Taala close so that when we talk to him we should be whispering

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or is a loss of panel dialogue distance when we talk to him we should be like yelling and screaming. And this idea came down.

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This was a a 186 it

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was either a birdie

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the first for me 40 odd would

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friendliest big booty you wanna you really will be. Now I know who we are should do.

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What does that mean? Normally in the crowd, when people come to ask a question, and there are 14 of them in the peroneus aluna case, Luna or Mohammed they asked you or Mohammed they asked you

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normally the response would be yes, alumina triangle family. Well, Mr. Cole, FEMA is a beautiful woman if you're already nice for it. Mr. Mohammed, they asked you about, you know, alcohol and gambling, say to them, there is a benefit in them is a great benefit in them and there is a sin.

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But Allah subhanaw taala made a decision. He said, What if Muhammad Akbar Amina edema? The cylinder is more than the benefit?

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Yes, I don't want to hear Yes, I don't want to hinder so many years. I'm not going to put on 14 times. All the time. The response from Allah would be Oh Mohammed say to them pull. Pull is a command from Allah, Allah, Mohammed say to them except for this one. When people ask if a loss of animal Tyler is close or distant, look at the answer.

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Allah Subhana Allah said to the problem what either anybody, Annie, when my slaves asked you about me, normally would expect coolum Mohammed say to them, and close a lot. He didn't say that. As if Allah subhanaw taala say the Prophet Mohammed Salim. Oh, they asked me if I'm close or not. I will talk to them directly. Allah subhanaw taala. left the prophesy. Lama said and he talked to us directly said, Indeed, I am close

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and close. Not only that, God Buddha I wanted.

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I wanted to focus word by word in this because it's very deep. Allah said, ouji, there's a big difference between a jeep and as the Jeep would it means instantaneously, right away. somebody raises their hand to Allah, Allah responds right away.

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How many? How many times should you make the right How many times should you call upon Allah, Allah said Mooji, Buddha, Allah one time, love luck.

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And then Allah said he will die that day. Meaning if I'm sitting here, and I'm giving a halaqa, and some people send me questions without writing their names. I don't know who sent the question. But otherwise, if he's saying whatever you are, if you are in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night, at the bottom of the ocean, in the belly of a whale, when you raise your hand and he says so by chanukkah wa

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la ilaha illa LA, yo la I need you to come here you heard is Eunice la salon. He was under three layers of darkness

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at the bottom of the ocean, in the belly of the whale after midnight, but yet when he said

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Bali me, there's no go.

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Where the aversive batoon. So kind of you're far from perfection, in the accoutrement of volume and indeed I was amongst the wrongdoers and the person I'm saying this is that when you have some kind of law, when you have any depression when you are under circumstances where you are now you lost your job, like you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow times of uncertainty like this, then just raise your hand and say that

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Do I have Eunice La Ilaha Illa ultrasonic in equal to one of the angels were like, Where's this coming from? We can even locate it with Allah subhanaw taala he is that. So he says, I know who's calling me whatever they are.

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Would you put that out with a day either the iron Allah didn't say if they asked me whenever they asked me

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so do I have a certain etiquette to make sure I know you're driving you can make the urine bed you can make

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your sitting you can make your traveling you can make up whatever the condition is,

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is a lot. But some people say, but I've been making the art for a long time and nothing is happening. I also Lost Planet Allah for that job. And Allah didn't give it to me. You know why? Because alasa told us and number two, one to six. And he was talking to the best generation the Sahaba those who attended better he said to them, could you buy a computer they will not go in there to fight they were going to stop the caravan claimed their money back but Allah said, done the caravan arrived safely in Mecca and then coming to fight you and you have to fight back. That's it. That's your only option. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, look at my law says I know that some of you

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don't like the idea of fighting. But the last part I said what I said and Takahashi and

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you might dislike something but it's good for you once and to him bushy and

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you might like something and it's bad for you. Listen carefully. I want you to write this I again like the app yesterday to win six shorts and Bukhara. Allah said at the end of this is what Allahu

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Allah knows what's best for you. That job that you're dying to get. So panela is so good for you. That person you're keen to get married to is not the right person for you. Allah knows what's best for you. So Subhana Allah, Allah sometimes does not give you what you want because for good for you, Allah knows what's best for you. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala said, what we are going through now, this pandemic is a calamity. Am I right or wrong? You agree with me but I agree, it is a calamity. It is a hardship. But how do we receive it?

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Mostly but in

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no calamity, nothing happens on this earth except for the permission of Allah subhanaw taala this was what I said, What am a new moon?

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It doesn't mean Whoever believes the law This is the literal translation. It means whoever accepts the father of Allah, are you accepting the father of Allah? Do you know that there is something good come out of this pandemic? Do that there is something good for you to stay at home now stop complaining and just smile accept the color of Allah and then make the app and once you make that leave it with Allah allowed to is the best for this while luck included everything for your man ob let them believe I will choose the best for them. For us the Jubilee, let them a lot when he talked about himself. He said oh gee, he answers instantaneously but when it came to you, he said failures,

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the Jubilee. Let them take their time and think about what I'm saying to them. And then come back to me and believe in my promise laleham er should do and because this is the best guidance for them, brothers and sisters, this is a beautiful message of hope. On day two of Ramadan, make two allies very close. Allah can hear you luck and see you and Allah will always choose the best for you in sha Allah. Don't forget don't say if I have done this this would have changed no but say Allahu Masha. Allah decreed something and lots of pannacotta would choose the best for me. And then just all I'm asking for you at the very end, give me challenging smile, and you know what tomorrow inshallah we

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have a surprise for you at the same time. Make sure inshallah we're going to get maybe another 10 extra minutes so tomorrow inshallah is going to be 15 to 20 minutes inshallah. We're going to start again with a very Masha Allah, you know, motivational reminder, but then we have a surprise for you. Would you like to know the surprise, it wouldn't be a surprise. See you tomorrow and you will know smile. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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The problem was this