How did Sulayman react when the Hoopoe went missing

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the "monster class" and how it is a serious story of fantasy. They also talk about the "monster class" and how it is a group of men who live according to their own logic. The speaker also talks about the "monster class" and how it is a group of men who live according to their own logic.
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Asakura to la hora capital. Yes, I am wearing a hoodie. And I thought to myself, is it right to wear a hoodie and talk about the the class dominion. And I said to myself, why not? This is not the only lecture, I'm not speaking in front of a government, speaking on it in my car, on Facebook, or YouTube, or whatever it is, you know, saying chill. One of the things that came to my mind today is how long the store was for the man and his salon. It is a serious story of fantasy. I mean, you know, the kind of stuff in there, I mean, proper, Neverending Story stuff, I'm sorry, but that's my generation. I know, that's like 50 years ago, but I don't know the modern day fantasy tales. And if

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it wasn't in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, we probably wouldn't have believed it or understood it or anything like that, talking to talk controlling gene controlling animals and this and that and palaces and oh, my God, we're going to cover we're gonna have so much fun. So Carla is beautiful. You know, sometimes we we gather together to study, and it becomes too academic. And that doesn't mean this class is an academic absolutely is in its right place. But also, it's nice to be able to just relax and close our eyes and imagine, you know, a taste of gender, you know, a little taste of gender. Allah tells us in a Quran, this is power, what he had, and this and that.

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But anyway, my reflection, which came to me from a discussion of all this power, is that there's a lot of focus on the authority and the rule and the dominion of Solomon and his son of the King Solomon had a set of classes called dominion, of course, and his kingdom and all the things that he did. So doesn't that make it a bit too specific? And he like a specific for kings? I mean, is this like a guide book for kings? Is there a rule book for leaders and stuff?

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Now, not to say they don't need it? I mean, if there's any class of people on this planet that mess up this planet, and his people, is the rulers and Li and leaders, and that's because they live according to their own perverted logic. And then if it's Shakespeare or whoever who said it, that rule is the either old butchers or meat that either old butchers or meat meaning that either they kill, or you get killed. Yep. Are you the butcher or you're going to be eating? Either you suppress the people or they're going to violently overthrow you in some kind of random coup? So if you have that mentality, then of course Yeah, you're gonna press the war then again, it'd be a plum. And then

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you know, make us all suffer like we all do. Of course Alhamdulillah if they studied the service of a man in Islam, they see how to deal with this properly with justice. But here's my point, how many kings out there in the world do you think this book any came just for the kings, I see this book came for you, it came for me, it came for those who wear hoodies, it came for those who wear suits, it came for every single normal person, meaning that will we need to try and understand from all of these details and stories of the power and the controllers to remind that instead of those things, which are relevant to us, and all of these things are absolutely unsurpassed. And one of the things

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that I found very, very interesting from the story of, of Solomon, and there's so much you know, discussion about his connection with animals, okay.

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And, and the discussions that he has with animals and some of them are really studied, and in one case, there is the the Hudgens which is the hupo. And we will talk about this animal in Sharla, as well, and his interaction with the Lupo is actually very important one, he was given a very important strategic task the Hoople, and he didn't come back on time, and this irritated Superman, and they sit down and he's wondering, where is he? You know, Where's he gone? I've given him this important and a job and we'll, again we'll cover that in detail. So and why is it irritating? also find out where he is? He goes, Panamanian law, and Hood Hood Academy another hot ubian. What is it

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with me that I can't see?

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Any Why can't I see the the hupo? Why can't I see the Hood Hood? Or is he absent? And somehow the demo they mentioned something, they said, Look at the way that he spoke here. Right? He's angry, he's given a huge task, a really important task to this hupo which the whole people are dependent upon, and the kingdom is dependent upon, and he's not back on time when he should be. So instead of like kicking off and blaming the everyone else, whatever saprolite tends to himself First, the humbleness of the King Solomon etc. Why is wrong with me the icon see him Miley Allah, Allah Allah Mallya, what's wrong with me the icon See, the Hood Hood Is he opsin Yanni as opposed to whether her

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dad had heard it, whereas

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you know, it could have been it could have been this route a lot so different. And as a lesson for us when we are in positions of rule, or we are given the the responsibility of dealing with an issue as a judge or as a family or as a father or as a whatever. Yanni, when you come across a scenario always look to see is this something from my side first? I've got to make sure when I get some news, is it true? Have I fulfilled all of my risk?

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sponsor is first before I start to believe in that or before I start to blame someone else have I made sure that I haven't misunderstood it? Am I ascertain the facts correctly? Yeah, and am I completely free of any mistake today I've misunderstood this in any kind of way. And then I then accept what is gonna happen and then we can act upon certainty. I mean, somehow there's so many lessons so many lessons in the story of Solomon Islam and, and whatever. And to be honest, I really enjoyed doing that in a in a hoodie. And I think I need to do that I need to do that bit more. I feel kind of cool and driving in a hoodie and making everyone just look at me and stuff. And I know

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it's a bit weird, and it makes me look like either or something else Star Wars Jedi. Was that guy name was like Yoda or whatever. So inshallah anyway, make sure you join me for dominion. It's not long now. And it's going to be a really, really good evening in Sharla and I have to stop recording because it's getting dangerous now getting a bit carried away. Does that come along

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and take care