Sadness, Anger, and Happy I Beautiful Lesson from People of Gaza

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We're seeing the living example. And this has been one of the things that we've taken from this era are things that we only saw in the Sahaba when we read about them, and we're seeing them right now in the people who has done so. Dr. Hayford welcome hamdulillah Welcome to our channel once again. Zack malarkey Shahar it's always a pleasure to be here. Yeah, I fully agree with everything you said. There is two emotions inside everybody, sometimes even three, I will say personally at three, there is definitely sadness, there is mixed with anger, there is part which is happy and some people may may be surprised, happy to see what we read in books. We are seeing it in reality, the strength,

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the VLP the faith, and the fact is an I talking about myself. How can I compare myself with what we are seeing? Maybe what they are going through how strong they are? How they are taking it man and woman and children and they still going their faith? If anything is stronger. And I look at myself Subhanallah Can you all of us go through none of us? I don't think anybody listening to us in the western world have gone through what they are, what they have gone and still going. And I don't know I always ask myself how would I have responded? If I was there? You know, I'm saying Yanni the tileable in Arabic, I love this with a Thai lemon Hamakua was so bad, you will learn from them. What

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strength in really strength mean not claim and what steadfast toughness is more alicona Billa they are attached to Allah's pantalla nothing comes out of their mouth, a rare mildly Robina Can you call boy who's in line with one on a curriculum or there have been? What a nation what a nation Subhanallah nobody knew this till Allah made that sees. See it's all of us live Subhanallah