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The story of medium is told in a number of places in the Quran, most prominently in two chapters. I didn't Enron and midium and Enron is actually named after her family and Milan is her father. And Miriam is named after her and she is uniquely the only woman ever who has a chapter of the Quran named after her. Her story begins with the pair of her mother though so we gotta go back to nm Ron the third chapter of the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says is piloting Roger and RON are beginning to like a Murphy button Jim Harbaugh photog Ballymoney in a contest similarly, Philip ma Takata be in New York to her own set wala who will be malware that she says Let me backtrack. Allah Subhana Allah

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says, when the wife of Emmeline said, My Lord, I have offered to you what is within my womb, helping Allah in your service for a couple minutes, so accept from me, you are the All Hearing the all seeing phenomenon was a time when she gave birth Carla thrombey She said, My Lord, I have given birth to a girl will love who I love will be my will that and Allah knows better what she gave birth to what it needs some may to her Medea and I have named her Mary were in need or either have become and I seek refuge in you for her whether Rita and her offspring, Mina shaytaan Evelyn gene from the curse and double. So these two verses, just these two verses in the Quran have so much to unpack.

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There's the dreams of a mother, you know, we want to have righteous children, maybe our goals, our ambitions, our dreams are for a child to be a memorizer of the Quran or for someone to be a worshipper of Allah. Her dream was for that child to be offered in the service of MSG that OXA. So in Jerusalem, they had children, or they had people who live their entire lives being the caretakers of that message, they would be making sure that they were keeping it clean. They were basically the staff of a messy the Luxor but they would do it for free. It was their devotion, they would walk around with the incense, they would make sure that it always smelled beautiful there was clean. So

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she was offering her child to be a caretaker of and mostly that upside. But this was something that was exclusively for men. Women didn't do this. So when she gives birth, she says I gave birth to a girl. And Allah says and Allah knew better when she gave birth to and I've named her Mary, and I seek refuge in new for her and her children for the accursed double. So there's the dreams of the mother. There's the evident language of it that indicates her incredible relationship with Allah. Like, you get the sense of this really personal relationship from the language that she uses. She is saying, My Lord, I gave birth to a gore, My Lord, I have, I've offered you what's in my womb, she

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keeps repeating my lord, my lord love beats this beautiful connotation of the one who takes care of me and the one who nourishes me and the one who provides for me.

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But it also shows you how drought may work. She wanted a boy she was making do out for a boy. Not only that, she made a promise of lifelong service for a boy. She was willing to give up. Every thing that a mother experiences of joy, the closeness with a child being able to watch that child grow up in front of you, being able to nourish that child and nurture that child and be fatigued and exhausted by the child and experience the little moments of joy that make all of the fatigue worth it. She was willing to give up all of that for a boy and Allah gave her a girl

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that gives us an insight as to how that may work. You might beg with every fiber of your being you might know in the very recesses of your soul, that this is exactly what you want.

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And this is exactly what is good, you know that this is good, you know that you're sincere.

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And Allah Subhana Allah may still gave you the exact opposite of what you've been requesting. She wanted a boy to serve the temple. And Allah Subhana Allah designed a girl that would serve Islam. Her mother says I've named her media. And even here we see something really powerful mediums mom is saying that even if she can't be one of the caretakers of the message she named her media media means worshiper. So she's saying even if she can't be one of the caretakers of the message, at least, she will still be a worshipper in it. So why do I say that she's a righteous and brilliant parent righteous because she immediately recognizes that this is from Allah, it's no fault of her

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own. It's definitely no fault of the babies. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says the law human to Samoa to will art Yamanaka Maya Shah, yeah, he will Emma Yasha in Athens, where Hebrew Lima Yasha, Zuko Allah Subhana Allah Allah says to Allah belongs the heavens and the earth, he creates what He wills, He gifts whomever he wants, daughters, and he gifts whomever he wants, sons. And Allah subhanho wa Taala uses both of them with the word Heba which means gift. And we're going to see that a lot because children are a gift from Allah Subhana Allah data, but she doesn't see this child that she received as some sort of punishment, she doesn't see this is an indication that she's not worthy. As

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a mother, she's not worthy as a worshipper of Allah, of having a child that would pray in an masjid and also or be a caretaker in a message that she doesn't entertain self doubt. She entertains instead, or she exhibits instead, good expectation from Allah subhanaw taala. And I say brilliant. So that's her being righteous, but she's brilliant as well. Why? Because she immediately recognizes that though her daughter won't be able to serve the message in that particular capacity that she was hoping for, that she can still serve in other capacities, the capacity of worship, so she named her Madea, she doesn't go all or nothing, she doesn't say Okay, since I don't have a boy to be a

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caretaker of the masjid, I'm going to name her Amira, princess, I'm going to name her Jamila, beautiful, and I'm just going to completely, completely disregard all of the dreams that I had for Noah, she can still be that person, even as a girl, or she can be the an alternate version of that dream, a version that is appropriate for her gender. Now, when I started looking at this verse through the lens of expectations, I was like, You know what, I really want to talk to a psychologist about this, I want to I want to, and not just a psychologist, let me see if I can find a psychologist who's a mother, and not only a psychologist who's a mother, but I want to find a

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psychologist who has multiple children, because each child comes with a different set of expectations, that real world experience. And so I looked for a psychologist in my mind, who I know who who has that type of experience as well. And so I reached out to saddle sofa. And I said to her, I'm reading this verse of medium, and I want you to give me feedback, looking at it through the lens of parental expectations, and seeing the transformation that mediums mother goes through or what she exhibits of dealing with expectations. And then she sent me a beautiful message back. And she shared with me some points of them is that she said that the arrival of every child has some form of an

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unfulfilled dream for parents. Because no matter what we imagine, no matter what we imagine, when we're having the child, the reality is never exactly what we imagined. And the struggles that come up are completely unpredictable. And that's part of why parenthood is such a test. And it's not just like the circumstances of medium. But sometimes you have to alter your vision of your child, very severely. Like if you have a child, for example, who is born with special needs, that's a that's a challenge where a parent may have to reconfigure their entire expectation of what their life with their child is going to look like and what their child's accomplishments and achievements are going

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to look like. And so it's really important. She She She mentioned that the first thing that you have to figure out are what are your expectations and being able to identify what your expectations are, and then being able to identify if they are unrealistic expectations because one of the tricks of Shavon is he makes you focus on unrealistic expectations. And when we think we're pushing our children and all of that, but we're actually holding them back because if we are striving for what is impossible, then not only do we never reach it, but we stopped striving for what is possible. And mediums mother is showing us that she doesn't go into this all or nothing, you know, distortion, she

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rather she realizes mediums a boy not going to be a caretaker but medium can still be a worshiper. Not only that, but I'm going to seek ALLAH subhanaw taala is refuge to protect her and her children. She decided she's not going to give up on the dream. But what shaytaan does is he makes us feel like if we don't have everything, then we can't have anything. Medium

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wasn't raised feeling like she was a disappointment. She wasn't raised by a mother who was telling her beating overhead saying, I made do out for a boy and look, I got you. That's not what she how she was raised. She was raised in love. She was raised by a mother who prayed for her and her offspring to be protected, who named her something beautiful, and was competed over by caretakers. And in the case of medium though she was going to walk a path different than what her mother ever imagined. She was going to have a journey that will change the world.