My Hair Is Ugly – Curious Muslim Episode 5

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how his hair is ugly because it wasn't straight as other kids in his school. He tries to make his hair straight but it doesn't work. He uses almond oil and tries to give himself a home haircut. He talks about people paying for haircut and how people are aware of the negative impact of their hair. The speaker's job is to see the person succeed at the highest level.
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My hair is ugly. I grew up thinking that that my hair was ugly because it was super curly because it wasn't straight like all the other kids in my school. I was raised in the middle of Canada, where everyone in town had skin color different than mine. Straight hair blue eyes. I tried making my hair straight. I use tons of almond oil, but my hair always ended up dry

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sadly on a wooden chair and proceeded to give me a home haircut. I told her how much I didn't like my curly Egyptian hair. She said these beautiful words. Mohamed, you don't know how much people pay me to curl their hair. People with straight hair, pay to make it curly. Allah gave you those curls naturally. You're beautiful. Just the way Allah made you. Allahu Akbar. Amazing. Think about it. Others pay for what Allah already gave you naturally. White skin pays money to get tanned, tanned skin pays for whitening creams, straight hair pays for curling, curly hair by straightening gels, whatever you've got someone out there desires what Allah already gave you. It's time to stop the

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negative thoughts. Here's a better way. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him taught us a lot to say when we look in the mirror, the law human karma.

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Reading beautiful cannot accent a healthy, just like you have already beautified my physical appearance. The real issue what we need to work on is our inside our character that

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you'd have beautify my character. That's what really needs our attention.

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And this is my job for you is to see you succeed at the highest level