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AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice to his group on how to marry a woman who is a "married to a prettiest woman in the world" and avoid getting quizzes. He emphasizes the importance of finding a woman who is a "married to a prettiest woman in the world" and that finding a woman who is heavy makeuped is a sign of being too exposed. He also suggests looking at pictures of women wearing makeup and that finding a woman who is heavy makeuped is a sign of being too exposed.
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So I have some advice for the guys also on the on the on the idea of expectations.

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And it's got a story to it. Before I had gotten married, I used to get quizzed by my shoe off, and you know, like they do about getting married and things like that. And one time one of my Michelle, I went, and I had sat with him in,

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in his hotel, and he was sitting there and he was quizzing me about what's going on and stuff like that. And so I don't know what inspired him to say this. But he said, he said to me, he said, Listen, I just want you to know, especially for the guys, he said, I just want you to know that no matter who you marry, he said, no matter who you marry, you will walk out and you will see somebody prettier.

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Because guys have this idea of I just need to marry the prettiest woman in the world ever. Because that's what's going to there's so much fitna out, I need to make sure that I marry somebody who's like a 1010 10. He said, you will find somebody prettier. And he said to me, he said, even the Prophet cellulitis and it was not immune from the beauty of a woman catching her eye and he quoted the verse and sort of that Allah has a job where Allah subhanaw taala talks about the province of allied SLM after an incident not being able to, you know, the, the the divorcing of wives and what have you. And he says, that you don't replace the wives who chose you what oh, I Jabbok a husband,

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with another wife, even if their beauty might please you. And so Rasulullah Selim, even though he's married to the likes of Sophia, and I shall on the line, he's not immune from the beauty of another woman catching his eye. And so there is no one woman that you will marry, that will force you to lower your gaze, you have to lower your gaze, you have to choose to be satisfied, you have to have Taqwa. And the same thing goes for women as well, in the sense that not You're not going to marry some guy who will you know, if your eyes is always unleashed on Instagram and what have you, then you're also going to suffer for that. So make sure that you are content with who you choose, that

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will be better for you than necessarily the features.

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I always used to say in class that, you know, the guy is looking at images all day, Billboard signs, commercials on YouTube, he sees images of women who are and it's not fair to compare your wife to those because they're airbrushed, they're photoshopped, heavy makeup. I'm sure all of you have seen those videos where they start to remove the makeup. And you see now the whole goal. You know, the point is that

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then he comes home to his wife who is a good thing. Okay looking person, but he's comparing her to all those images that he saw. What can she look like the billboard type your God is up to here. Why don't you look like the billboard? Yeah, and you just want her to look like that. He just looks