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Sir the

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A k two Study

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He sorry, yes

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Safi. Okay, just

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I'm just gonna do a quick interview with one of the effects of living here. First of all, I want to ask her her name.

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Okay. Tell him what happened. Why is she here?

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Is the torture going on over there? People are cutting wherever they find especially if you're Muslim. Okay, so what happened to her in particular?

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He had

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given up

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on his love

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you killed our two sons.

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Yeah. What How did they kill this other sons? What did they do? Keep up in my

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house. I did just chuck them off. What happened to her? Why did it what how did she

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She was hiding.

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Okay, and how old were her two sons

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for an hour and a half. So they even killed the two and a half year old one. They killed the four year old.

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What was the reason they did that?

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Kendall Master

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Master killer.

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Sometimes they come for adults. So they are not threat. So when they come and they don't find the animal, they find the vulnerable one. They

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chop them off. Does she live in a Muslim place a community a village

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attacked and we can get musalman

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sama sama and did they do that with people around the area as well or just

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Okay, and so how long has she been here?

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How has she been keeping herself alive?

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so I want to ask her about her son's a bit more okay.

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First of all, what are they known to have done anything to antagonize the army? Did they? Did they do anything or was it just that they came in and for no reason? Hey, if I can adjust them the basic I shake kettlebell semi para what I've done to

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gonna fight

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Wherever they can catch you she's saying either you're inside they will come and kill you if you outside if they catch you they will kill you What do they do so the woman the

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woman and the woman okay we can have more hello this Keisha Masha

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Villa Maya novella Merkel had a

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name is

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man how to

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pick up

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monkey monkey dragon over

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on my official budget

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all right so what they're saying sometimes they seem nice enough

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so they take them they use them for their pleasure and then after when you're finished it will kill them off

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after sexual harassment

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what are the ways that they kill the people there? What do you mean how did they do it? Did it just shoot them

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down the marina

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shooting as well as my and she witnessed this.

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She did.

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What was her reaction when she saw that? I've no not bubbeleh Hello

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Masha Allah Allah