Let Them Compete

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses the pressure of competition in the sport ofteenth-generation Islam, which is a war of ideas between the rich and the poor. The speaker describes how some people, including the rich, complain about the rule of the Prophet sallahu and how others, including the poor, complain about the rule of the time. The speaker emphasizes the importance of accepting the competition and not denying oneself.

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Ramadan is the month of competition because how about the Allah and who competed with each other and everything

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all the time, whether it's Omar Abdullah and who competing with Abu Bakr trying at least to compete with other work, whether it is the poor Sahaba complaining about the rich Sahaba ya rasool Allah, the habit 100 authority bill ojo, you saw Luna command was only way a Simona commando swimwear. So so the point I mean, Fotolia and YT him, they're fasting like we fast and they pray like we pray, and they give charity that we can't give. And so the messengers of Allah, they send them then told them shall I not give you something Shall I not tell you something that if you do it, it will be a charity for you, every Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah I have Allah Allahu Akbar, that you say

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every single one of them as a charity. And so then they went and they started practicing that, but then the rich heard about that, too. And so they started to do that also the poor came back and they complain to the prophets of Allah it is. And they said, O Messenger of Allah, they're doing it too. And he said, that is the that is the bounty of Allah. He gives it to whomever he wishes, but what I want you to pay attention to is the competition.

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Even Laila to cuddle, when we were told about a little further, when this, this verses, or this series of verses were revealed, it came as a result of the Sahaba feeling the need to compete, who are they competing with the Sahaba of the law, and whom were competing with a man

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who the Prophet sallallahu send them lived before us.

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He was from many Islam. And every single day, he would go out for

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he would go out in the path of Allah. And every night he would spend the night in Salah in prayer. And so those a haba were burdened by that.

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They felt upset by that this man worshipped Allah Subhana Allah at such a high level for 80 something years, and we don't even live 80 something years.

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The age of this OMA is between 60 and 70, as the province of Elijah send them said, we don't even live as long as the previous one was lived. And so Allah subhanaw taala revealed and he says, In Anza, now Villa tilaka, drama de la cama de la, Laila and Fisher, the night of power is better than the worship of 1000 months, this gift that we've been given as a constellation for our lifespans being short as a result of the competitive nature of the sahaba. And so this month, let this be a month where nobody raises faster than me Let this be a month where nobody gives better or at a higher quality than me that let there be a month. But this be a month where nobody serves more than

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me Let this be a month where nobody feeds more people than me. Because the month of Ramadan is the month of defeat of karate. And Quran with hammock behind it is the month of

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reciting the Quran and feeding people. Let nobody serve more than me help more than me read more than me worship more than me, let me compete

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with it.