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The speaker is showing a phone tripod and a mirror to the audience. They recommend changing the background for audio to avoid distraction and recommend using a microphone instead of a tripod. They also advise against using a GoPro and recommend uploading a video for editing. The speaker emphasizes the importance of branding for personality and brand awareness.

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For those of you who are viewing this behind the scenes stuff, I'm showcasing to Omar, the process of how to do q&a talking head videos. So So essentially what you're doing the tripod for this phone do you know I don't have a tripod. Actually, I have a selfie stick, which I took with me and I brought it back upstairs. So I didn't bring it back with me. But the idea here is you turn the camera on, and then you turn it into selfie mode. And you hold it like this, and you press record and you look into the camera and you look into the camera and you answer a question. And that question is whatever. I can hold it. Yeah.

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What are folks? Okay, we didn't press record. Yeah.

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Let's not get the Spider Man and all of this type of stuff. Just come closer this way. Okay, so what's what's your deal? Why does it matter? What's in the background to you? I just wanted to be a plain white background.

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Why don't I flip this around if I'm already holding it? Okay. This would be the case. Right? So there you go. We got a plain white background and I'm Manas. Beautiful mug is right on down centered on the camera. Now what is your court? Why don't you come come for a little bit. And then the me pension. And it is recording

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah that a great question. How does fasting Ramadan increase Taqwa Allah subhanho data says Oh you who believe fasting has been prescribed for you as it was was prescribed for those before you that you may gain Taqwa. All right, there we go cut. So now the only other thing that I would recommend for you to do to change to improve that reality is get yourself a mic, tripod, a microphone, microphone, microphone, audio before stability, our microphone. If you have a microphone, get yourself don't even worry about a tripod. And get yourself have a tripod to if you have a tripod thing is just not with you. Right, what I actually would recommend, what's

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wrong with this audio?

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What's wrong with the audio plug in your mic? And then you'll see, no, I know the mic is going to be better. But what was wrong with this one? Is it not good enough? Look, if you have it's not it's not good enough? Okay.

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To answer your question, like, because again, it goes down to the idea of Do you have the tools? Do you have the tools ready? Do you have the tools available to you? You do Why are you going to neglect it.

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So this is what I prefer over a tripod. The great thing about this distinct somebody to hold that. Not anymore, you don't. Literally I can mount this anywhere. And the top here is like a GoPro. So you can mount a GoPro on top of this. Or you can get the cell phone that has a GoPro base, not the cell phone, but the cell phone attached holder. Yeah, like in my car, I have the attachment that's GoPro based. So I can literally slide out my cell phone, when I'm using my navigation, put the GoPro in there, the same universal attachment goes here. And so at the end of the day, you can turn this angle, you can do any angle, you can literally mount it anywhere, like right, right on the slide or

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whatever. And if you need to be closer to a light, literally, this goes anywhere. And the best part about it is if you need to turn into a selfie stick, boom, it's a selfie stick. So that's why I would highly recommend this. What is that called? It's called a gooseneck. Clamp.

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Right? So and it also works for grip strength to Mashallah. And that's basically it. Just as everything was pretty, yeah, it's pretty heavy. It's a It's not heavy, it's strong.

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So that's it, man. And one thing that I would also advise for you, is when you're doing these q&a videos, get yourself an intro and an outro. Save them as files on your phone. And when you record a video, go open up Adobe clip, import that video that you recorded. And this is basic editing, super basic editing, where you might remove the gap of time before the video at the end of the video. And if you need to fix a correction or something, you just do a quick cut, you can do that. Throw in a clip for your intro thrown a clip for your outro and done like that video. Like most of the q&a videos that I do, especially with my phone, I'll have a microphone attached to it. I'll do my

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recording, put it into clip, import my intro and outro I keep it in a folder called branding. And then I throw the video that I recorded in between that, export it and then upload done. And all of that recording the video took me maybe two three minutes. importing it took another couple minutes. Assuming I didn't have any editing, I export it that renders for like maybe 2030 minutes max. And then I upload it and you're good to go. Yes, exactly. Do this every day for the next 365 days. Boom, you're gonna have a library of content that you can then repurpose for whatever reason.

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And at the end of the day, if the branding is you as a mother sugary,

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other folks can use that

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And that allows you to borrow their platform while still promoting your brand

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and brand here synonymous for your individual personal reputation

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and that's really what it comes down to very cool