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shadow one

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another Azulon

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I know I know

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I know Salah

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Hi Jana song

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in Al Hamdulillah

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number two who want to stay in who want to stop fiddle when rules will be law him in short all the unforeseen our mean say to Marlena Mejia de la who further more than La La y mejor Glyfada the Ala Wai shadow La Ilaha illa Allah who had the whole la sharika lol mole called out Hamza who Allah coalition Kadir your call Allah azza wa jal vikita will carry him by the rules we live in a shaytani R Rajim yah, yah Alladhina Takala Hakka Takata in order to move to LA and to Muslim Moon

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welcome Allah to Allah Yeah, you're living in I'm gonna topple Allah wa Kulu Conan said either useless

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Nova Kumamoto, Allah or soda Hoover advisor Fosun Alima aka Allah Tala, you had NASA topolobampo Mala the

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ADA, Mahalo caminhadas o Jaha. What does that mean? humare Jalan Goodfield on when he's

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up Allah lady to Salah whenever he will on harm in Allah Gennady kumara Teva.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Oh you who believe fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says, Oh mankind's, Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produce from that soul it's made and made from their combination many men and women, so feel your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship? Verily Allah subhana data's wherever watchful over you. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, Oh you who believe, fear Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed victorious to proceed.

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All praise is due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness that we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides no one can misguide. And whom he allows to be misled, no one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah having no partners and that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is a slave and His messenger

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Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Woman accent Hola mi manda il Allahu Allah Saleh Anwar Carla in any minute Muslimeen. Allah says and who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and does righteous deeds and says, I am from the Muslims. And in our quest, to be that which Allah subhanaw taala describes someone who calls to Allah, upon guidance, a guided guide or to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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We have to make sure that in that process, we do not become of those who are calling people to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wa they themselves are becoming spiritually empty. That we do not become those whom Allah Subhana Allah describes when he says LM yet Neely levena and duck Shah Kulu boom Lee decree law that has not the time come for those who have believed their hearts become soften with the remembrance of Allah until he says

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While I Hakuna can levena O'Toole keytab Amin cabinet fell foul I lay him on me to focus at polo boom, okay theobromine on versicle and that may not be like those who are given the book from before fell thought I lay him will Emma the distance became long for them and their hearts became hard. And many of them were transgressors.

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How do we continue to have a spirituality that is alive, as we are calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala I want to share in this brief hope about a number of things. Number one, is some of the causes of that spiritual death. Number two, some of the symptoms and number three, what we can do Inshallah, to counteract those symptoms. Number one of the greatest of causes is the love of the dunya.

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I live in every thought I would have the Allahu says in Ackworth Maha for Eid, a comb tool, ml will help but he says wait dibba al Hawa he says of the things that I love, I fear the most For You is number one tool and ML is protracted hope a person thinking that they're going to live forever. They're going to think for a long time. And they're going to live for a long time. And then he says number two is it dibba and Huwa. Following your desires, which is the dunya he says for unmap tool and ml for use in Asteron. One mighty bad however you should do I need help. He says As for protracted hope, it distracts the person from the ACULA and as for following your desires, it repels

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the person from following the truth and from submitting the truth.

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And so

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trying to constantly remember

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that the believer is supposed to be detached from the dunya Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he says couldn't fit dunya and Nikka rib or Adam Sabine be in this world as if you are a traveler or someone who is simply passing by.

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And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says in an EMR no Laya look for your JioFi the comb that Eman becomes worn out.

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Inside of a person just like your clothes get worn out first Allah Allah you just did an email if you follow become so ask Allah to renew Iman in your hearts. You know, sometimes you might find that even with the people who come to the masjid even with the people who are quote unquote practicing.

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That if you are does it for them for an extended period of time

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that our conversations become simply about the dunya it becomes about this job promotion, it becomes about buying and selling this stock it becomes about this sports team. It becomes about vacations it becomes about backbiting these scholars backbiting these droughts, it just becomes about the dunya.

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And you might find if you were to do an analysis, if you were to do an audit of the conversations that you have, with the righteous I'm not talking about the wicked I'm talking about the righteous you might find that it is very rare that you sit down and talk about Ophira that you sit down and talk about Allah subhana data that you sit down and talk about that which is beneficial and we leave these types of reminders for very formal sessions. It is for ultimate Joomla it is when I come in, I attended that is in the masjid and is when I go and I attended an Islamic class not paying attention and realizing that the vast majority of the teaching of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was not in

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formal settings. It is while he was walking with a companion. It is while he is riding with a companion. It is while he is buying and selling while the province little light is sent him is sitting with his spouse. That is the time what also lost love Elijah said limb would engage and remind and teach.

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But do we do that with each other? Or is reminding simply a one way street? It is simply coming from the men but it is coming from Chef so and so whoever chef so and so is

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the culture of the companions and the culture of the Muslims. When the Muslims are successful in Dawa when the Muslims had Islam spreading all over the world. It was an engagement that they were constantly in the believer is the mirror of the believer, the prophets of Allah how to send them says

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always reminding each other taking advantage of every opportunity within reason to remind each other of Allah Subhana Allah dot and our greater purpose. And everyone had agency it'll sort of lost a little lightness and then tells the entire communities as Bendigo and the widow I narrate from me even if it is a single verse, every one of us has that capacity has that agency. And so the first symptom is the love of the dunya. Even in our Islamic work, we may have a love of the dunya I had a complaint recently of some some young people they came and this isn't a I don't think it's in Houston but it's in a major area of the United States and they said we can't have anybody come and

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teach us everybody's story.

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urging money everybody.

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You see it in our volunteers in our communities, everybody wants to charge for every single service. Okay, brother, sister, Allah subhanaw taala gave you a full time job, you can do something for ALLAH SubhanA data,

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does everything that we do have to be transactional in our community. Mr. Muhammad he says, as he uses either your own us

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words or words to do him or Quran

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that agbada home, or dunya he says it is very, very

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difficult for me.

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To witness people whom the Quran encompasses their hearts. Their hearts encompass the Quran, rather people have memorized the Quran.

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And still, their hearts have melted into dunya.

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What do we offer for Allah subhanho wa Taala for the sake of Allah.

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Oh, most now it's become an opposite reaction where if you say to someone do something for the sake of Allah, they immediately think you're taking advantage of them. Everything has to be transactional.

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But the Dunya doesn't have to be just money. The dunya could also be a share of have enough some other way.

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I need to be the one who's in front of the camera, I need to be the one who has this particular social media channel, I need to be the one who does this, I need to be the one who does that I need to be the one who gets the attention, I need to be the one who gets the recognition.

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The love of the dunya is one of the symptoms of a hardened heart.

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Number two, another

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cause of the hardening of the hearts is the lack of attachment to the things that will engage a person spirituality ie these acts of worship,

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especially the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. And in fact, Allah subhanaw taala mentions it in that verse in Surah, that hadith he says LM yet nearly Levine and Tasha coloboma decorilla Has not the time come for those who have believed that their hearts be soft into the remembrance of Allah and what he brought down of the truth. And so the Dhikr of Allah is one of the greatest if not the greatest act that a person can do to ignite their spirituality when they could Allahu Akbar Allah subhanaw taala says, The Secret of Allah is greater greater than what greater than everything is greater than everything he does, he leaves it open ended for you to fill in the blank. So the liquor

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of Allah is greater than everything.

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sometimes we don't pay attention to the Dhikr of Allah because it's not as exciting.

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But the Dhikr of Allah is the prescription that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would give to everybody who came and complained to him that I am too uneducated. I am too old. I'm too weak. I'm too frail, I'm too busy. I'm too this I'm do that. And we're all very busy people.

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A man comes to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he says Yasu Allah Insha Allah, Allah Islam, but guess what are tiny. The legislation's of Islam are too much for me. Just tell me one thing that I can do. And the Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has said to me, says, Let your tongue continue to be moist with the remembrance of Allah.

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You know, we know today's Friday, today's the day where Rasulullah sallallahu SNM says in naming of the yarmulke Yama Juma Rafi I mean, Elijah Ali Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam says make a lot of Vic, a lot of salah upon the province of Allah de Sydenham on Friday. And the question that we all have to ask each other is, how much Salah have we done on the prophesies that I'm telling

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or that we don't be people who simply know a lot of things but we don't do a lot of things. Because not practicing what you learn also becomes a reason for a hardened heart.

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What is Elektra Allah salah, what is a thought in the salah of the province of Elijah set it up. Allah knows best but it is whatever it considers to be a lot for you. For some people 10 is a lot and for some people 100 is a lot or some people 20 is a lot for some people five is a lot.

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Whatever is considered to be a lot for you. But the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala OMA when it comes to Rasulullah sallallahu and me shiatsu, Allah I've become old and I've become weak. So tell me something that I can do sitting down. And the province little lady said it says said to him,

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say subhanallah 100 Times said Hamdulillah 100 times say Allahu Akbar 100 times say that 100 times and the province of Elijah said to mentioned incredible rewards. But the whole idea here is that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah has sent them says, and no one will have done better than you today than someone who did what you did and did more than they could have Allah Subhana Allah died is incredible. So let us walk away with that they could have Allah is something that I can do while I am I in my business, they could have Allah something that I can do while driving they could have Allah is something that I can do while I'm taking care of all of my kids they could have Allah is

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something that I can do while I'm performing surgery that they could have Allah. It's something that I can do in every circumstances. It is a

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constant act of worship and it is the greatest thing that a person can do to continue to have a spiritual experience also Allah subhana wa Tada says, While I Hakuna Kaladin, Auteuil, Kitab and COVID. For tal it will focus at coloboma que sera minimum fasea coin,

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that you don't be like those who are given the book from before. And the journey became long for them, and their hearts became hard. And many of them were transgressors. Many of them were transgressors. And there's more to be said. But the last thing that I'll mention is the lack of self accountability.

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That a person asked themselves, why do I do the things that I do? Why did I come and pray? So lots of drama today?

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Why do I do the acts of worship that I do? Why do I say the things that I say? Why do I share what I share that a person constantly asked themselves? So Fianna 30 says my eyelids to shake, I never dealt and challenge anything that was a shut dilate yemenia tea that was more difficult than my intentions, why it now it's always changing.

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And so when a person is incredibly critical of themselves, that is the arena for growth when you watch athletes, and you see how much they measure every act that they do. Every race that they run, every every every practice that they do, you know, they will have the most amazing game. And then when the reporter comes and ask them, How did you feel about this incredible game that you had, they're like, Man, I can't believe that I missed this and this and this. And you think, Man, this guy's being lazy, being humble Is he being but no, since the time he was seven years old, or six years old, or five years old, he's been trained to be very critical of himself because he realizes

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that that's how he has to grow.

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And so I'm going to Mahatama the line, he says, has one four second covenant to have the hold yourselves to account before you are held to account. So these three things, they could have Allah subhanaw taala engaging in the Dhikr of Allah number two, recognizing the attachment that we have for the dunya trying to remove it and number three, holding ourselves accountable before we're held into account. According to Mr. Corolla, they were looking for stuff before right.

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And hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah I do so I be sitting Seema cathedra. We ask Allah as to allow us to hear the speech and follow the best of it. Allahu manana local general Makabe him according to Amman, when it was becoming a narrow Makabe Harman Kardon Raman Allahumma tuna fusina Taqwa the canto Edelman's ka Antonio hom Hola, hola, Maximilian, I mean, cliched schemata who will be banned and I've been a massive dick. I mean, I take them out too, but it's gonna be genetic. I mean, at the aquarium I wouldn't be here I didn't I'm not cyber dunya maternal or maybe asthma and outside. You know what, you know, Peter will work with Amina, which I thought

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Vamana Allahumma, Adam and Adana Allah, but then IV de Nina wala Tegile dunya Kabbalah Amina, what are my beloved immunoglobulin 90 Mostly Aruna, wedge Allah Jannetty Hedorah, nebula Hamitic a mirage I mean, probably or who make them Allah Baroness humble micromodal bana so I've got humble mocha Mala betta so they are Alohomora Maka Badian Philistine Aloma right Maka bad enough is Sudan Aloha Mark Maka big nephew Kashmir, Allah hamara Maka, Vietnam so I Federman Kobe and if you couldn't imagine hola hola que la marina your McAllen Wayne coulomb nostra and your Macula NASA was Allah Allah Allah say that Muhammad hakomi la Subotica Allah

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Chateau La ilaha IL

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a shadow Namo ham, malodorous Zulu. No honey on Astana, Yunnan.