Ammar Alshukry – 99 Names – EP 42 – Alghani

Ammar Alshukry
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the 99 names. I am your host B davon. And I am here tagging along with our motto sugary, I sit on a column, everybody. And while we are covering what to name today, I love money. I love money when you meet, yes, that's paired together a lot. Yes, Lenny, you and Jaime, if you remember if you're watching, if you've been following along how many that's one of the names that we probably covered several episodes back. And we mentioned in the money in that. So if you want to know what Hamid is

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101 deserving and Worthy of all praise. Yes. And Syed Hamid is the one who is praiseworthy, and levani is generally translated, if you were to ask a person randomly off the street, what does money mean? So if I were to say Bella Luna Ronnie, oh, that mean? It means belaz got money? Yes, exactly. So that's what that means. However, there is that's not what it is wealthy, but there's a deeper meaning to that. Okay. And in reality, arena is to not be in need. Okay. And so when we say that a different from a summit? Yes. Okay. When we say I mean a summit, one of the meanings of a summit is the one who does not have any needs, right. That's one. And the idea here is that there's, I will

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say, with regards to the names of a lot, you need to draw Venn diagrams, because they will share. Yes, that's a project for you. Because they will share some qualities. Yeah, but the names become. So they may meet in one of the layers, one of the layers of the name might be the same as another, but what will distinguish the name, they will both have their distinguishing characteristics. Okay. Okay. So someone's, for example, one of the meanings of a Samak and let the yasumoto la hora. He's the one who's not in need. That's one layer of summit. But the other layer of his summit is the one who everyone is in need of him. Everyone's one who goes to him for for their needs. Whereas I love

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and he doesn't carry that connotation. It doesn't carry the connotation of everyone being in need of him. And everyone, you know, coming to him for their issues and their problems and their you know, needs. And the Lennie is the one who no does not need anything. And that's what we mean, when we think of a person being wealthy. Yeah, in reality, what we are saying is that this person is not in need of anyone else. Okay. And so if that is the case, then our definition of wealthy does not have a particular financial threshold. Okay? Because if you make $30,000 a year, but you are not in need of anything more than you are wealthy, because imagine a $30,000 a year income individual who is

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debt free, and owns their home, and their car, and they don't need anything. Yeah. And they probably grow food in their backyard or something, right? You see that in Hawaii, by that person's wealthy, you can be a person who's making $20 million a year, and you're living a lifestyle that requires you to 21 million a year yeah, and then you lose $5 million because of stocks or something like that. And that's when you see these people committing suicide and they're worth millions of dollars for bankruptcy, or bankers, they're still in need these and so it's It has nothing to do with a person's actual income. It has everything to do with a lifestyle and more importantly a state of mind. Okay,

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and so if you have a heart that's content as a mama shout it says if you have a heart that's content then you and the one who owns the world are equivalent is going to be in a corner in

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America dounia So okay, he says if you are the owner of a heart, that's content and you and the owner of the world are equivalent, because at the end of the day, say for example, someone is I'm just wondering to say that you're equivalent to the owner of the world isn't that kind of it's not talking about a law it's talking about a someone if someone for example ruled the world or someone Okay, you know that you say this person you know, is on top of the world right now. Okay, okay, I got you, then you are the same now. So I learned a lot as he calls himself I love I need He is the one who is free of need. Okay. Now, a lot is funny and he is a Hamid, those names are paired

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together a lot. Why? Because a lot does not need our worship, and he does not need our praise, and he doesn't need anything that we do. He is praiseworthy enough himself. He is

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in fact he praises himself. Yeah. So he's not in need of anything that we do.

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And the best praise is the praise that a lot praises himself with little solarsystem said, we don't know how to pronounce the pheno and hide he would say we don't have the ability to praise you and more than that the Prophet except yourself you are as you praise yourself, okay? you're headed footsie also, yeah, Allah as he just says, oh, son of Adam, the same one that we quoted in a few episodes back? Yeah, I need to have a Buddha. He says in nakulan Tableau in affiliate for them for only you will not reach the ability human humanity. Yeah, you won't ever reach the ability to benefit

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Want me to benefit me and you won't reach the ability to harm me to harm me. I'm not in need of anything that you do in my medical It is simply your actions. I encompass them for you, and then I reward you for it. Okay? point here being is that Allah azza wa jal is the one who's not in need human beings when they feel like they are not in need. Their default is they become arrogant. Allah says in that insane aletheia are stubborn in a lot of because it sort of shows

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Yes, sort of Allah. Although that he's a trivia question. When was the rest of sosele?

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Allah revealed that's a great trivia question.

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You don't know the answer right now. Okay.

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I thought you were setting me up to answer it. Yeah, yourself. No. Oh, that's it cuz I don't know. I mean.

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to come back alive. So yes, has about humanity in an insanity that human beings become transgressive. Yeah, our wha hoo stuffing that when they see themselves as being self sufficient, okay. So whenever a human being feels that they are learning, then they no longer have that humility, and they get into contract transgressive bounce. You know, one of the thoughts I've always had, I think it came down to the conclusion was how do I seek emotional independence?

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Right, the idea of not needing anybody, right? Because I'm like, like, personally, I'm just an individual who was energized in the presence of people, I'm going to show you a draft for that. Okay. And that's what we're gonna conclude this session with. But the point here is, I want you to pay attention to the nature of humanity that we transgress balance, when we feel like we are independent. Okay. When does a kid start talking back to their parents? As soon as they start making some money? As soon as they start making some money? Or they got a license even before that, when they hit teenager? Yeah. And they feel independent in their thought they went to a stage where they

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needed their mom and dad to answer every question, and they would answer 100 questions a day. And the purse, the people who had, you know, the most credible and were the greatest authorities on every subject in the world were their parents, my dad said, so my mom said so. And that was the argument that was good enough for their for that kid. And then they reach the age of 11, and 12, and 13. And at this point, they start to feel like they are intellectually independent from their parents. And then later on, it gets to being financially independent and physically independent. And all of these things are coming together. And so that's when Allah commands for us to humble

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ourselves to our parents, even as we are about to take flight a lot tells us to lower the wing of humility towards our parents.

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hamaca motto be honest, and you make that dry and you say, oh, Lord, have mercy on them. Yeah, as they raised me when I was young, however, when it comes back to asking a lot, we should want to feel independent from everyone except for Allah. Okay? We're never going to be independent from a lot, but there's nothing wrong with me wanting to not have to depend on anybody else. And so one of the applications that we're taught to make is to say Allahumma fini. behala. Lika. anharmonic was a ninny before Lika adamancy work. Okay, so slow that down. Okay. Allahumma fini.

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fini. I know what the word defy means. Keifa know when someone says if i a be like, if I have never heard that before, I'd be like,

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I like how you said that with an Egyptian accent.

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So, but Fini, Fini by means enough. Suffice Okay, so when someone says key via that means helaas be done. That's enough. Like Be quiet. Okay, so EC Fini means

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suffice me. Oh Allah suffice me Oh behala Anika anharmonic suffice me biac behala Liga, you know what B means? b means with okay had I you know, I mean? Yes, Ka means hello La Liga, your halon Okay. Oh Allah suffice me with your Helen. Okay, over your how long

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meaning suffice me with what is head on over that which is hot. Make what is highlighted sufficient for me. Okay, over what's hollow, so be halakha and harmonic and heroin with an iron. Yes. And

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so I keep hitting the microphone, but I'm just gonna write this thing here. Maybe with audible finally. Is there a name for this dog specifically? No, not okay. So I'll just type in Allahumma fet behala Lika B Halligan harmonica and harmonica yes. Okay and we're not gonna finish yet was the nini was the nini. Here's where the relation comes in. As Lena the word Xena you're commanding, okay, you're saying and enrich me or again the meaning here is suffice me Lena means to be self sufficient. Yeah. Welcome Nina be fuck Lika with your bounty. Lovely means bounty leka

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men see work

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so before Liga and on men, man see work see work. Okay. Suffice me okay welcome Nina so hello so several the top Oh la Houma All right,

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Feeny MCs are suffice for me behind La Liga with the permissible or with what you've made permissible on hot amick and not from what you've made impermissible, so alasa make, make my head on income enough for me so that I don't have to seek out a hot on income, make my halaal relationship with my spouse, enough for me so that I don't seek out anything that's hot on make everything that you provide for me in Holland make that enough for me. Okay, that my eyes or my heart or my hands or whatever, they don't wander into that once you've made prohibited make that enough for me. Okay, so a clean up holiday can holonic worth anini Okay, well the nanny and means and suffice me and suffice

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me okay. be fun leka the suffice me you're with your bounty with your bounty. And

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was on means from Okay, from from from from okay. So from so from

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Mansi work, whoever meant means who, okay, see what is other than you?

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Other than you.

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So suffice me from anyone other than you. That was a dope. Ah, thank you. So if I didn't

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suffice me from anyone other than you may not have to depend on anyone other than you. Okay. Okay. So Allahumma at Finney or at Fini, Fini, actually so like, like, it's like an extension Feeny. So it's back. The principal and Boy Meets World.

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Oh, Feeny. Okay, Georgina. Yeah, George fini. But no, that's too much. Okay. It's a fini. fini. Yes. A Fini be hella leka. unhealed. amika love the nini yep before the Liga and Mansi whack Yes. Oh Allah suffice me with your head over your hold on Yes. And make me not in need of anyone other than you. Is this from like the son of the soul? Yes, the DOS cool. authentically reported from the prophets I send them and we end here asking Allah as though just to grant this Lena of ourselves and richness of our souls and of our bodies and not make us in need of anyone other than Him, was said I might even have to lie.

In this 42nd episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alghani


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