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The importance of clean nutrition and the use of a bar of the Prophet's name is discussed, along with the transformation of experiences into a sense of urgency and the importance of reciting the Prophet's words. The speaker emphasizes the need to be present during conversations with Allah Subhana and the importance of slowing the pace of recitation to create opportunities for others to achieve goals. The importance of being present to achieve goals and create opportunities for others to achieve them is also emphasized. The speaker provides examples of reciting the Prophet's words and gives tips for the upcoming appointment with the King of Kings.

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We just rushed through the Salah, because we have homework we need to do. We have projects that are due. And we have kids that we need to raise. We have all sorts of things right but when your forehead was on that ground in that moment you had access to ask the king of kings to facilitate all of those things for us. The more a person is conscious of Allah outside of Salah, the more a person will be able to be present with ALLAH SubhanA data inside lists Allah, Allah didn't have that disease, when he used to recite Surah Fatiha used to pause at the end of every verse, what's these long pauses and he says a visualizing Allah Subhana Allah Dinah's response to me I set out why they

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come what I have to love it I got to welcome everybody to video number two of the map to mindful Salah series. First off, I want to thank y'all for all of the beautiful comments, the suggestions, the tips, this is going to help a lot of people in sha Allah to Allah and so I don't want you to belittle something that works for you. If it's works for you, it's all that data it will work for somebody else. So make sure to keep those tips coming and all that data as well as I want to hear from you Inshallah, from the last video, what was the tip that worked the most for you. Okay, we have to start documenting these things we have to start journaling, it's really really important for

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us to continue to become better inshallah to add in our salah. Now we're going to be sharing with you in sha Allah to Allah. In this video, a number of tips that you can do inside of the salon sha Allah Tada as well as a few that are outside with regards to how to make your salon immediately better insha Allah data for immediate effect number one, the first and this is a big one is to have Taqwa with Allah Subhana Allah and outside of Salah.

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The more a person is conscious of Allah outside of Salah The more a person will be able to be present with ALLAH SubhanA data inside the salah. It's a really simple formula, A person can't go and break every rule outside of Salah and then walk into the salon and expect to have this incredible experiences. It doesn't work like that. I'm not accusing anybody of breaking every rule. So don't misunderstand me. But I'm saying that a person can't go outside. A person can't go outside if a person is living a lifestyle. That is that is

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what do you want me to say? Right? And then they go into salah, they're not going to be able to have that experience. You want to make sure that you clean up your nutrition outside of the salon. I know I use the nutrition examples a lot but I find it applicable you have to clean up your nutrition outside of the solar so that you can have a beautiful solid insight it's the same thing. If a person goes to the gym and they are doing horrible it's not working really well for them they're having a bad workout what will they what will they look at the look at what did I eat beforehand, right because it has an effect the salah is a very spiritual exercise it's a very spiritual experience and

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so the more you clean up your nutrition outside of the Salah, the better inshallah data inside of the slot, you'll be able to perform I know I'm using, but I hope that that makes sense. If it makes sense to Charlotte data, let me know inshallah so I can keep using the example if it doesn't make sense, then let me know in Charlotte and I'll stop using it. Okay, number two. The second thing is to remember that

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I'm gonna quote shake. Today, man, he's gonna let me use this bar of his but he said something really beautiful. A couple of weeks ago, he said that just because we remember a death doesn't mean we're a dead people. It's not morbid that you remember death. But it makes you live life with a sense of urgency. It makes you live life with search with a sense of urgency that the prophets, Allah lightsome said, Pray like it's your last prayer. If you really, if we really felt that this was our last Salah that we were going to offer, it would immediately make us more present chefs with a manhunt. And he told us a story once. And he mentioned a community member of his who in the year

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2015. He was he was an elder brother, but he was diagnosed with cancer. And he would eventually pass away I don't have a whole lot to add up. But they had went to go visit him him and a number of the brothers went to go visit him. And that brother, he was the type that's you know, always opening up the masjid he lives next door. And he said to them, he said, You know this hadith where the Prophet Elias him said, Pray like it's your last prayer. He said, I finally started to experience that hadith. Now when I pray, I really do feel like it's my last pair. When I read Quran I feel like this might be the last time I'm gonna read it. But when I have a conversation with my children, I carry

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myself and I have that conversation as this this could be my farewell conversation. He said, I found myself to be present in all of these things now in a way that I was never before. And he said, If we really cared, if we really carried ourselves, like this was our last time doing it, it would have a transformative effect on our experiences on our relationships and so long as the relationship with Allah subhana data and so really, we don't have to wait for a diagnosis. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us all. But we have to carry ourselves with that sense of urgency remembering death, often because realizing that life has not promised for any of us. That's number two. Number three,

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reflecting on the meanings of what we're reading, and yes, that will require an investment from us. But the chapters that we know of the Quran that we learn the meanings of these chapters, we read the translation

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Did we study the translation so that we are aware of what we are reciting? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam would pray in the night, and he would recite leisurely. And when he would come across a verse that spoke about Allah's Mercy, the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim would ask Allah for His mercy. And if you came across a verse that was talking about Allah Subhana Allah as punishment, he would ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to protect him from his punishment, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is interacting with what he's reciting. And of course that comes from him not only knowing but him being present, and it only increases your presence because now you're seeing the Salah as a

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conversation between you and Allah Subhana Allah. So number three, is being aware of the meanings of what you're reciting. And you know what, if you're going to recite Surah, Allah in your Salah, Al Maghrib just go really quickly just read over sort of the data. What does it mean? We don't have to do this. We don't have to wait for Milan to do this. You know, sometimes when people that Ramadan, they do that, they'll read the chapter that the Imams going to recite, but I know when I'm going to recite when I'm praying Muhammad and Aisha and fetch it and vote and so so let me read the translation of what I'm going to recite so that I can just be a little bit more present and that

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only takes maybe five minutes before the salah. That's number three. Number four is visualizing the conversation.

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I will hold the line who in that beautiful Hadith, the prophet cellulitis and upset because Allah subhanaw taala set us up to salata the new vein and I have divided the prayer between myself and my surface. And so when you are reciting Surah Fatiha every single time Allah subhanaw taala is responding to you. What does he say? When you say at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen? Allah Subhana Allah says, My servant has praised me, you say, All Praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds ALLAH SubhanA data says, My service has praised me. And then you say, Rahman Rahim, the Merciful, the Merciful. You thought I was gonna say the benefits end. But when have you ever used benefits in a

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sentence? Okay, so let's just say the Merciful, the Merciful. Or you can say the exceptionally merciful and be consistently Merciful. Allah subhana wa Tada then says, ethna Ali Abdi, my servant has celebrated me, because now you've praised him twice. And when you praise twice, that's considered a celebration. And then number three, you say, Malik Kiyomi, Dean, the Master of the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala says, magenta angiography. My servant has glorified me, because when does a person reach glory, a person reaches glory when they have a multiplicity hardward a number of

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qualities that are all praiseworthy, right? For a person to reach glory. Think of any athlete whose glorious think of any leader whose glorious, they have a number of attributes, not just one, they'll have discipline, they'll have hard work and they'll have a good team and they'll have right they've got a number of qualities for them to reach that glory. Allah subhana data says, now you've glorified me, you've praised him saying it and a lot of it. I mean, you celebrated him seeing him but now you're still going so now you've glorified Him. And then you said

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Yeah, can I will do it yeah, can stay you alone? Do we worship you alone, we seek for help. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, have been your Vienna Abdi while you have DMS. This is between me and my servant, and my servants will have whatever they're asking for. And then you continue and you say, the Ansel Adams looking goddess, the straight path. And Allah says, This is between me and my servant, and my servants will have what they're asking for. Every time you are standing in Salah, this exchange is happening between you and Allah. So just give yourself, allow yourself the ability to experience goosebumps, allow yourself to pause, so much of this Salah you know, focus comes when

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you just take your time you pause, you don't rush, you don't try to get to the end of the surah you go through the experience. Imagine a person who every time they drove in a car, and they're driving down the California coast, they're driving in the most beautiful places in the world. And yet, their only focus is to get to the end. So they're just driving through the ocean is to the left. They don't look. There's beautiful trees to the right. They don't look they're just getting to the end had been Miss Earth. He said, don't recite the Quran, like the citation of poets. You're just trying to get to the end, rapid, real fast. He said, Don't do that. But pause at its moments of beauty. And

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allow yourself the ability to enjoy the citation. And that comes with going slower stopping where you need to stop enjoying the experience of the conversation with Allah Subhana Allah, letting yourself cry, be present. And then guess what? Go into sujood and ask Allah Subhana Allah for everything that your heart desires, but allow yourself to be present in that conversation, only to have that as ease when he used to recite Surah Fatiha used to pause at the end of every verse, what's these long pauses and he says I'm visualizing ALLAH SubhanA Dianas response to a vision

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realizing ALLAH SubhanA data just wants to be

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the last thing that I mentioned. So we talked about visualizing the opposition. The fifth one in sha Allah Tala that I mentioned is making to your suit. And this is life changing. This is life changing. You and I go into an appointment with Allah subhanho data, Who is Allah Tabata can lead the bat and Malika who Allah Coalition for the for one who's able to do all things, that's Allah, you and I are going into an appointment with the King of kings that we have set five times a day, five times a day. And each raka has to such depths. And sujood is this really special act of worship that we are prescribed in every single guy to have two doses of it's the only thing in every rock

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that we do twice, okay, so that you can enjoy that nearness to Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet cellulitis and him said you are nearest to Allah when you are in sujood. So make a lot of DUA

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and when you and I go into sujood, and we just say Subhan, Allah be at Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala three times when we get back up, we miss out on this great, incredible opportunity to ask Allah Subhana Allah for all of the things that we just got up to go get. We just rushed through the salah. Because we have homework we need to do. We have projects that are due, and we have kids that we need to raise, we have all sorts of things right. But when your forehead was on that ground in that moment, you had access to ask the king of kings to facilitate all of those things for us.

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And so when we rob ourselves of the opportunity to ask Allah subhanaw taala we are robbing ourselves of the exact lives that we're trying to achieve. We want to make sure that when we go into sujood, every single time that we're making dua to Allah subhana data, we're making dua for our parents, we're making sure that we have a list of goals that we're asking ALLAH SubhanA data for, from the dunya. And from the hereafter, of course, don't forget the hereafter, you're making dua for both of these things in sha Allah in your sujood go into that sujood with presence, go into that sujood with good expectation of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and then ask for whatever it is that you want.

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Allah subhanho data says in the Hadith Bootsy that if the first of you and the last of you, the interview and the Jinn of you, so that's 7 billion people on this earth, and however million people have ever lived, and however many billions of people or even more than that will ever live. Allah says if all of you were on a single plane all together, as well as the jet who knows how many they are. And every one of you asked me whatever it is that you wanted, that will not take away from what I have at all, except like a needle takes away from the ocean when it's dipped into it.

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Take advantage of the appointment, take advantage of the appointment. Okay, number six, the last thing this is a bonus. I promised you five we're getting six inshallah being inspired by the self in your Salah. Anybody wants to learn anything? What will they do feel immediately go and look up those who have mastered that thing? Isn't that the case? You want to learn to be a chef? So you go and you're looking up Gordon Ramsay's videos you want to you're not even learning. You're just trying to be able to cook a burger. Right, right. And you're not even trying to be a chef. You want to learn jujitsu, I don't know, you start watching jujitsu videos like everybody, whatever they want to do,

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you immediately go and you look at those who master that thing. And so when it comes to Salah, same thing, go and look at those who have mastered it. What did they do? How did they approach it? You know, Saboten banana. He was one of the great early scholars and he said I struggled. I love this quote so much. He said I struggled with the AMOLED for 20 years. And I enjoyed it sweetness for 20 years. So for 20 years, he's struggling with the Salah, he's not it's not something pleasurable, it's not something he's he's he's going at it, but eventually, because of the consistency of his commitment because of how much he knocked on the door of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, it opened and

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he said, I experienced this sweetness for 20 years, they got to the point where it became so sweet for him, that he used to make a drought and say, Oh Allah, if you granted anybody the ability to pray in their grave that grant me that if anybody's been given that honor of making Salah in their grave, then grant me that ability to share that data. And so that transformation can happen for all of us. And I'm so excited, in sha Allah to Allah for us to experience it together and sha Allah tied up in the law. So this is video number two in video number three in sha Allah to Allah will share some more tips as well as some more stories from the setup. I just wanted to give you a sneak peek

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of some of the stories of the setup and Charlottetown in the next video we'll go over some more. And as usual, I want to hear from you your comments in sha Allah Tala what were the tips that have worked for you the best so far? And what are the tips inshallah that you have that I haven't mentioned that work for you a lot when it comes to your Salah. What are the tips that I haven't mentioned that work for you the most when it comes to Salah I'll see you in sha Allah to Allah in video number three, somebody's gonna have to lie