When Laws Are Held Hostage

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To begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala bearing witness that no one has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his lesson path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah. I mean, the brothers and sisters today is the first of Rajab and typically when we get to this day of the first of Rajab, and this close to Ramadan, there is an atmosphere of

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celebration as we start to feel that closeness to Ramadan and we say Allah humma by living out Ramadan, oh, Allah allow us to reach Ramadan. And we still say that and we say, I mean, but with that, obviously, because of what is taking place in the world today is Pamela the mood is not one of celebration. And I want to remind you that every year typically, the people of Azusa actually brace themselves for Ramadan, because we have become accustomed to these last few years of Israel staging its incursions on in Masjid Al Aqsa and Gaza and on the people of Palestine as a whole, especially in Ramadan, to try to break the spirit of the Muslims all over the world.

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But this year, there's something else. And subhanAllah over the last few months as we've been connecting these moments of the world that we are living right now. And the moments from the seer of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what if I told you there is an incident from the Sierra that relates to an ayah from the Quran that literally speaks to the first day of Rajab, and is almost incredibly, you know, 100% aligned to what we are witnessing today, at the ICJ where Israel is standing trial for genocide being prosecuted by South Africa. What if I told you there's an incident from the CLO that fits that perfectly, and it is about the first day of Raja SubhanAllah.

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It relates to an overall atmosphere, and then a verse from the Quran.

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As far as the overall atmosphere is concerned, one of the things that you'll note about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that the Prophet SAW Allah Hardy, he was salam wanted to uphold the sanctity of all things, and make sure that at no point he seeds the moral ground of the Muslim community to flourish. Because the call of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was predicated on righteousness. Their call was predicated on elimination, it was eliminating the threat of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his community, or race did not have any reason or anyone to hold it accountable to any moral standard. It could do whatever it wanted to do to the profit slice,

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um, who's going to tell police? No, what's it really going to compromise except for its image to the rest of the world, but who's actually going to hold Abuja accountable in Mecca, who's going to hold Ebola accountable and Mecca, so they could do all that they wanted to. And then they also control the discourse because who controlled all the microphones, the metaphorical microphones around the camera, it was great. They controlled the languaging that went out to the foreign emissaries of the time, so they could do whatever they wanted to the Muslims. And they could also narrate what they were doing in a way that would be favorable to them, and that would vilify the Muslims in the

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product and the process. The prophets lie Selim did not have that margin for error. And the prophets lie Selim was not playing a PR game, he was abiding by divine revelation as a prophet of Allah. So it's a different playing field for the prophets lie some altogether. And Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, for example, cootie barely completed, well, who are caught up in Macomb? You hate to fight,

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but it has been prescribed upon you. At some point with all of the persecution and everything that was done to you. You have been given the command to fight back and this was the order that came before. But you'll notice that the backdrop of the to the Prophet slice alum throughout his entire prophetic career hates the killing of a woman to the point that the prophets lie some becomes enraged when he sees a dead woman from the other side in the battlefield. He doesn't excuse it sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But at the same time, if you look at Christ, the first victim of Quraysh in Makkah, was Somalia. Well, the Allahu Taala and he was a woman who had absolutely no threat that

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she was actually perpetrating towards the people of Mecca except for saying La ilaha illallah killed in the worst of ways, but we're not the same. Right the Prophet slicin was different Abuja hell can do that and get away with it and then give a message to the world as to why he's doing it the profit slice I'm abides by something different, the profit slice and I'm when he held the captives of better and treated them in a way that

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If no one had known before, fed them from the same food, gave them from the same drink, said call them your brothers. I mean, it was an unbelievable treatment that the prophets lysozyme had towards these people that drove him out and that came out to kill the Muslims.

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But what did Quraysh repay that with an effort, they literally cut out the liver of Hemsedal, the Allahu Anhu mutilated the face of our beloved Jash while the Allahu taala. And they did all sorts of things that were not known in terms of cruelty before to them. Why because they were on a different playing ground. The thing is that Makkah, at that time, the command center of Mecca Quraysh, had the right to carry out its own set of moral laws, and also tell the world about how moral it was. Because it sent the foreign emissaries to the rest of the world, it controlled the discourse, while it was also controlling the playing field. Now there is an eye on the Quran that speaks to this that

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I'm going to come to

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one of the things about the people of Mecca is that they did not come out and say we no longer abide by any laws. They believed in the sacred months, for example, a shouldered haram and they perverted the way of Ibrahim it is set up, they had a hudge they had they had their own things here, there. But for the sacred months, what they would do is they would move the months around, and they would find loopholes to allow for advantageous fighting to their tribes. So they played with everything that was sacred, put loopholes there, did everything they could but no one could hold them accountable. There's an ayah in the Quran where Allah azza wa jal says yes, Luna can Anisha Halal

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haram PETA and fee. They ask you about fighting in the sacred months. And what the ruling on such fighting is called Return on fee Kabir. And Allah subhanaw taala says say that fighting during these months is a great sin. I want to give you the story of this particular verse and how it relates to the moment that we are witnessing today.

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The prophets lie some is in Medina.

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The casualty count of the Muslims at this point

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is extremely high. Muslims have been persecuted killed in their own home boycotted, run out to Abyssinia run out to Medina run out to different parts of the world those that are still in Makkah are being persecuted because of their Muslim relatives who have fled from Mecca to Medina seeking a place where they could worship Allah subhanaw taala freely. All of this is happening. This is the backdrop the prophets I'm literally how to escape death.

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And what they have left behind in Mecca, is now being stolen and confiscated and used in the caravans, of course to trade with the rest of the world. I mean, it is utter oppression in every way, meaning the people that are committing this type of oppression I have no right to speak of any moral law. I have no right to speak of any set of principles that people should abide by. But here's what happens.

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It is Jumada Thani, the month of Jumada Thani and the prophets lie some is in Medina. And he assigns a battalion to go and to intercept the care events of Abu Sufyan and the Mexicans that are going to a sham and other places of the world.

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And when the Prophet slicin was doing this, he was abiding by the sacred months of Allah subhanho wa Taala there are times that you go and you attack, try to get your stuff there are times that you go and you spy, you you map things out. The point is is that they have every right they've been persecuted and run out to try to disrupt what the people of Mecca are doing.

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And in this particular situation, the Prophet slicin I'm appointed battalion under Abu Zubaydah Vendula huddle the Allahu Taala and, and the narration is long and for the sake of the hotbar I'm going to I'm going to paraphrase but it is beautiful to mention the very beginning that Obaidullah the allot of time and who the Amin of this ummah, the trustworthy one of this ummah was always right next to the prophets lie Selim. The narration says backhaul Sababa tunnel, a show can eat and the views on the line salami started to weep. He started to tear up because he loved being right by the side of the prophets lie Selim and coordinating with the Prophet slice on he was the trustworthy one

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of the ummah. He didn't ask the prophets lie some to be relieved but the prophets lie some looked at him and the prophets like Selim said you know what, our beloved Midrash little the Allah Tala and who this battalion is yours. And here's the order. He gave him a small group of men. He said I want you to march in this direction for two days. And here's a letter and he told him the love no Josh open the letter after two days very specific orders marched in this direction and opened the letter after two days. So Abdullah no Jack shall the Allahu Taala goes out with a group of the Sahaba for today

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days in a direction of Mecca. And then the letter is opened and the prophets lie some gives them instructions to a very specific location near thought if. And the prophets lie. Some says in the letter, do not compel the men that are with you to continue, meaning they're not forced. It's a dangerous mission. I want you to go and to spy and to get the news of the caravans. Right, but those men that are with you give them the choice at this point whether they want to go back to Medina or they want to stay with you, our beloved projectional the Allahu Anhu reads the letter, they all say we want to stay with you. So they go out in that caravan or in that battalion you have sad wo cos

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route weapon was one. May Allah be pleased with them, they get to a specific location, their small battalion gets split up so sad, and earthbath actually get lost in the process.

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And as they are under this tree,

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they see the caravan of Quraysh passing by

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now Subhanallah think about this moment and think about the power of this verse. This idea and the moral premise, the consistency that the Sahaba operate within their taqwa, their Eman their faith and their god consciousness. At that point.

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They see this caravan passing through the prophet slice I'm set to get their news. They have a clear shot at Ahmedabad helping me who is one of the most aggressive people one of the most aggressive persecutors and they have a clear shot to take. Take that caravan. And they debate amongst themselves. Wait a minute. Is it the last day of Jumada Thani? Or have we entered into Raja because Rajab is a sacred month?

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It's panela. So they actually have sure amongst themselves. Are we allowed to do this? I mean, it's obviously justified by any any objective standard, it's justified to attack this caravan after all, that's been done to you. But do we wait? Do we know if it's Roger up? Do we know if it's junetta? Thani? In any case, they decide that it is probably because they're traveling they don't know what day it is in particular that it is justified for them to use their best judgment. They're able to kill American 100 ami. And they're able to, you know, overtake that caravan. They take two prisoners named How come I have no case on an Earth man Abdullah and they come back to Medina.

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When they come back to Medina and the prophets lie some sees them.

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The prophets lie Selim says wala Hema Amato Combi kita and for shahada look, the prophets licenses, I told you, I did not command you to fight in a sacred month. You did not have the command to fight in a sacred month. Meaning that was a mistake. It was Roger roger had already come in, you should not have fought in a sacred month. So those Sahaba are worried about whether or not they're now going to be sinful for what they have done. Even though again, it's excusable in the grand set of circumstances. At the same time, the same people of Mecca, who have committed this long set of crimes start to cry foul, and they say see Muhammad slay some fights in the sacred months. Look,

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they killed a man and a sacred month. Look at these people, they preach morality, they talk about being righteous, they talk about, you know, operating with their own set of laws, they talk about this, and they killed a man in a sacred month. And they mocked and they mocked and they mocked and they mocked him and Allah subhanaw taala reveals this Aya Yes, Luna cat Anna Sharon halloumi Peter Island fee. They ask you about fighting in the sacred months. And what the ruling of doing so is going to located on fee he can be. Look, the principle is still upheld. Say that to fight and this month is a major sin. It's a problem. It's not allowed to fight in these months. We're Muslims. We

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uphold the standards that are set for us. We uphold the principles that are set for us. Yes, we are not allowed to fight in these months. We don't play with the monks we don't find loopholes. we sanctify with a sanctified by Allah subhanaw taala but then Allah Subhana Allah says, was subdued and severely ly what cough won't be he will Masjid Al haram us Rajawali Haman who Akbar and Allah will fit in to Aqua ruminant cotton. But who are you to talk? Who are you to talk about any principles or talk about anything that is sacred or sanctified? All of these things that you have done, persecuting people, hindering them from the Path of Allah subhanaw taala trying to force them

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to apostate expelling them from the sacred mosque. All that you have done is a far greater sin in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala than what was an innocent mistake where

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principle is still upheld. And Allah Subhana Allah says will Pfitzner to Akbar Rahman Al Kut and fitna that persecution trying to persecute these people to make them relinquish renounce their faith is far greater than the killing of that man that was one of the responsible murderers. The point here is that they cried foul, even though they were the greatest transgressors. They set the standards. They set the application of the law, they made sure that there was never any accountability for it. And they tried to control the discourse and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada called them out on their hypocrisy and Allah azza wa jal forgave those men for their mistake. And Allah subhana

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wa Tada directed the attention once again to the key aggressors and transgressors and hypocrites in the situation. How dare you talk about morality? How dare you talk about law? How dare you talk about rights? How dare you talk about sanctity? When everything that you have done is a violation of everything that is supposed to be sanctified. Now Subhanallah the incident has so much more to it that we could go into of them is that of the two prisoners that were taken? Or it's not I'm gonna have to learn how to remember Okay, son. The prophets lie some returned the captives back to Mecca when he said that Saudi Arabia will cost and Earth weapon was one would come back to ensure their

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safety. And how can we UK son came back to Medina as a Muslim because of the treatment that he had, and actually died of Shaheed in vitro marijuana, which was, again, the betrayal of all sanctity on behalf of the Muslims. It's Pamela, about the Allahu taala. And so there's so much this incident. But I want you to connect it to the moment right now, we're literally in the first of Raja.

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And we're watching hypocrisy play out on a grand stage like never before.

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And subhanAllah, as the standards are supposedly set, and adjudicated in these courts of law, the entire world is starting to cry foul on those who have controlled the discourse for our entire lives. And talked about what decency looks like in the international arena, and talked about what human rights looks like in the international arena. And there was an Irish politician who, who rightfully said that a South Africa puts Israel on trial today, it's international law that is on trial today. Everything that is supposedly a standard, every suppose its set of principles is on trial right now. Because if these institutions continue to function merely as extensions, of

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imperialism, as extensions of colonialism, as extensions of the foreign policy of the United States of America, which is as bankrupt now as it's ever been before, and everybody is calling it out outside of the United States of America, then it shows that those that have set the courts those that have set the laws, those that are supposed to be in charge of accountability have failed entirely. And it's not just the resilience of the people of Gaza. It's not just the resilience of the people of Palestine, that is inspiring the world. It is the hypocrisy of those that are complicit in their genocide, that is disgusting the world and hopefully guiding them to another way

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to think of another way.

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It's not just revealing a couple of countries, it's revealing entire institutions that are supposed to be set up for justice. And so when we talk about the face of the entire Western colonial project coming falling down, then the apartheid walls can't stand for much longer. And that is something that we should look at today, and we should say, is a victory that is significant for us. And that is something for Muslims to look at, and for people who support the rightful cause of the Palestinians to look at. And to say that this is a turning point in our history today. And for too long, American imperialism has created the language and the laws that absolve the United States and

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its colonial pets from all wrongdoing. All of the warmongering all the murdering of millions of innocent people in the name of Global Law and Order hamdulillah people are starting to see through it and I want you to think about how significant that is today for you. Where ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada even speaks to and says, How dare you talk about human rights law? How dare you talk about what is sacred and sanctified? When you have violated it over and over and over again? And in hamdulillah horrible I mean, people have to stop believing in the hypocrisy of the system in order to open themselves up to better possibilities. That is true, not just in terms of creed

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That's true in terms of what a global order actually looks like and Hamdulillah, for those that have exposed the system for what it actually is, that in and of itself is a victory that in and of itself is an opening. We don't put faith in the judges that historically always vote with their country's politics. It's a political court in that sense, we understand that. But we say it hamdulillah when the crimes are laid bare, when people can see that those who have set the standards have violated them in the greatest proportion, when the entire world sees the moral bankruptcy of this system, and starts to consider something else. That's something for us to retreat to. And to go back to our

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faith, and to pull from the ethics of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to remind ourselves of the imperative to stay upon that which is just no matter what the circumstances and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to add, that in these days, where the systems of accountability are held hostage to these bankrupt powers, that Allah subhanaw taala brings change to our hearts through our voices through our efforts throughout the world in whatever capacity that is, so that the world can start to function in a way that is more pleasing to Him. Allahumma Amin Furukawa Mustafa, you will recognize that and Mr. Minister fill in your horrible for wine.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was like a busy woman, whether your brothers and sisters particularly today, keeping your DUA the beautiful draft of the prophets why Selim Allahumma barik fee Shah Amina well Yama, Nina law Mubarak fuchsia, Amina Well, Yama, Nina, may Allah Subhana Allah protect our brothers and sisters in a sham. And of course that includes Philistine and beta Democritus and in Yemen, and all over the world. May Allah subhanaw taala protect the innocent, may Allah subhanaw taala continue to inspire us through the people of a visit to do that which is necessary to see them through this great atrocity. May Allah Subhana Allah to

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Allah, forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah subhanaw taala Give victory to our brothers and sisters and Philistine Allama for what we need to learn what may not win Muslim you know what a Muslim at Aloha, even humble and mighty Anika semi on Caribbean Mooji without Allah, Muhammad Allah and our Hamner. Why for an hour or two? I didn't really know what I'm not enforcing our LM tougher and I will tell him that Linda cone in the middle Hi, Celine. I've been allowed to Ask Edna in a senior partner webinar when I tell him and Eileen is salon cameltoe and alidium and Kadena what have been our two HeMen in America talk about Atlanta be wonderful I know Ophelia and our Hana internal

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learner from Southern Ireland common Catherine or Sally la masa and baraka and Amina Mohammed Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adrain welcome As Salam