Its hard to not be forgiven in Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness for forgiveness of sin and how it is necessary for individuals to be exceptional in their ability to avoid forgiveness. They also mention the historical context of forgiveness and how it is necessary for individuals to avoid losing their light and achieve their potential.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood on the moon but and he simply said on me, I mean is set after a drought. But there was no drought that was made but later on the province of the lightest and I'm told the companions that Gibreel came to him and made a drought and said that whoever experiences the month of Ramadan and through that is not forgiven May Allah distancing and the profitable items that add me. And the reason why anybody can make that type of lender and how the profits and the lightness and them could see it as worthy of an Amin is because for a person to experience the month of forgiveness, and not be forgiven means that they have to be really talented.

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They have to be exceptional in their ingratitude. They have to be completely just unbelievable in their ability to not take advantage of an opportunity. When the Prophet cellulitis in them says, Whoever fasts Ramadan out of iman seeking its fruit seeking its reward and believing in it that their sins will be forgiven and every Muslim fasts. So how could you not be forgiven? And then even then the promise of the light is and it says that whoever stands the nights of Ramadan, Eman and Wednesdays I've been seeking His reward and believing in it, they will be forgiven. So that's another opportunity. And then people pray thought, oh, yeah, and they seek out that opportunity. And

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then rasool Allah Subhan Allah and the Sunnah, let's say a guy misses days of Ramadan Saadawi if you don't take advantage of it, one night.

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Little further, whoever stands a little further Eman and Marcus Alban seeking its reward and believing in it, their sins will be forgiven person misses that person misses gamma lead a person Mrs. A somehow somehow misses out on the fasting reward of of Ramadan, the province cellulitis and it says In another Hadith that Allah Subhana Allah has those who he frees from the Hellfire every single night of Ramadan. Beyond that, the province level of itis and him says that if a person simply says I mean, in the Salah with the angels, their sins will be forgiven, beyond that will sort of loss of lightness and it says Whoever says about bento and I could have at the same time as the

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angels, their sins will be forgiven. The opportunities for forgiveness of sin, the province of the light as I've said the Hellfire is closed during Ramadan. Like there's no customers, there's nobody who can't. So for a person again, to experience this month, and to not be forgiven God and it is said m says, May Allah distance this person and the Prophet saw the light is in him said and may we be forgiven in this month of Ramadan, the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah data that has encompassed everything. We asked Allah that it accompanies us as well.