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Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the beauty of the Quran, which is designed to encourage people to not give their cheek to people when talking to them, as it is a way to show disinterest in conversations. The speaker uses the verse "has been given your cheek" to demonstrate this intention. The combination of these signs is seen as a practical demonstration of the use of the verse.
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The Quran is so beautiful. It not only directs us towards a lot about Guatemala, and it does not only limit its discussions to toe hate and resell it, and the year after, but rather it extends to all aspects of our life. I was reading the verse, Allah to Sahaja, the nurse and do not give your cheek to people when talking to them. What a beautiful verse. In this verse, Allah is teaching us luck. Allah is teaching us good models. And Allah is saying when you are interacting with a person, when you are speaking to a third person, give them your undivided attention, make eye contact with them, number one. Number two, listen attentively. And number three, the Quran says to not give your

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cheek to people when they are speaking to you. Giving your cheek is an expression to show that you are disinterested in the in the conversation. So this would be the practical demonstration of it. Somebody is speaking to you and you look away and you're not making eye contact with them. Are you busy with your phone? Are you looking away and not giving the person the attention that they need? This tells them that you are not interested in what they are saying. So the Quran is so beautiful. It is so comprehensive Allahu Akbar.

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