Bashar Shala – Umar Farooq – The Four Caliphs – part 9

Bashar Shala
AI: Summary © The history of Islam and its spread across various regions and the importance of peace and peace negotiations are discussed. The Empire had multiple successful campaigns, including the Battle of Karsia, and was joined by the Ottoman army. The MACU movement uses military activity to fight against the Persian army and use their army to help the war in Iraq and the area of Yarm guests. The Muslim army describes a devastating attack on a city and the importance of not rushing to be the commander of the army. The conflict between Islam and religion, including Omar and the way he used money to avoid war, is also discussed.
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And then have you said in his book, I would doubt that can add in any Sham the color of a sham was a Buddha actually added image color called lead him without pleasing Him. He was also the the recycler he is the chief for iron and he was also the scholar that is well versed in football and he also saw the judge of a sham

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and then another the other person was more arguably general and why the Blue Devil had prayer prior experience because he was the teacher of the ambassador that the Prophet salani was sent them hand picked to go teach people Islam and Yemen and then Omar picked him to go to Palestine and teach people Islam in Palestine.

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Omar said about him I do that in the cell and you leave them Islam or as he said women cannot give birth to somebody like my eyes anymore. He said that nobody will come that is like my eyes have been given.

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And Abdullah bin Omar Allah be pleased with him. He's one of the scholars of this oma he used to say had the tuna and alkylene They told me about the two smart intelligent on well learned people they would ask Who are they? And he will say that one was a Blue Devil and they were both and school of a sham.

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And Bob gave final recommendation when he came actually to a sham. He said gathered all the armies in a place called a Javea, which is where the Golan Heights, the hills off enjoy land today. And he said started giving him recommendation and one of his recommendation he said, Man, can you redo and yes and Phil Phil Yachty mahabubnagar. He said whoever wants to learn about FIFA, let him come to my eyes in Japan.

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And as we said about w sommet and Abu Dhabi that will also in the area about w sommet. He was well known in Koba. In the judgment he was a judge and he was also one of the teacher of Al Quran and carry the last school I will briefly speak off will be the School of Egypt and Madras Alma Surya. And there were also many Sahaba in Egypt. However, Rama is the one that stood out and he was the one that took care of teaching Islam and Quran in Egypt.

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We see from this brief summary that Rama Maha popsicle and he wanted to settle Islam and the knowledge of this religion in the heart and in a new territory as this would be the true goal and the true purpose of conquering these territories as we will see and he told people to learn Quran and then he also recommended in one of his narrations, he said without obeah so in the headset which will open lock Allah tala Managua cometa talamona soon an hour for all he said learn Arabic because that will make you stronger, and this religion will make you learn it better. And he said learn grammar and learn how to learn the rules of the language as well. And he also said the

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Quran he

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said as much as you learn more and learn the meaning of the words and learn the grammar of the Quran itself.

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So, we will stop there on his interest.

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Allah be pleased with him in the knowledge of, of Islam and spreading Islam. And we will take a leap and start talking about the conquests. We will start in sha Allah with the conquest of a sham and in many scholar books, actually they start in the conquest of Iraq, however, chose to start in the in the shop because that's when the

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and the armies that a Soviet sent us the center honorable asked to go into Palestine for the Lebanon center to Jordan, and he is he to the area of al Qaeda. And he asked them to obey that to go directly to Hamas. So it was not a south to north invasion it was it was basically going through the desert and attacking and going into the to hit the Byzantine army directly where it hurts

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Time He sent Holly the bill will lead to Iraq stop the Persian Empire and in that there's really very genius planning. He kept both empires busy on two different fronts. So know if he started attacking designs here. There may be some coalition between Persia and his on him too.

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Crush the army. But here he kept both both Empire empires busy with, with fighting against the Muslim armies.

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And what happens is Byzantium was alerted to the advance of the Muslim army. And those as we studied many skirmishes already between the Byzantine, Byzantine, and in between the Muslims starting on the days of the prophet to line up with that.

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Then later on, as we studied with sight,

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loss, so now the four armies are moving to Syria moving to a sham, and we saw how the first army Farmer of the last village has an easy to grab piece of yarn, and obey them in Java.

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later on, he was called the he was, given the title of tabula rasa, which is a baboon at that time was the smartest general and visited him and amargo have said, this is our one of our smartest general and he was called after boon of Arabia. So I'm outside instead of having four armies spread, when we can be seized and destroyed. He sent to a boy Aveda who was the general commander of this expedition, he said, Let's gather together and they chose this area, which is currently in the Golan Heights. It's called a jovia. And he decided to gather all the armies and this small group of brothers that that goes into the Jordan River this called the river of Yarmouk. And the Muslim army

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camped in a Javea close to an Yarmouk the Byzantine army left Damascus and got closer to them. And these were in the time of Abu Bakar, a severe and this was the 13 year after Hydra.

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Aveda ninja RA, central hirako and he started negotiating a peace treaty

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said Polycom Salama huntleigh said you will have three choices like Muslims will do and all their words he said, number one, you can accept Islam and you will become one of us. You have your our rights and you have our duties. The second is we will have solar or treaty or peace 3d. And at that time, we will sit down and negotiate. Or the third thing is you can have war, or we can have the fighting heraclius himself

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with sesta his advisors solid half let's have a treaty with them. We know heraclius had many encounters with the messengers of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And then he had this famous interaction with Abu sufian. And he told Abu Sufyan if what you're telling me is true about Mohammed Abdullah, Somali or settler, then he will own what is under my feet today. And he was in Damascus. So he knew where where the raw truth was. And he started to convince his advisors and his bishops that let's have peace with them. And he said insalata warham. Atlantis for sham. Hey, Ron Lachman and Yahuwah. He said, Give him give him half of Syria. It's better than they will take it all. He

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said we, we will be defeated. The bishops the generals thought, What are you talking about? We are the Byzantine Empire. We are the mighty army that defeated Persia We are the superpower. And we're gonna be scared and deliver half of a sham to these big ones coming out of Arabia, no way. And they decided that they will fight against the Muslim army

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and suffer. And the month of so far. The Muslim army started gathering in the area of Yarmouk. And these camp there for three months for Safar, Robbie and a one. And Robbie and Danny and Aveda started counting his army and he had 30,000 fighters. And he started counting the Byzantine army, and they were 300,000 soldiers. So they were outnumbered 10 one, and I will evade that send to a lot of them to Bob Meola pleased with him to I'm sorry to send to aboubaker a severe these are all in the days of Abu Bakr. So they have so far all these stages of operations. And he sent to Abu Bakr Siddiq. He said I want help. I want support. I want more soldiers. So

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I decided to do the soul the soul of a loss of Hannah with Allah and help Abu Zubaydah with the sword of Allah that was in Iraq fighting the battles against Persian empire that was highly dependent. Well, he, he asked highly to immediately go and support abort obey juggling July because there is an imminent battle where Muslims are outnumbered, and they lead the people that are with harlot. And they also need the genius of Hydra who lead in war and Khalid was one of the best planners and wants the best leaders and commanders and on the battlefield.

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Hynek asked how long would it take him to get to a JV How long would it take him to get to the area of alien rook, and they told them that you there is really you cannot cross this dirt this dry. While desert you have to go into the roots, the long roots down south and the north because there are wells and your places for your camels, tourists. And that will take you a month. It will take you a month to go help aboard obey them ninja rah. And he said No way. It's the whole thing will be over. By the time we get there. And he also he only had his supporting VEDA with only 6000. So there will be 36 of them instead of 30,000 of them. And he said What, what? And he started thinking how

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can he get there, they said you will die, your army will die and your camels will die. But that did not stop the genius of Highland midvalley from thinking about how to do this, how to cross this this, this dry desert. But he did is he to double the number of camels that his army will lead and he lifts the camels get very thirsty. And the camels have reservoirs of water in their bodies where they can store water for long trips. And after he made those camels very thirsty, he licked them drink. A lot of water would have these reservoirs in their bellies were filled with water. And what he did is he will take that double number of the camels and in the middle of the road, he stopped

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and he sacrificed half of the camels. He used the water inside of it to let the other candles drink and continue on with the trip and the soldiers drink and he used the meat of these camels to help the soldiers and he continued on this ingenious plans and he was able to cross the desert and as historian said five to seven days and he was right there with Aveda ninjalah at the area of Yarmouk.

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So now we are moved there is 36,000 Muslim fighters. And the general commander, we came highly recommend Waleed, based on the opinion of all the commanders that were there. And it was an Abu Bakar also do concurred with that because they knew that Harlequin Walid had the best chance and the best abilities of leading an army that is overwhelmingly out number. And he had an experience with that with the Byzantine. And as with Mota, where there were 3000 against 200,000. So he did have an experience about how to do this. And what he did is he took the army and he reorganized the battlefield, he instead of having five sections of the army, the heart, the front, the right, the

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left and the back, he made 36 of them. And every one of them was 1000 fighter. So now there's 36 brigades 36 sections of the army, and he spread them. So it looked for for a Byzantine general that there's so many fire fractures, so many brigades, and so many little armies here and there. And then when the battle started in the earlier MOOC, he will take those on the right the one day and he will take them to the left, and they will take the one on the left and send them to the right. So Byzantine soldier every morning will get up and use the new faces that they're fighting and they were thinking that new armies that kept coming and to make that trick work better. He would have

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horsemen at the very back of the army and he will let him just circle circle the ground and just flip the dust fly up. So the Byzantine generals will look to the horizon and they see people keep coming. So they felt like they're outnumbered. And Aveda ninja himself looked at somebody who was saying that extra room.

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He said how plenty are the room and how small how few are is the error

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Is the Muslim army and our VEDA said do not say that he said Kala room mama axolotl, he said the room the Byzantine are so few. And and the Muslims are so many. And he said in them and also will be man, you know he said our victory doesn't come from our numbers. Our victory comes from our a man. And then and with 36,000 against 300,000. The battle started, one of the heroes of that battle was as a woman, a woman. And we remember from the Sierra that is available, a woman highly determined, worried has a trade that was not there in Persia, Byzantine or entire Arabia except for these two men, they were able to equally fight with both swords right and left, and they would direct their

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horses with their legs. And they will make an impact on the way they fight when they go into the army. And the first group, the first 1000 that went into the battle was the one that was led by as available as one and he penetrated the Byzantine army with his 1000. From the heart to the back, he just went through the army and came back. And that was very morally encouraging to the Muslim army and very morally defeating to the Byzantine army to see this small group, so brave, just penetrate through the heart of an army of 3000 people.

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And the fighting continued for several days, and that was in the month of July that occur in the 13th year of Hydra. And the Romans were defeated. Depending on on the narration, the third or the fourth day of the battle, and the Byzantine army started fleeing and they fled into three places. They fled into a city in Jordan today close to the Jordan River called fell and the Damascus and to hemps. And Muslims now had dominated the area of La Jolla of the Golan Heights and it was called a JV at that time and the area of alien look

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while the battle was ending, and the fighting was over, and the Muslim army started to wrap the the Battle of alien MOOC Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him passes away and he dies and Omar, Bob becomes the new halifa of the Muslim ummah.

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first after he takes the bait, and he hears the news that Haile Diwali has been elected as the generals commander of the army that is fighting against the Byzantine. And Yarmouk. He writes a letter, and he sends it to the battlefield.

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And he writes that letter and the letter says, and this is the first military order that gives in his days and he said this Lera Manurewa him and they're back in their bikinis so decoholic Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kataifi said Abu Bakar is dead. He's letting the army failure moocow did not know what was going on. He said he's dead. Finally law he was finally here Roger on what Allahu Akbar a character who Allah be back here in Cydia Amelie bill, when the bill of lading is Citron word, certainly Caribbean Hakeem when possible musi button a fee you almost see that Amina Matan Allah wa his opponent what that he said he prays a book of study he prays to successor and he

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said that it's been it is a catastrophe. It's a disaster that happened to the Muslim Ummah by losing this man, Abu Bakar.

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And then he said,

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look at Bella.

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Dinesh, and this is what happens after and Yarmouk is the Muslim army decided. They held the conference and obeyed them in July. And the commander at that time, Khalid Walid said what do we go from here, waiting for the news, waiting for the orders of Abu Bakar I mean, they did not know that Abu Bakar was dead. And they had two options either to hit to fail, or to head to Damascus. And these are the two closest fortresses and and and gathering of the business on a date time. And holiday and Aveda agreed that they cannot do either one. If they went up north, they will be attacked from the back. And if they went south, they will be attacked and they had to leave the area

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of failure.

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So what they did is they kept a small, small army at the at the in jabya. And they decided to send a small army and to fail to do

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have small and this is just the zooming into the field. They decided to send

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a small army to fit him and take most of the army to the siege Damascus Damascus was the main city and the most fortified city and the entire sham. And they said we will keep them busy with a smaller army will take most of the soldiers to Damascus and that way we can now be attacked from the back and if this army defeated we will have time to pull back and and that's what they did. So a lot of new that they are under the walls and they are around the walls of Damascus. So he said what are the levana he saw

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we heard about you besieging Damascus,

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what God will lay to catch a man I mean and the letter was to avoid Aveda he said now you become the commander of the Muslims You are the commander of the general commander Now that means that Khalid Diwali is being demoted Holodomor has been taken off the commander ship and Aveda ninja rock becomes the commander.

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He said sariah caffeine Allahu alliums were the mesh column as you are hanging out of the sham. He said keep on continue on two dimensional Damascus and hills

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and then continue on to a sham just go on. And as long as you're victorious, keep going. One door that he that he kept, he kept open and habra, Kevin and Muslim and he said counseled the Muslims around you and do whatever you see proper. And he said, Well, I only have two areas Caracas if Murphy can do what he said, but do not be so enthusiastic with what I say. So you would just endanger your soldiers. It means do not rush Do not

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leave your back unprotected while you're doing that.

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And he said well, I can minister later and hufa Senior woman bench de la heafy historica factor this. He said, whatever whoever you need in your siege and Damascus keep them around you. And those who you think you don't need let them go and keep the revision time busy in other places he meant for him and hence

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he said sell the icon theme and this holiday worried for India who lives in Africa and he said the ones that you are keeping keep Khalid because harlot is very important. You cannot you cannot let it go You can Don't let Khalid leave you. So he knew the importance of harlot so why did he do it and we will talk about that.

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Obey that sends a letter back to him up top. And he said mean Abby obey that admin Java one was able to juggle that he was with him. And he was one of his advisors and they wrote one letter to Mr. Nakata, Salam Alaikum in la que la la de la ilaha illa who

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said yeah, Omar

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Abu Omar was advising obey double obey that did not just salute and said okay, now he started advising Rama back said yeah, Omar

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Ali tommorow Matthew Mohammed, now you are the ruler you are and the Muslim nation is in your custody now. He's telling them how how what is the responsibility of Omar now and we know how Allah felt responsible. He said I swear to

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God, he said now you are governor you are ruling on everybody the black Red White all of them now under you will surely fall will be the honorable the elite and the poor. Was shadow by the strong and the weak.

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While he couldn't lie, and everybody has rights on you. I mean, as if Mr. needed more burden than he's telling him everybody has right on you Mr. Maha pop wa Hakuna in Aladdin. And his rights are the justice you have to be just with the here's the good advice from the Sahaba that loved each other and had a goal of the hereafter in front of them from volcanoes at akula. So review yourself, review your actions Yama, and how you do it. Well in lanuza kilchoman to bless ESRI, and we are reminding you me and wise meaning of a Gen Y is always the day where Allah Subhana Allah knows what's in your heart is reminding him of the Day of Judgment. What then cashew feeding our rod, what

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of how to feed him mahabad what that will feed him. Julie Milliken call her her ob giovannucci Vanessa who wrote, he said remember the day when Allah Subhana Allah dominates the scene of the Day of Judgment. And everybody is

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subject to a loss of Hannah with the Alice punishment, Young Thug the rule of law waiting for his judgment. While you have full Nikah who do not matter, everybody feels a lot of punishment and hope for his mercy. And then he said, Well I know who Bella Ivana Anna Hakuna he had in Metairie, Jalan Alinea. surreal, he said in this oma to panela through this, this and this and that they will be men who are who are brothers on the surface and enemies and heart. He said there will be people in this oma who towards each other when they talk to each other and meet with their brothers. If one will Alinea on the surface and public they are brothers and in the hearts they are enemies don't love

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each other. They don't like each other.

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Why Nana Billahi min Derek and we asked a lot of huge from that. He said I want to be your brother on in public announcing and also in the heart. filet Enzi Lupita, buena mucolytic, Bihari manzi Latina, Latina and Zelda homina fusina. So don't take my letter and my advice in a way that will make you angry or make your arrogance. Just know how we truthful to you, and how true advice that we are giving to you and reminding you of Allah Subhana without

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highlighting Meanwhile, he did not know about this book. And he kept going like he is the commander. He was leading the prayer and he was commanding the army and he will say do this and do that. And some historians say the letter of Oman came during the Battle of the Yarmouk. So I will obey that did not let anybody know that there is change of leadership. So the army will get confused and the battle will be affected.

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After everything settled, holiday, meanwhile, it hears and most scholars say it was at the gates of Damascus when that happened. He came to Aveda. He said, yo quiero la hulak Allah forgive you attack me. I mean, I believe in area, you have the orders of ameerul momineen to be the commander, felon to allinone. And you didn't let them know. Wanted to solve a selfie and you're praying behind me. You are the commander and and you live in me lead means not only the prayer, but just leading the affairs of the army.

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I was so fun so far. And you are the leader who are we? Why are you letting me do this? away? They said well enter through la hulak and you allow me also forgive you Mac into the early mukava Licata tell me

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I wouldn't let you know unless you know it from somebody else. I would not come and let you know he said I wouldn't do it to you. Well, maffulli acciara la harbor Captain COVID Erica Cola, and I will not ruin your plans and your your leadership of the army until it all settles down. Meaning there was some preparation the army was in certain type of movement, he did not want to disrupt that. Then he said something akin to Suma contura, limca insha Allah and then I would let you know, after everything settles that army in the position and everything is is fine, then I would let you know. And he said what he understood the beauty of algo Baden ninjalah award of Prophet sallahu wa sallam

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said he is Amina heavy and he is the secretary, the custodian of this. He said what muscle fiber dunya read I don't want the leadership in this dunya I don't care about this titles. This commander ship he said one last time. Well, Malik dunya Allah and I don't I'm not doing this for dunya I'm not working for this life.

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Why in the method, and everything you see around you all these conquest, all these cities, all these palaces, I mean, these Arabs were coming out of the desert, and they're seeing the palaces of Damascus and the balances of a sham. He said, Everything you see around you say I'll see you LS li li monkeypaw this will go into they will perish and will go away. Find them and we are only brothers, what Guam and the umbrella here as the origin and we go by the orders of Allah Subhana Allah. And then he said, Well, male jeweler and jelly Allahu fi D Wallonia. He said, What harm that one brother will be a commander on the other brothers in this denier in this life. It is there is no

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harm in that it doesn't matter who the commander is. He's telling him what difference does it make? But yeah, Alan Mulally and now who do any akuna Edna Houma, Elan, fitna, well, Kakuma Ilakaka, he said the commander is actually the more vulnerable to fall in sin and to make mistakes. So he said I was not rushing to be the commander of ADA. So I will let you be the commander as long as possible, because the commander is the more responsible and the sin of the commander is is

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More than any other than anybody that is under him.

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In lemon ask him Allah azza wa jal accept those Allah Subhana Allah protect waka Lila home, and they are very few.

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And he gave the book of Abu Musab to Khalid al Walid. Now, I would like to stop here and maybe that all we will have time to, because scholars spoke a lot about college and a lot. And they kept talking about it as if there are enemies, or there is animosity between amount of nofap and highly dependent Waleed and nothing is further from the truth than this, and would like inshallah, let's just talk a little bit about that.

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If you just read history on the surface, on the surface, and don't really go into the details, and study the x itself, he demoted cotton nearly twice. This was the first time and the other one is after he became the governor of chemistry in his city, and North Syria between pills and heroin. And,

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and he's the more than him twice, he took them off his commander ship twice. So people say oh, he just doesn't like Khalid he does not think that Khalid is a good commander. And there is nothing more, nothing farther than the truth. And I did I just said, the first time that he demoted Harley Davidson while he was this in the 13th, year after he won.

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And there were many, many different reasons why that happened. Abu Bakr Sadiq, may Allah be pleased with him and Padme Allah be pleased with him. They have different policies that look any different presidents, whatever you like, everybody has a different way of governing doesn't mean one of them wrong. And the other one, rights is just different way of governing their own different way of running the affairs of the states. And Abu Bakr

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did not believe in a strong centralized government. He believed in his own way, that He will send somebody who he trust, a commander that he will send out, and he will let them do whatever they want. And they will leave it up to their judgment, to carry on with with whatever choices they make, whether it's in the conquest on the battlefield, or in their affairs with his soldiers. I don't want to go hip hop, believed in more responsibility. And the central government, we see how he wanted to know about everything. He had this inspector general the hisbah, he wants to know every single man that he appointed you and just appoint them and let them go and said, I trust you go do whatever you

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want. He wanted to know exactly what they're doing. He said, Don't do anything until you come back to me. I need to know, when they wanted to build a bus route, he would tell him how wide the street should be, and how far the house from the house and how you build the roof and how you do the walls he wanted. He wants to give instructions for everything, because he felt ultimate responsibility lays with him. So he wanted to make these decisions.

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And what about 101 he had a lot of improvisation during the read that

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did not approve off. And he had a lot of improvisation and improvise in Iraq. And he continues to improvise a lot in a sham. That was his style. He was taken leadership and taken command.

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And I did not like this and he asked Abu Bakar more than once to let harlot step down and let somebody else go up there and lead who will consult with Medina who will consult with the Khalifa before they act and Abu Bakr will not do it. But when Omar took over, then the first thing he did is he wanted his policies and not personal against highly technical elite. He wanted the way he governs everybody else to go on with harlot, but Khalid will not respond. Khalid is so independent. Khalid is so

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individual in his own style that he Omar knows that there is no no point of having continuous conflict with this commander so demote him and put somebody else who would listen and obey. So that is one thing. And and this is evidence from that comes from the opening speech of Mr. Malhotra during his assumption of the philipa. He said in the law, that law can be a felony because I was testing you with me and testing me with you. He said, this is a test for both of us. And he said well polyvagal sahibi Allah made me live after

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Abu Bakar This is the fact for Mr. Looney, she only comfy and he had on duty. He said whatever affair that is related to the Muslims, I should look into it. I'm the one that is responsible for it. And that's what his style of government was.

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And then he said, Well, I'd accidental Lula to laughs in LA him. Why not kill in Libya? He said those who do good and follow the orders then I will do good with them and those who do not and they do bad deeds, then I will punish them.

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And then in another speech and atellica Islami, he said our item he told the people you see is that stunnel to alaikum Hiraman Allah Sula Amar to be added to melee. He said, What do you think if I gave your custody into somebody that I the best that I know? And then I gave them recommendation for justice and fairness? Would that be enough? They said now, yes. If you choose the best leader, and you give them recommendation of the best deeds, then that would be the best that you would do your duty. He said law No, I would not do it. He said that Oh, Rocky Amelie until I go and review what he does. And he let me know. Did he do what I told them to do or not? So that was the style of our

00:36:25 --> 00:36:31

model in government, and that would not go with what kind of knew what he wanted to do.

00:36:34 --> 00:37:12

And Malika Ennis wrote that. He said, When Omar took the hill after he wrote the letter to harlot, he said, let off the shirt and whenever you run into the armory, do not give, do not distribute any wealth. Not too cheap. Not any camel until you come to me. You asked me first, Khalid wrote him a letter back and that was on the second stage when Khalid was governor of chemistry. He said in and said that anyone anywhere in the fashion can be Amelie, he said, You either leave me alone look me do it, or take me out are just like me. Or leave me or leave me from from my duty, just like a locker.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:33

And Omar said masa, duc de la quinta de la, creme de la buena Fado, he says I will not be truthful to Allah. If I give advice to Abu Bakr and I don't do it to myself because he advised Abu Bakar to demote him or to take him relieve him from his duties and then I would do what I told her to do, and I will relieve you from your duties.

00:37:35 --> 00:37:57

But the way Khalid received this wasn't, wasn't there. Some historians put it like he was angry at Mr. And he would not focus on water. That did not happen. He did not protest that he was only sad. And he just blamed Aveda for not telling him earlier, but he did not have any grudges against our motto.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:40

And after he became a governor of under three in a way that made him the governor and he wrote to Omar said, Listen, I gave this post to highlight the Middle East. And Omar said Mr. Hawley donessa Rahim Allah, the Quran, the Quran, Allah never rejected me. He said Khalid deeds made him the commander. Not not because Aveda made them a commander, it's because he deserves it. And he said, we all have mercy on aboubaker he knew Ben better than I did. He said he was right about harlot Khalid is worthy of his post is worthy of his commander ship.

00:38:45 --> 00:38:45


00:38:47 --> 00:38:48

other reason why

00:38:50 --> 00:39:42

relief Khalid from his duty, he said to to make sure that people understand that Allah Subhana Allah is behind victory. People started having fitna with harlot started thinking, college in Iraq victory in Iraq, harlot in Damascus, victory in Damascus, harlot to Hamas victory in Hannah's New Holland in a juicer defeat engine juicer. So people started associating victory with Highlander. And if there is a problem called Khalid well, Khalid is a great commander but victory in Islam from a wash cannon with Allah. So say, Omar said in lanessa footie new bed, people are being tested with harlot five to a new up to LA he will tell you when I was afraid that they start relying on Highland and start

00:39:42 --> 00:39:45

relying on Allah Subhana what add

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

another The third reason why a lot of relief Khalid from his duty is because the way of Khalid was spending money. We know what I left up Umar aku Hamza

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

Are people that come into Islam

00:40:03 --> 00:40:44

newly, but they're not strong, and they're in their heart with their belief. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, like after the Battle of her name, would give them money and give them gifts, and give them the spoils of the war. So they would come more into Islam and learn more about Islam and love this religion that would bring benefit to them in this life. So they understand that this is the religion that will bring benefit to them, and the hereafter. And Khalid continued to do that in a sham. So when some of these newly people coming into Islam, he would give him more, and he would give him a lot, and a lot of thought that Islam now has come to a point that that doesn't need

00:40:44 --> 00:41:14

to be done. And he blamed Khalid on multiple occasions, that he should not be doing that until that last letter, he said, Do not give one camel until you come to me. And Khalid said, No, you either do it or you leave me and then he said, No, you're relief. So that is another conflict and policy between them. That they love each other, that they respect each other. Here is the evidence of history of how much these two men had for each other have through Islamic brotherhood and true Islamic love.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:31

That may Allah be pleased with them to add in the scholar that was a Sahabi, who was in a sham came to Khalid Khalid was in his house and his final days sick on his deathbed. And by the way, his word in the city and a mosque called Mosque of holiday Wi Fi.

00:41:32 --> 00:42:23

And he said Khalid told us that late in matter, Omar latarian war and he said, Well, if Omar dies, you will see that things said after Amman, there will be tribulation. What is the heaven uses that there is fit then that will happen after Omar dies? After that said, Yes, I know. And I see it. There will be problems when Omar leaves when Amma goes. And then Khalid said I thought a lot about Omar and many things that I had disagreements with. And now on my deathbed, I see that everything he did he said well how about an even aloha? I knew from Allah subhanho wa Taala and O'Meara Khanna you read the law hubie caldina thought that Omar only wanted to please Allah was everything he did to

00:42:23 --> 00:42:31

me. Everything he did to me with the morning me and relieving me from my clothes. He only wanted to please Allah Subhana What's that?

00:42:32 --> 00:43:14

And he said, and I felt sometimes bad. Well, I couldn't do a jet to LA he Phoenix is sometimes I would question his judgment. He never asked them a new costume. And in early he said when I when I act and do things with the money that I'm in my custody, and he would review that I would think why would he do that? But then I thought what can I usually do I lay where can people what to who lllt now one mineral rocky ally, but he wasn't only tough with me. He was stuck with everybody else. He said he wasn't Omar was not discriminating against me. He wasn't treating me badly. He was like this with everybody that he gave the custody to.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:35

And he said oh come to LA he the karate our his from his family, by the way, I'm not and Khalid are both from the same clan in Croatia. And he said and I was in his relative and our motto is known that he's harder on his relatives than he is on the rest of people. So he said everything was to Allah Subhana Allah with that.

00:43:37 --> 00:43:37


00:43:39 --> 00:43:46

after that, he said that this is the final evidence and the most important evidence that they how highly respected or not he said

00:43:48 --> 00:43:52

Watch out to a city worker Kathy why in federal ID

00:43:53 --> 00:44:43

he said my will and the custody of my money and the custody of everything I own after I die goes to Mr. raha pop. Now if he did not trust them, and love them, and think highly of a lot, he would not make them on the custodian of his will. And that's what that was the final act of cognitively lead. When Holly dies and the news came to talk to El Medina. Amar Matata, as we said he was in the same clan. So his cousin's the he heard some crying from the house and a man came to him and he said, Let the woman stop crying because they would not let women cry loudly on people that died. This is haram. And Omar said down a Akina Allah avviso a man, let them fly on Abu Sulayman let them cry for

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

harlot Melania could knock on a lock lock if they're not like hitting you screaming or or beating themselves. Alan Lee Suleiman felt that Kibaki, he said if they don't cry for harlot who would they cry for? I mean, this is how much he

00:45:00 --> 00:45:47

He loves college leads. And then he says Rahim Allah who is really a man and also a man is a nickname for higher degree will even send me Allah have mercy on Abu Sulayman mine de la hieronder hoomin McKenna fee what always work on loss of Hannah with Allah is better than what he has in this life. Wonder Karnataka, Maharashtra hamidah. He will be missed after his death, and he was praised as long as he lived and had a dignity while he died and Hamas and the 21st year after Hydra the the Yarmouk was 13 year after Hendra so he remained in a sham for eight years after a year MOOC and Khalid Nikolaevna Allah have mercy on him Allah be pleased with him died in a show. So inshallah

00:45:47 --> 00:46:00

we'll stop here and I apologize again for not leaving time for questions and answered, but the subject inshallah will be continued, and we'll continue on the conquest of a sham for the next session. It is time for selected Asia.

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Dr Bashar details the lives of the four greatest men who lived after the Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him), the Caliphs of Islam, the rulers of the Islamic Empire that swept across Arabia, Asia, Africa and even so far as Southern Europe.

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