Increase Mindfulness in Prayer

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker explains a simple formula to change one's mindfulness in driving cars. They suggest bringing a solar keypad to increase one's presence of mind. Anytime one changes one's mindfulness during driving, they can call back and use the same process.

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If you want to increase your mindfulness insula, you don't want to be distracted do this it's very simple formula change it up, change up the sort of that you recite the soul does change up the drives that you may consider change up the car that you make. Anytime you do something to the point where it becomes familiar, you can do it on autopilot, you want to remove autopilot. Just like when you're driving, and you get lost. What do you say to the person if you're on the phone with somebody, you say, I gotta call you back. I need to focus I need to figure out where I'm going. So if you bring a solar that's unfamiliar to you bring us cars that are unfamiliar to you know them but

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you don't use them a lot. You increase your presence of mind