Khalid ibn Waleed in His Final Moments

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the struggles of the legal system during the life of thenoon of Halloween, including the deaths of various people and the struggles of women to achieve their goals. The speakers discuss the importance of the legal system and its use in modern times, including the use of artificial intelligence and the potential for women to become rich and successful. They also mention the struggles of women to achieve their goals and the importance of women being considered for their roles in society.
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The last four years of the life have hardly been when either the lottery was demoted, he couldn't go into the battlefield. This was the biggest test for Halloween when he after Hera for six months, he was stopped for going into the battlefield. And Khalid dubbed the year, the year of the women, the year of the women because he couldn't go and fight. And for the last four years of his life, he couldn't go and fight. And the narration mentioned that Holly didn't waste his time. He will recite the Quran man like holy moly, after God will recite the Quran. And

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he would say that Jihad has stopped me from learning the Quran. Now he made up for it from further until he would recite the Quran and he would cry out to the fear of law, continuously crowded the federal law. And after four years, we'll call it on the London was close to his death. So Pamela, can you imagine a man who fought numerous battles, both on the superposed is dying upon his bed, and a Sahabi came to him and he said, Honey, and he said, You know, when Amara demoted me, I felt bad in my heart. But now I realized that we're almost done was right, because Omar only wanted the pay for the believers, and I have nothing in my heart.

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And he was close to his death. And then ration mentioned when people walk in, he would show him this arms, that there was not a hand span on his arm, which did not have a wound upon it. It showed right. He was shown the left arm he was shown the chest will show him the legs. This is look at me. I fought over 100 deals, numerous battles, and I'm dying, my pet. Khalid is dying and

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somebody said to Khalid digital content, you understand that they the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the Judas soul Ummah, it was impossible for you to die on the battlefield. For if you died on the battlefield that would have meant that the sword of Allah was broken by an infidel, and the sword of a local never be broke, and 100 of the land contrary to his desires, died upon his bed. But see on the Battle of Mota, Khalid or the man who broke nine swords. Why? Because they were the sort of cardio as for Khalid himself, he was a lost soul, so he could never be broke. And the man who bought the two superpowers of the day to the knees, passed away upon his bed. But the truth is, that why

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shouldn't he desire? But didn't the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, about a matter that he is not given? goosal because his blood will be a witness for Shahada on the Day of Judgment. His clothes are not changed, because his clothes will bear witness for him on the day of gentlemen, a janazah according to many fuqaha is not preyed upon the Shaheed why, because Allah says in the

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peace of mind I am worth those who have passed away in the path of Allah don't say they are dead, but yeah, they're alive by Allah subhanho wa Taala. The truth is that harlots. Clothes may not be testimony to Shahada, his blood may not be a sham, I swear by Allah, every single shade of this will be testimony for Khalid bin Willie, because there has never been a Shaheed in this oma who has not been inspired by Khalid bin. Allah never been in this Omar has not been inspired by Harvey Molitor, the Allahu anhu and the ratio mentioned that he left behind the horse and he left behind the suit and he sent it to

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Omar so Ricky began to cry. Listen Abubakar, Judge men knew men far better than I did. He realized the virtue of Harley being bullied or the alarm. Can you imagine that horse that the hard left behind? Could any other man ride the horse that Harley wrote? No, because he would never be able to fulfill its right. Can any other man hold the suit that Harley? No because no other man would be able to fulfill his right because honey was on a different level. And then Rachel mentioned that when Holly Delano passed away, the women of zoom came out

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Cry, and Omar had a strict rule that women could not come out and cry. Even when

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he passed away the women gathered in the house of when they were crying Omar Omar dispersed. When it came to Holly Molly, the man came to him and they said Omar, the women of money must Zoo are crying over Khalid bin Walid. And Amara de la mejor mother Lucia, for the likes of Khalid, those who cry should cry for the likes of Khalid, those who cry should cry. And then the man who heard the mother of reciting the poetry, he said antihero mental fee elfin with Charlie, you are better than a million when men fall on their faces in front of you that you are more braver than a lion and the tiger and Sadie Mariusz Marley that you are more generous than the flood that come from down from

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the mountain and overheard the reciting this and he said the mother of Khalid bin Walid has spoken the truth, I swear by Allah. Khalid was better than a million at that time. He is better than a billion of today. But the truth is that they will never be another holiday

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by Allah. If you look at Khalid he was he was Frederick the Great, Genghis Khan, the Polian tame all of them in one, he was more all of them and more in one, and they will never be another Khalid bin Willie and Abu Bakar The land was said and he bought testimony to Khalid bin when he said that in the PSA.

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Women will never give birth to the likes of holly been bullied again. May Allah elevate the status of holly been bullied on our behalf. May Allah subhanaw taala reunited with the likes of Carly been bullied and the other Sahaba