The Story of a Verse

Ibrahim Hindy


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Imagine attending a celebration or a big event and not even knowing why it's being held. It's a big event and you're there but you don't understand why would you really benefit from being there if you didn't understand the purpose and the reason why this event or the celebration is taking place, we're about to enter into the month of Ramadan. How many people enter into the month of Ramadan not understanding why this month has taken place. What makes Ramadan special, it's the quarter end. If the Quran had not been revealed in Ramadan, it would have been a month like any other month. And if the Quran had not been revealed in Nathan, it would have been a night like any other night, the

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quota and is what gives Ramadan it's great special place and therefore for us to truly connect and benefit from witnessing this month is to connect through the book of a loss of Hannah with IOM. Join us in this month for our series, the story of a verse in each episode we will take a verse from the Quran and understand the story behind it. Through the stories we will connect deeper and deeper to the book of Allah during this month of the Quran.