Is It Permissible To Use Alcohol Sanitizer To Clean Hands

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Shaykh Abu Eesa

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Is it permissible to use alcohol sanitizer to clean one's hands?

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So the issue of alcohol is something which the scholars differ of in terms of its purity over its ingestion to drink it. Of course, there's a complete consensus we all know that is completely impermissible to drink a tiny amount large amount completely impermissible. What about the substance itself? Can we hand it it? Can we use ethanol, pure alcohol? Can we use any form of it, for example, to clean our hands, such as we have in the robes and the wipes and the gels and the sanitizers that we get access to?

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The majority of the alcohol actually considered it to be impure to be an unjust substance? And that's because when Allah subhanaw taala said in Susan Magadha, in nimal, himuro, was a pseudo one, unsolvable Islam originates from in our relationship on that,

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that intoxicants, the gambling, idolatrous practices, and divining arrows are rigs repugnant, and the work of Satan. They understood red is the word that I've just described as repugnant as niches. And that's the problem, there's actually very little evidence to suggest that the ridges here, which means shocking, disgusting, repugnant, as I said, that it actually means something which is impure, physically impure. And to add this, I mean, you know, there's a lot of discussions in the books about this in terms of the Tafseer is not very clear that it means anything other than disgusting, because if we're going to take it as impure, why are we only focusing on the on the alcohol? And on

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the Hummer? part, why not the one on gambling? Is that has some kind of physical impurity? What about the dividing arrows themselves? Are they physically impure as well? No, all of these are horrible, disgusting, shameful, repugnant acts. And that is my interpretation under Scotland under the interpretation of the minority of scholars. And frankly, I'm a bit of a nerd about this, I'm going to get nerdy for a second because this was a subject that I did

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my thesis on when I was an undergrad 25 odd years ago. And the evidence to actually consider alcohol to be impure just is not there. And in principle, everything is pure until it is proven to be impure. That's in general, quite clear. And we also have another principle as well, and that is that every nudges is haram, but every Haram is not necessarily nudges. So for example, poison poison is something which is of course haram to ingest, but no one in their right mind is going to say that it is physically impure, they are just chemical substances, well, whatever that particular poison is made of. And likewise, alcohol follows the same principle. So I'm a none of the contemporary

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scholars also believe this position. And so therefore, we believe alcohol to be completely pure as a physical substance, and it can be used and especially Of course, in these kind of conditions where we need something that rapidly and quickly can break down this whole structure of viruses and other infections, then it's something that can be used in abundance on any part of the body as long as it's not ingested. And it can be used in alcohol and Cologne and edcs and so on, so forth. Because the substance itself is pure, what level to highlight.

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