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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Welcome back to another episode of to my daughter, from the heart to the heart. Today we're going to talk about the molding of the memorial conduct. And I know I talked to you before honey about how Allah Subhana Allah Viola combined the rabada with the clock, already, just a quick reminder, remember this, that allows panel data when you combine the clock and diabetic for a reason.

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The reason is that when you find the Muslim that has a long beard, a short tube, and a coffee on their head, and then the swac but in the masjid, they act like a robot. At home, they act like a jack.

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I want to make sure that you don't grew up to be like that. I want you secretly to be better than your public life.

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I want you to hide your good deeds like you tried to hide your sins. I want your clock to be the reason that you walk the talk I want you to be an example for people that want to become an embrace Islam because of you not to stay away from Islam because of you.

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Because people will see your flock they will not read your book, they will not see you pray.

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They will only see the way you behave.

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The intentions are in the heart. No one knows that except Allah subhana wa Jalla viola, but people will see the opposite of that.

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So I'm going to ask you a simple question.

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What is the fruit of the iPad?

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I'm hoping you say is the luck. You're right.

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That's why Josie Rahmatullah la semana serba cockeysville Aflac savarkar COVID Dean, the one that actually excels is better than you that beats unit lock in the character indeed is better than you in the deed. You understand why there ibadah itself is a format I want to give you an example so you can relate to I want you to remember maybe I took you one time

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to the to see the animals in the zoo.

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If I were to ask you and I didn't tell you about a lion and the background of the line and what the lion does, but I take you there and maybe the keeper the gatekeeper was had too much food and falafel. Yanni. If you have too much in fulfill your falafel amela hobby. This is pure Egyptian joke Eonni this inside joke, if you note Alhamdulillah if you don't know Don't worry about it. I'll tell you about it later. What happened? They don't tell you what happened. And the gatekeeper doesn't lock the gate to the lion. If the lion gets free, who do you think is going to run me or you? I'm going to run because I know the truth about the line. And you don't just yet you may think it's just

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a big kittycat and you'll go up to Oh Katie exactly what they're exactly what the act of worship the fruit of his flock. So the surah the picture of the Salah is somebody don't like this. Yes, but the fruit of it

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is how you behave. And that's what we're gonna talk about today.

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Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola told us about it in the Quran. And prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said that in number two, the Atma McCallum, Allah fluc. Among the reasons the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was sent to us is to perfect

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our character and role model

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by talking about his character and role model, it will take a such a long time, but one day, we'll be with him again, as our ultimate goal. I mean,

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so Houston Hello. That moral conduct of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the one that will be with him on Judgement Day. How much would you pay to be with him on Judgement Day? How much would you pay to be lived with him? At the time in Medina? How much would you pay to defend them? Like this? Javier did remember the one that put his her hand in front of a sword to defend them?

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How much would you pay to listen to her and from him? or learn from him? How much would you pay to visit Medina?

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How much would you pay to die in Medina? How much would you pay to be resurrected with him?

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Or how much you would debate to let Allah allow him to intercede for you or to be with him in paradise. He gives you that invitation. My daughter, you know what he said? in Accra, Camila data from comida, Yama, Yama, he didn't see us a woman kawamata tnfa suffield jawwad la la, he is the most beloved to my heart amongst you and close to me on judgment day. He didn't say the one that prays fast, and we'd plan for Hajj every year. No, he says the best of you in character because of that exact reason I taught you.

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I taught you it's the luck is the character that is a reflection of your ibadah.

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And now, you have understand that there are those who want to reach the high level of fasting and praying. You know what he said?

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He said there is nothing that is going to be heavier in a scale on judgment day then personal look. Nothing is heavier on the scale on judgment day, that day you remember 99 files, long time you will see everything as far as you I can see 50,000 years you will need all the help you will get the heaviest thing on the scale is your character. And if you want to reach the high level of those who fast during the day, and pray during the night, you know what he said?

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He says we're in NASA Hubble hollow collab level be his largest survival. So what was the one that has the guest character, the moral conduct and behavior how they deal with others is the one will be at the same level of those with fast during the day, and pray during the night.

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So Elmo has about well maraca is exactly one of the fruits of the character and we talked about that

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the bill being benevolent is from personal holyoake is exactly a fruit of you being good character that is a reflection of your

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will if my hacker facade that whatever it is, let me teach you a lesson here, my dear daughter.

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Just in case you're on your own and you don't know anybody else around you. You don't know things are halal or haram. Guess what? I want you to remember what Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said in that Hadith?

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Are you ashamed to show what you did? to somebody else? Because he says, What is halal is you're not afraid to show to anybody. But what is that hurting you in your chest, your heart is not at ease. You're not comfortable with it, and you're not comfortable to show it to others, you're trying to hide it. Guess where that is going to fall, my dear daughter, that is going to be on the haraam. But if you're not afraid of it, and you know it's helpful, then that's exactly what you do. So whether I'm with you or not with you, now you have your measuring stick will always be with you.

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Again, the husband hook it is one of the reasons of the

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murder. Murder is the source of muhabba meaning more than love, and finishing the animosities Allah Subhana Allah Viola in the choir and said, Well, at least that will happen, I want to say yeah, it Fabien Leti acid is led by an echo in our other work no willian Hamid Allah

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says that good deed and a bad deed the evil lead is not equal indeed, is not it for I mean, push away that harm. By doing what with you o'clock your character in that one is better than what you get is to give better than to receive, give the character to others. If they see that the reflection of you, they become a good role model for them. Because if you meet bad with evil, who's gonna set the record straight, who's going to take us to the righteous side, who's going to take us from darkness to light? It has to be you. So he says, even the one that you have animosity is between the two of you. He says, if it's your camaraderie, the one that is close to you in the company, and who

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do you make peace with? It's your enemies. And that's why it says, Well, my locker,

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my locker high level hobnobbing and that is that you earn the high level of Paradise, according to that with your flock and your character. Guess what Allah Subhana Allah Allah gave Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, as we saw a shot of the Medal of Honor.

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You know what he said? We're in Naka, La Jolla. Hola, Navin, Allahu Akbar. He says you are the best of character. You are the best moral character, understanding that Allah subhanaw taala given him the attributes of that, know that he had the love of Allah Subhana Allah Villa

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dunia was in his hand. Nothing else. I want you to walk the talk. Same as he was our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I want you to have that Medal of Honor. Be proud of it, wear it so proudly on your neck to be with the flock of Prophet Muhammad Allah wa sallam

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among the flock and hamidah the good character among them is being good to parents, which next of kin. And remember, the one who reached out next of kin is the one that reaches for those who reach for them. Nay, the one who reaches for the next of kin is the one that is being cut off, and the reach for those who cut them off. So remember, reach for those who cut you off. Give those who deprive you. Be good to those who are bad to you. Do not oppress those who oppress you. And that's exactly what we're taught by our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his laser was Elmer McAfee. The one who reaches those who reach them is not the one not the one that rewarded.

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Well I cannot Walsall, Allah, either. kata Rahman was

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the one that caught the eye when they cut you off the reach for them. And that's exactly what I'm going to leave you on this stage. You reach for those who cut you off. You give those who deny you, you're good to those who are bad to you, and never oppress those who oppress you. I ask Allah to make you that role model for others. As that character, you walk in the footsteps of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam with that, I ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to bless you, my dear daughter, and have lessons upon us all, and gathers agenda after a long, healthy, righteous life with the one who said it sold