Eternal Eloquence – Finding Hope in Life

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses the most hope-inspired verse in the Quran, which is the verse that brings about the most possibility. They explain that this verse is specifically for the creator, not for anyone. The speaker also mentions a line from the Bible that references a woman who was able to meet the goddamn goddamn thing and drink from her hand, which is a sign of her love for the creator.

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What's the most hope inducing verse in the Quran? You know, some of the scholars they mentioned that it is yeah, by the way, the NASA for Allah Hussein Latok not to my Rahmatullah in the lucha de novo Jamia that Allah as a human he says, oh my slaves who have wronged themselves and that's all of us Latok Natoma Rahmatullah. Do not despair from the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins. That's a beautiful verse, Then you have others who said, No, it is the verse, the verse that brings about the most hope, in Allah as again is the verse where Allah says in Allaha de acuerdo, and you should be well, Rama Duna, daddy Kelemen Yasha, that Allah Azza your does not forgive, that should be

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associated with him, and he forgives everything that is less than that to whomever He wills. And that brings about a lot of hope as well, as long as the person has not committed * Allah as you're gonna say, I may forgive you. Another verse, however, is one in sort of Doha. And this is one position that was supported by leaving the authority without the law and who and he says that the family of the province alone I send them a man who will bait the family of the province a little I said, we consider the verse to be the most hope inducing. Well, so for your article, Booker, first of all, we are going to give you Oh Mohammed, and your Lord is going to continue to give you until

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you are pleased. Why is this the most hope inducing verse according to Allah, you've never thought it because Rasulullah Salallahu Salam is not going to be pleased until what? until every last member of his ummah, you, myself, everyone has entered into paradise, you will have no better human arbitrator on the day of judgment than the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And so even if this isn't the you know, the position that I particularly hold as far as the most hope inducing verse in the Quran, I love this verse in this conversation because it reminds us of the extreme love that the Prophet cellulitis and them has for us and ask Allah as they did that were able to meet him and they were

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able to drink from his hand and that he were able to enter into paradise with our beloved Salah hottie he was