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Oh turn of hearts. Make our hearts fast upon your religion our Lord don't cause our hearts to deviate after you've guided us and, and grant us mercy from yourself. You are the bestower of all provision. Oh Allah renew faith in our hearts. Renew faith in our hearts. I protect us from the accursed shaytaan poor patients upon us and allow us to die as Muslims our Lord. Indeed we heard a call or calling to faith saying Believe in your Lord and we believe our Lord so forgive us our sins and remove from us our misdeeds and cause us to die with the righteous protect my heart from making anyone or anything your rifle Oh Allah protect our faith and protect me and my children from

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worshipping idols. Oh Allah guide me a guidance after which I will never be misguided. Oh Allah guide me a guidance after which I will never be misguided and make my heart fully yours, never to be divided. Oh Allah as you guided me to Islam, do not take it away from me. Allow me to die as a muslim and allow me to see the truth as being truth and grant me the ability to follow it and allow me to see falsehood as falsehood and grant me the ability to avoid it. Allah asked you for guidance and piety and chastity and self sufficiency. Oh Allah the Turner of hearts. Turn our hearts to your obedience. Oh Allah, the Lord of Djibouti, then mica in Israel I feed the Creator of the heavens and

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earth who knows the unseen and the seen you judge amongst your servants concerning their differences? Guide me with your permission and what has been disputed about the truth. For you guide whom you wish to the straight path. Place light in my heart light in my tongue light in my hearing and light in my sight light above me light below me. Light on my left and light on my right light in front of me. Light behind me place light in my soul. And grant me great light