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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the potential D-cell (D horse) in Southern California and encourage people to practice the concept of being a Muslim person and realize Islam is beautiful. They also give instructions on how to connect to Jesus through a bat or hot bath. The discussion covers topics such as protection from death, the importance of protection from fleecing from danger, and the need for protection and safety. Viewers are encouraged to visit AQL's website for a copy of the PDF.
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salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who beloved brothers and sisters, it is the last 10 days of Ramadan, a time when we are reflecting and asking Allah's forgiveness and protection from the hereafter protection from the hellfire and the the anxieties of the hereafter. Today in sha Allah though I want to cut away for a moment here in Southern California, we have been having yesterday, a small earthquake again today. And we were just informed that between August 12 and 14th, there's a possibility in Southern California for a more severe 6.1 or something on in that area in that range, another earthquake. Because of this, we're going to add a DUA, a supplication that the Prophet

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Muhammad Sallallahu. It was salam made, which is very appropriate for this time. A few things for us to realize the fact that the Prophet peace be upon him, Ali Salatu was Salam lived in the desert and made such to us, made such supplications No, gives us the understanding that he knew that there this religion would spread, and that would come and it was going to come for something that we needed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not only made dua for his ummah, but he also remembered us. He loved us and wanted us to call upon Allah in all situations. So what I'm going to ask you to do wherever you live right now, go ahead and take some time to learn this dua. Our main intention is

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that you make this dua and turn to Allah and recognize it is Allah to whom we will return. So when we pass, we want to leave this world in the best of ways. It's a little bit lengthy, but I will tell you, it's a beautiful dua that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made, let's go ahead and practice it together. If you'd like to, you can go to a que el online Ockel online.com and click on the DUA series or you'll find it under rubbed for Ramadan. It's a little tab that says do our review. There's a actual PDF there where you can follow along see the Arabic and also have a chance to read the meaning along with me. I'll give you a moment. Go ahead and pull that up. And let's

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start together.

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A law whom in knee rule Zubeida a law whom in knee rule Zubeida Minette, the rod de Mina and then connect to that that means that the OD D one had me one had the Mi one AHA ra P. One Hara T.

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The first phrase altogether we're starting from the beginning Allahumma inni, Rusu. Beaker, minute, Rod de minute, what the one handed me one of arati will Hara or one Herati. Here you are saying oh my lord, oh Allah indeed we seek refuge from you from falling from above, from being buried by debris or being covered by debris from drowning and from burning. You ask Allah protection from a death or from a state of being trapped under rubble, you're asking Allah subhanaw taala not to fall from a height. You're asking Allah subhanaw taala to be saved from drowning and to be saved from from getting burned. The next section of the DUA. What rule Zubeida wa l Rouge zu Vika What are EU

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Zubeida now take the next word. It's lengthy it's gotta shut this sometimes the W throws us off a yet. Ha ha now I want you to connect to the bat. And yet I get a hot bath and yet a hot bath. For me yes shape or no or in Dell mode. We're gonna take it all together. What our rules do Vika a Yetta hob Belpre hob, basketball bat ball? A Yetta hob Bella knee yes shade or no rain dial note. We seek your referee feed your protection of Allah. We seek your refuge and protection from being misled by shaytaan by Satan whispering to us at the time of our death at the time of our note. Let's do that word again. I can see some of you kind of not so comfortable with the word and yet the hub belanja

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Shavon takes a little bit of time. What do Vika and Jada hub and yet hub?

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A yet the hub bah bah knee yes shave

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For new Erindale melt, and oh Allah protect us, save us. Give us refuge from being misled at the time from Shavon at the time of our death. Let's go to the next. We'd like to read it from the beginning. Okay, let's read it from the beginning.

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Allahumma inni Uzu Vika Zubeida minute 31 had me one Hora T one harati What rules do Vika Yatta hub Bella Bonnie Shavon are in the note. Now again we're gonna go through the last two phrases. What? Rule Zubeida and I seek Your protection I seek refuge with you what our rule is do Vika and muda and muda fees be Lika? Moodle Bill one Moodle Bill one one roof Zubeida en muda fi Serbia Lika muda Buren and I asked her protection from fleeing or turning my back from the battlefield

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from feeling fleeing from the battlefield. What are you Vika? What are Oh Zubeida and mood fees be? Lika moody B Iran. What was ubica and the last phrase and Moutere led di hor led di hor we're rude rules do Vika and muda le de la and I seek Your protection from a death la de la from a venomous animal from the bite of a venomous animal. May Allah protect us from being bitten by snakes, spiders, and also the encounters that may happen in the wild. We might take this as something small or something that where am I going to meet a Komodo dragon? But look at where you're bringing Allah subhanaw taala into the picture and how you're bringing him into the picture that you even are

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preparing and asking him because he is the one who has control of where and how we are going to pass. We're going to read that last two sections one more time. What are all the Vika and Moutere fees? Be Lika Moodle be around what our rules do bigger and water, la de la mela protect all of you keep you safe. Remember that these are the signs of Allah around us in the world that we live right now be from the first day of Ramadan from the shooting that happened after the Batman movie. We are being reminded from the Sikh temple shooting from the burning of the masjid from the earthquakes that are affecting us they might be small they might not be they might be something common if you're

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local here, but there are signs from Allah subhanaw taala we have to remember the people around the world who are being slaughtered under the statement and being abused because they utter the statement that you know had Allah let's bring Allah subhanaw taala into the picture. Make dua and protection for to Allah protection from the hellfire and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you a death of a blessing and a calm tranquil heart and this is a chance for us to make dua Allahumma inni wubi come in at the rod De Waal had me while harati while harati were rude lubega Yet the hub bertanya Shavonne are in that mode. Where are all Zubeida and mood taffy surbey Lika mood to be

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alone What are all do Vika and muda deogarh May Allah protect you keep you safe, feel free to share the video. And if you have, if you need the copy of it, you can find it at AQL online.com and you'll see the PDF there may Allah bless you and I'm hoping to see you soon. Zack Allahu khairan wa salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah.