Muhammad Alshareef – How to Develop Hidayah (True Guidance) In Your Heart

Muhammad Alshareef
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Start in like, two three minutes. So give people a chance to tune in while we're hanging out waiting for people to tune in. Why not say Sam, where you're from? And let's get some budget. I say Sam, you say Sam and we both get a budget like that

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I say slam you say Sam, you both get some Ajit?

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First Salam Xotic Muschamp automatic missin, Ma sha Allah

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we got underboss it in Malaysia about like Muslim Bush Alec Muslim and

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sell my Lim Hamden polygamous, Anna, Sammy and England. NSRA Christina

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Trisha says I found yours yet welcome from Youtube. Welcome to the YouTube folk.

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Welfare in Calgary welcome Assam man one a Mubarak Malik Muslim Busia from Trinidad Jessem watching in Dubai like Muslim Sally in Minneapolis

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newer in Bangladesh Hasina in Queens.

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Saima reminded me of Ramadan from the live streamers in Sri Lanka they come from

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nice statuary it says I saw the notification on my Insta also okay. I tried to get the Instagram to work and it's working. So that's nice. Fresh here in the Philippines from Assam. Samira like Mr. Nam Trisha says I have to find you on Instagram too.

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I'm the boss said the the

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stream multiple platforms is called restream there's more than one. This one's called restream

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alright, we'll get started in 30 seconds. So any final stanza will begin

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in stop

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Thank you Nolan.

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It's nice because even for me, I think even though people have started to go back to work and whatnot or are starting to go out it's still you know what, we've been in lockdown for like two months. And we still need the huddles.

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He make

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let's get started. I don't want to keep you guys and

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let us begin.

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From the LA salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was so heavy you will know why that I'm bad as sunnah Malik, one of the library cattle. Welcome to today's episode of The Daily huddle. It's not too late travels by like, you know, I had a really good time doing the Taliban truffles, in particular, actually, you know, opening up the books of tafsir and going deep with one verse, and no matter which verse I would look into and think to myself, You know what, the verse is pretty strict, straightforward. What am I going to speak about? But no matter what verse I would open up, there was always something for me to learn. And that's the bedrock of the Quran. So I'm really excited to take

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this as an opportunity for me to continue to be connected with the Quran and sharing with you Inshallah, tada give myself a deadline, and come on, and share with you guys. So

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today's topic, we're going to talk about the number one dog so ALLAH SubhanA, Allah tells us revealed sorts of effects out revealed sorts of effects and it's a gift to the OMA and inserted. Fatiha is a dog. So the beginning of the surah is

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praising Allah and glorifying Allah and Allah but I mean, middle of the as the difficulty says it

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between the slave and

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between the slave and his Lord and whatever the slave asked for they will have. And then the next thing is Allah subhanaw taala teaches us a DUA to say puts it on our tongues. And we say this door 17 times a day in suits and Fatiha in our salah, and throughout our lives. So of all the things we could be asking Allah subhanaw taala for what does Allah want us to ask for? And what Allah Subhana Allah wants us to ask for is he there is guidance, Idina. As soon as I was talking at dinner, Siddhartha was talking, guide us to the straight path. So there's,

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first off, if you ever want a dog that encompasses or encompasses, all goodness, all goodness, it's a visitor off, which is guide us to the straight path, because the straight path will bring with it, all the goodness of this dunya and all the goodness of the Hereafter, it's the true success. And it's just these few words, guide us to the straight path. Now, if somebody is already Muslim, and the reciting sorts of Fatiha and, and they're saying this again, and again and again and again, you know, I get this question. Sometimes when we're doing visionair. And somebody says, should we repeat our drawers? Or doesn't Allah know what's in our heart? Why do we have to keep saying the drawers?

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And my response to them straight up is if it didn't sit on them was the P. So if we're supposed to only say a dot once, and that said, and Allah knows and and it's done deal, then why do we keep saying animal slaughter was the theme again and again and again? So I tell the person what you're asking, does it make sense? Yes. So

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the verse says a dental surgeon was stuffing teaching us guide us to the straight path. There are two types of hidayah two types of guidance as you will as the scholars will say that number one is if Shad is got earshot, Hidayat, it'll shadow which is to be guided to see the clear path, or the straight path, to be guided to see the straight path, to see it in the first place to get knowledge of it. I know people ask this question, what if somebody never heard about a snap and stuff like that and whatnot, but here's like, we're asking you unless Panasonic to show us the truth, and to show it and guide us to the straight path. So guide us meaning like,

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show it to us, teach us, let us always be have that, in our knowledge, have it in front of us, what is the straight path, and you know, cilantro stuck to him? And it you know, it humbles a person, because sometimes we think that all of our knowledge that we have is like that's it, I'm my brain is perfect. No, my knowledge is perfect. It's not, we're always asking us to guide us to strip out that shit. So what we thought yesterday might be today, we realize, hey, you know what, I was misguided on that. I didn't know that was not correct. And we're always in this state of searching for the straight path. The second part of this is he died is tofu. Because a lot of people might be shocked.

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tofield is that Allah is pannacotta blesses you to accept the truth, when you find it, to accept that I got something really exciting for you guys in a second, hold up. I'm going to show you three ways to to grow this diet in your heart. So that just let me tell you one last point. So that when we find that the day until fear is not like we might see the truth around us, but how many people are told the truth, but something stops them from not accepting that that something could be maybe it's their house or their own desires. They don't want to give up their own desires. They don't want to follow the truth. Or maybe it's family members or the culture that they're in or something like

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So he they need to feel you're asking Allah subhanaw taala you say it did not set out to Mr. Clean you saying oh Allah when that truth comes, make me of those who accepts the truth, the people who you have favor, and I'm telling him so.

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There are three ways and this is from the Quran three ways to develop he died in your heart three ways to develop he died in your heart and it's really interesting how to develop today in your heart would you guys like to answer try to answer that first? How do you develop this he died in your heart.

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It was new to me and I thought it very uplifting. That's why I'm asking you guys first. Let's see how many of you know some of these things that I'm about to say? I'm gonna say three ways from the Quran that teach you how to develop a dire guidance in your heart

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and keep you firm. I'll give you about 10 seconds and then the comments will start raining down. How do you develop he died in your heart. How do you grow? He dies he dad was a flower in your heart. How would you grow it? How would you water your heart if you will?

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oh five seconds and then I'll continue on I know there's a slight delay

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machine says Quran Yeah

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No She also says sulla sort of

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Shireen says vicar

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quinean says recurrent daily the root Sharif knowledge remembering a lot Okay, so

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no sheen hit it on the on the head.

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She's got a lot of the good ones okay

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so here's number one to develop guidance in your heart number one is reciting. The first one is reciting Quran thinking about it and implementing it reciting Quran so recite Asia there's some people that sit and recite all the time right but you also need to think about the Quran and you also need to implement what you're reciting so

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then he can kita book in which there is no doubt who then

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it's a guidance for the WhatsApp team. So in certain shots at reciting in Serato muster theme and like two verses later, two verses later years

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as no doubt it's guidance for the month there in the Quran. So after Ramadan, I know in normal that you will probably be reciting a lot after Ramadan you want to continue in that we citation the contemplation and implementing what you're learning from the Quran that grows he Daya in your heart as Allah as part of the artist says that this Quran is a hidden little meta theme. The second thing is which is interesting is

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a model to massage it. So the model is to establish is to build is to grow. So it's to maintain so let's Peridot it says in the Quran in Amazonia moral message you don't lie you men and then

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you will Yeoman

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almost Mala camo Salah

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Zechariah tell me after in long, long

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enough to know that.

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In this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says in nama Yamama masajid are like Ananda, they'd be lonely, that the masks the masajid are maintained by those who believe in Allah on the last day and established prayer and gives a cap and do not fear anyone except Allah for it is expected that they will be of the right lead guided. So ALLAH SubhanA data says that in order to be one of those who has that, to have he Dahlia, you should focus on a model to massage in a model to massage it means to maintain them. Now maintain them could be always going to the masjid pains for the establishment of the masjid, maybe paying and donating to the support of the massage the upkeep of the massage, to

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invite people to the masjid to you know, facilitate domestic clean, so people would like to keep coming to the massage, and so on and so forth. It's Paola as the massage and you know, one of the saddest things for me. I mean, I'm the last Ramadan was awesome.

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The Stay At Home Alone, but just looking and seeing a masjid, you know, it might have its lights on but the doors are closed. That's really sad. And some of the events in like some of the Muslim countries, when they would say via then from the masajid, they would say in the event allows so low fee, we will take a small low feminazi to indeed pray in your homes, and they would say this in the event and it's and it hurts. So may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to continue to you know, protect us from this virus and open the masajid and make us of those who maintain the masajid and that's where he comes from, for I sat with aka called them in and what they did. So first off, he said

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number one is the Kitab Allah the book of Allah, then it can be tabula rasa if you hold unlimited minutes and guidance for the Motor theme, so we're looking at the Quran. The second thing is

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the second thing is establishing the masajid establishing the salon established, as we said, and that is from the Moto D and the people are guided are going to be the ones who do this. And finally the last one our last point for today is

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racing to do good deeds praying at the early times whenever you have an opportunity to do a good

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Did you race to be one of the first to do it? Which is interesting because and I'll read the verse for you, but a verse that a lot of people are familiar with Allah subhanaw taala says about hypocrites, way the camo, a la sala de pomme Khazanah that if they stand up for prayer, they stand up lazily. And Allah subhanaw taala so one of the ways to grow this hidayah in your heart is to raise to do good deeds. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Why is he don't love levena Tao who would an Allah increases those who are guided in guidance. So when you do things that are, you know, Allah subhanaw taala commanded to do it and you race towards that must come to forbid something, you stay

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away from that and you're racing to do these good deeds, and you're racing to you know, pray at the early time and so on. All of those things lead to the day in your heart increasing and growing stronger, Allah Tada.

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So yeah, just a little reminder, from this beautiful dog, we say every day, and inshallah Tada as you're reciting it a little bit more in your neck, Salas and your neck, certain sites it has and so on, they'll say,

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in the

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serratus J path. And you'll think more about it.

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And that's it. I'm done. If anybody has a question, you want to chill and chat we'll do like 10 minutes or so

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that I say.

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And a special shout out to the Instagram folks who are tuning in. That's nice. Happy to have you.

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If you're tuning in from Instagram, I'll give you a special bump

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and Periscope to so I'm really excited about Instagram, and YouTube and Periscope. So from us Allah.

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When it gets the real Hamlet's a lot, but I don't think it's the real Muhammad's life. It's my friend Mohamed salah. Right?

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How do you motivate yourself? So what I say is or what I give the analogy of nobody needs to motivate themselves to eat chocolate ice cream. So chocolate ice cream, if you like chocolate ice cream, I don't like chocolate ice cream I like you know, whatever. But for

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okay, how do you motivate yourself to pray with concentration?

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So we're getting a little specific as gage separated your questions into two comments. No worries.

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Concentration. So I think you have been First off is the intention. Do you want to pray with concentration? Or do you want to just get this over? So the first thing is you want to come with the intention, I want to pray with concentration. And if you want to do that, and you've made the intention, then just finding out there's a really nice book online and somebody can can actually, I don't know if you posted in the comments, maybe they don't see it. But I'm 33 ways 33 Ways to Increase who sure and prayer concentration and prayer. It's a beautiful book. And it'll have you know the symbols such as using miswak such as going early to the prayer such as you know making dua

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between then and the comma, such as repeating what the will fn says all of those things will lead to a person being able to calm down and relax before they get into their prayer. But what I found in Salah when you want to concentrate in Salah, you need to understand and focus on what you're making what you're reciting in your prayer if you don't know what you're reciting, it's really hard to concentrate. When when you just don't know what you're saying. So going into sensitive for example, say Subhana Allah and if you understand what that means, and you try to be present in the likes of Hana, you know Glory be to rub the My Lord, Allah the Most High and you keep you know, understanding

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what you say, inshallah Tada you'll find that that calmness and that concentration comes along. Tyler Anna

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Boom, boom, I need another question

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and also, yeah, well, I'd like to bring this up just like in these hard times the masajid closed, especially in the West, where masajid are, are maintained and lifted up by the by the donations of people. So it's not government sponsored massage. These are just, you know, the regular people and a lot of the a lot of these masajid because people were praying at home and they were coming to miss they missed their annual fundraisings that happened in Ramadan, they didn't hit their target goals, and a lot of masajid really depend on that. So just a special shout out for those massages. I know sometimes there's

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competing. Not there's no competition. I mean, but but it seems like that sometimes that you have multiple fundraisers once for MSG awards for needy people, which do you give to that one is because because we're speaking about masajid here, I want people to understand that establishing the method leads to other good things happening. It's like a base for goodness to go in other areas as well. So it's not that I'm just choosing between a building and a human being. That's not what we're talking about here. This is beta law and the establishment of beta law the house of Allah leads to higher that happens in in so many other directions. So it's like going to a source that hands out and gives

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to others so there's no need to put one fundraiser down over the other may Allah subhanaw taala provide for all.

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Hi, this question comes from a Facebook user.

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The question is I want to motivate and make dua Why do I not feel much driven to make dua I will offer some love but I also wish to make them more and more to Sokolow higher

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I want to motivate and make

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so if you try to motivate yourself to make drawing want to make more and more draw but you don't find yourself motivated. I have my like what I would say is that it's probably because the things you're making the off for are not exciting you and if they're not exciting you that's probably why you're trying to build a motivation to do it because you don't care about so my quick responses may draw for the things that you want to make the off for and then you won't need to motivate yourself if you care about what you're making not for

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Alana Alon

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What age is good to start memorizing the Quran obviously it's I think kids are different some kids are really into it and they you know, they they connect with memorizing Quran some of them are just like they're just not into it. If you have somebody

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if you have somebody have a child that is alright with it, maybe around age seven they memorize young they memorize early and they get it done.

00:23:33 --> 00:23:36

Inshallah, but it depends

00:23:44 --> 00:23:45

Alright, one last question

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Nancy says once you have said this a cat goes to poor people and Sadako goes to the massages Yeah, that's right. So

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sadaqa can go in different directions exec has very specific and it has to be paid in in specific ways and cash and we can buy people you can't spend people's account money and give them like, oh, we bought your groceries with the money of yours account. Right? So Zack has a very specific whereas other side is more general. And so if in your met in your messages, they had that policy that if somebody pays the cat doesn't go to the masjid it goes to the needy people hamdulillah that's great. I was just generally speaking about donation money, donation money in general somebody will have donation money and say Oh should I give to the message I give to poor people inshallah Tada give to

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both Why not both.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:45

Final question or final comments

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

what time we will come alive from now on. I don't

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notice I haven't selected a specific time yet. I'm just gonna let it happen naturally there will be I think after a few more days, I'll naturally get inclined to a specific time I'll kind of like keep falling back on the same time and I'll base it on my organic

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like timings how whatever you know the time that I feel, but generally speaking, if you're on now, chances are tomorrow I might be on around the same time Zack Allah Hi, Nora. I know you're always tune in for them and you care about tuning in live and I appreciate that. Zach Lohan everybody that tuned in. I'm happy to have you guys from Periscope and from YouTube and Instagram. Zack, I don't know how many people tuned in from an Instagram but I'll go check after this. And Sean McDonough

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Alright, so Monique. Well, I'm the one that I get to see you tomorrow. That sometime somewhere

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