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The speaker is asking the audience to provide helpful wellness and guidance for their health and life. They ask the audience to make them happy and achieve their goals. The speaker also asks the audience to be guided and held accountable for their actions.

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Oh Allah I asked you for beautiful provision for wellness in my hearing my body and my vision of Allah suffice me with what is halal over that which is haram and make me not in need of anyone other than you. Oh Allah. I asked you for beneficial knowledge, goodly provision and acceptable deeds. Oh Allah asked you for guidance, piety, chastity and self sufficiency. Oh Allah, I asked you for steadfastness and all of my affairs and determination and following the right path, I asked you to make me thankful for your blessings, and to make me worship you properly. I asked you for a sound heart and a truthful tongue. I asked you for the best of what you know and I seek refuge in You from

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the worst of what you know. And I seek your forgiveness for what you know, I asked you to make me true in speech in times of pleasure and anger, and moderate in poverty and wealth. And I ask you for everlasting delight and joy that will never cease. I asked you to make me pleased with what you have decreed. And for an easy life after death, I asked you for the sweetness of looking upon your face and a longing to meet you in a manner that doesn't entail a calamity that will bring about harm, or a trial that would cause deviation, Oh Allah, beautify s with Dormans have faith and make us amongst those who are guided and guiding others. I asked you for all good, good now and good later and what

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I know to be good and what I don't Oh Allah, as you guide me to Islam, I ask that you do not take it away from me and that I be a Muslim until I die. Oh Allah, I ask you for your love, and the love of those you love and the love of actions that will garner me your love, oh Allah asked you for good health and contentment with your decree good character, pure wealth, patients integrity, oh Allah asked you for the means of Your mercy and forgiveness. The benefit of every good deed and safety from all sins, I asked you not to leave any sin of mine, once you forgive it, or any distress, but you relieve it or any need that is pleasing to you, but you meet it.

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Oh Allah make my secret state better than my public state and make my public state righteous. Oh Allah asked you for the righteous and wholesome of what you grant to people of wealth spouses and offspring. That which is misguided or misguiding. Allah I ask you of your mercy, that you guide by it my heart and gathered by my affairs and bring together that which has been scattered of my affairs and correct with it, that which is hidden from me and raised by that which is apparent from me. Allah give me faith and certainty after which there is no disbelief and mercy by which I may attain the highest level of your bounty in this world and the hereafter Oh Allah, I ask you for

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success on the day of judgment, and the position of the martyrs and the provision of the successful an aid against my enemies. Oh Allah, I leave to you my need, and my actions are weak. I'm in need of your mercy.

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I am in need of your mercy. So I asked you Oh, decider and decree are of all affairs, and oh healer of what's within the breasts. I ask that you separate me from the punishment of the blazing flame.

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And from seeking destruction from the trial of the great

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Oh Allah, whatever my opinion has fallen short elf. And my intention hasn't reached. And my request hasn't encompassed of good that you've promised to anyone from your creation or any good you're going to give to any of your slaves. I asked you for it.

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I seek it from by Your Mercy, Lord of the Worlds Oh, possessor of everything. I asked you for security on the day of fear and Paradise on the day of immortality, along with the prophets and the martyrs in the righteous and those who bow and prostrate and those who fulfill their promises. You are unlike man the merciful and would do the Loving You do what you wish. Oh Allah make us guided guiders and not misguided misguided errs. Make us protectors to your friends and an enemy to your enemies. We love due to your love those who you love.

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Make us love we love and oppose who oppose or Allah. I asked you for the doing of good deeds and the avoiding of since and for the love of the poor. Oh Allah. I ask you paradox

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and I seek protection from the fire