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The speaker discusses the acceptance of women as human beings and how it is difficult for them to see the way they want to see it. They also mention the importance of acceptance and being embarrassed to ask for it. The speaker suggests that men should not be embarrassed to ask for it and that women should be given the option to see it in a different way.

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Now, so many people are asking about this particular point, which is like your sister called me on Islam channel the other day and she said, she had been making drop out of God for so many things and some of the girl was accepted and some of my job was not accepted. So, why? And I guess every single one of you in these days have this question in mind because of this pandemic because of COVID-19. So many people are dying, so many people are touching it, so many people are losing their jobs, it is a terrible situation. Really, it is a difficult situation. I say to people, that every single door is accepted and answered by a larger data. acceptance is one thing, even the drop from the disbelievers

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is accepted and answer provided that you are asking Allah, Allah alone, then awarded Allah will answer this.

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But the secret is Allah, Allah Allah is answering view to the way he sees it, not the way you want it. Again, a login unsets your, the way he sees it better for you, not the way you want it for yourself. Because Allah knows and we don't know as our devices we don't want to but I don't. I sat and Takahashi

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Boucher or whatever you might like something but it is bad for you. You might dislike something and it is what good for you alone.

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Let alone as simple as that. What is the proof that Allah God accepts every single girl? Allah Allah Allah says, Allah robocon delone as stated, it is clear, yes, asked me, I will answer your TA. And not only that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah Allah Allah is a human carry means like Haley means he has this, this quality of higher, what does it mean? Maybe we can say just for English purpose, that he is embarrassed to let his slave to beg him and then he says, take nothing go back.

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I would not do that. Allah would not do that. He will put something in your hands. So that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says anyone who is asking Allah Allah anything, either like either we'll give it to him in this dunya or Allah, Allah Allah will give it to him in the after all Allah you know Allah protect him from even things that would have happened to him without to destroy so brothers and sisters, be confident Allah, Allah, Allah is answering every single dollar if you are asking him directly and sincerely, but the secret is our answer view your art the way he sees it beckoned for you, not the way you see it better for yourself.