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In this 51st episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alwadood


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The host discusses the confusion surrounding Islam's name and its various aspects of life, including social and political environments. They also touch on the loss of habitat and the concept of "lesson love" as a way to commit a sin. The speakers stress the importance of finding love in a situation and its potential harm, as it can be a risk of love. They also discuss the importance of love in relationships and its source of pleasure.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to another episode of the 99 names. I am your host, Fidel Khan. I have here with us on moto sugar. I said on Monday from everybody like What are y'all doing? I'm doing fantastic. How's everybody else doing? Awesome.

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So, um

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this next episode or this episode, this episode we are doing the beautiful name of Allah. Allah dude. Dude, Allah dude. Okay? Why dude, so a dude comes from the word would would like which means yes tree what exactly

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comes from wood, which means love, okay, wood means love. I thought hug means love your

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us kind of say your hope. But that didn't work. There are lots and lots of words for love in the Arabic language, okay, they all have different, you know, Professor mindset that you can see you can get an idea of the society based on the language in terms of what they valued based regard from or what they're familiar with, based on how many different words they have for particular so the Arabs have an exactly that they have that phrase Exactly. And actually teach it in my class because the concept is, the more Name something has indicates the greatness of that thing. Okay, in that society, right. And so we then ask the question, what in American society has a lot of names snow?

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No, you have a lot of different descriptions to describe snow like what you have snow, you have powdered snow, you have flakes, you have icicles, you have like, like the idea and the environment of snow. However, in Arabic, how many words they have that describes the different facets and the different descriptions of snow? Probably just one. And that word means ice. And it means like,

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you're right, that's, that's okay. I see what you're saying. But we always come back to the name that had the most. Okay, and that is Money. Money. All right, we got we got cash we got. We got on and on. Yeah, there's just so many different names for money and everybody just starts you know, and right. Home, you can comment with names for money that Yeah, what are all the names or money that you raise your money? Because there's just so many, and it's just very natural. It's not like we, you know, Webster tried to, you know, teach all of these names for money, right? It's just culturally people just and that shows you how important it is in society. Right? Another

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is alcohol. Right. And Arabs had that too. Okay, another is marijuana. Lots of different names for that just from nickels and dimes and

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purple haze.

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Dickie notices. I don't know what that was.

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Okay, that's it that well, I don't know. What does it have to do with anything? Well, the whole HTC thing? I don't know.

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Is that what it is? Oh, okay.

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That's new to me. So okay, this, I'm sorry, if you thought you were gonna listen to a religious lecture.

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We just completely went off. We normally do. I mean, this is not

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good. They see this. Yeah. Can you stop doing that?

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Are we saying so we were talking about the more names something has as indicative of the greatness of that thing? I mean, so it's even like not even names but gestures. Right? Like, you don't have to say it. Yeah, exactly. moolah. It's got its own sign language that everybody understands. So the Arabs had a lot of names for love. They had over 300 names for the lion. Oh, they had many names for the sword. Okay. They were people who Ward and they had many names for alcohol. And idea consistent, consistent or Islam carried over that concept. Of course, so the day of judgment has incredible amounts of names, okay? Because it's the greatest day and this is one of the reasons why Allah has

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given himself so many names. And Allah Subhana data has many names. Okay, unknown number of names. Okay. So, and medic, no, we're doing now and we'll do but even Rasul Allah says, Allah has so many describes the same as many names. He says, My name is Mohammed and Ahmed and Mahi and that hash it and an affidavit and there are others as well. So the Prophet symbolized and had many names because he's the greatest as well so that the concept is true. Yeah. And I'm sure other cultures as well, the more important it is, yeah, the more names it gets, okay. Would means love? and What dude is the one who loves Yeah, and the facilitator of love. what's beautiful about that? Let's just stop. When

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we talk about the names of Allah one of the goals is for people to know who Allah Subhana Allah is now when you were to if you were to just go outside love himself is love Allah Subhana Allah loves Yes. Oh, he loves he loves. Now, if a person were to simply just go out and interview 1000 Muslims, yeah.

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How many of them would think that Allah Subhana Allah is loving, that's the image that comes off off the bat. Most people I would argue, do not think of Allah.

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to pan out as a loving God, if they do not know who he is okay, because of their experience because they learn about the rituals before they learn about the Spirit because they feel overburdened because Muslims who are practicing are very judgmental, and they themselves are not loving and so they think that they are a reflection of the gods that they worshipped. And that couldn't be further from the truth. Right. And so a loss of habitat is that will do not only is allied with the name and will do the peers, I believe twice in the Koran. And the first where it comes in the lamb for okay is where Allah subhana wa tada says, well, who I love a fool I do it. Okay. Allah says he is giving

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adequate Dude, that is a great question. Let me look up where it is.

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Oh, it's it's one of the books, of course. Okay. Salter Budaj. That's the story about when the Yemeni King and the boy and the king and him committing genocide of the people who believed Yes, so loss of habitat says a little of what we're doing the large images for our Animal Unit. The point here is a lot of pairs, these two names and one of the things that you have to pay attention to when you're reading the Koran is why are some names paired together? Like what's the because every two names that are paired together gives birth to, you know, an additional layer, it gives you more access and more insight. And so when you look at these two names, I look for the all forgiving and

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then we'll do it Vulovic. What is what is the lesson that we're learning here from the pairing of these two names together? And the lesson is, is it shows you the difference between a loss love and human love because humans can be hurt by those who they love? Yeah, to a level where that love cannot come back again. Okay, right. You're hurt by someone so much that you say to them, even if I can learn to forgive you things are never going to be the same again. Right?

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And that's that, and that can happen from very forgiving people. You know, I'm gonna I'm gonna hop up a band came to him. And Omar asked him, he said to him

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I asked you by Allah Hmm. Did you kill my brother's eight? Hmm. Because aid was killed in the battles against moose, a llama. And so when they look upon his older brother, so when Zaid and Zaid was, you know, so close to this is this isn't the the worst yes or no the campaign against Salem and kidnap okay. I'm seeing him had declared himself to be a false prophet. Yes, people with him. And you know, the battles of why Mohammed Ah, the Sahaba came, let me read and say the Mahatma was killed there. Okay. And so, so these people, these people accepted Islam, and they ended up, you know, he ended up I ended up meeting him. So he asked him, he said, Did you kill my brother's eight?

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And he said, Yes, I did in battle. Yeah. And then I almost said to him, Well, then keep my face, keep your face away from me, because I will not love you as long as the earth does not love blood. Like, we're never going to mix like oil and water. Okay. And so the man said to him, is your lack of love for me going to withhold me any of my rights? I said, No. He said, What do I care about your love?

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He said, I care about you. I love that. In my opinion. He said he said the only people who cry over lost love as women I don't care doesn't bother me as long as I get my rights. But the point here is that almost all the Alon who is great as he is, he's not. I mean, that's an injury that just can't be healed. He's saying to him, that's not gonna happen. And so a loss of Hannah data he says, though, that he has a Not only is he the offer giving, but a lot of how not to add is a dude, he will love you, even after after that you commit a sin, no matter how great that is, it's fair to say the greatest thing that somebody can commit a ship, of course, and even then, as long as somebody is

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alive, and they repent and make Toba from that, Allah Subhana, Allah loves them. Okay? That's incredibly amazing and powerful. And I'm just trying to think about what the human equivalent of that none. No, I'm saying the human equivalent of the idea of committing shirk, right. Like somebody like your parents raised you or whatever, and you completely disown them consider somebody else, your parents for whatever reason. Okay. And then you come back to your parents with, would it be the same?

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Maybe, I don't know. I mean, the human equivalent, I think there are many human equivalents or just

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you know, incredible harm that people incur on each other abusive. parents, family members, so many different things. Right. Okay. In almost case it was the murder of his brother. What's it What was it was it would it would it be fair to even

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watch that concept, right? Yeah.

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I understand. I accept your snom But yeah, but just don't bother me. Yeah.

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Okay, now, that's very interesting. Okay. But a loss of kind of assets with oil affordable dude. Now, what are some things to take away from that? Number one is to seek out a loss love, seek it out. Okay. Hi.

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Do you seek out a lot of love? Two quick ways that we'll talk about number one is inshallah Allah and Milan, Allah gives what even considered called the verse of the test. The verse of the test basically means this is a test for anyone who claims that they love a lot, okay? Because everybody if you were to ask anybody, do you love God? They don't have to use them. Yeah, they'll you know, if they're religious, yeah, whatever. They'll say, Yeah, I love God. Yeah. Okay. Allah says, pul, se O Muhammad, in contrast to a boon Allah, if you love Allah, then follow me. A lot will love you. While the minister says follow us a little less asunder, because the more willing you are to follow it

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also, the last of all I said, and that is indicative of how much you truly love a lot. Because the greater your love for something, the more willing you are to sacrifice for it. Okay? sacrifice.

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You are willing to subdue and submit. You know, people like me and Julie, you know, we're athletes, we know these things you don't like, the more you have to diet and sacrifice and work hard and struggle. And at the end of the day, the reason why we do it is because we love what we do.

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I'm laughing because Bella knows that I don't do any.

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I don't die or do anything. In fact, I fight him the entire way.

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I fight him.

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But the idea here is that Allah Subhana Allah challenges those who declare that they love loss that they love a loss of habitat. This this verse in alien, Ron, Where's it? Where is this verse? I don't know the verse number. Okay, but we'll put it up inshallah, we'll put it up on the screen. Let's leave it to the audience. Okay, because that was you guys. Go ahead and say if you love a lot that follow me, Allah Subhana Allah will love you. Would it be in the beginning, middle and kind of it's in the beginning? It's in the beginning. Okay. How's it go? Well, in quantum to have been a laugh at me earlier, Camilla. Cole in the in pole in quantum only in contento. Hubble Allah, Fatima aronia.

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como la. W only then follow me. You haven't Camilla? Yeah. Yeah, babe. como la. Yes. Now this one one thing that I'm wondering about still still rolling around my head. What's the difference? Between within hope?

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Well, okay, sure. We can add on I don't know.

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I know that there are levels and we'll pay him he wrote out.

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Like all of the different levels of love, okay. Because of them as a Spanish is like a passionate Yeah, I was I was. I was going towards that direction. The idea of passionate love attract attraction, love, and romantic love. Yeah. romantic love versus what do you call this love? What do you call this love? Yeah.

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Like one way that I can understand it is like brotherly love. Humanity love, I suppose. Right? between a lion his slaves or just even like how can I'm trying to understand it? Cuz many times when you say love, the first thing that comes to mind is romantic love. Yes, definitely romantic or passionate love, but at the same time, when it comes to if it's not that, then it's like, familial love, you know, saying like, it's I think that's more along the lines. It's definitely not a romantic love. But it's a you think of the level of a mother terror child. Yeah. The love that people have for each other. Okay, the love that people so the kind of love where somebody would be

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willing to live and die for them.

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care for them? support them? Yeah. And in fact, standing up for this brings us to a really beautiful concept. Yeah. Which you know, shahadat banner Rahim Allah was asked by one of his students once he said, If I love my brother for the sake of Allah, should I tell him?

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And he said to him, yes, you should. But love has a price and most people are not willing to pay its price. Okay. And then he said, Does anybody know what the price of loving for the sake of lies? And then, you know, students, we're all raising their hands and they're giving answers left and right. And he says, No, no, no, no, no. Finally, one student says the price shift is while us in an insanity hospital, the denominator slide hat by time, rarely mankind is in a loss except those who believe in do righteous deeds, and enjoying each other to truth and enjoying each other to patients. And he said, that's the answer. And to explain that, the person who truly loves will be willing to

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enjoin you to truth and patience, they will be constant in there advising you to follow the truth. Like you're saying, like sound shadow, somebody is willing to be like to not only support them, but also to tell them when they're wrong, to tell them what they're wrong. Why? Because the person who is sincere, will be willing to do that knowing that in telling you what you may not want to hear and make distance you but they're willing

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To pay that price that, okay, the risk of potentially losing a friend. Exactly. Okay, or distancing themselves or angering them, or hurting them or all of that type of stuff, but you're doing that because you know, the truth is actually better for them. And so those who love you are more willing to actually pay that price to enjoy them to truth, and to enjoy them to patients. And that's why the people who've come to most people's minds when you describe that description, to them in their own lives is their parents.

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Because they're the ones whose love is the most sincere. Your friend in college is saying to you, Hey, man, I'm thinking about, you know, just really following my dreams and getting a major that is basket weaving, basket weaving. You're like, man, just follow your heart, bro. It's all good. You know?

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And if that was your own brother who said that to you? Yeah, right. You'd be like, what are you doing with your life? Yeah. Okay. And so there's, there's that a lack of sincerity and lack of willing to actually give that person the truth. Mm hmm. Right, because they're in reality, there's a lack of love and that's why he says most people aren't willing to pay the price of love. And so that's one of the one of the

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one of the ways that we share love amongst each other is to enjoy each other to the truth and enjoying each other to patients.

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The second thing with regards to when we said seeking the level of loss of power out of the first is following the profits of the latest dilemma and the second is to increase in our obligatory not our obligatory we can't increase in those but an increase in our voluntary acts of worship.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says in the Hadith bootsy, he says that Allah Subhana Allah says that my slave does not come near to me except with anything that he's obligated obligated on me. And then he'll continue to come near to me with that which I have

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made voluntary until I love them. And so if I love them I become the scene with which they see in the hearing with Jay here, and the arms with which they strike in the feet with which they walk. And so a person will continue to do voluntary actions and the interesting thing about voluntary actions is that voluntary actions voluntary acts of worship the motivation for voluntary act of worship is different than the motivation for obligatory because obligatory can also be motivated by fear I don't want to go to Hellfire Yeah, I'm afraid of the hook Yeah. But to pray to the gods before the whole tour goes after the book or something that's motivated that's motivated by love Yeah, there's

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no fear there. Yeah. So I just I'm interested I'm as they say, or actions are by are rewarded.

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It could also not be for love but could be for that added reward. That add reward Sure, obviously, but that's also propelled by I mean, why do you want the added reward? Because you know, somebody can deliver on it? Because you believe a lot to be at the moment. Okay. Fair enough.

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But then you can also combine it with a little dude, I still see that as being propelled by love like why would you want to go higher engine other than

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Well, why wouldn't like I don't know like as the idea you've worked in sales, right? People want to increase because like they perform better still status more money all that you don't do it that doesn't exist in general I mean, if you just want status exist in general

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not in the sense of the dunya in the sense of like, like wouldn't somebody who isn't for those olala and closer to the companions close to the Prophet coastal a lot love? Yeah, but like, that's also status.

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There that concept of, oh,

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that person has a better place than me that's not going to exist in general. Okay, that jealousy you're not it's not it's not going to exist. Okay, gotcha. Cool. But that is no dude, cellulitis and hamadryad. itis is interesting.