Maryam The Chosen 06 – Allah Opens Your Rizq & Sustenance If You Do

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the use of technology to create a light world and the concept of "by charism" as a powerful person. The discussion also touches on the idea that the lightest person in the world is always full and that personal health is not a reflection of individualism. The segment also touches on Islam's "by charism" concept and the risk of personal health, with a focus on showing gratitude for blessings and showing gratitude for new experiences. The segment ends with a discussion of a man who wants to be thankful for blessings and the importance of showing gratitude for new ideas and experiences.
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You may have more discipline Elon Musk, let me show you how could you llama don't follow

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All the ladies

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Allah subhanho wa Taala when he says about Miriam after her mother had offered her to ALLAH SubhanA data he says for Taco Bell Hora Bucha baboon in Hassan. Allah, her Lord accepted her with a beautiful acceptance. One better Hannah bath and hasna and Allah raised her a beautiful raising with a feather has academia and he put her in the care of Zakariya, which indicates to us that mediums father died during her mom's pregnancy with her because she was entrusted to another man to be taken care of. Kula Madhavi has a Korean marathon every time that can be entered into her prayer chamber. What did the end the hardest part he found that she had provision? He said yeah, Maria and will and

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Maliki has he said oh, maybe I'm Where do you have this from? Where did you get this provision from this food from? The scholars mentioned that she had fruits that were out of season, she would have the grapes of winter in the summer and she would say who I mean in dilla is from Allah subhanaw taala in Allah hires a woman Yeshua will be laid at his job. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala provides for whom he wishes without account. This verse here we've got to stop. Mighty Mighty Assam is living her best life. She is in the prayer chamber, totally secluded, just her and ALLAH SubhanA data in worship, like her mother dreams. Yet at the same time, Zakaria who's a profitable lions like it he

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is one of the final profits of Benissa Zakaria who's an old man at this time, he's coming in taking care of medium and he finds that she's got food that he has no idea where it came from. And many MIT has set up she says it is from Allah subhana wa that

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it is from Allah. We're going to talk about his video one caretaking medium another time in sha Allah to add a but zakat era setup is learning from medium or not learning but let's see being reminded of Allah Subhana Allah Allah has power and being able to provide I want to share with you this hadith of the Prophet cellulitis and that talks about Allah's ability to give and bestow a province de la vida send them says, Yet Allah He meant

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the Hand of Allah is full. Nya, the Wuhan Africa. It is not diminished by spending, Sahar Leila now it is continuously spending the day and the night of a tumor and *a Mazuma halacha sama you will not do you not see what Allah subhanaw taala has spent since he created a semi Watty well, all the heavens in the earth that does not diminish what is in Allah subhana daddy's hands.

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Beautiful, vivid Hadith, the Hand of Allah is full. It is not diminished by charity. Continuous spending the day and the night. One the promise on the lightest mentioned, Allah's hand is full and is continuously spending. There are some people who their hands are full. They've got big bank accounts, but they don't spend you know, they say some times people become rich by being stingy. That's how they become rich. Well, the province the lightest enemies, describing allies hands as full or Allah's hand is full. But not only is it full, he's not stingy. He's continuously spending throughout the days in the night. And in fact in the province of Allah do send them he says, Do you

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not see what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has spent? Since he created the heavens and the earth? That does not diminish what is in his hands? Like if you met somebody who had like 10 Kids, you'd be like, Oh my God, you must spend a fortune on them every single day Every time you see a large family traveling on vacation, you're like, oh my goodness, that bill must be insane how much they're spending right Masha? Allah robotic Allah. But the problem is the lightest and missing zoom out. Do you not see what Allah has spent since he created the heavens and the earth? There are 7 billion people alive right now, every single one of them waking up and they want their disk and they want

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their provision and they're worried about their sustenance. And they're thinking about their lifestyles and their life journeys and all of that type of stuff. And then there are all these billions and billions of creatures and who knows how many, and you're talking about insects and you're talking about amphibians and you're talking about fishing, you're talking about these, these worlds, and that's just this moment in time. And that's why when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen the lord of Allah Allah mean the world

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One of the interpretations of the worlds is that every generation is its own world. If you take a snapshot of Earth, this planet, in the 60s, it would be a completely different world, all of those who are alive hamdulillah there are those who were, you know, the same there. They were alive then. But the idea is, is that it's a different world 100 years ago, 200 years ago, that entire generation is a completely different world than ours. And so what would it mean it's not necessarily talking about different planets and galaxies and all of that, but even different time periods are their own worlds. And so when we talk about Madame later that she is being ALLAH SubhanA data has chosen her

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over all of the women's of the worlds one of the interpretation means that she was the best of all of the women of her world of her time. The Prophet sallallahu do send them says, Do you not see what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has spent since he created the heavens and the earth? That does not diminish what is in his hands? That does not diminish what is in Allah subhana diatas has, and so Maria Maria said, she says in Allaha Yasuko ye sha Allah provides for whomever he wishes. Allah provides for you and Allah provides for me and something beautiful is that medium doesn't say Allah provides for me like she doesn't make it this personal like I'm special. She doesn't have that Masha Allah she's got

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amazing humility, she says, it is from Allah, Allah provides for whomever he wishes, believed if he SAP without account. Now, what does without account mean? Scholars mentioned a number of things Number one, it means that ALLAH SubhanA died has not held into account. Now us we spend, we have general freedom with regards to our money and how we spend it. But we still have to report our incomes to governments we still have to pay our taxes, we are held account to some degree number two ALLAH SubhanA data of course is not held to account by anybody number two, Allah subhanaw taala belaid is up meaning that he does not give on account of people's righteousness or their wickedness

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he gives to whomever he wishes, Allah says coolant no need to have Hula, hula him in Arabic, when that kind of thought What have become Hedorah Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah Illustra he gives, He says, We give those and those from the apart from the giving from the benevolence of your Lord, and the Lord the the benevolence of your Lord is not restricted. And number three, so Allah Subhana Allah gives the righteous and the wicked I mean there are wicked billionaires, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives them from His bounty as well. And number three, ALLAH SubhanA data does not fear the exhaustion of his resources. It is without account for us. You go and you you want to give a certain

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amount of charity, you got to check your accounts. First you got to see what's going on what you can maneuver what you can give what you can't give Allah subhanaw taala gives without account. So immediately with that you're inspiring us is that when you ask them, what's your Hana Tala? Don't, don't start thinking about budgets. When you're asking Allah this is I'm only going to ask him for three things because that's no you're asking Allah. What are you asking? You're asking Allah subhanaw taala Ask away you're asking the one who gives without account? You are asking the one who gives without account so ask away. In fact, Allah Subhana Allah says in the powerful amazing I need

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the mobile that only 40 Hadith could see the province level it is and m says that Allah subhana wa Tada says, and it's a long Hadith, but in it he says, no, no welcome. I said, the first of you and the last of you and the interview and the interview the human of you and the Jinn of you all of us ever found more idols or even more hidden single plain, same time everybody raising their hands, and they're all asking Allah subhanaw taala everyone asking? Well, I say to cooler in San Dimas ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA dialysis and I gave every person what they were asking for. Imagine everybody's asking Allah for their wildest dreams, their most vivid imagination. And Allah subhanaw taala says I give

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everybody what they were asking for. He says man Naga Daddy can be married, that will not take away from what I have, except like a needle takes away from the ocean when it's picked into it. That's all I would take away. So who are you asking? Ask Allah subhana wa Tada and realize that His bounties are perfect and complete. An endless when it comes to this, something really important to understand is that it's a comprehensive term. It's more than what money you happen to have. So back to the Elon Musk question.

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Do you have more wealth than Elon Musk?

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Most likely, the answer is no.

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But I want you to ask yourself a different question and say, Who is more blessed? Me or Elon Musk? That's a different question.

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And the answer to that, well, faith is at risk. Youth is risk. Personality is at risk.

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Sense of Humor is risk. Friendship is risk family's risk relationship is at risk.

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Health is at risk.

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And so I can't say that anyone is more blessed than me. I don't know. But I feel like if I'm thinking about my blessings, that I'm in the running with anybody. So you start to see this as being way more comprehensive, than just money. And that's important, because when medium is missing in Allah irezumi Yasha, will be reading this up, when Miriam is saying, Allah subhanaw taala provides for whom he wishes, I want you to think about that. She's not just talking about the fruits that she's eating. But she is talking about a spiritual just as well that she enjoyed the knowledge that she had the sweetness of the worship that she was able to engage in, at the end of the day. This is

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a unique girl who's a teenager, or maybe even younger than that,

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at a time when girls are more social, more socially active than any other period in their lives, and have a need of acceptance from their peers, many MIT has set up is in a chamber in an messier than upside day and night worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala, she would not have been able to do that if she did not enjoy incredible spiritual risks, incredible spiritual comfort, incredible access and knowledge and tofield and success from Allah Subhana Allah Donna in Allah Hazlemere Shah, okay. And so not just asking Allah subhanaw taala for money, but asking Allah Subhana Allah data for all of the disk that is good for you making your asking of it is be way more comprehensive than just that.

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But even when it comes to money, I want you to pay attention to this.

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Don't just ask Allah for money. Don't just ask Allah subhanaw taala for risk in the form of money and stop there. Ask Allah subhana data for money. And then when you get that money, ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow you to show gratitude for that money. And when you get money, ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow you to spend it in a way that's pleasing to Him. So the man idea said I mixed this beautiful doll when he's walking in sort of the naman and he hears the ants speaking and warning each other because he's, he's walking with his army, they're afraid to answer afraid to get trampled. And they say, you know, go back into your houses. So they might get some he's able to hear

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this conversation, he becomes so thankful he smiles for the rest of them are like, holy Hi smile. And then he said, rugby, oh, ziani and Escoda and admitted, said, My Lord, give me the ability to thank you for the blessing that you've given me and let it and untidy or otherwise, the day that you have blessed me and my parents with

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one Ambleside 100 Allah and give me the ability to do righteous deeds that you are pleased with. So he's asking Allah subhanaw taala not just for the blessing, but he's asking Allah to be able to show gratitude for that blessing. What are blessings that you enjoy right now that you want to ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you the ability to show gratitude for being cognizant of blessings and realizing that these are things that you need to show gratitude to Allah subhana data for So finally, what are some of the causes of this? Well, number one, our golden rule always is going to be due out for whatever it is that you want. So if it's acceptance, if it's a disk drive, number two

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vicar at Hassanal bacillary was approached and he's the master scholar of the tabulate, he grew up under the tutelage of many of the companions. He is so second generation, and a man came to him and he said, Oh, Imam, I don't have the ability to conceive children. What should I do? He said, Go and make a squat.

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Cool. guy goes, another guy comes in. He says, Imam like, I don't have money. I'm broke. Tell me what I should do. He goes, go and make us the hot guy goes, another comes and says, Hey, Mom, I am a farmer. There's no rain. We need rain. He says go and make us the fall. Okay? Now students around him they witness three different scenarios all get the same response. And so they asked him about that. Three people came and you gave them all the same prescription he said, Did you not hear what new idea he said I'm set to his people felt glued to stuffed filled or a buckle in no kind of a thorough so I said seek forgiveness from your Lord in the whole kind of a father he is all forgiving

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what will happen? You'll see some Alec metadata he will make the rain cascade upon you where you did can be and while we're beneath and he will extend for you. Wealth and he will extend for you children. We have to convey a mind where we need where do I look on Jannat and he will make for you gardens which I love them and how about and he will make for you rivers. So new ideas and I'm just telling people all of this will happen when you make us the fun. I remember back in the day when we were younger, and some of my friends

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is you know, the ones who got married early, you know, when you go to their weddings, it was like, it was like they were so accomplished. The whole group is like, what did you do? How were you able to pull it off? Like what's going on? So one of those brothers mashallah water cola. He, he was at the obviously he was at the wedding was his wedding. And one of the brothers asked him that and he said, he said, You want to know how I got married? And everybody's like, Yeah, cuz we have no idea how you were able to pull it off, especially you. So he was like, It's the fun. That's how I was able to do it. And I remember Subhanallah just absorbing that and seeing it reflected and sort of

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newer because obviously even before you have children, you have to be able to get married, and is to fall opens up the door for all of these things that opens up the door for this. And number three, the third is stuck of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Allah subhanho wa taala. He says when we are talking lucha de la Mahalia, where it's so common hatred, I have to see that whoever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will provide from them from where they did not expect so duck was a door for this. And number four is spending on others spending on others a smart will the line who was told by the province that will lie to us and spend and Allah subhanaw taala will spend on you spend an Allah

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subhanho data or spent on you. And I always encourage people to carry a a charity journal to have some sort of charity documentation, not because we don't give charity to expect

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money back from Allah, we don't give charity to expect money back from Allah subhanaw taala but we do it hoping for the reward in the hereafter. But at the same time, Allah subhanaw taala refuses that you ever be more generous than him? And so it is quite common that you give sadaqa and you see it being replaced in your life. But when you document these things, you become more aware and you become more inspired to continue that relationship and so my question for y'all Inshallah, to add and I'd love for to see your comments and to hear your stories about moments in time where you gave sadaqa and you saw being reflected back in your life.