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Don’t Belittle Others by Br. Ammar Al Shukry (IIOC Khutbah)


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The Prophet sallser is described as short, skinny, and tall. He deceptively removes a woman from the sky and causes her to become his partner. He uses the term "sallama" in relation to the use of the word "sallama" in relation to the use of the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sallama" in relation to the word "sall

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In Al Hamdulillah

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llamada who wanna stay in whoa and istockphoto What are rubella Himanshu rhodium fusina woman say tiara Molina mania de la, la la, la la

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la la, la la

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la la la la la

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la sharika

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then I will do a sudo also for you whom in helping you a little bit Larissa Allah.

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oma turaco Houma La La La La La

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La ilaha illa halleck salatu wa salam o la

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la la Jamia yo holla de mano de la la parte

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de Mouton in LA to Muslim Moon

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NASA Taco Bell como la de la camino Singh wahida wahala fabinho jaha Weber Semin humare Jalan Cassio aneesa la la da de Luna V will or hub in the LA Cana la cumbre Kiba. Yeah, you hola De La Hoya coup. De De De La Kuma COO,

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coo Baku, woman yo la hora Sula, who vaca hos and alima. A My bad. All praise is due to Allah, Who is magnificent in his assets, perfect in his attributes, undeniable in his presence. All praise is due to Allah Who has the most magnificent names of praise that is due for him. A praise that forever roommates may send peace and blessings in their most perfect fashion but he said greetings and salutations that are complete and everlasting upon the best of his creation. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may perfect his rank and elevate his station for he taught us what we did not know. And he gave me He gave me He gave because he loved us. So

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it is narrative that on the day of the conquest of Mecca, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam entered into the Kaaba

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and one man entered with him. Bella live nearby

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after which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded to call their dad

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and Bilal ascended upon the Kaaba of the Allahu anhu. And he proceeded to call the call to prayer.

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And when the people who still did not accept Islam, saw that man standing upon the Kaaba, they said

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that our parents did not live Alhamdulillah that our fathers did not live to see the day when a black man would ascend upon the Kaaba.

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Behind him the robot

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traverse the long way. His journey was long, he had gone from being a slave in Mecca, to be bought in to be sold to be killed.

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Useless property worthless, he went from that to a day where he would be standing upon the most sacred of the Arabs sacred places. What gave him that strength? And what gave him that ability, that strength of character where he would dare to stand on the Cabo one day,

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you will find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took this group of people. He took the Sahaba he took that group of companions that Allies had given him and he was able to transform not simply Beloved, but all of them. He took the live numerous route from being a young Shepherd

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like a Buddha and called him and he transformed this man to be the scholar of the Quran for the entire Ummah, the prophets of Allah, send them transform the companions. But how did you do it? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam instilled in them character, and he was the best to instill character. He was the greatest Marathi that mankind had ever known. And he restricts the reason of his being sent when he says In other words, Julio, tell me Mama Karima. The only reason why I was sent was to perfect good character. One of the ways in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did this, one of the ways in which he transferred

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form the Sahaba of the Alon whom, at what transfer, a transformed the oma after is what we will be looking at today, the prophets on the light is sending them. One of the ingredients to this recipe of success is that he's still alive. And he certainly would not allow for any one of his companions to be belittled in his presence. He would never allow for a Muslim to be belittled in his presence. He says in the famous Hadeeth la de hacer do don't envy one another. Without an agenda, don't raise prices without the intention to buy. When I say

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don't turn your backs on one another. When I

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don't hate one another, will call in or Hey, by the law, why not be the slaves of Allah altogether? I the Muslim or Muslim, the believer or the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim lie of limbo. He doesn't oppress him. While I know he doesn't forsake him, when he doesn't belie him while I guru. And he doesn't belittle him a duck wahana a taco hoonah taco is here. And he pointed to his chest three times. And then he emphasizes on that last point, which is the subject of our football today, there has been Britain Mira sharp, a Muslim, it is sufficient of an evil that a Muslim belittles his Muslim brother, if you were to do nothing else in your day, but to belittle your brother, then that

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is sufficient to have an evil for you. If you do nothing Today, more than calling your sister stupid, or calling her ugly, or calling her short, or calling her skinny, are calling her fat,

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then you have done enough of an evil today. And the province of the law was sending them created. And he thought his companions to never, ever belittle each other. Not only that, but to never allow for anyone to be belittled in their presence, and to always correct that behavior. And I'm going to give you many examples, because there are many examples in the seal of the prophets. The light is what are the reasons why people are belittled? What are some of the manifestations of that? You have someone like Bill I live nearby, and Bella was black.

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And he was a person who did not speak the Arabic language naturally. He was someone who was an immigrant. He was someone who was a slave. And so even though he's his Muslim brother, he calls out to him and he says, Yeah, even a soda.

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He calls out to me, and he says them, oh, son of a black woman. Now he's No, he's not lying, because his mother is black. But the way that he says it, and the intention behind it, and the way that biller would understand it. So one thing that we don't really pay attention to, is that when you make fun of someone, you may say, Well, I'm only joking. I didn't mean anything by it. But do you have any control over the way the other person understands it? No, you don't. As soon as that word escapes your lips, then it is no longer under your control. And it may very well be

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that the person who you are making fun of is very self conscious, and very sensitive to that aspect that you are highlighting. And so he says to be like, yeah, even a soda and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he doesn't smile. He doesn't laugh it off. He says

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to me, Are you making fun of him? Are you blaming him due to his mother is in Nikita in pekerja helia. You are a person who has in Eugenia abodo then because he's a companion as well. And he doesn't become arrogant. He places his cheek on the ground. And he says to be loud step on my face. Step on my face. Forgive me for saying a word that would offend you. Or that would offend little, little last little audience and

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what is another reason that a person can be

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I'll do let him know Mr. Root on the line who is described as being very short and very skinny.

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One time the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had him climb a tree. And as he was climbing that tree, the wind began to blow and it uncovered his legs and his legs were so scrawny. He was so skinny.

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The other Sahaba began to laugh.

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And so Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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coming to the defense of his companion. He says out of hug and I'm in the desert. Are you laughing due to how skinny his legs are, you know, a person who's skinny

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they've lived in skinny their entire lives.

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is something that they're self conscious about. Just like the person who's overweight, may be self conscious about their weight. The person who is short may be self conscious about their height and the person who's very tall may be subconscious about their heights. And so they'll have another line when they're laughing about that. last little last little line he said live he removes from ebony Miss route, he removes from evening Miss Ruth any cause of being afraid, or any cause of feeling inferior or any cause of having low confidence. He says those legs are going to a more than the mountain of Earth on the Day of Judgment. He immediately instills in igneous rock, the reason for

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confidence, he says those legs are going to wait outweighs the mountain of Earth on the Day of Judgment. Sophia,

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Sophia, who was the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam who he married after the Battle of clay. But there are two instances that are very beautiful that I want to share with you about our mother, Sophia intubated on the line. The first is in her absatz the prophets of Allah to send them with defender. I showed your line how she narrates that one time she indicated to the province on the lightest of them that Sophia was short.

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And I said look, we all know that I show is the most beloved person to him. She is the one who little sort of lost a little lighter setting than was most inclined to accommodate.

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And so when I showed up,

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she indicates that Sophia is short. And Sophia, isn't there. Have a life let it slide. The province on the line is and Lim says no. I said you had said something you've said something at this point in time. That if it were if you were to spit it into the ocean, it would become black

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that you backbite her or that you say something about her that she would not like and just as you would not like to say it or she would not like for you to say it in her presence, then don't say it in her absence. And in another narration Sophia herself came to us with a loss on the lightest and limb and she said yeah, Rasul Allah, these your wives. At times, they start calling out to me, and they say to me, yeah, who do

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Oh, Jewish woman. And that's what she was. She was Jewish. And yet the province allottee is that when you're living as a minority, now the rest of the women are amongst you are not Jewish, they're Arab. So even though she may be proud about her Jewish heritage, when the prophets when the wise would call out to her like that, it becomes an insult. So the prophets on the lightest send him he removes for her again, this cause of inferiority and he says for in Odoo, if they return to that, then tell them in the abbey Hold on. Why me Moosa was, oh gee, Mohammed, Salah is shot often by the sheriff. If they say anything to you, again, if they call out to you, they want to make fun of you

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because of the fact that you're Jewish. Tell them that my father is hobbling. And my uncle is Moosa and my husband is Mohammed. Salah is in them. Now who else can claim anything similar to that? He would take their insecurities, cellulitis and he would take their reasons of feeling inferior. And he would instill in them reasons to be confident. The last one that I want to mention is to him and so here it is narrated that he was a Bedouin. And that he had the province on the line a synonym used to love him very much. And that he used to go ahead would come out of the desert, and he would come to buy and sell in Medina, the province on the line and send them would say, so. You are our

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desert, and we are your civilization. And the province of Allied SLM had walked into the marketplace. And he saw us buying and selling and he came from behind him and he grabbed him. And he said, many I study higher than out who is going to purchase the sleeve, as if he's selling and he's joking with him. But so here was a person with a very rough character. And so he immediately wanted to free himself from the person who's behind him. And so he looked behind and he saw that it was a little a little lost. So I said to him, so he said, I leaned back. And I said to him, even said that you do need Cassie, Daniela Salalah, you're going to find me not worth anything in the marketplace.

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What is he? He's a Bedouin, he's illiterate. He's not worth much amongst the city dwelling folk. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says to him, and tell us that because in the law, you are not worth nothing in the sight of Allah. No, you are worth a lot. And so we need to learn from the character of Rasulullah sallallahu is and the way that he would develop his companions, the way that he would enrich them. He would enrich their lives and increase their self

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Worth, he would enrich their ability to, to feel like they had something that they could give to the society. He wouldn't cut them down, never cellulitis in them, he would never allow for them to be mocked, he would never allow for them to be belittled. And he would always, always always

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heighten their self worth and increase their ability. And it is no surprise Why then that generation that would learn from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would soon be able to create people like him now Ahmed, who at 19 years old, is walking into the palace of Kissel,

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19 years old, and he is able to give a very succinct message, he says, not an omen of darsana law. We are a people whom Elias has sent lithologic

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but we are a people whom Ally's Snowden has sent to remove mankind, from the worship of creation to the worship of the lord of mankind.

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And from the restrictiveness of the religion, to the or from the oppression of religion, to the justice of Islam, and from the restrictiveness of this dunya to the expansiveness of the dunya of the end the Acura, make some space for your brother's a Sharla and move forward. A Hulu Massimo Romani welcome first of all of Orion

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While he was a happy woman who Allah has been very in menasha.

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Muslim, it is sufficient of an evil that a person belittles his Muslim brother.

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The oma is required to strengthen its personalities. We want to create a generation after us that is going to become stronger than ours. A generation that will be confident in their calling others to Allah, we are the best oma to ever arise from mankind allies. So this is going to play a role in us tomorrow, not tomorrow roof with a known mooncup mineral nebula. You are the best omens arise from mankind you command the good and you forbid the evil and you believe in Allah. But that commanding of the good and forbidding of the evil requires strength of the personality. It requires confidence. It requires power. Yeah, who's in kitabi Chua. Allah says, Oh yeah, it takes a book with strength.

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And that does not happen. When people grow up being cut down

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the act of belittling another Why do people belittle each other? psychologists they say it's like a seesaw that a person will belittle the other person, they'll bring that person down so that they can rise up a little bit. Even though it's something that's temporary, they will say Oh, so and so they'll make fun of him, they'll gather around him and they'll call him stupid, or they'll call him worthless, or they'll call him this or they'll call him that. And for that moment, they will feel like they are better.

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They will feel like they are better. Because they wouldn't do it if they didn't feel that but Allah is there just says yeah, you know,

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I mean, whom Allah says, Oh you who believe Let not one group of you belittle or mock another group. Why? It may be that that person whom everyone is gathered together around making fun of it may be that in the sight of Allah that person is better.

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What are the sound mean? Nisa, as I mean, one, and it may be no group of women should gather. No group of woman should mock another group of women. It may be that their butts are in the sights of Allah.

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And do not call out to each other. Do not make fun of each other do not call each other by names that you don't like. Your mama Hama De Niro's on the province on the line, a synonym came to Medina, they used to have this habit, a person would have two or three names. And so the problem is the lesson is learning their names. And so he would call out to that person and he would say, Oh, so and so. And then they will say to him a lot. He doesn't like that name. He doesn't like that name. And so the prophets Allah, Allah azza wa jal revealed without an Ibis will be,

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Do not insult each other with your names don't give each other names that you don't like. And when you know, someone doesn't like a name, don't call that person by that name. Don't call that person by that name. I lost this woman, let me and whoever doesn't repent from that will not move on the moon. Those are the oppressors. Those are the oppressors.

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The prophets ally, they send love, he described pride after he said that pride, whoever has a bit of pride will never enter Paradise. They asked him and he said that pride is what will help wantonness it is the rejection of the truth.

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It is belittling others, it is belittling others. And so

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even, you know a lot of the names that we grew up on, that our families might have called us, donkey, this an idiot, that and who knows what other animals that we are named after, as we were kids,

00:20:19--> 00:20:43

the province of Listen to me declared all of that to be held on. The prophet SAW Selim declare all of that to be held on to the name of your child him out. It is how, because he's not, he's not a donkey and he's not listening. He's not that he's a human being alive zildjian made him a human being, and allies even set then look at the precision of the Quran. Allah says methodology in the Torah. So melamine

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can methylene, Shema, Allah, so just as the example of those who carry the total, and then they didn't carry it, he says they are like the example of the donkey. And notice how Allah didn't call them the animal because they're not. But he says that example of that.

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So your action items from this workbook, something very specific hamdulillah this hook, but as far as the takeaway actions of it, it is very, very simple. Never insult a person.

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Never belittle your brother, do not call them names that they don't like. And whatever names you may have for someone, if they are names that you know, have a negative connotation, it doesn't matter if they smile, and it doesn't matter if they laugh, because you don't know what happens in their hearts. And you yourself, have experienced many times maybe where someone says something to you, and it was hurtful to you, and you laughed in their face, and you smiled and you brushed it off, and you let it slide. But a lot knows that that hurts you. So if that's happened to you, don't let it happen to anyone else. And don't be the cause of that. Because that is enough of an evil for you that you

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belittle your Muslim brother. So just stop. That is point number one, just stop, don't do it anymore. change your habits. I know we grew up in a culture where this is what's considered to be normal conversation. It is showing off your verbal skill and your verbal prowess and your wit to be able to cut anybody down to size. But don't do it anymore. Because we love the province on the lightest send them more than we love our cultures. And more than we love any habits that we may have picked up. And undoubtedly in his example is the best example. Second is that even if you are not the person doing it, but if it happens in your presence, then you have seen the example of

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Rasulullah sallallahu, sending them that he would not stand with the one who is making fun of them. And there was no more drama there. There was no accommodation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would rebuke the one who said it, and he would affirm a beautiful quality to the one who is mistaken, or the one who was insulted. And then the last thing that I want to mention is

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don't belittle yourself.

00:22:59--> 00:23:00

Don't belittle yourself.

00:23:01--> 00:23:05

Yes. Don't belittle others, but don't belittle yourself as well.

00:23:06--> 00:23:34

The, you know, the Allied who he learned from those little loss, I send him this lesson. And when my boss was in the companionship of Omar, and everyone around him is a lot older. Sometimes even the Ibis would have an opinion that was different from the elder Sahaba. And so he would say later on to oma, he wouldn't speak in front of everyone, but he was saying later on, so I mute him meaning. Oh, I mean, to be honest, I had an opinion that was different than everybody else's opinion. So even

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though Dylan who would say to him speak, yeah, even though Oh, my nephew was not good enough sick, never belittle yourself. Never belittle yourself speak out. So we want to raise amongst our children the identity we want to raise amongst the youth amongst us, we want to teach them that. Because in a very short time, how soon are the ones who are in the massages? And speaking in the member and doing all of these things? How soon Are we all replaced, and who is the one who replaces us, it is the one that we are nurturing now. So we want to make sure that we're nurturing people of strength, even from a young age. And finally, with regards to belittling themselves, I have noticed that amongst my

00:24:15--> 00:24:45

own circle of friends, the ones who are you know, people gather around, they make fun of very easily, the first thing that I will notice is that they themselves are very quick to make fun of themselves. So they're the first person to say, I'm such an idiot. Oh, I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have done that. So when you're the first one to say, Oh, I'm so stupid. It's very easy for someone next to you to say, Yeah, you're right. Let me tell you how stupid you are such and such and such and such as such or such. But I've also noticed about friends who no one ever makes fun of.

00:24:46--> 00:25:00

I've noticed that I've never heard them make fun of themselves. And so there's this Hey, but there's a line. That since you've never seen anyone cross that line, you don't want to be the first person to cross it either. So the

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These are some qualities of the Sahaba that we want to take advantage over. The first is never belittle anyone. Second, don't allow for anyone to be belittled in your presence. And the third is don't belittle yourself. And before coming to conclusion, I wanted to remind our brothers actually move forward and Charlotte make some space, continue to make space as the message is full. It's a holiday today

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of the obligation towards this message in this project. I am from New York. But I tell you that on a regular basis, even in our masajid, we will go on to YouTube. And we will watch videos from mesothelioma and farrokh of the hotel that are happening here of the events that are happening here. Well, I saw an event recently a lecture with the brother Joshua Evans, it was a 45 minute lecture in this Masjid, and it has over a million hits almost a million hits on YouTube. And it is something that is a blessing that Allah has given you. And so reminder, a reminder as well as you are in the last week or the last days before the year, the end of the year to continue to support and continue

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to assist your community and your projects in this message. There are people who are watching you guys and everything that happens in this message from not just in New York but from all over the world. And so continue inshallah tada to support the massage it and this message in particular, and to support this project in sha Allah to Allah before the end of the year, as you know. And remember, you know that whatever you give a lot as though did will continue to replace a lot as a medical officer really law. Why is it that you're not given the pass of a law, when he left him, he lost it somehow it will out. And so a lot belongs everything that is in the heavens in the earth. Last

00:26:52--> 00:26:57

Ramadan, I have this beautiful story that I was blessed enough to experience myself.

00:26:58--> 00:27:35

I was in a I was in a fundraiser for Somalia. And you know, Somali everything was happening for Somalia during Ramadan. And I had a brother at the same time a little before Somalia happened. The iPad two came out. And so there was a brother who was trying to save about $500 to get it. And he didn't have a lot of money. It was really taking him a while it was taking him around a month to save up for it. And so when he went to that fundraiser, when he went to that fundraiser, it he wasn't intending to give. He was attending to support. But what ended up happening someone said something and it affected his heart. And he said you know what these people are in need. I'm not in

00:27:35--> 00:28:09

need. Let me give. That's it. Let me just give. He said that he was going to donate it. Some other people heard that he had donated at the expense of his iPad. And before the end of the night a person came to him and he said, You know what, brother? So Pamela, I have three of them that were just gifted to me. I work for a technology company. People give me gifts all the time. I didn't even know who to give it to. I'm giving it to you. That was on Saturday night, the brother was sitting in the chair and he looked like he was gonna cry. Everyone's like, just leave him alone. He's having a moment. Then after that three days later on Monday, on that Monday, he got a tax return. And he was

00:28:09--> 00:28:53

thinking that he was supposed to be paying taxes. He got his tax return in you know, four months late, and it was for 20 $500. But Allah says whatever you give, he is going to replace it. We ask a lot. So just to teach us that which benefits us to benefit us from that which he taught us. Aloha. My name is Erica Jenna makabe Jaime Rahman. When are we becoming a na? La Hana coding Rahman. Aloma Tina husana taqwa zakia antihero mintaka until you have a mala Aloma similar to Ruby Benin. avena maaseiah Tick Tock Tick I'm actually gonna be genetic. Amelia Kini moto will be Iranian amasau eva dounia maternal llama vs Marina wobbel sadhana akua. Tina.

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Mean, watch I thought and

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also, na da da da da da da dee da Nina.

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akubra homina homina wanna Elin Tirana while agenda to hear da da da da da da da

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phone. Salam hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala