Falsification Test 4 – Do You Want to Prove the Quran Wrong

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses multiple false accusations made against the Quran by different people, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. They encourage people to prove their stance and offer help if needed, but also mention the challenge of producing a proper Quran. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to write in Arabic and not use it for English or Hindi.
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There are other falsification tests. You will say I'm not a Jew. But I want to prove the Quran wrong. How can I prove it?

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Allah has given everyone a chance.

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Allah says in the Quran in surah surah chapter number 17 was the Matey What do they say he forged it.

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Try and produce a Quran like unto it. mean do you say the Quran, boys try and produce the Quran like it.

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The same challenge is repeated in Surah to chapter number 52 was number 34. Allah challenges that trans produce a Quran like it, and you know, Bill to do it, even if all the genes

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and the human can gather together, they will never be able to produce the lack of the Quran.

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Without the help of Allah.

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It's a challenge. Now Allah makes the challenge easier.

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Allah says in surah Hood, chapter 11, verse number 13, do they say forge did

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produce 10 Surahs forged like unto it, not all Quran difficult? Forget it, that challenge is difficult. Produce 10 Surah like the Quran

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and call forth for help anyone besides Allah, and renewable, do it.

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Allah makes the challenge easier, much easier. And

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so the unis chapter number 10 Verse number 38

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Do they say he first did produce one surah like it, one, not the whole Quran? Not 10 Surah one surah like it

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and call forth for help anyone who you want

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besides Allah and will not be able to do it.

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No response. Now Allah makes the test much easier. Allah says in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was number 23 and 24 Allah says we're In Kuntum fie re B mimma Nasrallah Al Abdullah, and if you are in doubt, as what we have revealed to us surveying from time to time for to be thorough, deep mystery. Produce a thorough, somewhat similar to it, Miss Lee. It's not Miss Lee, Miss Lee Miss somewhat similar, not exactly the Quran, try and produce one surah somewhat similar to the Quran. Miss Li what Ooh, Shoda Camino Nila in condom Saudi King call for help and witnesses anyone you want besides Allah.

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If you speak the truth file, I'm tough Alou. But if you cannot Wallen tough Alou and offer a surety cannot

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and be prepared for the Fire whose fuel is managed stones. You will not be able to do it and offer surety you cannot do it

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and be prepared for the Fire whose fuel is managed stones. This is the challenge.

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Try and produce a surah somewhat similar to it. Now you tell me but natural. If it is a test, you have reproduced the surah in Arabic. So in the brothers I can I don't matter because all Can I take part in this test. I said fine. You failed producers who write the Quran, it has to be in Arabic. It can't be in English. Can't be in French can't be in Hindi can't be noted though.

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Many people tried not that the entire many hundreds of people tried and they failed miserably. They were able to rhyme it but went away from reality many people tried and many available in the books, but all of them fail miserably.