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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed in a series of segments, including the loss of the Prophet Mohammed sallahu alayhi wa and the lack of praying for the upcoming airplane crisis. Prayer is crucial in Islam, particularly during prayer at home, and graduation is viewed as a strong indicator of graduation. The importance of praying in a gathering and regular prayer is emphasized, along with the need for regular prayer to show respect and admiration to organizers.
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as heroin

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smilla hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who it was?

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Well that All Praise to you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Mohammed sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, as a shadow the Allahu anhu as a member of Bukhari Muslim reported Khalid medidata sudo leisel Allahu Allah he was sent them for Karna Moodle bekkering usaw livingness The Harada Abu Bakr in new Salinas for whether the Naboo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam FFC here if

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for holiday you had been Auto julene You heard him sick bainer or Julie? Julie

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Taylor, a bass, Allah who I know some have been zero for the numbers. I should say the process are the most sick and this is by the end of the Prophet Mohammed psalms life. Then he said he was sick he couldn't go out for prayer then he said, Moodle abubaker for use only been asleep Baba can lead the prayer and it was a sort of prayer. Then go back out of the allow and basically went and he followed the order of the profits or sell them to lead the prayer. Then in every cell Eliza lamb felt that he is strong enough to walk to the mustard and to pray and you know the process of them low right at the mustard, very close his door open straight to the nostril. So in Obi salatu salam,

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he was found from himself the ability to go to pray. So he did some a lot SLM, but he couldn't walk. So what he was doing, he was putting his both hands on two men. So the two men holding the process of his hand he putting his hand on the shoulder, and the walking the profits are slim to the mustard and the bass and alley, or Osama bin Zayed and unfollowed him in an Ibis, there's two generations.

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Kenny unburrow allegedly born in

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Asia as if I see him now in front of me because she telling what happened okay. And in ob saw them as if I see him now. He was walking this way putting his hand on the his companions shoulder and his feet were dragging on the ground making marks in the sand. He couldn't doesn't have even the strength to take one steps. She was just basically dragged to the or carried to the master not drag carry to the master

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min and wotja from the pain and still he wants to go out to lead the people when I'm a biker so that you want to go down back then in Derby saw Sutherland said a mechanic Stay where you are. Then basically they brought him next to Abubakar rhodiola and on the left of Abu Bakar of the Alliance ibaka became in his

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Right. And in the Bissell Allahu alayhi wa sallam, they brought him a chair and he set on it sallallahu sallam, and Abu Bakar is still standing. Then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam prayed setting and Abu Bakar following the prophets of Salaam and the companions following aboubaker Allah And whoever you suddenly Abercrombie Salatin abso sunlamp oneness is Alona be Salatu nebia VBAC and Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Muslim and in the narration of will Buhari it will tell you why I choose the story start my my sermon with and Buhari Lama Manohar. Ebrahim and I stood on a corner in the Chateau de Allahu Allah for the cardinal Mahabharata Allah salatu wa v Mita. For Carlat, Maritza

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rasulillah salam, for this. Libya Annie Harrison, Ibiza, Salah, Mata Li Li, Amira, Salatu, Gemma, and as was said, we were without a shadow of the alarm on her. And we asked, we're asking, and we're talking about the importance of being consistent and praying in congregation and coming to the mast and praying on time, and the honoring of the Salah. Then she told us this story, to show how the problem cared for the Gema and care for the Salah in congregation, even in this situation.

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And the Muslim also reported the jab or the Aloma and said, Allah zona, muy rasulillah, salam, coalmine. juhayna we were on war with people to put tribe it's called your Hainan forgotten or battalion shaida The fight was so strong and the fight was very tough. You know, they were very good fighters. And we fought the whole day the battle stayed the whole day and the Lord came. And we prayed. And after we prayed the the people the mushrikeen, the kuffaar, those pagans from this Johanna's tribe, they said to each other, lo Mina, and he may later Wahidullah, October now, Mohammed and his group are few. Let's put our string together. We've been fighting them hard this

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day. Let's put our strength together. And we come and attack them at once. Then the sudden we will wait when did they say that they sell this when they saw the profits or sanlam praying with the companions? So they said let's basically organize ourselves and go attack them while they're praying for a NASA de m Salam tomorrow. There is a prayer coming after this. I have in a min Allah de him.

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They said that people who join us, there is an upcoming prayer which is also prayer, then they love it more than their own children. They will never miss it. So what do we do when they are preparing themselves to prayer about to pray, let's attack them for about ijebu nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him gibreel told the process Allah Modi said, and the process of them told the companion what they were planning. When also prayer came for them. Mahabharat Salah told us suffering,

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soften and abuse on ally sell them so fain. The prophets of Salaam lined us two groups. One Manuel machinic una Bane and our bien el Qibla. And the people who join it the people were fighting were are in front of us, between us and the public. So we're going to pray like this, and they are in front of us for kabara Naboo salatu salam o cabana wa kawara Karina in after the massacre cave here and in the home solo Gemma attain nasta esta hora in Ibiza Salaam to soften Our solemn and Ibiza Salaam Alaikum masajid from Sophos and interval thermo gamma software our sajida SOF withany Phantom furama camo Jamie and

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katatonia sajida Hello soft withany thermadata Allah soften our film at about the Silverton adji between minsi fatty salata while Maqsood and na Salatin whoa for Salatin help jacci surfactin Kathy roswaal karate sarathi Nisa, what I was saying, describing to an Arabic how the narration goes, how they line up in the Salah, some pray, some waited to guard the one who praying then the switch and that concept of prayer in the war or during war or during fear, it will report it in the sun and the top maybe seven to eight different ways of performing it. And all this based on verse and select in the sap 102.

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My point from bringing the Hadith that didn't be so seldom in such

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In such time, he still care to print him out. He doesn't want to miss the prayer and congregation. He doesn't want to miss the edger and the importance of praying and congregation Bell as he to come camera your car ministry elevator. I will add one more thing to you. And

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Allah for Allah Rasul Allah Allah Celica Ada pueden

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fossa, Elena bisa Solomon europaeus, Allah for you so leafy Beatty for casada Panama, da da, da testimony daddy Sadat collina, an agent

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a blind person came to the problem and he said Yama, Sinhala, I have no one to lead me to the salon to basically guide me to the master. Would it give you a permission, a special permission, a consent from you to pray at home?

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Then individual solemn said yes. Then he laughed. When he was leaving. He said, Hold on. Do you hear that? And he said, Yes, he said, so you have to respond to it. And another narration and certain evidence habido The man was alive Nomi Maktoum and he said yeah, Rasul Allah in urogen berean Listen carefully. He said, I'm a blind person. Shasha My home is far while a while he taught me to lie you alimony and allow you to Ronnie and I have someone to lead me maybe one of his sons are servants but it's not always available it's not always it's not a basically a convenient to get someone always to take me to the master file or something if he Beatty Can I pray at my home.

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Then in Ibiza, someone said Do you hear God? And he said yes, he said I can find for you an excuse. Pilar de la casa

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de cada in Albania you have been invested in Athlon or SHA.

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Allah colita in calesa is Aronian Mussolini Phil bait colorata smell your karma Khan and I am

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in Muslim Madison era Sala between me and us I'm the master

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basically shrubs and

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trees and the kind of distance you have to go through all this imagine fragile Asia law so

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can you pray home? He said Do you hear the farmer do the salad and then he said yes, he said you should respond to it.

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And I'm not here to talk about if this hadith shows the thoughtful Gemma logic or not, but I am showing to you how important this concept is for Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. how important this concept in Islam, which is to pray in Jamaica, even remember Jose ma when he reported this hadith he put the title for this Hadith, Karla Babu Amara amarula in your ambition who decided Gemma, the order from Mohammed Salim for blind people to come to the Salah to the master? What about the people who are like give them their eyes, their eyes Mashallah and their sights. A blind people in Ibiza Sunnah more to them to come to the masjid.

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My brothers and sisters,

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those young men that I don't see often in the master

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those young men that we don't see them coming regularly to the master at Asia at fudger or tomorrow.

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What will be the excuse for such people? Today Unfortunately, the issue of missing salah and congregation and mustard became a common thing or something that's so easy feels nothing like I miss a lot of Gemma today

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or a beer asaba who foliage are gonna be

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about a tambourine. He basically became kind of you know, can study is basically his hand shaking in his his his feet. So they used to carry him to the master to basically help him to go to the must for Canada who he is he is he is in Kenya. If you have an excuse to pray at home, he said yes, I do maybe have an excuse. But if I hear the other and saying hey Alan fella come to success come to prayer.

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And I don't respond. Well I will respond to it if I have to crow to the mustard Carla eg Ben Hey Alan Farah

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in an MST decipha.

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praying and congregation at home is not the same of congregation administered every single honey talk about the virtue of congregation prayer not applicable to praying congregation at home.

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Yes praying to more than one is better but everything that you hear about the virtue that is 25 times double 27 times double has nothing to do with praying and congregation at your home or at your office

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a talk about praying in congregation in the mustard in the first amount the man

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he'll jump authority by multi man but

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if we can have congregation at home Why do we have massages?

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Why are we opening massages? Why are we spending money and building them and making them beautiful?

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Today young people complain about the community and telling me oh this old fashion This is not right. This is not run accurately. This is need to be fixed the massage this the massage and that and all this criticism we hear, which is I agree, but comes from people they don't show up in the mustard

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comes from people that they are always that prefer to stay home to watch TV or to play with their kids, which is not a bad thing. But it's not the right thing when it's the salad times comes

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along. She said when she was asked how the problem at home, Buhari and Muslim men

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can be used to serve and to help his family fade the * out of the Sahara. But when the summer comes, he leaves

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he wouldn't stay he wouldn't miss the salon. Tessa was inherited. Her son had his son married and he is a companion. And the next day going to the must pillar laughy and if you saw

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in the first night, he just got married in the morning you're going for a job prayer

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in Ratan Tata and even salatu wa Salatu Fie gem Lama to sue

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a woman that will prevent me from going to pray in congregation with the people. She's a bad woman. That's not my wife.

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I'm not married to such woman.

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My brothers and sister listen to what you missing. When you don't come from Asia. When you don't come from when you don't come from us or when you don't come for federal if you can

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remember the law and said salatu

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salam till fifth besonderen were actually in other Raja what we had in Episode 111 for sohei bellafill sigh Hey, Carla becomes

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too heavy is one son that the salon congregation is 27 and another one said 25. I remember him Allah said how can we reconsider? Is it 27 or 25 in Arabic In the Arabic language, the culture of Arabic language, that numbers are not meant for itself. So 2725 it means there's so much reward that is doubled so many times. That's one opinion. I'm not a big fan of that. But another opinion said that no, in the beginning it was 25 that Allah increase the reward to 27 and some said no. Coming through the semester to prayer, some people get 25 and some people get 27 based on how much that you care for the etiquette of the Salah how early you come how much you have for sure. These etiquettes of

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its follow it will make it 27 for you to use it you take 25 and I've been hedged on a note he said something also very amazing. Pilot have a little head on no con sub runway issue lisara

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wilhelmsen one issue and the solid dysuria he said 27 double when the Salah is read out loud like federal government issued 25 for law hold on awesome. Why even handjobs no time for that. But if you're interested, maybe one of the night we'll share it with you. It'd been handled by him Alyssa Carla added to fava in a Gemma. I looked at every hand It took about the virtue of praying in congregation for a judge to be 100 certain we're actually in a favela and mnu sonneveld Gemma, I found 25 agile and reward for those who come to Gemma a prayer specifically. Then I found Carla to moderate to Phil Salatin, Jerry if nutonomy love to just feel very human. Then I went from two extra

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for the outlaw prayer. One of them was listening to the Imam Why is reciting? Because listening to the Quran was reciting that's an extra reward you get can work Toluca mean either a man or a man. I'm saying I mean with the Imam and that only happened in the

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outloud prayer that we pray out loud, which is federal motivation. He said these extra two

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Only to this type of prayer and that will make it 27 double or 27 special reward that you get.

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So that's how some of the other Morocco mulata Anna explained the difference between a why that is 25 and 27.

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I shall carry upon Alma Roman Halima Salatu.

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ala Salatin Sahaba Buddhists in Serbian were actually in Lama Boone

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Kyla Locanda the Fillmore ammirati dunya via

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the Canton Fair in only how the monster have done and you're in LA.

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For k for big laugh you're in

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such a loser the person who will find a 27 double when he leaves it for one. He said if this is in worldly matters, if a business to make money and I tell you hey, if you invest you get 27 double and here you get only one.

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He didn't in this live if somebody would that he will not you will never you will think this person's crazy. He said that's for money that comes and goes.

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What about if adger then it comes never go.

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My brothers and sisters, the profits are solid not only said that, he also said, praying in Jamaica, he said salatu salam when you make Google and you leave for the master, only for the for the sallallaahu de la sala lamea to hop on every step that you take. Allah raise one level for you in general, and one cent will be taken away and feta Salaam Tanzania maraca to Somalia and when you pray the angel will pray for you. As long as you are in the Muslim and the place of the Salah. The angels will be saying Allahumma salli La Paloma Han Leia Sanofi Salam and Tara Salah you still you taking the word of praying even if you waiting the prayer.

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So even if I a little bit goes over time for a minute or two,

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you are in prayer.

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That doesn't mean I won't do that

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kind of abuse I'll allow it to send them when you go back to the method. feign attack for in mm Shackleton. Your steps are two types.

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habia one alpha one alpha aka the Raja rowhomes inherited your steps to the master are of two types. One of them raise your son purify you and the other one elevate you every step. That's why don't you walk to the Westin he used to make baby steps. You will not take big steps to increase the number of his steps.

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You think your home is far? Carlin abso sanlam hamanasi agilon a bathroom?

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Five Agatha ma'am Sha. One lesbian doesn't those were lesbian who salata in a solid man, a man of mo Angela minella de Sala and if he baited him,

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he said Salalah salam, the most rewarding person the one who lives the farthest from the mustard

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be obey even kampsen I know a man that nobody is home farther than the mustard than this person. And this man never missed the Salah. Then he was asked you know your house is very far. Why don't you buy a donkey or have a like a ride? Okay, especially in the holidays in the middle of the day, Karla Macedonia and the Manzini jumble must I wouldn't what move next to the mustard. I like to walk all this distance and to come from far distance. Because every time I come on a go every steps that I take coming to the masjid and returning back to my home. I think Allah would reward me for it for karlen abuso sanlam fumonisin palapa Gemma Allahu la canaliculi

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de Vaca Allah Subhana Allah will give you all what you said. And that's not only to him

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That's why I love

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what one of the Mr. him omala said. I say to the museum, he thought, Man Half of Allah Salama to come CV Gemma metal bottle Baba Baba. Those who constantly praying in congregation they're active for ship, the reward of it will fill the earth and the seas. I asked her last panatela to benefit us anyway of Elena. Yakumo Johanna amendment is still part of a temporary Santa. Paula masamoto mostofa law Do you want to come to self?

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Help hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad and abuse Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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The hardest Salah for the hypocrites on Asia and federal. And if they would know what kind of Agile in these two prayers, Federer and niper Asia, they will come to it even if it's hard work even if the crawl.

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That's how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described the importance of these two prayer. And I want to end with what Allah answered. It's very powerful. And I want you to pay attention to each and every sentence that this man or this wise man said, throw the alarm,

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column and sorrow salehoo and yellow Salahuddin muslimah falou half of Idaho that is sort of wet hay through you know, they're behind.

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Whoever would love would be pleased to meet a law as a Muslim. Then let him take care of those salaat which are called

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for in aloha Shara and in a Wii U console. Allahu Allah usnm as soon as Buddha were in hoonah Min, Sunil Buddha,

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he said because he sets the alarm and then let him take care of those Salawat which are called because they are of the ways of who Danny guidance and Allah has given Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam has given to your Prophet sallallahu Sallam the ways of who them and if you were to establish a law in your homes, like that person staying behind in his home, you would be abandoning the Sunnah of your prophet. And if you were to abandon the Sunnah of your Prophet, you would surely go astray. And there is not a man amongst you, that purifies himself and does so properly, then directs himself to one of these mosques, except that allow a right for him with each step he takes a has an America reward, and raise him a degree and drops from him as a year sent. And I have seen us Danny, the companions were none were not one of us, would stay behind from prayer in congregation, except for a

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hypocrite who's hurting, hypocrisy is known. And one that could not come on his own, would be carried between two men, until he stood in the row. And another generation He said, The Messenger of Allah taught us the ways of Buddha and amongst the way of Buddha is Salah, in the masjid, in which Allah is called.

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After this, from this great companion, and after what you heard from these great rewards and there are so many others there is so much benefits we learned from being together and domestic.

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And there's no time for me to go over.

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But maybe this is something today we need to reevaluate our relationship with the seller

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that the seller not only care for Southern Gemma the care for the first meal

00:28:24 --> 00:28:33

you know when one of them Miss to be there in the masjid when the Imam said Allahu Akbar first time you can you as soon as

00:28:34 --> 00:28:43

they will give them condensing for three days for either if he missed the Salah seven days as if he lost a son or

00:28:46 --> 00:28:50

there is there is something that needs to be changed in our attitude towards Allah to Gemma.

00:28:51 --> 00:28:58

Yeah, he come only from the salah and leave, don't be late. So you can take care of him, bring your family with you.

00:29:01 --> 00:29:12

I hope these words would inspire me and inspire everyone here in this beautiful gathering, to care more to show on Salah. And to come more often to the salon as much as you can.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:31

ask Allah Subhana Allah by his names and attributes to make us among those who constantly pray in Jamaica and help us to maintain this us and our family and our kids and our children or family alum, amin Lama inadequate akashic records in a biotic allama fill in our home no often.

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Shadow Allah, La shadow

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rasuluh long

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bow the normal

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Straighten the line and come closer to one another

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