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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The importance of relying on Allah Sub hang'na'na'ta (the Lord) for one's life is emphasized, along with the need for praying for Islam's support. The speaker also discusses the concept ofdlrowsiness and sleep, as well as the importance of the Lord's support for one's life. A woman describes Allah's actions and words as inspiring for her mother, who passed away, and how Islam's support was given to her to avoid deaths. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not being attached to individual religious beliefs and pray for Islam's support, rather than being a permanent life.
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Hey, the EverLiving if you want your kids to be Muslim after you do this, and hey, as mentioned in the Quran five times including the greatest verse in the Quran AYATUL kursi, the verse of the throne, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Allahu Allah Illa Illa who will who will pay you? Allah there is no deity worthy of worship except for him the Ever Living the sustainer that that whole the whole Cena tune what I know, drowsiness does not overtake nor sleep. And so Allah Subhana Allah data is the Ever Living and hey, that is the opposite of death. So not only does Allah subhana data's life, not end, but it is not diminished by sleep or drowsiness. Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us to

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call upon him, because he's the Ever Living he says, Well hey you Allah, Allah, Allah, who for whom Allah and Allah who did, Allah says he's the Ever Living, there is no deity except for him. So call upon Him, sincere to him in the religion. And Allah Subhana Allah data also tells us to rely upon him because he's the EverLiving Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, what what good I'll hire levy Elia moot was a baby and he will be he'd be there'll be a bad deal for Viola. Allah says, and rely upon the Ever Living, who does not die and exalt with his praise and sufficient is he with the sins of His servants acquainted? And so Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is telling us to rely upon him. Why?

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Because he doesn't die. We all have people that we rely on. They are our world. It could be our parents or spouses or, or siblings or close friends. But this verse is a reminder to us that we should rely not upon them and rely upon Allah subhanaw taala why? Because they will die. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one who doesn't die. The hadith, this report about the Bharani Jibreel come sort of salsa lady has set it up. And he said to him, yeah, I met, live as long as you wish for you will die and do whatever you wish for you will be recompense for it and love who you wish for you will be separated from them. And know that the honor of the believer is in their prayer in the

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night, and that their dignity is in their independence from people the Prophet sallallaahu Selim is being told love whoever you wish, they're going to die, you're going to be separated from them. And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself had two pillars of support in Makkah, he had his uncle Abu Talib, who is his external protection, and he had his wife Lidija, who was his internal tranquility. And Allah subhana data caused both of them to pass away within months of each other in what would become known as the year of sadness, the year of sorrow. And so what's the lesson the lesson is don't depend on them, but depend on Allah subhana data who does not die, and for the Companions,

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their pillar of support was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam himself, and so when he passed away, it seemed like their world was swept out from underneath them, they could not process the idea that the province still alive as Adam had died over two and a half barbital the Allah and His response was denial standing in the masjid and threatening those who would say that also lost the lightest Saddam had died he rather he he didn't die. May Allah be pleased with him said that the prophet is still alive they sent him had simply went to go visit his Lord like most sites that I've had went to visit his Lord, and that he would come back. It wasn't until Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu came,

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gathered the people in the masjid. And he made his famous statement he says, Whoever Have you has been worshipping Muhammad, for in Mohammed Kitimat. And whoever is worshiping Allah, Allah is ever living in Allah, how you named Allah does not die. And then he recited the passage, Muhammad is nothing but a messenger. Many messengers have passed away before him. So if he is to die or to be killed, would you turn back on your heels?

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And those who turn back on their heels will never harm Allah Subhana Allah but Allah will reward the grateful and so was how will they live who they said it was as if we had heard this verse for the first time. This name teaches us to not attach our religious devotion to the presence of any individual, because the individual no matter how great they are, they're going to die. And so to the parents who want their children to be Muslim after them, the method is very clear. Teach them to be concerned about the presence of Allah subhanho data, not your presence, you will not always be around. But hey, will be Allah is that hey, the Ever Living he does not die. Amanda, once I met in

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the messenger, he told me in passing, he said, I tell my kids, do you want to know when y'all will be Muslim? And the kids are like, What do you mean that we're already Muslim? And he says, No, y'all will be Muslim when you pray without me or your mom telling you to pray. And the message that he's trying to instill in his children is that they should worship Allah subhana Dada independently on their own. They need to pray in submission to Allah, not in submission to their parents, their parents will not always be there, asking them or commanding them to pray, they will be separated. Eventually, they'll be separated by distance, or they'll be separated by death. But Allah subhanho

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data will always be there. And he is and hate he's the EverLiving. And so some final takeaways from this name. And hey, reminds us to not be so attached to this world that is fleeting. We were not meant to be permanent dwellers here, nor was this life meant to be perfect. Instead, our existence here is more

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Word by weakness, sleep and ability, illness, poverty, old age. And if we managed to avoid all of these things for an extended period of time, it is experienced by those who are closest to us, our closest circles, our dearest ones. This life was not made to be perfect. And so the name of Allah and hate the one who's ever living, who created life, tells us where real life is. He says, What am I had to get hired to? Dunya illa Allahu Allah. If we're in a dark Astra law here, how can we all come here? And this worldly life is nothing but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter. That is the true life, if they only know you know, the hereafter, Allah calls it the true

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life. It's like when you're going to a restaurant with a person who's an absolute expert chefs, and this expert chef, you choose the restaurant, and you're excited about it. And then when you go, and you eat, and the chef eats, and then you tell him, You say, What would you rate this and he says to you, out of five stars, you're like, yes, and five stars, he goes, one star, but tomorrow, I will take you to a place that's not only five stars, I will take you to a place that seven stars, there's such a thing exists. The point here is that the rating of someone who knows is different than the reading of someone who doesn't know and to Allah is the highest example. He is the One who created

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this world, and he created the Hereafter. And he's telling us that this life is nothing significant at all. And the real life is the next one.

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