Elon Musk gets invited to Islam after he Tweets about death

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Do you believe in God?

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Assalamu alaykum greetings of Peace boy your boy we got Elon Musk playing with fire again

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this time is not the type of fire you put on a toy gun

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Oh, whoa, you know that reminded me of Muhammad Ali. He used to take some fire for the matchbox and he used to go ahead and put it by his hand like I was trying to do right there Muhammad Ali, you know the Muslim American hero and he would say man if I can if you cannot take the fire in this life, how you're going to end up taking the fire in the next life and this used to help to keep them in check. Okay, guys, you're probably thinking how do we get to talking about Elon Musk and the hellfire? Well, in this case, it wasn't us that brought up the Hellfire it was Elon Musk himself, so it must be on his mind. So we'll just go ahead and continue to conversation because it is indeed a

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very important one. So when you have love for mankind, you want the best for mankind. And saving one person from the Hellfire is like you save all of mankind. So this is out of the love Elon Musk. Now let's get into this Twitter that was sent to me that kicked all of this off the talk about Elon Musk. And the Hellfire started off Elon Musk saying if I die under mysterious circumstances, it's been nice knowing you and a Muslim by the name of Muhammad replied, You won't die before your date Ilan. Anyhow, you are worth a unique figure in this world. I'm only wondering one thing as a genius. Haven't you found out that there is a great creator of this world yet? If you did, make sure you

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confess this before your last heartbeat bless you. And then Elon Musk replies, thank you for the blessing. I'm okay with going to hell. He actually said I'm okay Yama saying I'm okay going to hell? If there is indeed if that is indeed my destination, since the vast majority of all humans ever born, will be there. Now, before we get into the topic that Elon Musk brought up a hellfire, you're probably asking yourself, Does Elon Musk even believe in a creator? Do you believe in God?

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Now he did go to a Christian and a Jewish school at a young age. They say, as a child, the boy Elon Musk attended an Anglican Sunday school and learned at a Jewish preschool. He did read the Bible read like a whole bunch of religious books, including the Bible. And I'm like, it was a bunch of things. Now they've been teaching Sunday school, some things that he read about Jesus in the Bible, he agreed with those great wisdom in what in the tshirt, teachings of Jesus. And I agree with those teachings. Some things he didn't. Yeah, God sure changed his mind.

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From the Old Testament and New Testament, I'm like, Whoa, that's pretty vengeful. In the Old Testament, for example, he talks about Jesus in the Bible, turning one of his first miracles, turning water into wine, like Jesus was obviously a very proud call. Because one of his miracles was turning water into wine. Yeah, that was like they were having a party. They ran out of water.

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And they're like, let's keep this Bender going.

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Jeez, like, I got to

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water. Now. I, I really believe if he would have read the first miracle that Jesus did in the Koran, which talks about Jesus defending his mother's honor, from the Credo as a baby versus keeping the party going, like party on.

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So accurate,

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So it seems like he's not denying God, but he's more borderline agnostic. And this is probably due to the existential crisis. He talks about having at an early age when I was a kid, I was like, had this existential crisis. And I was trying to figure out what's the meaning of life? And I was like, Oh, it all means nothing. And at one point in life at a young age, he was trying to figure out what's this all about? What's the purpose of life? And none of the books that he read at the time had a good answer to all this. And he said, he also read many of the religious texts that were out there. Now in my experience, interviewing over 1000 people on the topic, getting their stories, many

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of them did not come to reading the Quran knowing about Islam until the very end. Then after he looked at all the different man made religions and finally came to the Koran to Islam, only then did it end up accepting Islam as the one truth, submission to the Creator, not the creation. So if you ask me, Elon Musk probably knows very little to nothing about Islam. And the little that he probably knows is probably things as he's read from some of the haters out there who are spreading the misinformation about Islam. For example, He says that science and religion cannot coexist. Can science and religion coexist? Probably not.

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Now if he learned some of the basics of Islam, if he looked into the now the Quran is not a book of science, but it because signs. And when Islam was a superpower, when Muslims ruled the world, just look at Spain, for example, if he was just a study take a little bit of time to study Islamic history. And in this topic that he's really into science, he would see that there was no conflict between science and religion, religion and science, God and science, Islam actually led the way. You had many of the greatest scientists and inventors, during the Islamic civilization that were prospering and growing, unlike where you had at a time, and this is where all this transpired where

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you had contradictions. And you had science conflicting with the Bible. And then you had people being persecuted who are scientists, and this is where the big split happened, and the separation happened. So he's probably equating that most likely were now because they couldn't go ahead and make the to work. We never had that problem. So with some basic knowledge of Islam, he would see that there was no conflict, like there was between the man made religions and the divine religion sent by the Creator of the heavens, an Earth, Islam submission to the one and only one God created the heavens and earth. There wasn't this conflict between science and the way of life that God

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Almighty has sent down Now there can be definitely things that discoveries that change, science changes, but Islam is 100% on point and we will not see no conflict between these two. I'd also like to ask Elon Musk one question, but at the same time, I'd like to give him an answer to one of his questions, Elon must ask the question where there's a super consciousness come from. And it just begs the question, if there is some super consciousness or consciousness where did the state of consciousness come from? We'd say it comes from the one and this one who describes himself in the Qur'an long had only

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one a miracle.

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Now let's finish it off with this topic that Elon Musk brought up the hellfire. Now, before we get into the hellfire, you have to understand that you have a complete balance in Islam and the Quran where God Almighty talks about the paradise He is the Most Loving the most immersive full, we come to know God Almighty by his attributes. You see in the Quran, that every chapter except for one begins with in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, we come to know from the teachings of the last the final master problem Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. That God Almighty Allah, the Creator of heavens on Earth is more merciful to His servants. Then a mother is

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to her child. Now even those that disbelieve in him, he still feeding them, giving them food, air and water, which you if someone who wasn't doing their job, you know about firing Elon Musk comes with a big penalty that we fire with God instead of firing is the hellfire. So can you imagine if you created one of your robots, and that robot now was not fulfilling its duty, its obligation serving you? What would you do to that robot? Would you have a right to go ahead and do whatever you wanted to do with that robot if that robot was not doing what it was designed to do? So God Almighty created us, He gave us the answers to the test. His life is a test he said prophets and messengers,

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and they all brought the answers to the test. They all called us what we needed what we needed to do in this life to be successful. I don't know how much more fair you can you can get. He told us to worship one and only one God, to be morally upright, to be a good human being not according to our desires, but according to how at the time of Jesus, how Jesus according to Revelation that was sent to him. Same thing to Moses and Abraham and Alas, to fundamentally pro Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. So let's get back to the topic of hellfire. Because all these messengers, they gave the glad tidings of paradise. And they warned people and they try to keep people away from the Hellfire

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by calling people to submit their will to the will of the one and only created the heavens and earth. So it's your decision, your choice, what do you want to do? So we don't want to have these bad expectations of God Almighty, the creator the heavens and earth, we got to take responsibility for our actions. It takes us back to gratitude to being grateful. I mean to just using the common sense and to intuition that we have naturally we inclined to worship something to worship the Creator that has an herbal because you've been exposed to all these manmade religions, and worshipping a human being sticks, stones and bones that turns you away turns you off. But now when

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the truth comes to you, and the pure when you look into Islam to pure monotheism, this pulls you towards the worship one God when you get to know the credit of heavens, the earth by his beautiful names and attributes that he's the most kindest, most just the most loving. Now you start to see the evidence and proof that prove that the Quran is indeed from the Creator, the heavens and earth, and then you have in there so many signs

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And if you look at it, you can go ahead and put it to the test. And then I'm going to share that question that I had with you on it. But first, I want to go ahead and just remind, why would anybody want to be in a place, you know, a place when you can be in paradise where you have everlasting bliss and happiness and you never get bored, and you never end up feeling sorrow, anxiety or pain? I mean, this is forever ever. That's where you know, just a small part of Paradise is better than everything in this world that it has to offer. Why would you you know, there's a hadith on Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said that the person imagine like Elon Musk, or someone who

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has more money, who went just imagine right now had everything that your heart can desire, that person would deny the Signs of God. And believe me, God's all just, he will show them at the end all the proofs and evidences that came because not going to punish someone unless it's been confirmed that this truth came to them clearly. So now what happens, that person will be dipped one time, one time now that person had everything in his life, everything that you can imagine 10 times more, and then there'll be dipped into the Hellfire for a split second, and then there'll be said, Hey, did you experience anything good in this life? That person will say, hell no, no, I didn't. That just

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for being dipped into hellfire one time look at that. But in the country, the person who had the most difficult life, struggled and strive God Almighty purified him in this life. And that person believed believed in one God lived the morally upright life, but he made mistakes the person she made mistakes, but they still held on to the true teachings of Islam of submission to one God, being morally upright, they held on to this, and then that person who had the hardest life, there'll be dipped into paradise just for a split second, and then there'll be asked, Did you see any hardship in this life? They'll say, No, they'll say no, they'll quickly forget. And I mean, we can witness

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that you know, just just how many times like all those all the good times everything that you went through now it's a it's, it's forgotten. It's something of the past. But though the sins still remains, and then the person who struggles to go ahead and establish the lies account to you know, to establish the things the injunctions that God Almighty for are good that we need these to God doesn't need the worship God doesn't need any of these things is to make us better human beings. It's it's a blueprint for success in life. So those hardships will be gone, but the reward still remains the reward still remains. So let's go back to finish off before asked his question at the

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end, some key things about Hellfire I don't think there's anything out there you can go ahead. That gives more of a clear vision of what Hellfire is like along with what paradise is like. And I don't think anybody would ever want to throw themselves into the hellfire and take that chance. You know, Hellfire being 70 to 100 times hotter than this life than this fire that we experienced in this life. It's not even the orange a yellow it's black. That's how hot it is. That's just pain after pain, regret depression, anxiety is like wanting to die, but you can't regret upon regret ever ending torment, everything negative. And just imagine this, this you can't even compare it but this

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is just so you can get some kind of idea man, would you want to put yourself into a place where you heard this kind of screaming?

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Now let's finish it off. There's a question I want to ask you, Mr. Elon Musk, chapter 456. This is the translation original is in the Arabic the meaning of witches, it says, Indeed, those who disbelieve in our verses, we will drive them into the fire. Every time pay attention to this every time their skins are roasted through we will replace them with other skins, so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah God Almighty is ever Exalted in Might and wise. So my question is, how did Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him? How did he know about the pain receptors in the skin? How did he know this? Because imagine, you have first degree burn, second degree burn, third

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degree burn, you don't feel any pain anymore. So someone will think like I'll just burn for a little and then I won't feel the pain. So modern science discovered this recently. But this is mentioned in the Quran. So now ponder over the I leave you with that. And there are other things we can talk about the preservation of the Quran, we could talk about developing the human being in the embryo, the dividing between the two seas, we get the mountains action as pegs, the prophecies in the Quran I'm telling you, and I'm not even talking about the miracles that Prophet Muhammad did none and I'm talking about the TriCity of the Quran, and the believable message all of these things are beyond

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one human or group group of humans been able to concoct and put this thing together it's not possible

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But I'm just leaving you with this. How did this man living in a desert? How did he come to know about this latest scientific discovery of the pain receptors are God Almighty is saying that after because you brought up the law must the hellfire. So the people who choose to go in that direction and end up there that no one but to blame but themselves. And this is out of the love. That's why we're trying to God will and save ourselves. And you save Elon Musk from the hellfire and our brothers and sisters in humanity. And hopefully we can be together in paradise. That's where we want you to be where we want to be together, we want to avoid this place where the skins will burn up,

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and then they'll be replaced with fresh skins. Think about this verse in the Quran. And we ended right there. And it's a sensitive subject for a lot of people. Lot of people ignore it, they don't want to talk about it. Just think about it. If you had someone who would just telling you to hey, look, you can get a ticket there the police are coming. Right? You'd be like Thank you, sir, are you have somebody to fall down off a building and the person pushed you out of the way or someone ran into a burning house and got you and pulled you out, you'd be so thankful to the person. So before you get upset with the one who's relaying this information to you think about and ponder of the

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message and the love that the person has was bringing this to you and then evaluate it, look at it, put it to the test. And I'm not going to leave without giving you a gift so you can yourself because maybe some people have read the Quran but they've read one that's a bad translation written by one of these salaam haters. We're gonna go ahead and give you a gift you can go to the deen show.com and get your free copy of the Quran. And I'll leave you with this some very simple ask for the guidance guide me guide me guide me that's the homework ask the Creator of the heavens of the earth the One who created everything you need to give him a name say the one the Most Merciful the Most Loving to

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guide me guide me guide me What's this all about? Like you asked me a lot most what's it all about? Well as the one who created creation, the One who created the universe and everything in it to guide you and then take it from there and then hopefully accept His gifts hook up with us so we can help you along your journey and inshallah God willing we can go ahead and save ourselves and people like Elon Musk for falling into a place that nobody nobody in the right mind. We want to fall into it. We'll see you next time. Until then. Peace be with you. A salaam aleikum. And if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our

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Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in Peace be with you as salam aleikum