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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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The previous surah mentioned two kinds of people that allows origin depicted and these were the people that were headed for the Hellfire, and then the people that were headed for paradise. But the surah ended by highlighting the people that are headed in the wrong direction. By the comments when Allah said well to thirunal highest adonia rather all of you give preference, you give more weight to worldly life. So obviously allies criticizing and pointing out the reality of people who give preference to worldly life, meaning they're headed for failure in the end. Now, these are the people that are being addressed in the very beginning of the next surah. Now, in order to understand the

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placement of the ayah that we begin with today in sort of aloha Shia surah number 88 attacca de philosophia. The address is to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know this by because of the pronoun the attached pronoun, God, attacker had the flashy car referring to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. Now the benefit of knowing this is as follows. You see in the previous surah, towards the last part of the previous surah, there was an address to the to the kofod directly in the second person, you give preference to worldly life, the second person, but now there's another second person now Ally's talking to his messengers from Allah is what I'm saying

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that the news of the overwhelming covering event last year that which covers that the news of that come to you when it comes to you or Mohamed Salah lahardee for them. It is as though Allah has turned away from afar, and now he's talking to his messenger sallallahu Sallam and that's the transition we're trying to understand. The benefits of these kinds of transitions are many and we'll talk about them as we continue our study of the ayah but let's just first note some things about this format of speech held attacker, we find this elsewhere and therefore our insalata Allah azza wa jal says hello attacker howdy to Moosa in nazjatar Empire actually, then in sort of sod Allah says

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attack and who will hustle Is this our

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instance sort of there yet we find how attack by foot over him by people around him and mokra mean we find in Soto rouge we write already hell attacker had the food Corona was removed. So this format is used elsewhere in the Quran also. Now the word atta let's take it piece by piece, the word atta means to come or to arrive. There's another word in Arabic for coming in arriving, which is Java. And we read this in other places too. For example, we read for either Java if you saw

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form to look over. So the first question is, why not use Java here? Why use APA here? What's the difference between them? Why Why does the law not say Subhana? Wa Tada. Helga had eaten quassia. What's the diff? Why did you say well attacca had

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the word Java is used for something enormous, something heavy. So something that has a lot of magnitude in it, and it's more powerful than the word job or the one that implies in its struggle, effort, we burden these kinds of things, jazz used something that is easier by comparison, and that is you. When a poem The drowning calamity is spoken about a Saha right. Those are spoken about jobs. But when the speech about them a lot of here does not say, Hello, job at Kayla Garcia. No, she herself had Ethan was here, the speech of the Russia, Russia referring to the overwhelming and overshadowing calamity, being the Day of Judgment. But Allah is not talking about did the Day of

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Judgment come to you, the news of the day of judgment and the news itself come to you, the news itself comes easily. The news itself is is the event itself is difficult. So when the event comes a lot uses job.

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But when simply the news of it is mentioned by comparison, that's much lighter, so as you and that's the the the eloquence of the word attack here in this text. The other thing is it's in a question format. Allah says, Did the news of this not come to you or this did the news of this come to you or Mohammed from a Mahajan? phenom? What's the point of asking this kind of a question? It's very simple. I mean, the amount of rhetoric of Bulava of eloquence, explain it in technical terms, but the juice of it is as follows. You know, if you were my students, and you fail the test, right, and you're the I'm the principal of the school, let's imagine you fail the test. And then I come to the

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teacher who did his job. He did everything he was supposed to do. I say to him, didn't you already teach them everything you were supposed to? You know, and I'm not really criticizing the teacher who might not criticize the students. And I'm doing this in two ways. I've turned away from the students. I'm not even talking to them. It's a show of my anger. The other is, I'm talking to the teacher almost reinforcing that yes, he in fact did his job. It's not like he anything was missing on his behalf. Allies so angry at those who give preference to worldly life will do thirunal highest adonia that failed him after this incredible message came to him to them and so much so even after

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after the the evidences of the previous era, and the cost of reflecting on Allah. There was another reason mentioned at the end in their head LFSR COVID una. So he rahima Moosa, this is something that was in the scrolls given to Ibrahim alayhis salaam and to Musa alayhis salaam. And we said, This is particularly relevant mentioning both of these because these were the two groups, the muchnick una hora, and the people of the workforce, you could have fresh tie their legacy, they have Rahim salam, and the People of the Book begin their legacy with Masada Hassan. So it's not just that there's enough for you to reflect on in your own life. If you reflect on your legacy, then this is the same

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conclusion you should be coming to, and they don't. So now in threatening words, Isn't it enough that the news of the the covering event has come to you Isn't that enough? So there's this address to the messenger early, subtle slam in anger by Allah subhanho wa Taala. In retaliation in response to their lack of movement, their lack of reaction, they feel nothing, even though this incredible news has come to them. So the story begins with a depiction of punishment and torture, the horrors of the Day of Judgment, it's quickly moves into the hellfire. Why the Hellfire first because these were the people deserving Hellfire that were mentioned at the end of the previous war first, so it's

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connected to that discussion.

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The word Howdy. It came up before when we when we talked about how takahito Moosa is not a horrible, horrible word.

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Let's review some things about the meanings of the word Howdy. It literally means something that becomes manifest like an event, and had effect or due to occur, something that occurs something that happens, it is also used in the meaning of something new.

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And in that sense, it's it's used even for an old event or for a known event, like the the mention of the Day of Judgment is over and over and over again in different so it's not something new. But when it is being brought to your attention as though you had heard it but never really thought about it. And it feels like this is the first time you're really internalizing it, then it's a new thing to you at that time. So the word Hadeeth is being used as though it is a new event. Now take take a new look at it, take a new look at it. So it's not just another event it is an attacker Howdy. So now let's turn to the word of last year, last year comes from the verbal Bashir Yoshida and the and

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the most of the infinitive form of the shell was

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this word is it's used many many, many places in the Koran in sort of use of it's the only place that this exact is implied form is used. Where it says I mean you to haMashiach Adobe, Adobe him that's the only place otherwise other forms of the word Russia are used past president must lead etc. Now this word which literally means to cover

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Something up entirely, is now being described is being used in this ayah to describe the event of the next life, piano, it is an adjective of

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Yamaha Shia. Now, this word itself tells us that Allah wants us to know about this day something, one of which is it will overwhelm it will cover the entire this day and its events will cover. We've learned already in previous sutras that this event will start or one of its worst, you know, depictions will happen in the sky, the sky tearing up turning into doors, right and it being peeled. And of course, the sky is that which covers us. So when the skies start showing the signs, we are covered and enveloped in the signs of Russia. The other thing is, it's a it's a beautiful connection to what already came in the previous slide. When we said we talked repeatedly about the ruler,

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highest adonia you give preference to worldly life. Human beings are tied up in business or family or whatever other things, entertainment, things that are keeping them away from realizing their real purpose in life. This one thing will overshadow and cover over everything that people had been running towards, they will over almost like casting a shadow on their hearts. It'll cast a shadow on all their goals, all their aspirations. A moment ago before this event begins. Somebody is worried about their business, somebody's checking their balance, and you know, they're taking their online bank statements, some mother's feeding her child, you know, some food, some people are just having

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to chat conversations, some people are making plans about moving etc, etc. All of these things are happening in a split second later. All of that is overshadowed all of that is covered with this event that undoes all those other things, all of those other plans and speeches and discussion and concern, all of them become irrelevant all of a sudden, so hello, attacker, Hadi from Russia. Now, just a few other things about this, this stiff arm this question form that Allah azza wa jal uses in the ayah. And the stiff hammer we had the hill is what could have been in these kinds of art and others like them, but you do who does the code will have come into Korean cup? As the Mufasa? don't

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comment, the benefit of this is that this confirms the matter, didn't it come to you? Meaning it's for sure come to you, didn't it? Didn't I? Same way you talk to your child, you say Didn't I tell you to go there, which means I for sure told you to go there. Right. So that format, I have prayed for certain allies saying, given you full depiction of the news of that event, but I'll present them to you in a new fashion all together again, live this week in st Maarten, however, this is done to call the attention of the listener. And this is done even now that I tell you to do this. Now when you say it like that it's a threatening tone. And here again, even though the addresses to the

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messengers a lot harder for them. The real threat isn't to the messenger. It is to those who are not listening to the messenger. So Ally's doing two things at the same time he's scolding to fry these wordings. And at the same time, he's encouraging and acknowledging his support for his messenger from Allah hunting for them at the same time. Then, the other thing in this as far as this is concerned is a beautiful narration. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam passed by this woman Marwan Wu Salalah alayhi wa sallam, Allah Marathi in the Quran, she was reciting attacca D fellowship she was reciting the sola for karma and he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yesterday. He

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stood there, he stopped walking, he stopped. He just started listening to her. And then he said now I'm Khadija Annie. Yes, it has come to me, but the wording of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Is that at any? In his journey, it came to me meaning this news was even heavy on him. Because Java is heavy and that is light. So I'm gonna use the light word, but the messengers because it impacted him in such a heavy way so he says Johnny, it has come to me. Then we go to the next I Allah as always uses the word would you? It's very powerful faces faces. Usually what we call this in Arabic grammar is the mocha it's the beginning of a sentence and it's supposed to be modified. Okay. We learn it's

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supposed to be a Lulu Yama in Harsha. That's the norm. Normally, we expect an olive lamb in the beginning of a sentence that is noun based. But here we don't see it as a flap. What that does for us is a few things. First of all, when we read the word would you we can no longer translate it as faces we have to translate it as some faces. The word some will occur because there's no Elif landed some faces. Others say also lift the VMO lift the key distance disturbing. What it does is it lets us know there will be many faces in this way. One of the faces being described described are many, many a number that comes from Lithuania. And also there are some so how is summoned many together?

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It seems like they're contradictory ideas. The idea of many multitude is there. But when I say some, then what I'm implying is there's another group.

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In other words, when would you use Yes, there will be many of them, but already we know though Ally's describing a certain

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group of people and their faces, there necessarily will be coming another description of another group. Because when you say some people that this, then you're expecting other people did that there's another expectation. And that expectation is generated linguistically by not mentioning an Islam here. And so we find later on, would you when again, there'll be another young lady named Lisa robbia. That's coming up. Right. Now let's look at the description of these faces. First of all, the law says would you mean yo Ma, even this man, this this object of time, faces on that day, usually an object of time in Arabic sentence structure is expected at the end. So we'll do one harsh tone

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yoma event that is normally how the Arab would speak back in the day. But there's this stuck theme. It's been brought earlier, Yama is in the middle of the mocha and the hover. Right, so you have what you want. Then what was expected at the end in the middle, and then Harsha at the end. Now what the shuffle does is it creates this effect called the left side. And the way we translate that simply in English is, especially on that day, or it is only on that day, that some faces, who will be many a number are going to experience there's going to be an expression on them. And that expression is the word Harsha Harsha. Now in the previous surah we didn't have the word qu with it at the end. We had

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the word Harsha Kashi with a yachtie. Okay. For example, in the previous surah, we read we read saya karumi, yaksha yaksha. That was the word use there. What's the difference between Harsha and Khushi? similar words, the high in the chinar there with the last letter instead of iron is a Yeah, in the previous slide, right. Harsha is to be afraid of something bigger than yourself. But who sure is to be so afraid that your muscles become numb. You become weak in your bone. Right? The fear starts paralyzing you that is called for sure. That is something described of the state of a believer we're in the Salah, that is for sure. It's not just fear felt in the heart, it starts affecting the rest

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of your body. It starts affecting your limbs, you can feel who you are and you're in your bones basically, that's the that's the image of tissue. Allah describes these faces on that day a step above CATIA. He doesn't say would you mean Yama in hajiya? BIA, right. He says, Would you minimize in Harsha with I mean, the the faces on that day will be overwhelmed with fear so much so that there'll be a numbness on them. There'll be this overwhelming exhaustion and numbness on those faces as a result of that fear. Now the thing that's really interesting is Allah azza wa jal mentions who sure this idea of overwhelming fear, causing limbs to become loose or limbs to become numb. He uses

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this for many different limbs on the Day of Judgment. For example, He says, ha she attended Sato home taco home villa. Right? Their eyes will experience pushover. Then he says Kashi until a slot man voices, meaning the tongue will become full of this crucial they'll become they'll start to stutter out of fear. Then Allah azza wa jal says For example,

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in this ayah here that faces experience for sure. But for a believer what experiences What does Allah describe? Lm? Yeah, Annie, Linda Dena Armando and Tasha. Whom did it Linda? Right? The color of the hearts experience for sure. But for the caffeine, it's this beautiful for the disbeliever on the Day of Judgment, Allah describes his eyes experience for sure. Allah describes his face experiences for you overwhelming fear that numbs it, but Allah does not describe his heart, because whose heart experiences for the believer. So whenever you find for sure associated with the heart, that is only mentioned in case of the believer, Allah does not grant that honor to the disbelievers.

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Because when you give push you that that that verbal for sure, when you give it to any other limb, then it's actually humiliating. But when you give it to the heart, it shows humility to a lot when you say my eyes became my eyes have pushed you or were full of push you right or my face has pushed you then I have succeeded in explaining this ayah comment this is the this is the the nth degree or this is the extreme amount of humiliation heaped upon this person that they reached the state of fear that they've been overwhelmed with how to look. The other thing that's interesting is the left does mention the fear of hearts for disbelievers in one place. Allah says Hulu in Yama in logica,

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we've read this already, right? What Jeff is used and what's amazing is the Arab used to say oh Justin hyla I caused the horse to become scared when I slapped the horse really hard. It got scared. In other words, the word used for fear of the disbeliever is the one the Arab used to use for animals. Allah did not use for sure for the calf in his heart, but he uses what Jeff which is only used by the Arab for who for animals of how to lead this is if this is a an insult to the carpet, that his heart does not fear except like the fear of an animal instead of fearing Allah. What

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Is the heart fearing it's carrying the calamities that are going around, there's much greater to fear that even the calamities on the day of judgment and that is the fear of Allah Himself. So prior to what

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so now attack a hadith from Russia, would you who Yama is in Harsha. Now, this is again in the previous surah we said says the chroma yaksha the who will take benefit of reminder who will actually soon internalize reminder is the one who fears but now a state worse than fear has been described by using the word

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Minato nostalgia. The word Iman is very common. A lot of people know what I mean. That means work. I mean, I mean, these faces that have been put to work. How does the face get put to work? You ever see someone who comes home from a long day of work, what they look like, you could tell from their face that they're exhausted that they've been working the face of a worker in the face of someone on vacation or two different faces. It's like when you when you come back from vacation to your job, people don't recognize you. You look like a different person. Because your face your watch is no longer army, your face is not overwhelmed by the it doesn't have the look of exhaustion and work on

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it. Allah uses this, this word to describe a few things. Number one on the Day of Judgment, it illustrates that there's some work going on. On the day of judgment when these events this latia starts over covering. Then you're running around trying to escape, right can was up in Arabi. kaoma ethereal masaka these people trying to find a place to hide something that they can they can find some kind of refuge in and they're exhausting themselves doing so then we know on the Day of Judgment, we have to stand for a really long time in a labor some kind of way and answer a lot of questions. This is this is an exhausting activity. So Amina is used, but others like for example, if

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you're a boss, well the Allahu anhu comments in his stuff. See, like the word Amina here, that this was in the case of dunya. So he says, well, delicately.

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Allah Hafiz dunya para medulla who follow me on Cebu FIFA it he shadow him

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Delica yo Illa Obama mimma abou about huifeng dunya mineral madora.

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Allah Abbas for the Allahu anhu says, this state of them being exhausted is because they did not work in dunya. In this linear they did not do the works, the actions that Allah had demanded of them. And they exhausted themselves in things other than dunya other than Islam for dunya itself. So you will have you know, we're not the only ones who work hard to provide for a family. Right? One time this Christian monk came to Omar Ravi Allahu anhu. And he was very old, you could tell he has given his life in worship and Christian worship. And armado. The Allahu anhu saw him and he started crying. And the Sahaba asked him, Why are you crying? This, you know, what made you cry? And he

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looked at he looked at the Christian monk, and he said, Mila, to NASA, you know, this, this monk has exhausted his labor work night, you know, hours and hours and hours of the day, years and years of his life, given up his youth for a kind of worship, that alone will not accept? How sad is that state. So he felt sorry enough to cry for that person.

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Right. So this is the idea of false worship, people are engaged in false worship, another kind of homage that people engage ourselves. This is the kind of worship we do nowadays, where the messenger curse that is at the dinner dinner of the damn right, may the slave of the literally dollar, dollar and cent right dinar and Dirham, may they be destroyed. We give our entire lives to work. We give them up to work. You You go to work, you can't you're concentrated on you know, expanding your career and making it higher and higher up the corporate ladder, you're on vacation, you're talking to people about work. Even when you bring work at home, you take work to work and you bring it home,

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your whole life becomes work, you're working, working, working, and the only you know, you talk to an engineer, all they want to talk about is engineering stuff. Even when they're not at the office, you talk to an accountant, man taxes this year. Right? That's what they want to talk about. You talk to somebody in medicine, that's all they want to talk about is medicine. Right? their careers become so much so in some psychologists say, you know, you are what you do. Right? So they become just that you ask them, who are you? Or what are you? They'll say I'm an accountant, or I'm a teacher, or I'm a physician. No, I'm a human being. I'm a Muslim, right? There are other things you are, this is

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just a small part of what you are. Right? But you just identify yourselves as that and that becomes you. And so all you have to show for yourself is advancement in this career. You built this empire in a business or you built your name your reputation with this 10 year in this company, right? Are you waited all the way to like, you know, this top level executive position and you're tired after all those years people lose their, you know, destroy their marriages before family, right for their careers, people lose touch with their children, their children rebel and leave the home. The only reason they come to their parents is because their parents are a good cash register for them. Right

00:24:59--> 00:24:59

all for what

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What are their lives gone in their garden work? And now they come before Allah on the day of judging you know you figure when you when you die and now it's time to rest. That's why the English even though say rest in peace, but these people are raised exhausted. They are raised Amina, their faces are still exhausted and what is ahead of them. Can you imagine these these disbelieving people who give preference to worldly life didn't even enjoy dunya they were working 70 hours a week, 50 hours a week commuting half of their lives and if they spent their half their life stuck in traffic in a car, right? Just exhausting themselves. And now they're tired now they're standing in front of a

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guess what that was that was vacation compared to what is coming. Now they have to stand in front of a lot. Now they have to head into the hellfire. But are they prepared physically to be ready for that they're already exhausted. Amina and above Amina NASA, the next adjective, the word NASA means to be pegged inside the ground. Nothing literally means to be pegged. Also, it's from a smell of blood, it needs to be prominent. Another thing it means it because it's from the smell of blood, it needs to be wobbly. Meaning so tired, you can't even stand straight. You're completely overrun by work. You just want to crash. You just want a crash. Right? Now the idea you know what they do in

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especially like expensive hotels, or luxury homes or that those kinds of places. They look very comfortable. very inviting beds, lots of questions on the bed, big couches, nice lounge, the idea of making you feel relaxed, because they're designed mostly for executives, right? Who do these long trips or they have a long flight, or they have these long, long meetings, they're tired. So the marketing is you want to give them a sense of relaxation. There's water flowing, there's waterfall inside the lobby of the hotel. This is modern stuff, right? Nice couches, cushions, these are just things to relax with. There's a bar right around the corner. That's what they'll usually do with

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glasses hanging there. Right? This is the scene that's being depicted. Now, on the day of judgment. This guy is finally done with work he wants to come and relax. I mean that's when NASA they're completely overrun by work. But let's see what Allah has installed for them does not on Hania.

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They will be throwing themselves. The slide is not in the passive in the money idle module form. This is in the model form, benighted inside this this is the construction where the subject is known. They themselves are throwing themselves in. Let's see what Lucy rockmelon Romani has to say, but we're here Bobby Hammond Cooney Gianni bin wahoo I don't know Allah. Hi, Leanne Naaman, para la bien FC Harada lacunae, la calidad Vasa, he says rather, that they will be completely overrun by fire, they will be surrounded in all by all sides in fire. And this illustrates the worst kind of humiliation because what what others result other than humiliation can there be if they themselves

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are doing the act? Because Tesla doesn't mean they will be thrown it means they will throw themselves they will go into themselves. Now the word Tesla has a tie in the beginning, which refers to the stuff that needs to sell for feminine and the feminine is being used because would you basis is a broken Pearl Jam axiom. And that's what it's used for. In other words, faces will cast themselves in Now think about that. If there's a fire or anything being hurled towards your body, what's the natural instinct of the human? What do they protect first? You protect your feet, you put your arm out immediately comes out. There's a natural instinct to guard your faith. And Allah

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describes in this sutra, what are they throwing into the fire willingly? willingly first, what are they checking in first their face does slide the tie illustrates the faces going into the fire. So how to let that slide out on Hermia. Let's see. Now what how this word Hermia which is a new adjective for the fire is understood how many it will mageba my elbow This is an expression of the Arab I prevented the patient patient from getting things or eating things that would have harmed him. How about in Arabic or Humira literally, in its most raw form needs to prevent something from to keep you from getting something. So now on homea it's some kind of a preventative fire. Now

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what's the word Hameed? Another thing that it means is a scorching flame of like the desert sun is also called hammy. Okay, how about this chumps, the Arab would say that the sun became scorching, scorching hot. So now one of the meanings of kamiah here, of course, is that it's scorching fire. But the other is it's got some sort of a preventative feature. It prevents your skin from burning off, because if it burnt off, the pain would be over. But if it prevents it from burning off, it prevents you from getting any rest. It prevents you from getting any any breaks. And he stopped in the pains of handling all of this by allowing soldiers giving the adjective Hermia now on Hermia a

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lot more leverage on them in us having not

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lost out on Hermia to SCORM and I in in any of

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these phases, we'll be getting

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To drink fit Now, again, people are not being described their faces are being described, we should understand the tone of the soda. Why the faces are being highlighted. expressions, emotions, dignity, right? arrogance, humility, all of these things are manifest. We're a human being. You can tell if I'm arrogant or not from my hands, where do you tell it from my face, the way I the the facial expressions, the body language, most of it, which is captured on the face. Fear is captured on the face anger, this anger is captured on the face. Now those same faces that used to consume the heroin, they used to consume the heroin. Now as a result, what are they going to get in the MDR Hara

00:30:39--> 00:31:17

to scar those faces will be given to drink. And literally suppiah in Arabic is to give somebody to drink in their mouth, meaning literally, they open their mouth and you pour it in it, right? This is sick is usually it's done for animals, but it can also be done for people, right? They you just poured the water out and they're drinking like that. Right? Now, what this illustrates is, first of all, they went into the scorching fire. There's absolutely no relief. So now they're desperate, they gotta find relief somewhere. So the relief from fire naturally comes from where from water. So Allah azza wa jal describes that they will be given to drink from a spring from iron as a spring. And

00:31:17--> 00:31:52

interestingly, in Arabic is only used for beautiful and good things. Because the Arab Of course, they're in the desert. So one of the most valuable things to them, a fantasy to them is to see a water spring a waterfall water gushing out. And this is the word iron. Iron is also used for the eye. Because it you know, it sheds a tear, but the water comes out and it's it looks like it's moist all the time. And that's why the word iron is also used for the eye. Anything that looks really good to the eye that would also cause it. Sometimes in Arabic poetry, they call a beautiful horse I in the Quran called turonian. Because they're beautiful to look at, is us, right? So the word aim

00:31:52--> 00:32:37

usually has a very positive meaning. But here, so they're going to be given to drink from aim. So you figure Okay, now at least they get some relief. But Allah gives an adjective to that I, which is Ania. You know, Anna in the in Arabic form, it comes with the Arabic expression, and many of you have heard the word and before now, right? And, and is it the the simplified version or the active participle version of the word, Anna. And what it means actually is two things. It has two meanings in it, have the time to have come and means now, time to have come also means when you boil water or any liquid, and it's the time has come where it's reached the final boiling point where it's

00:32:37--> 00:33:18

actually bubbling up. Right and it's intense and it's bubbling, the final final time of boiling. That's the time that it becomes Ania so the spring is gushing out water. But it only starts gushing when it's reaching the most intense part of the heat. And where is this water coming right onto their faces their faces are being made to consume to scar mean alien Aeneas Han Allah, What punishment after punishment Allah describes as if this law not on how Mia wasn't intense enough. Now on top of this spamming Anan Ania now if you go to the first word in the surah and the last year and attacca, diesel and Akasha that which covers up to things have already covered the people up these

00:33:18--> 00:33:34

go far they have once been covered up by the fire. Now Shall we go home and not write their faces will be covered by fire. On the other hand, now they are covered in boiling water, they're covered in this intense heat of the fire of the water.

00:33:35--> 00:33:41

Now the next iron schelotto before actually before we go to the next I have one last thing in this ayah

00:33:42--> 00:34:23

this the word I'm literally also means a spring that comes out. Okay, so this is actually a spring inside the Hellfire whose only purpose is to gush out boiling water bubbling boiling water. Another word for boiling water or really hot water is volume, which is used for example in Super Mohan yagni, Phil Boone, hollywell homies, but the difference between the curly and you know, here I in Ania, the difference between them is clearly means water that boils rises up, it's brought up and Allah describes that horrendous punishment that that water is inside their stomach and it starts crawling up. But as to the torture even within their bodies, when they drink that water now law

00:34:23--> 00:34:25

protect us again, from the tortures of the hellfire.

00:34:27--> 00:34:57

The word was caught in the end I mentioned again, some have in a different color of the eye, a red recited instead of Tosca deskah. And the difference that would make is that it would become active meaning they will themselves go to drink. If you read those scars, the implication is they're being held and water is being poured on them. If you read BestBuy, Athena, they are so desperate from the fire that they themselves go into the water and they try to drink even though it's bubbling hot even they themselves go. That's what that little change of Hanukkah means and how much time do you have left? all the time?

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

33 Okay, we could probably do one

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

more iron ore to more iron. They sell a home for Armand in Danbury now we've spoken about drink, the next logical thing to talk about is food. They will have no they have no food for them. The first thing I should note about this is that laser usually occurs and normally occurs in the Arabic language for present tense for immediate situation, okay, it is not for the future. It is not for the past it is for the immediate present, but this burning in the Hellfire and torture When is that going to happen? in the future? Why is the law talking about that in the present this itself illustrates the anger of a law on these people. It is as though they are already there. They are

00:35:39--> 00:36:19

being asked to imagine themselves already there as though right now they have nothing to eat for themselves except Berea Now the word la home, which is Java, Madrid, it's supposed to be at the end. Again, it's brought in the beginning, this dark theme what it says is, it is it is for those people especially that there will be no food at all Ladies and gentlemen, no food will be there at all for them. The format illustrates that there will be food for others, there will be food for others, it is not for them that there will be any food implying there will be food for others. The implication of others is there because the word lahoma is in the beginning Had it been laced with armanda home

00:36:19--> 00:36:59

then there would be no implication of others. So even by saying Leyzaola Harmon is a threat and an illustration of anger against the kafar. But at the same time, it is actually a mercy implied to the believers because you will have food they will have something to eat. They sell a home in La minbari except the only thing they will eat from is min buddy. Now the word min is really important to from out of this thing a law called buddy Maria in Arabic literature is two things. One is used for raw seaweed, like the nasty seaweed that pulls up on the shore, right that animals don't even like to eat and human beings for certain for certain wouldn't want to eat unless it's somehow processed or

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00:37:01--> 00:37:36

The other is, the word body is used for a thorny kind of plant in the Arab terrain called Shibboleth. And this plant has a lot of very sharp long thorns. And animals usually tried to graze but they don't graze near it because when they try to eat it, it hits them in their face, it pokes them in their face and causes them to bleed. So it's poisonous and thorny and itchy and this is the last thing the animal would want to do is eat from us the only animal that can try and eat from it is the camel. And that will become important as we continue our study of the soul of the camel they have you know thicker lips, and they have they can consume and they can chew on even tough and rough

00:37:36--> 00:38:17

things. And this is part of the amazing, you know, miracle of the the camel, that it can survive in a place like the desert. You know, for a goat or for a cow you have to provide them food. But even a poor man could own a camel because he doesn't have to provide food it can go eat any shrubs or anything it can survive. Anyhow Allah says they will not have any kind of food except this body. There are three kinds of food that Allah mentions in the Quran in the hellfire. There's a comb. This lien is Christine. And then there is this word burrier Mostar Lamarck comment that Daria is the general word for all the things underneath. So the comb is a kind of body. And this lien is a kind

00:38:17--> 00:38:27

of body. So that is the most comprehensive term. Now the word diarrhea, again, this thorny food Allah did not did not say they sell a home for an elaborate and he said, Ella min Maria,

00:38:28--> 00:38:47

the home illustrates that they'll actually be going looking for food for themselves, they'll have to go look around for food, and that their stomachs will force them to look around for food. Now when they're looking around for food, they see this horrible plant. And they have to actually go into that plant and eat it. And as they're trying to go in what is happening already.

00:38:48--> 00:39:16

They're not being served that plant they have to remember do they have to go from it and get it from there. So they're actually being tortured by by even the contact of the plant, not to mention the fact that they're eating it. The last thing I should comment about this is the present tense form. If the cafe hears these is this threatening tone, because you know the previous surah ended sort of on a soft note. It said well to hero and Hiawatha dunia well O'Hara to heroin.

00:39:18--> 00:39:56

the Hereafter is better and longer lasting. It's soft advice. It's not saying you better listen. But it's saying no, there's better for you in the hereafter. But now if soft advice doesn't work, just like in any form of education, you try to tell the kids in the classroom calm down nicely calm down nicely what happened at the end, who wants to go to the principal's office? Right? It turns to that state. Now, let's start softly and think about your legacy. So hopefully, he will have a soft advice. But if that doesn't work, if you're still not willing to listen, then let's turn into what you really want, what might work for you, and even as harsh as these ions are if they penetrate into

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

the heart of the disbeliever and it scares him to rethink it.

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

life that is a mercy to even that is a mercy, the knowledge of the most horrible punishments that they themselves are a mercy from Allah azza wa jal. So they every time the cover now decides to eat food, you know what's going to come to his mind? I actually have nothing to eat except buddy, because it's mentioned in the present tense is going to make him think twice if he has an ounce of fear left in him Subhanallah but some kofod didn't even have that. So what did they do? Well, your work undercover operation Allah Masami

00:40:32--> 00:40:36

in the burritos Meanwhile, a lettuce Meanwhile, he, he by Lana.

00:40:37--> 00:40:38


00:40:39--> 00:41:21

Some of them said these go far they said, Oh, but here, we're gonna get the rear. That's not so bad. Our camels can eat it. They can survive. So they started making fun of the idea that allows origin is going to give them Berea a lot of responded. The next I love to smell, it will not give an to Smith, what's the word they use? That it it makes our camels fat and tough and they can survive in the desert. So we'll get tough to Allah says love to smell it doesn't add to your head. In other words, it's not it doesn't have any nutrition for your body. None whatsoever. It's not nutrition at all. Whenever you name in judo, and worse, even First of all, it's not nutritious. And that's not so

00:41:21--> 00:41:56

bad for the caffeine because even nowadays, we eat a lot of things that aren't nutritious, right? people consume things that are not nutritious and say what's the big deal? I can have not nutritious things, but unless has one thing further. He says, Well, you name in June, and it will not make them free of need from hunger. It will not relieve them from feeling the need to feed themselves. In other words, they'll keep eating and keep eating and keep eating. And you know, already we learned that they went after the food out of desperation. And now when you finish eating, you know before your order comes at the restaurant, you're sitting there hung when's it coming? Man, I've been here

00:41:56--> 00:42:33

for 10 minutes. I'm going to tear this plate up. When you're done eating you say Oh, I think I ate too much. You know, you know, I can't even look at it anymore. Just pack it up for me. Right? That's the I that happened. But imagine these people they're eating the worst kind of food the worst it's not even food. The two things that food is supposed to do is first it should eat you know it should taste like something it should add to your it somehow it benefits your body and then it relieves your hunger the two essential functions of food none of them are being provided by this body and can they still stop? They still keep on going. When you when you taste something disgusting. What do you

00:42:33--> 00:43:05

do? What's your first natural reaction? You get to spit it out of your mouth or you say no more thanks. It's great but I just have a bad stomach right now. Or you make an excuse you don't want to eat anymore. But these kofod are being made to eat over and over and over again. Adding further to their humiliation. May Allah save us from the humiliation of the Hellfire on that note inshallah because the next the rest of the Surah Now starts talking about the other faces would you even know him I will give them their due inshallah, after the breaks with Chanukah Maha morbihan Vic shadow Illa Illa. Illa. anta