Hasan Ali – Can I Break Blood Ties

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of keeping close relationships with people who give trouble and make one's life easier. They suggest avoiding interactions with people who are already close to them and keeping a low level of interaction. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of having patience and being aware of one's parents' the loss of their parents and siblings.
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I've got a family member or someone within my circles that's giving me trouble. It might be someone who's related to me by blood. Now a lot of people fall into this trap. A lot of Muslims asked me about this problem, you've got someone close to you who gives you trouble. Yet Islam tells us to keep a kinship with these people, you know, you can't cut blood ties. Now, there's got to be a balance, the balance is that yes, I have to keep my blood ties with these people. I can't stop talking to them. I can't just cut them off from my life. yet. I want to stop the trouble. How do I stop the trouble? Well, you minimize your conversations and interactions with them. That's what you

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do. So even though I've got certain people, you know, linked to me by blood, man, I'll keep contact with them all the time. Why? Because when you do, they kind of feel that they can get into your life, they can make your life miserable, that can boss you around, they can start putting you know, these conditions upon you, why did you do this? And why didn't you do this? And you're like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you know? Yes, I know. You're my son. So uncle or whoever it is, right? But Oh, my, let's say someone who's who's elderly, who is supposed to respect knowledge. But you know, what, if they get to the stage where they're making your life very difficult for you, then, you know,

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sometimes it goes beyond just a few words, it goes into being cruel towards you. There are people out there who are having a real hard time thinking, well, Islam told me that I have to keep a kinship with these people. What do I do? Well, you reduce your conversations and interactions with them. So you don't have to talk to them as much. You can say Salaam, here and there, you don't have to go Assalamualaikum and then a full blown conversation with them. It says, Okay, how are you

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out, now go your way, keep cutting tractions read less, I mean, meet them down again, fine, just so that you keep your ties with them. Because once you open that door and allow them to come closer to you, they're going to give you more and more trouble. So please make your life easier by keeping some of these people at a distance. Because some of you are going through so much trouble that you kind of feel that I need to do this yet, I don't know how to get out of this, well, this is what you do. Just no one no one's forcing you to try and have a long conversation with these people and let these people be in your lives and around your lives. Now, it does differ slightly when it comes to

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very close people like that's to say, your parents or your brother and sister look, you don't you don't just cut off from your parents or cut off from your mother father. And those those are very close to you. Because what happens then is you've got to have an amount of sovereign amount of patience for for those people. Let's just say for example, your mother or your father, you're not really getting on with them. They tell you things that you don't you don't you don't sort of like you've got to be able to have the patience to the Quran has told us look, there was a part of your life, which they gave you know, that their whole time and energy and everything to you for Well, now

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they're old, you might disagree with them, but you still have to be respectful towards them, and you have to look after them. So that one Have you ever had the patience because one day what will happen is that when your parents have actually gone from the world, then you probably going to look back and you're probably gonna say you know, I'd rather have them around because when I had them around, things were much better. If you don't understand what I'm saying please talk to someone who's lost their mother or lost their father, go and talk to them and then realize what it was when they you know, because things unless your father or your mother is very not like they do something which is

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which which Allah has told not to do which is very very nasty, unless they're of that nature that most parents most children will miss miss their parents even though they were adults and the parents passed away most of mine on 90% of them will miss them so make the life easier by doing what I said keep your interaction things low if you think that they're giving you some blood relative is giving you harm and so on is making your life really difficult but at the same time when it's really close like your parents or your own brothers and sisters so on those ones look if you have the support if you have the patience and so on is going to pay off and those ones you can't just just you know just

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just leave because end of the day, you have to have some responsibility for those people who are really close to you and look after them for the long term Allah give tovi complex examine. Hey,

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