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30 to a salary cap rock means the third is that that occurs in the program itself. What are the who is better? So now we're going to talk about video. So the problem arises in the legal ruling itself.

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And this is what innovation is Liyan and data analysis, Corporation, a visa, and this is the definition people. So get it now. And innovation, visa is the belief that something is a devotional practice, that's not. So you think that you're doing something that draws you near to a lot and it doesn't,

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or achieve hardness, your purpose, your purpose, or to believe that something is not a devotional practice, that is indeed a devotional practice, oh, Allah will help me demolish Russia and Russia, or to give something the ruling, that is not for it, by the Sharia in sacred law, and this is a more specific type situation, what someone said. So there are three types of data one,

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so sorry. The first is a clear, explicit, unambiguous, unequivocal innovation did that. Sorry, how was he in the Cheeto party loosen Assam saucy Ha. And this is these are the a sound sooner? It's in contradistinction to a sound sooner enough at a pm he should have been more fabulous in what our budget and not paid us in Hamilton. And there is no shuba Mahavira there's not even a doubtful element. So this is sorry. Because if you have a schema, then there might be some filler or something like that. There's no supermall partida what after Janaka hamidah, nor is there any proof that has been transmitted. And contrary the program can exciting and something that you said we'll

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do, like using a lot of water in your will do better. Sorry, ha. Now, so when you turn on the canopy, and you start doing your thing, you wasted a lot of water. Is that a VISTA? This is a test. Is that a bit as

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some people saying yes, some people say no. So who wants to risk it? According to what he just told us? Is that a bit?

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Think about it.

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have subsea if you think it's a corba, it becomes evident. If you don't believe it's a Porsche you just happen to be doing it is angelin or unset. When so it's my clue. If you think it's a bit. I mean, if you think it's a photograph Maha Brahma because it's bizarre. Sorry, ha. Because there's a Santa Mojave law that says, Nah, man it's can that's called is valid will do to do will do well is the definition of will do that has done well is a little naive. Man, it's fun, using the least amount of water with the best. It's time that you've done it with. Excellent. So you've made sure you've covered everything that's proper will do. So if I say Oh, it's good to use a lot of water.

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And I believe that Allah loves that. Hello, the DA sorry, ha, that is a clear innovation is I just have to be using the Haemophilia. I'm not thinking about it. If somebody says to me, do you think that's a good thing to do? No. You know, it's just that's how it's coming. Whatever. That's not a big gap. So understand the difference. It's really important, no matter what you're causing this V so it has to be on the condition that you believe it's recommended. Oh, it's I'm looking for to dental team whenever we are doing too much to them. Look, you see people that

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you know, really rubbing in back a bit. Not will do something else. Religious neuroses, they call that

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in a minute, oh,

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he can go on and on and on, right, because Muslims do all this stuff. In Shaolin Museum, let's and we, you know, he has a lot, so he's just using that. To give you some examples, he said, Now the second So there's your video. Sorry. That's the one we don't want anything to do it because that's the really dangerous one. There's two other types of video about the

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gearbox here. This is a video that is mobile. It's been added to the religion. It wasn't amongst the setup. It's not sorry. Hi, it's Phil Basia. We're here. Let's see to how we don't have Aqua nia. This is the thing that circumstances affect it and

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Also the intention cuts the vocal key the song, like taking blessings from relics, religious relics.

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What is Sema? What is dinner is our civil it's called and gathering for public prayer. There are many suffocation in congregation that's a bigger, and also a call during Vicar in groups. Those are evident. Now they're not viewed as sorry how they're a bit above here. The reason they're not that our study is for instance, even though the setup did not do that, there are Hadees that supports the action. For instance, there's a hadith Sahih, Hadith kotze, in which the prophets Allah said that Allah has in a diva he muda he doesn't say Yama, Allah has melodica to travel around, that you're semi soon enough Hezekiah they're looking for circles of vicco It's a sound heady, when they come

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upon them. jimsy don't, they're flying over the earth, when they look down on the earth. Like we see stars in the heaven. They see lights, not as artificial lights of cities, they see the lights of vehicles. That's how they recognize it. So they'll see a house that's illuminated spiritual light, not General Electric,

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spiritual light, and they'll go to that place. The Sakina comes in those places they bring Sakina

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and the rough Mark comes with them. Now when they returned to the Divine Presence, Allah says to them, this is what I know of him. And he knows this is to teach us and it's because Allah created a world of means Allah knows he doesn't need any Mahabharata or any like the tyrants of this world. They need all these secret police and a lot doesn't mean that

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he knows everything. But he uses us about so he asked them, What did you find my secret we found a new subject owner, call your Khalid owner.

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They were saying so Panama, they were saying that Ilhan Omar they were sending out 100 in that they were doing it in a circle. Now obviously there's some sedap about were they doing it in one voice? Or were they doing it separately? So the nuptial Randy's tend to take it that they do it separately. Right. So there are certain scholars that would say it's better to separately than do it from one voice fine. But let me know if it doesn't neglect the other one are rejected.

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The same is true for the Quran. Mr. McComb, Sahih Muslim Mr. Coleman's evasion and beauty law through Nikita lovey sudarsono no group of people come together in a house in the houses of law reciting the Quran together and studying it amongst each other except in

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The angels come to that place for salmonella retronasal.

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Kenosha from arachnid angels calm sukeena comes mercy comes so for that reason you gotta live with Hydra him, he said a diku ultimate victory over qurani Jeremy ram refillable, Danny. He says in his first gathering for the Quran for the Quran is the angle of the Muslims in all the cities of Islam. And then he said oneness of all sorry, Nora

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will overrule the Sahaba.

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And the excuse for him who rejects it we accept is excused because of the subtlety of the proof. It's not as severe because the Sahaba didn't do it. Because some of them I did reject it like even unhatched even I had was great Maliki fluffy. He was a Sophie is great scholar but he rejected bickering groups and that's a valid opinion. So if you take that opinion that's fine you don't do it but you don't condemn others for doing it because it's a bit that you Basia, it's not as good as sorry Hmm. And then also there's another thing in our all sort of as economists that it's sort of the medical center be more strict about this than the Hennessey's in the shadows but in also, the

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fact that the setup did not do it is not a proof that it's hot. Um, Now, some people will say a bad is totally fear

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that you can't do anything in worship that has not come from the Prophet Vicar has come from the process of life for them to see that would be whether you can gather for it now. There is gathering for the club in the dean, there's no doubt the prayer people gather for it. The Hadith indicates that gathering to recite the Quran is acceptable. The prophets realize that I'm in such a Muslim, and he actually told people to do in shadow of shadow in his presence. He in one revine one man came with lines of poetry and he said give us some more.

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The promise of lies to them, when they are free that they will have wishes that came into the message. It's in such

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They were dancing with the spheres. And they were singing and have a Shia Mohammedan. abdomen five years. That's what they were saying. Mohammed is a pure servants of Allah. That's what there was. And he's aduna comb, videography that he encouraged them shut down. You know, let's see some, there are many, many examples, you as a football have brought these things out. And that's why these things are dead issues. And the problem with the modern Muslims and Muslims in the past as well is that you're just dealing with people that have problems. And I guarantee you most of the personalities that go around causing all this, there's similar characters in the Jewish religion

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doing the same thing to the Jews, and in the Christian religion doing the same thing to the crew. I'm not joking. There really are these are archetypal forms.

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And you find them in other religions. I mean, you've got finger waggers in every tradition, I guarantee you.

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Because I went to church, I remember them really clearly when I was a Christian.

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It's a character. It's a certain type of personality. And it's not the spirit of the purpose of life in him. He's very gentle with people. If indeed people are doing things wrong, the point is not to wag fingers at them. And the sad thing is you can find Hades about being towards the faseb. And that's what they do. They look at all the Hadees that has to do with * death. The prophet SAW several mentions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and and and he said as salaam alaikum what am your daddy is Sam. He didn't give him the sermon back. And the man was very upset. He went to some of the Sahaba and he said, I said that I'm to the property and give me some, he said that nicotinic Ohashi,

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Mum and Dad, maybe you have a ring from gold on you. And he and he indeed had one. And then he took it off, went back in the province of ICM greed in the center, they'll use those hobbies to justify. And those are these are very particular hobbies. The point is, it takes a long time to get to the point where you can really understand all of these hobbies in their proper context. That's what hikma is. That's where Hickman is, and it takes a long time. So what do you do in the meantime?

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I mean, this is a question. It's a real question. What do you do in the meantime, in the meantime,

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the first thing I recommend for suppose you have to take care of your souls. Really, you really do and we have to rectify our souls and, and we have to learn this and then if we make mistakes, but there's some basic things that you need to know. And this is certainly useful. So

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the third type is a bit of heat appeal. When he had the SE bar and mula Havas or Austria for kulu enam in sandymount ministry it also depends on the third site or visa that are as a result of the differences of opinion amongst the Imams. And these are under the rubric of the original insights of the Imams in the proofs. So every Imam understood something from the sacred law as a principle of foundation that he built upon. One has a better hochma led up to 1311 and he attributed the sacred ruling that he derived or arrived at through this he had obviously said that principle that he was following, but he's advocates he had a home Rupa naka de su Nia Tina panasoffkee, Babu Dipsy there.

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So he says that something is Sunnah. And his companion and other scholar says it's not something at all. It's a bit like EMA medic. In his method, it's a bit

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much ruha for the Imam to say a dua after the prayer

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does become a clause in the Maliki method. In the Hanafi Knezovich Mendoza, one more therapy lane car, it's agreed upon the something's a bit out all the moms are in agreement. You can do all the stuff you want and tell people and it's better to be nice, but you can even be harsh if you want to.

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Alright, it's always better to be nice. But you can even be harsh if you have real hair for the jeans they Ahmad with he saw something he was he was harsh.

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But if it's more set of fee,

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leave the poor man alone, really leave him alone. He might not know the deal.

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And then for blameworthy states, there's no doubt there's blameworthy. It's always better to know what you stillings and based on our knowledge, but you have to know indeed that is a better image. mediterranea even bigger macro is something that you're supposed to do it with looks because technically, he's not doing something that causes any punishment. He'll get a reward for leaving and you can tell him Yeah, see, you know, it's not some like in magic method. It's a bit hard to shake hands.

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After the prayer, I mean most of the night you don't follow these things anymore. But it really is. I mean, I'm not Ruby's holla they all do your ad Amanda.

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Even Abby gemorah Andrew sia, he refused to do do app. But the orphan Andrew sia was to do do app after the prayer. He refused. He said it was a bit daft. But it's had he been in Sham, he wouldn't have rejected the Hannity's who may drag because he was a puppy. So if they're Maliki's Yes, you can tell them you know, that's a bit according to our Imam, five years.

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This person can say I know that you know, the most acetone just ahead of you. So then he said, Now please listen to this next part and really understand it because this is very helpful.

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When a PSA huduma demo, in, neither of them are more.

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So one says this is as good as the other says, it's assumed that and this actually occurs. Hema medical of the mother said to you your celiac in the prayer line is a bit and makakuha some of the other eemaan said it's assumed now, neither of them are muted. So these are their understandings. So Lisa Mizuki bill Humphrey would see that he is only clinging to what he understands the truth to be. And this is the beauty of our teaching online. This is the beauty of Islam. This is one of the greatest things that we should be proud of that our own law realize that truth is filtered through human understanding. And nobody, with the exception of profits have a monopoly on truth. Truth is

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filtered through human understanding. It's really important to understand the only person that is milestone is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam.

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Now, listen to what he says when you feel at ease Attica, leggi Mirza do have an email, and in anouska Capital oma, if we indeed said that one of them was a multideck. Then it means all of the moms are motet it.

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We'd have to say all of the moms are machete own.

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We'd have to say the whole oma is machete and there are some people that want to do that. Really.

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Well, whoo, whoo. Whoo. Alma is error, darkness.

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stupidity. What I can attempt was he has it was said gdb has a sauce rapidly mount demon command edmondo into Paul's.

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He says, taqwa here, in this aspect that he's speaking about, is in accordance with the states of people.

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And based upon the effectiveness of their knowledge, and also of the deficiencies of their knowledge. So this is going to be dependent on different people, not everybody will be the same. In this, some people are at a high macom. For instance, my doctor has just to give me an example. He has absolute adherence to the center. And that's his macom. But he doesn't make rejection of other people that do that, for instance, they used to do group Vicar amongst his tribe.

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When he became the sheriff of that tribe, he stopped at all.

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If you asked him, what's the outcome of group they can move on.

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He doesn't say his harm. He doesn't even say that they don't macro. He says it's permissible

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will produce maybe it's recommended for certain people. He doesn't do it. Why? Because he follows the monarchy method intolerance is the set of that first, we didn't do something he doesn't do it. And that is my problem. You can apply that to everybody. That is my firm. So it's just people are different. There are different levels, and you can apply the same levels to everybody. The Sahaba one of the things about coming together to remember a law to read the Quran is it's a support system. It's a group support in Morocco, they do the Hizbul Quran after every prayer

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after and fudger

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every month, according to the lunar month. So then the 16 Jews, they noticed the 16th day of the month, the lunar month, they do it every year, they do 12 hokhmah. Every in every single mosque in Morocco that has a major count. They do that. In Morocco, the Koran, there's Koran, hundreds of 1000s of times a year.

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Now, that was evident that the more he didn't start it isn't a has condemned it. And he was a fancy

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technology is a great puppy.

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He said it's a bizarre and it's better sonicwall now there's a lot of people say that, but the truth is millions of Moroccans millions have memorized the Quran from that sooner since the Washington started millions.

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And I know personally several people that that's how they memorize the Quran. So they did Madonna every single day, twice a day. So they got to the point where they could do it without looking at the mishap after like 10 years.

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That's where they memorize Quran.

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So given the fact that it's a bit that you're bossy, and there is a denier for it in the Muslim apology basin, UC Davis cavalor. That's a very up for it. So that's what he's saying. People are different. Be aware of that.