Mufti Menk – Eternal Success

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a positive mindset and not just focusing on the amount of money you have. They also mention the need for a positive mindset to fulfill projections and achieve success. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying and not just focusing on the amount of money you have.
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Allah is making things easy for you and I. But why is it that the more Allah makes things easy the lazier we become. When Allah is giving you so much of ease, you have hot water from the tap, you have electricity, you have so much facility you have such a lovely masjid, you have better clothing, you have a better vehicle or a motorbike or a car or a bicycle, but Salatin Fajr we are sleeping is it fair?

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It's not fair. Salah too fragile we are what

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we are what? Look everyone is saying they are sleeping in the law here.

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Be careful that was examination question you failed question number one

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you are supposed to say we are awake. Salatin

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Allahu Akbar

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mashallah Sultan Sajid, we are awake. We want to fulfill Salah for Allah the sake of Allah raka Federica you don't mean a dunya one Murphy ah, the two units of Salah confronted with the Sunnah before Farah is better than the whole world and whatever it has, it's better than everything you have. And you know the caller who calls for Salah al Fajr adds one sentence into the oven what is that sentence?

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A solid

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minute no Allah aka Have you heard that?

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Have you heard that? You want to say it with me? Asana

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Mina, no, Salah is better than sleep. Salah is better than sleep. Who is saying this? It is taught by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was given revelation from Allah to remind us, Hey

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Come to success. You want success? You want happiness? You want joy? You want contentment? Allah says the solution is to come to pray. If you are connected with Allah, Allah has the key to the door of your success here another fella Come to success who is telling you come to success Wallahi it is your maker Allah Allah. So if you really think you are successful, but you don't pray in actual fact you are not successful. Your business is flourishing but you don't pray there is no success

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you have so many nice things but you don't pray no success.

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But if your business is okay and your salary is okay, I can just manage to buy my food and pay my rent few things. And I am praying five times a day will Allah He you are better than the one who has a beautiful bungalow, but he doesn't pray

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because this world is temporary you die I die. Your money will not help you mine will not help me unless I did what Allah told me to do with that money. When I'm humble and I respect people and I fulfill my prayers and I have a connection with Allah and they worship Allah alone, and I try my best to follow the Sunnah of rock Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that is true success. That is true success. When Allah speaks about success, he speaks about all these good qualities and habits. Never ever did Allah connect eternal success with the amount of money you have, because it is temporary

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