99 Names – EP 56 – Annasir Annaseer

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In this 56th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Annasir Annaseer


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Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the 99 names. I'm your host, Fidel. Han. And I have here with us,

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Michael. Yes. Today we're doing what? So we're doing two names of a loss of habitat and now said and animasi and NASA and ignacia Okay, so now says na si AR or known and if slots are not, I'll see it is noon slot. Yeah. All right.

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I'll see it.

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Noon fog. Yeah.

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Okay, so this name Nasir. And you'll see it comes number one and sort of that for Converse 31 or a loss of how to dial it says we'll give it a little bigger hi dn one I'll see it on. Your Lord is sufficient as a Heidi a guide and a NLC, a giver of support a giver of support? Yes, because must means support. And must means protection or prevention. Okay, so someone who protects you. And number two is someone or the first meaning of someone who supports you. And the second to someone who protects you.

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The idea there's also the connotation of not sort of being the person who supports those who are oppressed, not just general there's general support, but there's also the support of there's so those who are oppressed, is that where it comes from within us. So Nasir, here is again, it's talking about translated as victory, okay? Because the support of Allah Subhana tada leads to victory, okay. So the idea is because Allah says when the law is the ultimate supporter, rather sort of that FET has sort of the muscle actually, it doesn't mean the support, it means the support and muscle bar on the muscle, the hope the support of a law came when fat and the victory came. Okay, so

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Elijah and also life, so Nasir means support. And Allah subhana wa, tada is the Nasir. And there comes many verses in which a lot talks about his support and his aid and his

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assistance of the believers, okay. And

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of them a loss of Hana data as as you know, so como lo fi allows it, but Allah says, If Allah supports you, then no one can overcome you. Okay, and so that what immediately should create, in the heart of a believer as far as actualizing, this names is this understanding of this equation, that if a lot is on my site, I win. And if a lot is not on my site, I lose no matter who is on my site. Okay. Right. And so the, the the main audience that you try to make sure the only audience that you need to make sure that is on your site, is a loss of habitat, you know, this brings me to a reflection I just had earlier today. And this is coming from the reality of trying to balance ego

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and humility together. Okay, right. So the idea that includes looking at myself.

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And I think all of us, you know, people who tend to be just nessus, just generally outgoing, tend to also have that ego of the factory where you want to be out there, you want to engage, you want to have fun, you want to be able to talk to people, but at the same time, there's also the realization in reality that

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if one were to really disappear tomorrow, that I know for a fact, if my social presence were to disappear, then 99% of people wouldn't care. Right. And I because I've rebooted my social profile, and the response is like, crickets. Yeah, right. Except, like, reviewed the people that actually came out. Was were one or two my friends. Yeah. And my family members. Yeah. It was everything. Okay. Yeah. But 9% people like, whatever, like, Oh, you were gone.

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So you were spending all your time thinking, Man, I gotta make sure that, you know, this and that, right. But at the end of the day, it's just like, you know, the the seeking the support of people in general support a creation, creation is not always going to be there. However, if one's reality is like art, the intention is to do it for Allah. Then whatever is for a lot will remain. Yeah. Regardless of whether it's tangible nature is still existent. And he's the one who supports you. And I've seen this so many times, Mr. Mohammed, when he was in prison to was there for him. very negligible. Yeah. And then when he comes out of prison, he's the most famous man in the world. And I

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saw that recently with one of the scholars of a particular country, who was incredibly famous, got arrested, nobody cared. Nobody helped nobody. And then once he got out of prison, you see the 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people coming to shake his hand and kisses and and all that like Welcome back. Like Where were you when I was in jail?

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Exactly. So it's just really understanding that people you know, if you depend on people, you're really going to be disappointed depending on the loss upon high tide.

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And making sure that you

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have him on your site. Yeah. And and the loss of hands and thumbs little lie on sort of this concept.

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If you support a lot, meaning support the causes of support the religion of Allah, Allah Subhana, WA, tada will support you with a bit academic and he will make your feet firm. Okay? And so so being and being a seed is a honorable trait for human beings to embody themselves with absolutely supporting the cause of Allah subhanaw taala. Number one, and in doing so, Allah will support you. And number two supporting people

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supporting those who are oppressed. Okay.

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Now, the idea of supporting Allah supporting the deen is not necessarily just because I know sometimes people are like, Oh, I don't want to be the guy that gives the money. I want to be the guy that does the work. Okay, but you also need people to give the money. Yeah. So everybody in their capacity? Yeah. I mean, usually you'll find people who the people who can give you the money are usually the people who can't do the work, right? You think about it. You know, by the time you've actually have that, that type of money where you can give us time, you're 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old. Yeah, you've got the money, you don't really have the energy or the vigor or the

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time to do the work. And so you have to be able to recognize what your assets are the different stages of your life and invest in those. And so a kid who's 20 might have the time to do the work, but they may not have the money. Yeah, so they're still charitable contributions.

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But each one in their particular capacity. Okay. Yeah. And so, seeking support from a loss of Hannah dad is incredibly important that you make sure that you're asking a lot for his support, asking a lot for his aid, asking a lot for his assistance before you ask the assistance of anyone else, that you ask the assistance of the last time that you seek the support of Allah and you make that your concern and that you avoid sins because you recognize that sins are what diminished the support of a lot. Okay, and that's it. What I mean, is there a practical takeaway? I mean, I guess the takeaway that I get is recognize where you can do that give that support give that assistance, give that aid

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so to speak, and and go all in on that and one of the greatest ways to actualize support the prophets the lesson and he said to even I basics as well, and the muscle mass sub Okay, he said no, that muscle is paired with patience, spirit with endurance. Yes, you got to be able to continue through in order to be able to absolutely right. Yes, well Adam and I must massage when you throw in the mattresses. When you smash. It says why not mess up when the fall dramatic cup when no matter Susilo? He says no, that difficulty comes with ease, and that with every difficulty comes relief as well. Okay. And that's it also lies in cyber Sims.