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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 30th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alkhabeer

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the 99 names with yours truly with Ella Han and our motto shoukry.

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Earth Yes, Planet Earth and any other visitors that might be tuning in Indeed, indeed.

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This will probably be the last time we're recording this location. Charlotte, I will be moving locations soon. But we are jumping right into the next name and we hope you've been following on YouTube or Facebook or Facebook Live Charlotte Allah. So

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number our name for today. inshallah. Tada is a hobby. a hobby, a hobby. Okay. And that means a hobby is the one who knows the one who knows. And we're different from it. Yeah, we're gonna get to the differences. So a hobby is mentioned in 45 different places in the Koran. So it's a prevalent thing I might have asked this before, but what's the significance of a name being mentioned many, many, many times.

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It's just that a lot as again, is directing your attention to the name again and again and again, right. We discussed this when we mentioned that ID. We said that ID is the name that you know, other than if you're not counting Amanda Haim began IV sword and everything. It's the name that's mentioned the most in the Quran. Okay, right. So we mentioned the story of one of our teachers, a chef who said that he was discussing with a, you know, a priest or might have been a pastor. Yeah, who had read the Quran from cover to cover. And so he asked him, so what did you think? And he said, the thing that stuck out to me the most was just how much Allah knows. Okay? Right. And so this

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concept of Eliza knowing and you know, that may not exist necessarily in Christianity, you know, how much Allah knows and how much he is aware? I just realized and speaking of knowing things, Ahmad and I are actually matching today, martial law. I mean, hopefully, you can tell through the

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color VLAN might change the coloration of the video to make it seem like we're matching more than we are, but I'm wearing blue and he's wearing purple. So it's not purple. It's purple. No, dude, this is like, okay, maybe you're gonna change the contrast. You're gonna play around so that there's both looks like we're wearing the exact same shade and I'm crazy, but

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he's wearing purple. Okay, I'm gonna have to pull out the GoPro, just

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just so we can demonstrate that it's not that case. But anyway, yeah, but we are matching in style. And the more videos we do, the more bhealach starts to look and dress like me. So that is a plus.

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benefit to these videos are starting to dress more. It's not intentional guys. I just ran out of black undershirts. Okay? So don't worry tomorrow I'll be back and I start wearing a goofy on his head. That's when it's time to shut it down.

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He starts wearing a white gooey.

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All right, so the name Mojave is mentioned in 45 different places and like I mentioned, and it's lots of different places with lies, he says and he is a lefty for Columbia, and sort of said in

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the story at the beginning of surratt at the hareem where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam basically one of his you

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know, to him means to declare something how long Okay, and so what had happened was that there was a you know, some some tension that happened during the the or some of the wives of the prophets. littlebyte is Oh, the honey story him Yes. The honey story. They didn't like the scent of his breath or his scent. Yeah, well, I drank honey allegedly. Yeah. And so the prophet SAW the license and declared it how Tom upon himself, okay. So it became known as for him, because a lot, the prophet sublicense. He told his wife, he said, You're either going to tell me or and luckily for Javier is going to tell me a lie. so gentle Javier. And so

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the province had to do with the fact that he was given certain information but it wasn't the whole truth. It wasn't the whole truth. And here, it gives us it's a perfect example of what tells us why is a hubby adhere mentioned in the context of the story. Okay, the process of setting it when hubby said a law that allowed him the hubby told me and so here is the difference between that idea and a hobby. So I'm just gonna use this prop right now. Okay, which is this cup, I move this cup you can't see the cup except maybe one angle. Okay, so here, so I move this cup from this side of the table to this side, okay.

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Everybody can see and you have a you have knowledge that I move this cup.

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But what's the reason why I did move this cup? Today was my intention. When I move this cup. Can you say for certain that you know

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While I did it, oh, I'm realizing now the story of hidden. This is a Latif a lot as origin knows. It's a deeper knowledge and so wait, what is it? Let's this myth, sorry, not a hobby, okay? And so it's a deeper, deeper knowledge and so being a hobby encompasses being an item okay but I leave so isn't as encompassing as a hobby you can be IDM without being heavier so it's the breadth of knowledge versus the depth of knowledge the breadth of knowledge versus the depth of knowledge rig yeah but then so it's also kind of the case with musas travels with fitted right hi that is doing all these different things but Moosa doesn't know why he's doing it and others like stop asking

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questions yes. Same concept yes. Okay and hence at the end of photo tell add yet okay, so Tara data larger yet he says FLIR alhama de basura marfil por la Santa Monica suder in Nara. bambini. oma is in LA Javier Alonso. Yes, S and R. La Alamo Don't they know, either basura marfil por when that which is in the graves is resurrected? The Day of Judgment? Well, hopefully that mark is pseudo. And that which is in the chests or in the hearts is extracted, okay? intentions, motives, motives. When all of that is extracted and presented all of the There's a famous genre and storytelling people just finished sort of, okay, not a boom bohemian lobby, that's the end of the surah. Allah says,

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verily their Lord by him is about them on the Day of Judgment, or on that day, the Hubby, Allah is not just going to present our actions to us, but our motives and our intentions are going to bring that to us. So just just on that same subject in storytelling, and cinema, and even just television, in graphic novels, common genre from the surface as the outsider looking in, as a consumer, you will see Oh, it's a detective story. It's a who's who did it type of story, right? But from a story writers perspective, when they're constructing the story and everything for them from the personal character journey. It's not about who did it. It's why was it done?

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They have to enter into the mind of this person. Yes. When they're creating his act? Yes. You know, it reminds me of Stephen King. He has a book that I have here. It's called on writing. And it's a well known memoir of his. And he talks. It's funny, he says, When he's writing a story, he says, My favorite part about writing the story is just finding out what happens.

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In the story, I think, like, I would go in and I'm creating, but he's like, he's just going there. And he's just letting the story tell itself, letting the characters so he really has a clear idea of who these characters are, what their motives are, and he's saying, Okay, how does this play out? And he's just watching it play out as he writes it. Okay, you know, so

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what do we take away from this hobby a lot as being a hobbyist, one is that a lot is

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hobbyists, Allah is aware of our actions, our good deeds, and so you increase your good deeds, there's everything that you do, Eliza is aware of Allah azza wa jal, his hobby of our weakness, you know, the depth of his knowledge, even your weaknesses, even your your exhaustion, your fatigue, even your adults, a lot as the devil is aware of. And so he helps you, he assists you, he lifts you he carries you, along as Odell is aware of your mistakes, even the ones that we forgotten? You know, there's a powerful verse in solid, and mujaddid Oh, Allah just says, So hello. And so a lot encompass that. He recorded it, and they forgot. And every single one of us the majority of our sins

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we've probably long forgotten.

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have no recollection of Right. Yeah. And allies are good is aware. And so a person should have Toba and recognize that Eliza gel is a hobby and a was a good, isn't it? And the last is Eliza is hobby one. He is aware of

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every plot every plan, every you know, people who are absolutely obsessed with Illuminati and all of these things, right. And there's a million different plans, plots that have been planned for hundreds of years by rich families and you know, they're being enacted. A lot of it is aware of all of that. And he is a Javier, he knows the intention of things. He knows the reason why. And that's one of the, you know, in sort of their field

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a lot as he just says, A Kade is a hidden plot. Okay, I lost that. Thought I gave available because hydrasuit key the key though, a lot didn't didn't Allah make their hidden plot? misguided, right. Oh, it's kind of like how for them it was about Oh, he's going in as a response to them vandalizing Yes. cedral but in reality, that was the excuse that they needed to invade. Exactly right, just like anyway, so he had wanted to plan to destroy the Kaaba from the beginning he wanted after building this cathedral.

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He wanted the Arabs to shift their hedge in his direction and go so what did he have to also compete with a five and their own? They had nothing comparable to Mecca and they didn't have comparable to the Kaaba, nothing, okay, it was nothing. There was no, there is no five was a rival city and they also had what was one one city has a lot and the other one had an ozone right had nothing comparable to the Hajj in Mecca. So, you know, that was the that was the big, you know, hatch. And so he tried, he wanted to do that. And then this event happened that just gave him that pretense guy. So he went, Okay, and so this is what we can share today with regards to hobbyists, what's the takeaway? The

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takeaway is all of these things that I just mentioned, that you increase your good deeds, you recognize as a hobbyist that you so don't be fooling yourself into thinking that there's anything that you can do that even if you forgotten it, yeah. And nobody on the earth sees it. And not only that, but it really calls you to be extremely vigorous in your introspection. Okay? Because who are you kidding? Even yourself? You can't kit and that's why one of, you know, my shelf, he said that the most comprehensive verse with regards to gender interactions is

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the verse in sort of tiama realizer just says, but in Santo infc basura welcome as era, he says, rather, a person is knowing of themselves, even if they cast forth every excuse.

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Meaning at the end of the day, you can say a million different things about gender relations. Okay, do this. Don't do this, do this. No, but you know what's in your heart. At the end of the day, you know why you're doing what you're doing? Okay? Everything from as simple as you know, why you dressed the way that you dressed before you went out to that meeting? to why you sent that smiley face at the end of that comment to better than sign ins, obviously, you know what you're doing? And even at times subtle flirtations? Yes, your subtle flirtations at times you even kid yourself or you make you lie to yourself, but a lot Is it good? Is it?

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Okay, all right, excellent. Allison. hamadryad is is interesting.