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Yasir Qadhi
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Ma Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar Ali he was a big marine. I'm about. We are continuing in our discussion of the names of Allah azza wa jal, and today, we will discuss perhaps the third or the second most common name of Allah azza wa jal of the top five names of Allah azza wa jal, we mentioned, of course, the most common name which is Allah. And then we mentioned other common names are Rahim in our food and over four of the top five names of Allah in terms of sheer quantity in the Quran, is the name of Allah, Allah Aziz, the name of Allah, Allah Aziz, and this name it occurs a staggering 92 times, almost 100 times as a proper noun.

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And of course, it also just occurs as verbs and adjectives. And Allah xojo calls himself Rob Buller is the Lord of Israel. So there's the proper noun and azeez. And there's adjectives and there's so many other descriptions, what exactly does azeez mean? The word azeez, obviously, as the proper noun from aza and as

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actually means to be powerful, it means to have protection to have might. So the primary connotation of Isaiah is to be powerful and mighty. And that is why a person who is a disease such as in sort of use of when Allah mentions that it was the wife of Aziz, a person who is as he is, is a person of power, a person of might. So the minister and sort of use of is called Aziz as a title that wasn't his name, the title, it was the person of power, as well, in Surah. Yaseen, we see the verb what it really means that Allah says in the Quran that we sent two people to them, they rejected both. So then Pfizer says, nah, b 30. We strengthened them with a third, so as to strengthen, we strengthen

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them with a third. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in Surah Maryam what de Haldeman de la de hetalia kulula Mirza, and they think that they should be Gods besides a law so that they seek protection and power from those gods, the economy doing here is they're trying to find their is from other than Allah Aziz. And so the meaning of an Aziz, when it comes to Allah Subhana, WA, tada has a number of connotations number one, and azeez means the powerful. So in this sense, it is synonymous with alcovy. So in one sense, and azeez is synonymous with the powerful.

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Number two, and Aziz also means that no one can harm Allah, and no one can escape from his power and dominion. So as he is the one whose power envelopes everything, and no one has the power to be outside of the oven as is, no one has the power to act outside of the power of the one who has power. Number three, Allah Aziz is the one whom you must seek protection from, and no one can protect you against him. So Allah Z's, the one who gives you protection, and no one can protect you against him. And this is explicitly mentioned in the Quran, where Who are you God? What are you javonni? Allah is saying in the Quran asked them all Morocco, samata Sabri, who is the rub of the

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heavens and earth? Who is the one who is the Lord of the great throne? Who is the one who is yujiro, Allah ugr, Allah a, you have to turn to protect yourself against enemies, and you can turn to no one to protect yourself against him. Well, who are you? What are you javonni He is the one who protects and there's nothing that can protect you against him. So this is also of the meanings of Allah Aziz, and of the meanings of Aziz in the name in the case of Allah azza wa jal, and Aziz is the one who has honor which is so is that also means honor, because the one who has power also has honored the one who has might also has honor, you cannot be a person of great honor in a political sense, except

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that you have some type of power. So it is also means power. And so as he is the one who has that honor saw Abel is the one who has ultimate honor and honor of power and honor of rank and honor of protection. So the name of Allah, Allah Aziz, it should give Muslims all of us who believe in ASEAN

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is a sense of honor ourselves. It should give us a sense of security. If we believe in Aziz then who can harm us, if al Aziz gives his resume to us who can possibly take it away. And that's why Allah says put him down home Malik al mulk. Allah isn't just the king. Allah is the owner of kings. Allah is the king of kings. There are many that can call themselves kings. But no one can say that he is the king of kings, and the owner of kings and the owner of kingdoms. That is a law holding that home American monk, Allah is the owner of kings. And what does that give him to resume and Tasha to the lumen Tasha Aziz can give is to whomever he wants to resume and Tisha who has that authority, that

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he can make entities and beings and humans and angels, respected and glorified. No one has that authority. Typically speaking, the more power a dictator has, the more despised he is amongst his people, even though he might have power, but he will never gain the hearts of the people. And Allah is the one saying, I have that power, to make people beloved and respected, to zoom into Russia, or to the lumen Tisha, only Allah has that power to genuinely bring about is of the people in the hearts of other people. And is here means both physical power and respect, because as we said, is the means both of them. So the one who believes in Aziz should never be scared, the one who believes

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in Aziz should always have a sense of integrity and honor, the one who believes in Aziz knows that there is no enemy that is worthy of a challenge, because he has an Aziz on his side, every enemy can become no one if al Aziz wishes this. And we believe in Allah Z's of the blessings of this name of an Aziz of the Femara, or the effects of this name of Aziz is that it realizes the Muslim realizes that there is no object and entity that is worthy of being fearful of other than a law. There's nothing that you should be scared of nothing other than Allah. And this is a sign of a man. Allah mentions many times in the Quran. And we quoted a verse a few days ago, that when the Sahaba in the

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Battle of Isaiah, when the munafo own became terrified that all people have gathered in the nasaka Gemma construction boom, they were terrified. All of mankind has come to attack you, aren't you scared? And the Sahaba said, for that home imana? Well, Hollywood has won a lot when they're in Milwaukee. So because they believe in Al Aziz, they're not scared of anybody, because as he is the is the one who can protect them. We said the name of Aziz occurs over 90 times in the Quran. And the most common combination of Al Aziz, it occurs 90 something times, and of course, there are many names that occur as pairs, the most common combination is as usual.

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And as usual, as usual, Hakeem, and as usual, Hakeem almost 50 times in the Quran, it is one of the most common combinations along with a photo of him and others. And as usual, Hakeem, Hakeem, we're going to come to in a whole lecture by itself. But here we'll just say a hacky means the one full of infinite wisdom and justice, the one of integrity and wisdom, why al Aziz and Al Hakim, because generally speaking, in our societies, human beings, power corrupts the intellect. This is the general rule. Power corrupts the intellect. Generally speaking, the philosophers and the thinkers and the mental if you like, experts, are not in politics. And if they go into politics, they forget

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being wise and whatnot. And our politicians typically lack

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wisdom. This is the general rule, because they don't act wisely. Their power corrupts them. Their power makes them act in foolish manners. And you wonder you were so intelligent before getting elected to office now all of a sudden, what happened to you? Right? What happens is power corrupts the soul. This is the general rule in Oulu Qaeda Hello Korea didn't have to do her.

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Allah mentions the Quran that the Kings when they enter a village, they destroy everything and they take they turn everything upside down. And that's how kings do kings don't act wisely. Generally speaking, it is very rare to meet a wise politician. You will meet a lot of wise people in many places, in academia in humanities and philosophy departments in Alhamdulillah amongst the many wise people, but amongst the politicians, generally speaking

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It's all about enough's enough. See, it's all about my currency, my chair my power, and they forget to act wisely. Allah is saying, I am the one whose power has reached an infinite amount. And that has not corrupted my infinite wisdom. And my wisdom is not coming from weakness. My power does not corrupt my wisdom. And my wisdom is coming from strength, not weakness. So Allah is both Aziz and Hakeem. And this is why it's one of the most common combinations in the Quran. of the most other common combinations is an Aziz or Rahim recurs 13 times and as usual, Rahim, Al Aziz or Rahim again, because typically, when you gain power, you become hard hearted. When you gain power, you're no

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longer sympathetic to the poor, you're no longer caring about the weakest of the weak, you care about the rich and the elite. And this is again, the reality across the board across humanity is not just a non Muslim, or Muslim problem is the reality. When you mix with the filthy and the rich and the that that topic of society, your heart starts becoming attracted to them, and you don't care about the weak and the poor and the Misaki and the fukada. But Allah says, I am an Aziz and I am a Rahim. My Rama is coming from strength, my strength has not corrupted my Rama. So Allah Aziz and R Rahim and there are many other combinations, we don't have time to go into all you know, 92

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instances, but very quickly, as usual, our food and then as usual, a thought or also in the Koran. And again, we talked about food and, and the fact that Allah forgives, even though he as he is the most powerful, and I mentioned most of us forgive when we are weak. Most of us we find it easier to forgive when we are weak, but Allah is saying I am the one full of power, and I still forgive and as usual of food and Aziz. And once in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions it by itself and that is in total Hashem, when Allah has a long list of names and he says, Allah Z's in that long list of names of Allah subhana wa Taala. Also Allah describes himself as a bull is the Lord of

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Islam. So Allah azza wa jal says that, that what Allah is that what you're assuming that all there is there belongs to Him and to his messenger what is meaning? So Allah is not Buddhism, and Rasool Is there a soul of his and he has conferred his on his believers, what Allah healer is to what he was truly he was meaning. And a few days ago, I mentioned that we should be proud to be Muslim halaal pride that this is the pride of Allah having guided me, this verse indicates that that a Muslim is also as usual knifes, he has the dignity of himself. He has that sense of Alhamdulillah I'm a Muslim, and Allah mentions what Allah Hillier is to what it was truly he wanted meaning

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believers have his as well, because Allah is an Aziz. So those who believe in Aziz also have that sense of there is, and so Allah calls himself and as he is, and he describes the Prophet as as he is, and he says I've conferred is on the believers, and he also calls his book as ease as well. We're in a hula kita, Boone Aziz, this is an Aziz book, because the book is powerful. Because the book is a source of protection, you turn to the book for physical and spiritual protection, protection of the heart, protection of the mind and yes, even protection of the body. When you are physically in harm. You may recite ayatul kursi, you may recite surah Yaseen, you may recite verses

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of the Quran to physically protect you. So even the book is Aziz. So our Lord is the Lord of Islam. And he sent us a prophet who is also Aziz for the JAL, Cobra Suleiman and physical Aziz and Allah Hema added to

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the motto for him. Our Prophet is as easy our book is as he is, so therefore, we as an oma as well have to have that sense of reserve. And we call upon Allah Aziz, especially when we need the majesty and the power of a law, especially when we invoke against our enemies, especially when we call the law for protection. Yeah. Are we you your Aziz? And we also can add your Jabbar we're coming to Jabbar in a few days. All of these are Names of Allah that indicate his power. His Majesty May Allah Aziz the Robin is conferred upon us his reserve May He grant upon this there is of this dunya and the Acura May Allah protect us from all the problems of this world and the next man as he is gift us

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with the power and the blessing of having the result of having the love of the believers in this world and the mother in this world and the next one after that one argument and will continue tomorrow was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the meaning of one of the names of Allah – Al Azeez.

Al Azeez is the second most common name in terms of quantity with a staggering 92 times in the Noble Qur’an. The Name Al Azeez has the following connotations:

  • The Powerful. 
  • No one can harm Allah and no one can escape from His Domain of Power.
  • The One whom you must seek protection from as nobody can protect you against Him.
  • The One who has Honour.

This name of Allah should give us as Muslims a sense of security and honour. The following are of the blessings of the Name of Allah – Al Azeez:

  • There is no object or person that is worthy of being fearful of other than Allah.
  • Al Azeez Al Hakeem – the One with Infinite Justice. The Power of Allah does not corrupt His Wisdom.
  • Al Azeez Ar Raheem 
  • Al Azeez Al Ghaffar and Al Azeez Al Ghafur
  • Rabbul Izzah 
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