The Concept of Sihr & The Power of Jinns

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The segment discusses the potential of the Jinn and the ability of the gin to go fast and transform energy into matter. The Jinn is more powerful than men, and the ability to tell a story is surprising. The segment also touches on the potential of the Jinn for a larger journey down the road.

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I want to talk to you about what is the reality of Syria and why does it occur? Sahara is very easy to understand if you understand the psychology and the physical differences that men have from jinn. Because Sahara is the overlap between the world of men and the world of gin. Gin, as we know are created from the Arabic calls that a smokeless fire. If you want to be technical, we can call it a type of energy. So the gin has potential to go at the speed of light. Essentially, the gin has the potential to go through physical barriers, because the gin is not material that didn't is not flesh and blood, the gin has not mattered, the gin is energy. So the gin can go through material at the

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speed of light, and the gin because it doesn't have a form. A lot of people say what does the gin look like? What does a ghost look like? What does it look like? And the responses, it doesn't look like anything, it can take on any shape. It's not a physical matter. It can take any shape it wants to and be a matter be a dog be anything, it doesn't have a particular shape. So the Jin has the physical power to be much faster than man, and to go through physical barriers, because it's energy like we have the waves of the telephone come through the walls of the Masjid. So to the jinn can go through and come out, not a problem. Additionally, the jinn very interestingly enough, and we

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learned this from the story of Solomon, it has a very, very amazing power, we learned that the gin even has the power to transform matter into energy, and to take that energy from one place to another and re transform it back into matter. equals MC squared can be proven in its own way, according to the story of Sulaiman. The Gin went from Jerusalem, to Yemen, promised to do this, I can bring the throne back to you before you stand up, the throne would have been bigger than this podium behind this bigger than this stage. It's a throne, that was magnificent. Allah says in the Quran, while the house should have him, the jinn said I'll bring it back for you. By the time you

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stand up, and you'll have it in front of you, and the throne would have come, I mean, you're not going to see the chair flying in the sky, the gin would have taken the throne and somehow in a way that Allah knows best take it in his hidden energy form, and then bring it all the way to Jerusalem, and then re transform it back into the throne. The Gin had the capacity to do that. The fact that all of the gin, only one stood up, it kinda sort of shows this is the pinnacle of what a gin can do. This isn't your average run of the mill gin. This isn't the gin living in Dallas, or, or Houston or California. This is one of the most strongest gins of the entire world, if not the strongest telling

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Sunday man, I can do that. But the concept is there that gin can go super fast speed and the gin can go through objects. And therefore when a gin is able to tell you something that's happening in another part of the world. What's so surprising, imagine if you had a cell phone and you're speaking to somebody on the other side of the world, and the guy tells you what's happening as he describes it, would you be surprised? No. Similarly, if the jinn is able to just go and tell you there's a hidden treasure over there. Why is that surprising? The Jinn lives for 1000 years, maybe on average are longer than that gins live much longer than men. And so if some man buries a treasure in the

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middle of the desert, some gin knows about it, and they'll tell the word Oh, there's a treasure over there. And when it's handy, a junior is gonna say oh, there's treasure buried over there. He's gonna say it to his magician or whatnot, and eventually they will find it. So the jinns have capabilities we do not have they are faster than men. They are more powerful than men. The average Jin is more powerful than the average man. Again, that doesn't mean they're super powerful. That doesn't mean they're infinitely powerful. Only Allah azza wa jal is infinitely powerful

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