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Don't worry.

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One of my brothers, we were trying to help you that was Oh, no, no,

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no, no, we think is very casual. Obviously, we want to call this Monday. No, that's Yeah, that's okay. He doesn't even know. Yeah. Look, we went there to have a discussion. Yeah. But the point is this year, we need to understand problems and systems yet. This is antisymmetric. You trust that nobody can come and see, because we know, they're using the whole narrative of if you talk against Israel and send it to them by that, I don't think you guys buy it. Because it's good. It's as good as and you might disagree with me is as good as ISIS come in and send you islamaphobe for talking against us. That's why I believe so the first thing is this year, any thoughts? I'm telling you, why

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not? Don't keep your Muslim I don't give a damn, if you think you're brave enough to come and talk to people who come to the pub regularly when we have nice discussion. I don't even let me tell you, even if they're pro Israeli, we will have an intellectual discussion. So I want to make the very categorically clear, anyone that gets results to violence against anybody, you're a weak individual.

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As well, can I add to that, this is very important, okay, this is extremely important.

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The, the way you need to deal with people in life, okay, though, the Quran says, Well, I'm an inter Solomon by the homie for Allah Kamala, him and Sabine whoever tries to seek retribution for after they have been oppressed. There's no, there's no, there's no blame on them, okay. But what I want to say is, that means to say that if anyone,

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guys, please,

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if Listen, if someone is coming to you with positive and any energies, right? And they are not trying to do anything to us, by virtue of the fact that they are Jewish. Now you will start to be aggressive towards them. There was a difference between what we are condemning and what you are becoming.

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This is my question, what is the difference between what we are condemning and what you are becoming? Because most of the time we become what we condemn,

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you know, and this is a cycle analytics situation, you know, someone gets bullied, they become the bully. We can't afford to be like that with Jewish people, and Muslim people. We have had a beautiful history. I don't know what your views are on the history of Islam of Judaism and Islam. But so Michael Gilbert and others, even Bernard Lewis, who is an oriental has, has rated the Jewish experience

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in Muslim lands. The point being is this, the conflation that is being made between Zionism and Judaism is a dangerous conflation. And if the Muslim community, make that conflation, and as a result of it, start to Badger and to attack and to try and cause intolerance to the Jewish community. Believe you me, you have not only betrayed yourselves, but you have betrayed the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a year betrayed Islam. Because of Allah He This is not the way he used to act at all. Even and, you know, let me tell you something else, you know that most of your brothers, most of the Brotherhood comes apart? Yeah. Cool. Can we Converse normally? No, but I

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want to say this, even if one of them if I get us, or if Allah gets news, yeah. Or if Hashim gets news or any of us get news, that there are Muslims in this pot that are causing people like Aaron Rabbi Aaron and Rabbi YOLO Okay, no problem. He's being humble. He's being humble.

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No, no, I'm telling you this these police is useless officers that come into the come into the park at 40 miles an hour and run over children almost honestly, you are almost one of our child. This fools they are not going to be the ones who are going to have words with you listening. It's going to be us that have words with you. As the Muslim community we will have worked with you and we will boycott you and we will embarrass you or we will not honestly because you just want them to just see if any of you guys are here. And you see hostility is upon you to defend them. Yeah, okay. It's upon you because I would feel the same but I'm going to choose community now. We went to go to screen

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yesterday. Okay. It got a little bit hostile some remarks were made. Okay. I would expect and I'm sure if you guys would thank you if you was there you would have say Hold on a second yet. Even whatever it may be. So brothers sisters very important to you go the other way. Are you satisfied? solium

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I could make a few innuendos, jokes and stuff like that. But I promise you I am receiving his word because of cameras. Yeah.

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I swear to God, I am seeing because I genuinely believe and if I was here, I would be on your side. I'll make it very clear. Now. Coming up on that. Sorry. Yeah, just interrupt me okay.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said also a haka, volume and oma rumor, that the age old brother, give victory to your brother, meaning the Muslim brother, whether they'll be oppressive, or the oppressor and listen, how would you? How would you? How would you give victory to someone who's the oppressor? He said that by stopping the oppression. So listen, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had very, very cordial relationships with Jewish people, while like even after was to play nine even when the Jewish man died even after wars took

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Place and whilst wars were taking place. He would have CODEL relationships with them never. And I'm saying this now confuse

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a combatant. And, uh, you know, advocate for the Zionist movement, some hostile person with a Jewish if we see that you do that I'm saying this again, we will be the first ones to be against you. No young person here can ever look at a Jewish person say this is let's go get What do you mean? You wouldn't be doing that if you knew that he would if they had something on them if they're if they were not outnumbered? Don't cowardly. This is cowardice.

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Yes. Yeah. This Buddhist hatred is coming from obviously there's a so spread around the world. Yeah. Where do you think this will come to this? I wanted to engage with the

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question will have to do with the interview. So your question on the matter of Israel and Palestine? Yes. Because even if you're Pro, we want to have a discussion. So

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let's talk now, I want to ask you why discussion with your with your we're gonna make it fast, because you'll find around. But the simple thing is, I just spoke to the chef before. I said, the main point is you have to speak to each other and above each other and not focus on the JVM focus, as I said to you to all our followers, because then you have the full comments and everyone batching their own cider on Twitter, just talk about yourself. As long as we speak to each other, we talk to each other, when you hear the other side, then we agree far more than we are We can do this here. They will not do it. They will not be doing over there right now. Okay, for obvious reasons. This,

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this is our general what we're looking at here could be something which changes societal momentum across the world, because we have to bring back a state of normality. And peace. Honestly, I'm not just saying that fall as lip service. I mean this because based on how this conversation goes, honestly, it can make a difference between life and death. Someone some Zionist or some terrorist, whoever might get angered and aroused, and then start doing something which in the name of Judaism or Zionism, or Islam, whatever it is, that will take us 10 years back. So what I'm saying is, I just want to ask you now, what is your view? on the issues? Just trying to resolve open question, I'm

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open question is simple, condemn violence, condemned death, and it should hurt me and you, every innocent person or even a combatant? Because they only come back because they see no future. They don't understand the other side, they don't understand each other. And if they would only talk and find a way to work each other's problems out and understand each other's aspirations. Then as we have spoken many times in the past, we understand the challenge, see how much we would really agree. And I'll take it a step further. I think that the fact that there is this belief in the world that Jews and Muslims can't get along is an imperialistic thing from colonial power, like Britain, who

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brought it to us to believe that dividing and conquering people is the way forward. Do you believe Do you agree then that,

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as the UN says, No Human Rights Watch, and all of these organizations that the actions of the Israeli government have not only been disproportionate, but they have been catastrophic for the people of Gaza, and they have been unwarranted in the sense that the damage that has been done has has been something which really can't be undone, and unfortunately, has caused more problems in the Middle East in that area?

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To what extent Would you agree with

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the pressure to to get to put together right, the simple concept is, if we're going to talk about the what's happening now, without going into the reason course behind it, than it is yes. To look at the current form, if you're going to look simply at numbers, or you're going to look at the reason that yes, it is something that is bad. We know it wants a house blown up, no one wants even a doctor can decide not in Gaza, not in Jerusalem, not in of course, no way. Definitely everyone would agree with us. So we're gonna go back and we're going to take it a step backwards, and we're gonna just go first, take facts, and let's work with that and work our way forward. And then work on our

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aspirations to understand the two aspirations of two people. Right? So I believe that these two people could live together, maybe in two states or even a one state. Okay, let's get let's talk about facts. Right, because the facts are that 25 days before Hamas even launched a rocket 25 days before that happened, a boxer compound was stormed. And Vice News has done a very good piece on this, you can watch us a 20 minute piece. And in that they show that actually Alexa was stormed, there was bullets being fired, tear gas being shot. People were being dispersing, you see women bleeding, okay. And of course, you have chef Java as well and Chef Java is and this is very

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important on sand. According to the UN, this whole East Jerusalem area is not under Israeli. It's not part of Israel, for all intents and purposes. Now, my point is this is why is it you're talking about reasons. For me? The reasons are very clear. It's provocation, just like you know, there's the Wailing Wall and other sacred items.

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fights and stuff like that for Jews. There also is Al Masjid, laksa, and so on in East Jerusalem agreed. So would you agree here that the continued the continued situational yeah perpetuation of problems in that area with the settlement in the holy month, but not only that is the settlements issue. This is the issue, the settlements issue. You know, you're not, I'm not you, of course, but Israel, so called Israel because I don't agree with what they consider themselves as to be honest with you. They consider themselves as something that we as the international community, completely, they have their own definition what the country is, which no one else agrees with, quite frankly,

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that Israel have been doing in terms of settlements in the area, not just an it's just a robin in all of the areas which they are not entitled to put settlements in. Okay, in the West Bank, all of that area, that is the heart of the problem. If that did not exist. Okay, then there could have been a discussion about potentially two state solutions on but but yeah, it always depends At which point, we're all back circle back to Yes, yes, you could circle back through point A. And then you can circle back to point B, point C, and depends how far you circle back to what you're going to see in the full picture on the full image. Right. So what do you remember something as follows? designs?

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In Israel? Yes. They don't see themselves as addresses are talking from their perspective, if you're going to meet designs, they're not going to see that over the presses, you can see yourself realized, I don't see myself as design. It's not when you I depends, depends, again, what the definition of Zionism is.

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Before this, Brother, what what do I believe when you say free Palestine? What is the word free Palestine mean? Is it is it an anti semitic, then versus terminal? So explain to me depends, as well, what the term is, is a means to entitle which part of it. So those depends, how are you going to set Okay, that means is the factors with the United Nations, with Britain with the Balfour Declaration with all of it, they put two people against each other. That's the simple fact. Then the you have the NGOs, the nonprofit organizations that come to serve a cause and the end the cost comes to serve themselves. And the one who gain the most of the politicians, the NGOs, the media, they're

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the one that gain the most, who loses the most are the simple brothers and sisters on both sides. Okay, children, and women. And nevermind, even simple adults are the ones who suffer but you know, I'm so sorry. Nobody is yesterday, when we went to go to screening. And we had a band, we hide the van, and we just shown images of what's happening. Yep. And to me, Look, it's B is really good or not. But we came across a very disturbing comment, which was like one of the people that said that table on there. So

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I said that today, I think you'll see you'll see something different and we went there. We didn't go there to be hostile police came in like province is like exactly what they are. But they just vanished and appeared in two seconds. And they came. And the thing is Ali Brava you know that it's a charged time. Yes. So yeah, people who don't know you and don't know how many jobs Yeah, and he looks quite intimidating. Even if we know.

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They, then people, people always go on the offensive. That's, that's the nature. We didn't have anything offensive. I know, you just mentioned the charge with the automatic charge that you have in society today is the fact it's been after the cost that that that drew costs, the car and that roof pass. And Salford what the shelter that

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I always say is it's easy, even without all these

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pictures in this particular location. It was we went

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we did I agree. And we did one with the Jewish and that's why I would condemn anyone on any side. But they just said, You know, I don't think I can then anyone I mean, it's fine. Yeah.

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We'll make we'll make we'll make some trivial or

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lawful or anything about you know about children. Yeah. Women. Anyone that, that I would agree. This is what I'm seeing. We went there too, because I wanted I have this phone because we haven't met each other. And we know, okay, we

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want to get back the point yes. But otherwise, even if, even if you even if I didn't meet you, when it comes to killing those children.

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I want to go for something.

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He wasn't being cynical, but he was probably pointing out the fact that a lot of times delve into the circulation of pictures from many years ago or from different locations that are being circulated on social media or even by prominent people, but he

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just noticed,

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you know, right, and we will notice, there are lots of times that pictures have circulated that are from different events, different events, different locations, and are they to intentionally create misinformation.

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And where it

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is our hopes for the interview is that

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the simple fact is

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all those people, all of them, but most of them and we're not having them in the camera.

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Have a coffee, I promise you, you would agree with them on 95% of anything.

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Let's go back and

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go to the screen and do it. Let me tell you I probably about an hour an hour and I'm sorry.

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You guys carry on? Yeah, we'll be in touch.

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Okay, aren't

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sorry, Aaron. Look, let's not beat around the bush. There's clearly there is clearly an anti Arab sentiment in Israel,

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as there may be a very clear anti semitic

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sentiment in the Arab world, right? inputs depends on

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if you want to talk about the 1.7 million Arabs, Arab Israelis remember,

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they don't enjoy. Let's be honest, please, let's put it this way. Let's take luksic simply,

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yeah, let's go by.

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And the simple fact is this, take this grain, it does really well if they when they view it. Now, if you ask you simplest, do you agree with this solution?

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Probably most of them will say, Yes, we cut maybe we'll have fun

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with it agree in some form. Now, to take

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the next question. If you lost guys radio, do you think that Palestinians would warm and accept an Israeli state? their belief? I don't think it's true their belief would be is? No, they don't. And they would back it up with simple arguments as follows, they would say is

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from the creation of the State of Israel, for example, in

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1948, from the creation of the State of Israel, when the West Bank was under Jordanian control, and when and when Gaza was on the control, the Palestinians never claimed being oppressed under the rule of

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assertion. So another. No, I'm just saying what, I'll just give you the concept where they come from, and often it's true. I'm just giving you the background from the way they see. The next thing they see is that when you go when the Fed is printing, stop shouting, this is an excerpt from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. So the way they view it, and they back it up with the chapter, for example from

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the Palestinians did not want the Jewish state in any shape or form.

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Now, so when they asked me free Palestine, Palestinian calls and anti semitic call when you asked me before one of your brothers, I told him, it depends what it means. Okay, it means a Palestinian state, then, so there should be a Palestinian Okay. Oh, guys.

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Guys, guys. We're having a discussion.

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All right, cool. Okay. And then if nothing is ready, then you've spoken for a long time. Okay. And I have given you the chance to do that, sir. Okay, listen, you've said, You've talked about the Balfour declaration that you've talked about. you've alluded to the 48 War and the 67 borders, right. you've alluded to those things. Let me let me be very straightforward here. Let's talk about the facts. First and foremost, when the Balfour Declaration took place, it was one country promising to a second country, the land of a third country. Now, under any worldview, I'm sure in Judaism, or Islam or liberalism, the phenomenon now let me finish let me finish because I've let you speak for

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five minutes. Look, the fact is Chaim, Weizmann, and other members of the Zionist movement. Yes, sir Chaim, Weizmann and other members of the designers. Time. English, right. Okay, listen, please.

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Let him speak. So just try and listen to me for a bit. Yeah. Hi, I'm Wiseman and other members of the Zionist movement in this country, when they sent letters, all right to British authorities. And then there was the Balfour Declaration and 17. It was just that one country, promising a second people, the land of a third people. And what's important at this point is to realize that British the British did not have a mandate in Palestine at this time. The mandate mandate in Palestine started two years afterwards. Okay, so this was the ultimate Empire. So it's not Britain talking about how they're going to manage parts of the Ottoman Empire. This isn't, by all intents and

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purposes, not even colonial this is, this is hypothec colonialism. You're talking about a country you don't even have on your colonial control. And you're promising that country which you don't even have in your colonial control the EU to another people, you see, I don't see how in any way, shape or form anyone can justify. Well, this is somewhat legitimizes the State of Israel. In the if you look at a book, for example, the struggle for power in Palestine written by Jew, here, it's here. It's a classic book on this topic. You'll see in the 30s, what happened, okay. In the 30s. What happened is that there was a emigration of the Jewish population into what is what is called Israel

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And obviously, it was a Palestine area. This is was from people in Russia.

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People, Jews in Russia 40,000 people went into Palestine. Okay, now imagine this mass population of a country, which can't actually cope with that, which start which sparked something called the 1936. The Arab Revolt 1939. You had the white paper. Okay. And then you had terrorist activity. We talked about Hamas. But let's not forget that you had terrorist activity by the Ergun and by the Haganah, by Levi, and that terrorist activity was rewarded by the British Empire, which in 1946 culminated, of course in the King David hotel bombing, which was the targeting of civilians 1948, after the after the resolution in 1947, by the UN 1948 May, the 13th I think it was June, Israel became what

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it is today. Now, I don't know why it would be against morality, or against liberalism, or against your worldview, or my worldview to say, actually, the way in which your state came into being was established was completely immoral. in every single way, shape, or form. The only thing you guys really have to say about that, is that well, we have we were there in 70 ad. No, you weren't. They weren't there. Okay. Just come down for a second. Please. Please, please roll please. If Okay, you were dead. 70 ad there was a siege of Jerusalem very well known. Hebron, the king Hassan. Now we're talking about ancient history. Here, the Normans were there, you know, what was done about Hastings

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was let's talk about the fact that the Romans were okay, there was the guy who got it called, what's it called it the Gallic wars, whatever it is before Christ. So some Italian guy comes and says, We're Roman, we have rights to Britain. This is the ridiculous nature of the claim. No one makes this you have to understand guys, no one makes these claims except for Zionists understand that no one digit surmises? Okay, the status of a state based on the fact that there's archaeological evidence from 1405 or 6000 years ago, whatever it was 3000 years ago, 2000, whatever it was, yeah. No one does that. Now you guys are doing that. That's very good.

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But the point is, you have to understand this is for all intents and purposes, it's a catastrophic, yes, oppressive way in which estate has been established. I've made this example before I'll say it again. If ISIS and I'm going to make it even more inflammatory comment today, I'm going to make a very inflammatory and controversial all I want you to record the way that ISIS conquered land which is monstrous, and condemned, knowable, and diabolical and megalomaniacal and unacceptable. Like, yes, no, just so that there's no is no equivocation. I'm saying what I'm saying, right? The way that they established land in the times that they did was more noble, even though it's ridiculous in the

00:22:46--> 00:23:15

way you did it. You know, why not? You by the way designers, and you know why? Because at least they fought for it themselves. The design is relied on the fighting of the British Empire. With all due respect. You need it. American backing you and backing you needed. Yeah, I think that story is one of the Boston states. And what I mean by that it doesn't have a father. In fact, it's the product of one night stand of the UN and the British Empire. Israel does No,

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no, please, let me finish. Please, please, please, please. Let me let me let me just let me finish. Let me finish. The poll is a bastard state. Okay, I'm being very straightforward. I don't want to give you two faces and lie to you. Why on earth, should we should appease this? Oh, you should have the 1967 borders? Who said after the Second World War, that you're allowed to conquer territories? Who said that? You guys are part of the UN? Yes. Israel as part of the UN, who said who said you're now allowed to conquer territories. So your fact that the 1967 borders are what is being referred to implies that the New World Order, including America is willing to acquiesce to states and

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territories being conquered, conquered, which is the same as what ISIS have done. Sorry to say. But like I say, it's less noble, it's less it's more economical. You know why? Because ISIS with all their monsters and diabolical actions, they fought themselves, whereas you are not you but the Israelis. They needed the UN and the US cowards. I'm sorry, the way that they established themselves is completely coward. I'm not gonna beat around the bush and pretend to be civil here. We don't need to we don't need to pretend Oh, two state solution. Do you think for me to say I actually believe that the that the the way in which Israel established itself in the first place is completely

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oppressive and illegitimate. You think that makes me an anti Semite? Well, like if that makes me an anti Semite, I'm happy to be labeled as AI exactly Good point. But if you if this is your definition of anti semitism, if the definition of anti semitism has become the icon even condemn the way a conquering state becomes a country that I'm ready to be called an anti Semite, but the truth is, I am a Semite myself.

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Brother, how are you? Brother, please make me please. I know I know. I'm a Sema myself, right? And even by the way, I've done the ancestry test. And I had some Jewish in me Oh, to my, to my surprise.

00:25:12--> 00:25:42

And by the way, when I went to go to screening, I told them that they started having a different attitude. So we all together, I was talking to all these things, you know, and then afterwards, I said, you know, I've done an ancestry test. And I had some Jewish in middle school, that I saw the smiles on the faces. And honestly, this is the thing before we go, I know I spoke for a long time, I'm gonna let you speak. But please, bro, I'm just saying this, this this, this pathetic use of the word anti semitism as a deflection mechanism of the covert narcissistic state, which used as a scapegoat

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these these labels and these times Oh is anti semitic. If you talk about Israel is anti semitic. If you talk about the history of Israel, if you don't agree with the two state solution the way we like it, that's 1967 borders Who told you that? If that's what an Semitism is, then everyone is an anti Semite. And we don't mind being labeled as such. But that's not what atomists sama sama Semitism is. But what anti semitism is, is when you discriminate against someone hatred of Jews because of their Jewishness, that's why that's why it says no one is saying that Jews shouldn't have a homeland.

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We're just saying, Don't make your homeland on the expense of someone else's homeland. Don't what we're saying, Yeah, coop, just Jacob this pathetic, that fat slob, you know, and he's

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saying, if you if I don't steal it, someone else is gonna steal it. I put the middle finger up to him and to say, I put the middle finger up to him and to say and say, You know what, if you're talking about stealing like that, you know, I to be honest with you. We don't give a damn about it being labeled as anti semitic.

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We don't give a damn about we have to understand Aaron. Well, like the only way you will understand how we feel. If you go back down memory lane. You realize everything was oppressive. Everything was oppressive from 1917 onwards, every single thing you have no right to speak of anything. Honestly, everything was bad. The NACA, everything was bad. From from Balfour Declaration, all those things are not points for you they're against his or her master they oversee the extermination of Jews was that they want to see all Muslims in an area who said that we agree with Hamas on every point of the charter of Hamas has become the Quran, who said that? I tell you something under the Ottoman Empire,

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Jewish people. And you know this, you will agree with this. We've spoken about them. Yeah, they have been they were actually fleeing from the from the Christian West after the Inquisition 1492 who are fleeing running away to the Muslims where they had their golden era. We say this, we say we believe in coexistence. We both we believe in coexistence, not at our expense. Never our expense. coexistence doesn't mean you come into my house and say that if I don't steal it, someone else is gonna steal it. We put the middle finger up to people that say that in the way that you do. So it is it's very rude. The way you're doing in your country do this as well. Yeah, we do that to them. You

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know that? We do this one. We did that one and that one will lie. We don't agree with any of this book boo BS. We don't accept it. We cannot accept it. And this this course is is a sham. It's a sham. He is a sham to a level playing field like two sides. There's a clear oppressor and oppressed. As Norman Finkelstein says, there's a rape Ah, and the rapist. If the rapist after getting a gangway once he started the rape over the raped, one gets up and spits out he said this, I spoke to him. He said this is online. He said this. The rapist says you know

00:28:36--> 00:29:18

he deserves to be spa Don't tell him all you Why did you pay him? We need to go back and circle back in history. Come on. Let's be honest, the truth of the matter is this. This has been the only time for a very long time, since I don't know 200 ad or something where the Jews of Allah Chava chance and design is say, to show us how it would look like if you had a state where they were in control. And unfortunately, they're not doing a good job of it at all. What they're showing us is that it's the worst time in history. Okay, probably with the exception of the crusades, in the last 2000 years, that there's been such oppression, bombing children, let's not pretend nobody knows me.

00:29:19--> 00:29:28

Of course, nobody, I cannot do your thing. Sharon for prime minister in this place. I want I'm gonna run for Prime Minister. I'm gonna run the prime minister in Israel. I'm gonna read

00:29:30--> 00:29:30

my book.

00:29:33--> 00:29:59

Now, listen, listen to me. I'm gonna do it fast. And I'm gonna go into detail. I'm just gonna answer a few of your points that you made. You mentioned that the British or the buffalo declaration weren't on the British Mandate and Palestine was still the Ottoman Empire. Yes, that's correct. That's the point I was saying the British the colonias free the State of Israel before they even control the area. Yes, it really was interested in splitting two people apart. Yes, that's number one. So the colonialist who had this vision of breaking two people's

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

A bond that we've had for 1000s of years were the colonias British. That's Fact number one. Fact number two is when we talk about the colonial Brits

00:30:10--> 00:30:49

occupied the area of Palestine, and those time rich people kick the colonial out. Were the terrorist Jewish organizations. That's the that's the fact that as you mentioned before, I cannot excellent that ad free organizations kick the colonias British out of the area that is called what you meant to say is that they committed terrorist attacks against the colonias No, no, no, they killed civilians. Right. So let's be honest, 19 I'm not justifying God in no way at all. I'm just writing the fact of who, yeah, the colonias out of that area? Let's let's be honest, okay. Let me let me challenge before, please don't run, please. We.

00:30:50--> 00:30:58

We've had enough of people running away from conversation. I know. I know. Why you keep saying you didn't know, because he has to go. I'm not using the word run. Let me tell you this very carefully.

00:31:00--> 00:31:04

Let me let me say something. Listen carefully. machaelle.

00:31:05--> 00:31:11

Let's just finish the conversation. Listen, listen, now. Hi, and begin. Okay, who was part of it?

00:31:13--> 00:31:53

Thank you. Okay, Menachem Menachem Begin, who is part of the Aragon? Okay. He became the president of the country, the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister from from years 1977 to 1981. Correct? Exactly, yes. Okay. Look, he became the prime the president of the prime minister of the country, my country, but don't forget, he became the prime minister of the coalition I want I want people to really think about this for a second, okay. He became the prime minister of the country. Okay, from 9787 to 1981. And he was one of the perpetrators of the bombing on civilians in a hotel. Now I want to put it this King David Oh, 946. Right. Now, I want to say I want to put it to you this way. You

00:31:53--> 00:32:15

have someone who's a terrorist from the Muslim community, he leads a group of terrorists and he goes to a hotel, let's say the Hilton Hotel, blows himself up, shoot some, some people, some people are going up to the hotels, maybe they're getting a robe, they go downstairs to get in the buffet, you know, I'm trying to say you want to get a breakfast, and then you know what, you get some guy, terrorists shoot you in the head. Okay, I would cut them off, of course.

00:32:16--> 00:32:50

But, but I'm just at the point. I'm trying to bring a different point completely, not about the terror attacks where we condemn it. And as we've said before, even as evil no matter who perpetrates it, no, what I'm saying is, the different voices who kick the colonias I don't know what you're calling this kicking them out. This is not kicking them out. This is the British Empire, and the UN, rewarding a terrorist organization for their terrorism. That's what it is. That's why it's happening. Yes. Oh, I'll take it to the next step. Yeah, there are many people who say that the the Muslim cause the way to fight for Palestine is are you comparing

00:32:52--> 00:33:33

is to is to do the same thing that that tigana Italiana he did against the British to do against the same. And then they will just do what the British did, they made a calculated calculate the, what's called the equation, the price of colonialism is this, and it's not worth it anymore. So it's so many people that are listening, can you say, you know what, we'll use the forces and Id the same means as I can, that's an allele word. And with that, we will kick those radios out the only problem what I would say is, that could work against a colonial power, like the British, who the native land is where we all standing beautifully here. The problem is when it talks about in the State of

00:33:33--> 00:33:35

Israel, they aren't

00:33:36--> 00:33:38

colonialists. They are

00:33:40--> 00:33:45

in their native land now to negotiate with native me Well, how far back we go.

00:33:48--> 00:33:53

From the British understanding from the Zionist take on this day, the same

00:33:54--> 00:34:05

the same because I'll tell you why reference and agree with me, this is okay. The British could go back to Britain designs, when what they call home is Seon is what every Jew has prayed for, for the two loves

00:34:06--> 00:34:17

to go to that land. And cologne is the indigenous the word Judah means you come from Judah, Judah is in way the State of Israel. Now that hasn't done what you're saying. But let me

00:34:19--> 00:34:22

let me put it to you a different way. Everyone justifies their communism in a different way.

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

Sorry, America, they have a concept called Manifest Destiny. And by the way, almost every president has believed in Manifest Destiny and westward expansion go and research if you don't believe me, the point of the matter is this. The British Empire did have their own set of justifications for going into lands and colonizing them. And this I'm saying just because you have a different set of justifications, that does not mean that it's not what it is, it is called colonialism. The point is this. And let's put it this way on this point, and we're gonna agree, let one yes. disagree. Okay, I'll tell you why we're gonna do fine, fine, fine, because we are conflating something called design

00:34:59--> 00:34:59


00:35:00--> 00:35:36

And Judaism as well. And how it isn't, I can't agree that you should never be able to touch for a simple reason. Because you say with seeing the hope for Zion, not just I prefer it everyday, I prefer it in a peaceful way. And then a topia where we'll be able to live together and the temple will be built where was built before axonemal Sharif template will be built, man, but it will be a place of prayer. So you have to show you that Oh, no, no, no, no destroying episode of prayer, Oxford, it will work in a way that I'm not God and never done anything. I haven't created the world. I just about know, when I get up in the morning or time I'm going to go to bed, I've got no idea how

00:35:36--> 00:35:51

it's gonna happen. Maybe if we talk we might come to some idea. But there's gonna be a place for all mankind, Muslim brothers and Jewish brothers and Christian Brothers, Hindus and Sikhs all over the world to pray in that place. Now, we could agree and disagree.

00:35:53--> 00:36:03

But I said, I think you're pulling it from I think why from the Jewish perspective, I'll put the full stop at that point. Because for me, that is when you're crossing into my religion, where your

00:36:06--> 00:36:17

religion because now I got the right, let me know. Let me let me cross more. Let me first of all, your religion, the problem is always has been religion actually, degrees. Let me tell you why. I disagree, because

00:36:19--> 00:36:58

there's a lot of similarities between us. But one of them is not our conception of race. There's not one verse in the Old Testament that even condemns racism. In fact, let me tell you something, with all due respect, the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, is for intensive purposes, I would argue, you can derive from it an inference of racism. When you're talking about God repenting. I'll stop now Please, let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish. When you talk about God repenting to Israel. When you talk about the distinction between Gentiles and Jews, we cannot pretend to avoid this theological set of justifications. You do believe that you are in a hierarchy

00:36:58--> 00:37:03

with other races, and you do believe that you're at the top of the hierarchy. This is a difference between us.

00:37:04--> 00:37:35

I just spoke up. And I'm gonna defend it. Yeah, go ahead. All right, Mama, the job. sorry to tell you, you're wrong. Okay. But the simple fact is as follows going that means is, Judaism is not a race. It's not a religion, I was mentioned to you in the past, there are many Oh, that's what makes what makes the Jewish people as a Jewish community. Point number two is it's not just a race, because you could you could convert into Judaism, even if I spoke to many Muslim brothers who you've never heard of it, but you convert into Judaism. I wouldn't advise it to anyone, but it's a fact. So it can't be raised in that way. Why would it?

00:37:37--> 00:38:06

And I'll tell you now, why I wanted number one, because it's tough. And number two, is that where we theologically different Muslims, really, I'll tell you, why stop is that the only way to serve God, the only way to go into paradise, whatever it is, is to accept Islam. And that's the way forward because God in your perspective, as you would call it, Allah came for all the people of the world. Yes, accepted through the Koran. And that's the way into paradise. Now, the Jewish perspective.

00:38:08--> 00:38:25

Just finished my son of course, that means it's from the Jewish perspective is it's not. It's not It's not that the Jewish on the hierarchy, and the rest of the world is here. It says we all serve God in a different way. Okay, that means you don't have to come to

00:38:28--> 00:38:42

me and Hebrew, before you leave now, you can't just do this every time you say let's go. Come down. This is this is this is transformative stuff, please. This is whatever you got to do. This is more important. Okay. Okay, let me No, no, no, please let us not dictate things.

00:38:44--> 00:38:48

Here's the point is, guys, listen, listen.

00:38:49--> 00:38:49


00:38:51--> 00:39:33

do you believe that there is a theological difference in you and me? Because of the fact that you're Jewish and what is that theological difference if there is one because of the ethnicity? I believe there is no theological difference in the way what we believe in Gods No, no, no different people. Yeah, I believe that all people can serve God in their own way okay. And I don't believe like Muslims that you have to convert to Judaism yourself. God Yes. Now in the end result is the Muslims and Jews paradise. The other simple question is yes, if not 355 days I accept that from you. You're You're basically opening and kind of open if you're open theism. atheism, no, it's okay. It's a it's

00:39:33--> 00:39:36

a title. It is as long as you Yeah, the Bible's

00:39:40--> 00:39:51

true. What I'm gonna do to you right now is accept what you've just said, Okay. If you listen to what I said, is that it can be inferred in that way. I didn't say that is the only misconception.

00:39:53--> 00:39:54


00:39:56--> 00:39:59

the overall number one from say, look, you will

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

agree with me that I totally accept your I'm not gonna force my exegesis on you, you have your own ability and your father, major scholar

00:40:12--> 00:40:52

by being Muslims, I respect that. So there's no reason to be a Jew, whatever, no problem. I'm saying that despite that being the case, the fact that there have been theological justifications using ethnicity is still current. Okay? So for example, if you said to me, Look, I and the majority of Muslims don't believe in terrorism, we look at the Quran and we accept that. However, there are some group of people that look at the Quran and justify terrorism from it, we have to accept that that exists so that we can deal with that you must accept the fact that there are a lot of people in Israel, who all had heard the Jews, Orthodox Jews who use the Bible or the Hebrew Old Testament, in

00:40:52--> 00:41:09

order to make a case, for a racial case for the superiority of the Jewish people. You might not be one of them. What do you mean as the State of Israel as a superiority of the Jewish people in general, that the Jews and the Gentiles are separate? And that the Jews, the Jewish class is higher than the Gentiles? Does? Some Buddhists say that you're not one of those? I will

00:41:10--> 00:41:15

say it's a misconception of the standing the language and the way it spoke. And I agree. Thanks, brother. Well, let me just

00:41:17--> 00:41:18

finish off.

00:41:21--> 00:41:57

What I was gonna say is, is the reason why I mentioned by the way, Oregon and the fact that they became part of the leukot pie, and it's because we want to, we want to show you talk about how so how much you circle backwards, we circled backwards to the inception of the State of Israel, we realize that you have literal terrorist organizations accepted as such, by the way, by the British, by the Americans, by the UN, by everyone, the international community like American being absorbed into what is now the liquid look upon who, of course, Netanyahu leads which Netanyahu leads, the point being is this when, when Israel points the finger Hamas to have to look at their own

00:41:57--> 00:41:58

beginning, I always say

00:42:01--> 00:42:27

Hamas, Hamas had no has no different. They both believe in a one state solution. Let's be honest, both of them believe that my work, and I will listen together, the difference between the two is just tactics and capabilities. That's what you need to understand what the difference is. One is a group which has been condemned internationally. And the other one is a state which is being funded by the Americans. So we've talked later on. Yeah, thank you. Thank you all the best